Soon now Obama will be standing in front of Congress of the great United States with all of its history in the air and will be fighting against Iran in its intention to destroy Israel and thus complete the Holocuast in our time.

On which is the seeds of the future Trotskyist movement we send our best wishes to Netanyahu and we pledge to fight against Left Fascist Pro-Jihad Antisemitism.

Obama we now recognise and many people also realise has joined in an Alliance with above all Iran against Israel and against all of us freedom lovers, and also in an Alliance with especially Turkey, Morsi, Qatar, Fatah and Hamas, and with in short all reaction.

This just did not appear in the last few weeks. It has been brewing for some time.

Sharon who was in the leadership of Israel in 2003 took a correct position to the war on Saddam. Sharon was wise in many ways and he opposed this war because he felt that the main enemy was Iran and I think he sensed correctly that removing Saddam would strengthen Iran.

Netanyahu and Caroline Glick were far less savvy on this which is a great shame. To some extent they have learned from that experience – a hard lesson to learn.

With Saddam removed Iran was greatly strengthened.

Then with the arrival of Obama began the actions of removing really secular type leaders like Mubarak and Gadhafi. This was the work of Obama but remember the initial step to Obama was the Bush war on Saddam.

It is a thought that I have. One of the methods of rule by a US in severe crisis is CHAOS. That is also what the Iranian leaders in their Twelfth Iman aims seek also – CHAOS in the world.

It is the form that the historical crisis in this world capitalist system is taking.

4international stands behind Netanyahu in his Congress speech. It is absolutely historical. Netanyahu deserves credit.

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