Bibi joined the fast becoming nazi leaders on the Paris march. Bibi is spineless.

Bibi…he was a speck of dust in the crowd. They were hardly moving such was the jam but as has been wisely commented on Martin Sherman Facebook…they were marching for what? Exactly?

There is a good chance that as far as all these leaders (including Abbas the Holocaust Denier) were concerned they were marching for and to support a new Legislation in each country that will prohibit the exposure of Islam both politically and historically. A speech law! A thought law! As we speak the Irish Dail led by the Irish Labourites are considering a hate speech law. The Irish rebel and socialist revolutionary James Connolly (executed by the British in 1916) founded the Irish Labour Party and would be today aghast! Things change with time. Things do deteriorate,

The only real patriots in France were not there but were behind Marine le Pen and they are not insignificant in numbers, These followers despite nasty dad le Pen are far closer to Israel on the Palestinian Arab enemy of the Jews

A speck of dust. If Netanyahu had real courage he would really lead. This is the severe crisis that the Jews are in. Some say just get out of France. Yes I agree but do Jews not see that this is evading the issue of leadership.

Surely all thoughtful Jewish people must see that that is an evasión of leadership and leads into the bankrupt “Samson” option which is such utter tripe.

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