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Campaigning to show that Srebrenica was and is a huge hoax, which is also the case with Racak, Qana and Mohammed el Dura/France 2. When people understand that these are hoaxes then they will begin to understand that Yugoslavia was destroyed, and most important that they plan to destroy Israel, because the US Empire plans to rule the world along with Islam, the latter being a very evil fascist ideology which is very close to the evil ideology of US and EU NATO Empire. Of course there will be adaptations but I am certain that is the general trend. Build4international!


I have watched the video of the elderly lady Beverly Young Nelson with Alred on Youtube
It is certainly a hoax. The best answer to this piece of garbage is the answer made by Judge Roy Moore himself. He simply pointed out a very short time to the election and he is 10 or so points in front.
There is the answer! The Fascist “deep state” is still in shock at the election of Trump.
These Fascists are also very worried because if things go as they are then more and more are going to end in jail for the embezzlement of huge funds of the taxpayer, Clinton and Obama being the first, but going very deep, such is the level of corruption.
The gravy train has not come to a stop with Trump but it threatens to come to a stop. Trump was always dangerous to them. The guy had made his money, was very rich, had more than enough, refused to take a salary as President, so was NOT corruptible.
My personal opinion the same from the beginning…THAT is what scared them.
Plus Trump was a nationalist while Soros is totally an “open door” hater of nation.
Why now? That is the biggest reason for suspicion. Why not a month ago before the primary!
I am a true Trotskyist. Fighting to build a Trotskyist leadership. Must be based on truth not subterfuge.
Will have more on this card. Our old friend Thomas Wictor who did work on Qana has been looking at this card.
Finishing off with the answer last night of Judge Moore to press in Alabama…
Judge Moore says to press
“Speaking to reporters at a news conference in Alabama, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore said today’s allegation that he attempted to rape Beverly Young Nelson when she was 16 years old was “absolutely false.”
Moore said, “I want to make it perfectly clear, the people of Alabama know me, they know my character, they know what I have stood for in the political world for over 40 years. I can tell you without hesitation this is absolutely false. I never did what she said I did. I don’t even know the woman. I don’t know anything about her. I don’t even know where the restaurant is or was.”
He added, “If you look at this situation, you will see, because I am 11 points—or 10 or 11 points—ahead, this race being just 28 days off, that this is a political maneuver and it has nothing to do with reality. It all about politics.” “


The wsws.org which is opposed to Trotskyism is slandering the Catalan movement and is getting behind this position …the writer Robert is a member and is supported in this by the leaders of this Trotskyist opposed movement.
Robert writes…”What is required with the disintegration of European capitalism and the breakup of the EU is not a retreat to capitalist fiefdoms. This is bankrupt and leads to a blind alley. What needs to be brought forth is a fierce denunciation of the crackdown of the Spanish state, and a clear, independent policy that cuts a path forward for the international working class where they can see their future.” end quote
Robert backed by the wsws is calling Catalonian independence a “capitalist fiefdom”
“Socialist” words but deeply reactionary policies!

If you want to check see http://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2017/10/28/spai-o28.html


Trump probably knows nothing about the Catalan nation and so would have been better to hold his tongue. But he should know and so he should be backing Catalan Independence just as he should also be backing Kurdish Independence. The Spanish nation and the Catalan nation go back both a very long time. But what Trump is getting behind is just such a dreadful thing, with the Spanish Government taking decisions which are repressive on the Catalan people. In fact the Spanish and the Catalans must be united together against massive problems but that unity must come on the basis of equals. With equality comes friendship. It is a terrible tragedy that Trump takes this awful position



These are two key parties in this Catalonian Independence issue. In fact the Podemos and PSOE are refusing to support and back Catalan Independence.


The Podemos is a party which was created out of the struggles of youth against poverty and unemployment in areas of Spain like Madrid and Barcelona. Podemos is therefore connected to youth but the fact that Podemos does not defend and support the rights of this small nation to have its independence is a very bad sign for this newly created party.


In the meantime the PSOE is supposed to stand for “Labour” and is supposed to be the party of the workers and of the trade unions. But neither the Podemos or the PSOE is prepared to support and defend the Catalan Independence Movement.


They call themselves socialists but this is one thing they are not and after this can never be!


These parties seem not to understand the abc of socialism. It is necessary to have unity in the great struggles that face us, that means unity between the Spanish and the Catalan people, but that unity must come on the basis of both peoples being free and independent. So in reality rather than being socialist the PSOE and the Podemos stand against the very central principles of socialism.


The issue is the 40 year old Constitution. This was set up by trickery, of lawyers, on a trusting population. At the centre of that Constitution was the betrayal of the Stalinists led by Santiago Carrillo.

Everything today centres on this iniquitous Constitution. Article 155 states…

“1. If a Self-governing Community does not fulfil the obligations imposed upon it by the Constitution or other laws, or acts in a way that is seriously prejudicial to the general interest of Spain, the Government, after having lodged a complaint with the President of the Self-governing Community and failed to receive satisfaction therefore, may, following approval granted by the overall majority of the Senate, take all measures necessary to compel the Community to meet said obligations, or to protect the above mentioned general interest.

2. With a view to implementing the measures provided for in the foregoing paragraph, the Government may issue instructions to all the authorities of the Self-governing Communities.”

Behind this article is the armed force of the state. This is what is being put into place. They are ready to act. They were ready to act right after Puigdemont spoke and cleverly and understandably fought for some time. But the reality that the 1978 Constitution was not the end of Franco but the continuation of Franco rules all politics in Spain today. That is the realisation that has to be fought for, a concrete issue to place in front of all workers and youth, not general dogma supposedly “Marxist” being continually repeated like a mantra.

The forces operating now against the Catalans are the army fresh from places like Afghanistan, the national fully armed police drafted into Catelonia in huge numbers, the spies, the navy in the Port of Barcelona, the air force in which king Felipe was so close to, with help there also from the British Royals I bet, and do not forget two other forces ranged against the Catalans, one being the agents provocateur and the Media of Spain spinning the strokes of the agents provocateur, and we have to ask has there ever been a range of forces like this ranged before against a small and unarmed population, with peace in their hearts and pacifism as their only weapon. This makes the action of the British against the Dublin GPO Rebels of 1916 pale in comparison.

Brutal direct rule from Madrid of tiny Catalonia which surely brings to mind the 1916 Rebellion followed by the Black and Tans. Mariano Rajoy like the British Imperialists ordering the executions of the Dublin Rebels of 1916 has signed the warrants of the Catalonian fighters for independence (what a great crime to fight for the independence of your ancient land! (sarcasm)

And make no mistake about it Rajoy is leading from the front the new Spanish Black and Tans.

All these ruffians are hiding behind the totally iniquitous 1978 Constitution which was brought about by the subterfuge of rotten lawyers

At a very different time 40 years ago. When these lawyers played on the great relief felt among the Catalans and others that the old dictator who was like a plague on their ancient culture had departed the earthly scene.

Rajoy and the King are the resurgence of the old dictator in our 2017 world. Their weapon is that 1978 Constitution.

They were more far seeing than us. We must give them that. They knew what they were doing in 1978. Pretending that Francoism was gone the 1978 Constitution went to sleep for 40 years but emerges right now as the way back to Fascism.

Yes some can say that the Catalans did sign for that 1978 Constitution but they signed not knowing that this evil thing was going to be their future jailer. The chains to bind the Catalans to slavery. Surely if the Catalans had known that they were signing for the death of their nation they would never for a moment have even contemplated signing that odious document.

So this trickery on the part of their now obvious enemy has come back to attack the Catalan people.

it is obvious, very obvious, how the hatred is coming from one side, the side of Rajoy and the PP. The Catalans are filled with friendship. They did not wish to engage in savagery. As the hated Spanish black clad police gendarme struck their long black batons the brave Catalans raised ten fingers in the air and waved their fingers in the air. No guns in those fingers. No batons. Not even a stone. Just the youthful hopes of a youthful nation. Yes indeed the hatred is on one side only.

The decision of the Catalan leader to delay Independence of a couple of weeks to allow dialogue has had one very fruitful outcome. Such decisions are always debatable but this is not. The CUP were out of order absenting themselves at such a time! The forces behind Rajoy are shown to the whole world, and to us Irish and international workers, as being hateful people, hateful to the aspirations of the young Catalan nation. The other effect is that now there is no way back for Spain ever in Catalonia. That is finished forever thanks to Rajoy and his hateful answer to Puigdemont yesterday. Rajoy “pay your fine or end in jail in 5 days!” Just like the small time petty bourgeois that he is.

This is why true socialists must launch a campaign throughout the world to have class conscious workers and the whole of the true socialist movement stress true come to the aid of our dear brothers in plucky little Catalonia, just as the Irish Rebels of the GPO in Dublin 1916 were also plucky

What is important now is the concrete. Conscious focus on that evil 1978 Constitution. Carrillo was NOT a Communist, he was a Stalinist. Let everybody know and understand that.

The same Carrillo so central in that 1978 Constitution was also the man who had a big hand in recruiting for his evil Ramon Mercader who murdered Leon Trotsky in 1940 in Mexico.

The 1978 Constitution was the conning of a whole nation. Pretending to move on from Franco it was maintaining Franco. That is what has to be fought for in a concrete way not these odious generalities which add nothing to the defence of the Catalans, or anybody.




The Trotskyist position on the Catalan situation is that we as Trotskyists defend the right of small nations to secede and to declare themselves as independent.

The events of the past week have only made this position stronger.

This is very like the 1916 Rebellion of the Irish patriotic fighters (INCLUDING THE SOCIALIST CONNOLLY) who rose up in Dublin against the British Imperialist torturers of the Irish.

What has Spain and Rajoy done in the past week?

They try to stop voting basing all on the Stalinist created lie of the Constitution of 1978…by Stalinist created we mean the role of the Spanish Stalinists in Santiago Carillo and the old Stalinist murderers of the Civil War. That is how the Constitution of 1978 was created…by the Stalinist murderers,

They have moved a massive police and even military force against little Catelonia. Big business such as the hated banks have pulled out of the tiny country aiming to cripple it before it is even breathing. They have bussed masses in from all over the Peninsula in order to crush the Catalans in a mass demonstration. Fascists have roamed the towns and villages in a return to the days of the Franco Falange. The Media have made up lies against the Catalan leaders. The Media including the PSOE Media have made the Catalan leaders into hate figures. But the Catalans adopt pacifism in return to this hatred. Their answer to this brutality of Rajoy…they raise their ten fingers in the air and answer to Rajoy “Assasins!” To guns and brute force the Catalans are answering with pacifist thoughts and with hopeful ideas in their hearts.

So our Trotskyist movement takes its place with the Catalans who seek independence and we ask all class conscious Spanish workers and the youth in Catelonia AND Spain to join us in support for Catalan independence.

This WAS the position of Marx, Engels, Lenin and especially Trotsky. The latter Trotsky and Lenin supported the Irish in the 1916 Rising. Trotsky in the 1930s supported the Jews in their flight from the Nazi killing machine and supported the idea of a homeland for the Jews, which was to be Israel. That is the tradition we stand on in this movement and as long as there is breath in our bodies we will always stand for the oppressed against the oppressor.


I return to posting on 4international

This website has been loyal to me and I will be loyal in return.


Time has moved on and the vital issues concerning me today concern…


the new issue or word “globalism” against “nation”


the issue of “open door” or unrestricted immigration against rights of nation


leading into the Trump in some ways revolutionary development and definitely progressive leading to the Brexit phenomenon


the joining of the left of today such as wsws with Islam which is a compolete opposition also to Marxism and Trotskyism


The clear dangers to lifeanimalearth from the crisis in this capitalist system


thank you for reading more later

Felix Quigley