a United Front created of all those who will defend Israel without any conditions against anti-Semitism

by Jim Stephens

June 5, 2010

I listened to some guy on radio claiming that Israeli soldiers were coming down the rope firing their guns.

The video shows Israeli soldiers coming down the rope and before they hit the deck being attacked by guys with long iron bars and in one case at least being hammered on the ground

We can say for sure: those who oppose Israel and support the Arab Palestinian cause have no respect for truth.

This is war. It is political war, psychological war, propaganda war and every other kind of war.

The lesson has not been learned by the Israeli side. It is not possible to answer these lies verbally, because the lies will just change. It is only possible and necessary to organize.

Israel is learning and is changing but it will not change fast enough because its leadership is based on faulty assumptions.

The lesson of the Holocaust has not really been learned which is: IT IS REALLY NOT POSSIBLE TO DO A DEAL WITH THE ANTISEMITES OF THIS WORLD!

Jews must not allow themselves to be associated with scumbag capitalists and capitalist propagandists and today we will here and now give an example of this

I and the readers of this blog know what the score is and why the issue of leadership is so vital:

A week ago the website Israpundit lauded the recent article by Melanie Philips to the sky and among many things this conservative (she even looks to me anyway as an old fogie) woman said was that one of her nonos was the environmentalists.

Just at this moment I am watching on CNN pictures of birds, beautiful large sea birds, covered in slime from the BP deep well.

Eh, Philips and Israpundit! Run that by me again! You are opposed to the environmentalists! Christ!

6 months ago Ted Belman from Israpundit headed one of Sarah Palin´s campaigns “DRILL BABY DRILL”

Belman was getting carried away in his love affair with Palin who is charging 50,000 dollars per speech.

OK if palin opposes Obama and supports Israel, good, but not like this!

There you have the crisis of the Jewish leadership in a nut shell.

Belman purports to represent the Jewish people. But where is the love for these poor birds, dolphins and sharks in the sea off Florida. Or is the only thing for that matter tourism.

So what then is Judaism if all Belman can say is Drill Baby Drill?

Meanwhile at about the same time a regular commenter on Israpundit attacks the Serbs and NEVER has Belman once defended Karadzic since he has went on trial

So who will join with the Jewish movement with people like this clodding around.

We on 4international defend Israel against these anti-Semitic Flotillas WITHOUT CONDITIONS

We want urgently that there is a United Front created of all those who will defend Israel without any conditions against anti-Semitism

That means that we formally join together to defend Israel against the common enemy of anti-Semitism.

Inside this we push our own independent programme which will involve a critique of methods, strategy and tactics.


Against the enemy unconditional defence of Israel

Inside that defence full freedom to discuss and criticise politically, tactically and strategically


Far too many people are reading this blog and are not DOING ANYTHING. 4international does not have a huge readership but does have a consistent one.

It is time to answer these lies of the anti Israel crowd with some action and the best action is to build the 4international as an organized group in the political situation.

What do you think? Write specifically (mark private if you wish) to that view in the comment space below. Your input is ALWAYS valued.



by Jim Stephens

June 5, 2010


Please read once again the series of articles http://emperors-clothes.com/exhumed.htm which link Obama to one Bill Ayers printed by our friend Jared Israel on Emperors New Clothes. (www.tenc.net)

As we said yesterday the MAIN man behind these Flotillas is none other than the President of the US, Barack Obama

These Flotillas follow on from nothing other than the Obama speech to the Islamist University in Cairo in which he allied with Islam and against Israel and his own American people)

And who in the past days was seen in Egypt urging on these Flotillas through the Free Gaza organization?

It was Ayers and his wife.

Jared was right. These people, Obama and Ayers, are definitely connected.


by Jim Stephens

June 5, 2010

Why on earth should any Irish person who knows their history, or Spanish either for that matter!!!


Remember this:

When the Jews were being murdered by the Nazis, as millions were being pushed into the death camps in Poland and Germany, what was the position of the Irish Government?

We on 4international will tell you precisely what the Irish Government did.

It met and decided that not one refugee who was Jewish could enter into Ireland during all of that killing of the Jews.

When the death of Hitler was reported what did the leader of the Irish DeValera do? He travelled down to the war time German consulate in Dublin (Ireland was neutral in the war against fascism) and he signed the book of condolences to that piece of shit!

That is the Irish!

That is the actual and God´s honest truth history of the Irish.

Why should we be surprised that this boat is now coming to the assistance of Hamas!!!


By Jim Stephens

June 4, 2010

The following from Harry´s Place is a very good study of how George galloway ploughed the ground for IHH and the recent boat attacks on israel, mainly using hateful propaganda.

It is all here really and is very deep stuff, even including material based on the notorious protocols of Zion by people in this circle

There are also videos which can be seen in the original url


Viva Palestina, a registered British charity, is George Galloway’s Hamas support operation.

As Galloway said in Gaza in March 2009:

By Allah, we carried a lot of cash here. You thought we were all fat. We are not fat. This is money that we have around our waists.

They gave sweets and cigarettes to the inspectors, and when the inspectors’ backs were turned, they put back on the vehicles that which the inspectors had taken off the vehicles. And some of the inspectors were happy to turn their backs.

We are giving you now 100 vehicles and all of the contents, and we make no apology for what I am about to say: we are giving them to the elected government of Palestine. To the prime minister, Ismail Haniyeh. Here is the money. This is not charity. This is not charity. This is not charity, this is politics.

Ismail Haniyeh, leader of Hamas in Gaza, has shown his gratitude for the efforts of Galloway and his fellows, even giving them Palestinian passports to prove it.


Viva Palestina currently has two trustees. They are Kevin Ovenden, a member of the Respect party’s national council who works for Galloway in Parliament, and Ayesha Bajwa, listed in the past as a member of the national council.

Here is Ovenden meeting Haniyeh in Gaza, with the Jewish fig leaves of the Neturei Karta sect – yes, the tiny and nasty group that sent representatives to Ahmadinejad’s Holocaust denial conference in Tehran – conveniently in place.


Sabah al Mukhtar, George Galloway’s “right hand man” in Viva Palestina’s UK convoy to Gaza – literally in the picture below, taken in Rafah – is no longer a trustee.

Perhaps he was disappeared as knowledge spread of his extended rant with Daryl Bradford Smith, an antisemitic lunatic, where readers may remember he endorsed The Elders of the Protocols of Zion, a foul antisemitic hoax.

At one time or another there was this talk of the Protocol of Zion and everybody said that it was a put-up job, it’s not true, it is not factual, all sorts of accusations of this book. But at the end of the day, let’s assume they are all correct, that this is really not a real book and it was not the Protocols of Zion. This is an incredible insight, some hundred years ago, to show what the position nowadays. The control over the media, the education, the law, the medicine.

You can listen to the interview here. The Protocols endorsement is at 7:50.


Or maybe Mukhtar wasn’t disappeared for gleefully leaping into a racist pit with Daryl Bradford Smith. For here is some news from Ovenden:

From other countries we are working with major organisations such as the IHH charity in Turkey and Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s foundation in Malaysia.

Evidently Viva Palestina is prepared to work openly with one of the world’s most prominent antisemites. Mahathir was at it again just six weeks ago at a conference in Malaysia, this time with a spot of antisemitic 9/11 troofery:

Dr Mahathir said that the odd thing about 9/11 was that all 3 buildings collapsed rapidly straight down, as if they had explosives already inserted in certain places, and not from the effect of the aircraft hitting them, but due to a demolition method. He wondered why the 3rd building collapsed in the same way (WTC7) although it was not hit by any aircraft. The collapse of this building had been admitted by its jewish owner, as a controlled demolition when he said “we pulled it.”

Actually, Kevin Ovenden seems quite proud of Viva Palestina’s allies, as you will see here in a segment from Holocaust denial publisher Press TV with Yvonne “vote for Hamas” Ridley:

Turning to IHH, it is indeed keen on Viva Palestina – it has added a banner on its website.

IHH is an Islamist charity that is very close to Hamas. In fact, it has been banned by Israel for that very reason.

Here is IHH’s president, Bülent Yildirim, visiting Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal in Damascus.


Hamas is grateful for IHH’s support, as Meshaal noted in January 2009:

Regarding the financial support Meshaal thanking the Turkish people said these aids help them stay strong against Israel.

In the name of the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation congratulating all the charities in Turkey, Meshaal said, “In the war that we are in there are winners and losers. Those who resist in Palestine and the Turkish people are among the winners. And the losers are whatever weapons and military powers they have Zionist Israel and the supporters of it.”

Here is Yildirim in Gaza, attending the ceremonial opening of IHH’s Gaza office in the company of Hamas officials. And here he is addressing a rally in Gaza shortly after the Gaza war.

Some of his lines:

Congratulations on the victory

Four years ago there were those who said that Hamas was terrorist and today we say to you that Israel is terrorist, that America is terrorist, and occupation is terrorist!

When the Jews were killing your woman and children they were saying that Mohammed died and that [only] girls remain.

Oh sons of heaven! You are not on your own in the (battle) field! We love you and are with you every moment.

I am addressing all the people, all of those who do not stand by the Palestinian people they will meet their end and destruction.

In the world, everything changed and everything is moving towards Islam. And all the Islamic people will demand that their leaders become like Rajab Tayyab Erdogan.

Back in Turkey, Yildirim leads angry demonstrations against Israel and for terrorists. For example, here he is framed by pictures of Hamas leaders Yassin and Meshaal with a Hezbollah flag behind him.


That was an occasion for entirely ludicrous yet dangerously incendiary rhetoric about the al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem:

“Over 60 Palestinians wounded in Jerusalem. One million Jews are called to attaced to Al- Aqsa by Zionist Israel. The decision to occupy Al-Aqsa until the end of 2009 has been made. The aim is conversion of Aqsa to a synagog.”

IHH has a rather interesting history. This is from a paper (pdf) published by the Danish Institute for International Studies:

Turkish authorities began their own domestic criminal investigation of IHH as early as December 1997, when sources revealed that leaders of IHH were purchasing automatic weapons from other regional Islamic militant groups. IHH’s bureau in Istanbul was thoroughly searched, and its local officers were arrested. Security forces uncovered an array of disturbing items, including firearms, explosives, bomb-making instructions, and a “jihad flag.” After analyzing seized IHH documents, Turkish authorities concluded that “detained members of IHH were going to fight in Afghanistan, Bosnia, and Chechnya.”

According to a French intelligence report, the terrorist infiltration of IHH extended to its most senior ranks. The report, written by famed counterterrorism magistrate Jean-Louis Bruguiere, revealed that IHH President Bulent Yildrim had directly conspired in the mid-1990s to “recruit veteran soldiers in anticipation of the coming holy war [jihad]. In particular, some men were sent into war zones in Muslim countries in order to acquire combat experience.” Furthermore, in the hopes of “obtaining political support from these countries, financial aid was transferred [on behalf of IHH], as well as caches of firearms, knives, and pre-fabricated explosives.” An examination of IHH’s phone records in Istanbul showed repeated telephone calls in 1996 to an Al-Qaida guesthouse in Milan and various Algerian terrorist operatives active elsewhere in Europe – including the notorious Abu el-Ma`ali, who has been subsequently termed by U.S. officials as a “junior Osama Bin Laden.”

During the later Seattle trial of would-be Al-Qaida Millenium bomber Ahmed Ressam, federal prosecutors called French magistrate Bruguiere to the stand as an expert witness. Bruguiere testified that IHH had played “[a]n important role” in the Al-Qaida Millenium bomb plot targeting LAX. Under repeated questioning, Bruguiere insisted that “[t]here’s a rather close relation”:

The IHH is an NGO, but it was kind of a type of cover-up… in order to obtain forged documents and also to obtain different forms of infiltration for Mujahideen in combat. And also to go and gather[recruit] these Mujahideens. And finally, one of the last responsibilities that they had was also to be implicated or involved in weapons trafficking.

What a great partner for Viva Palestina.

There is quite a pattern here. Galloway and Viva Palestina have repeatedly aligned with racist haters. On top of Hamas and Messrs Mahathir, al Mukhtar and Yildirim, let’s not forget his first US partner for Viva Palestina, Katherine Delia LaBarre of New Orleans, who is another 9/11 troofer.

Viva Palestina is a movement of the streets, of the people, born out of the abandonment of Gazans by Western and Arab governments in favor of Israel. Viva Palestina Nola is a sister site of Viva Palestina Lifeline from Britain to Gaza, led by George Galloway MP, with the purpose of raising support for the humanitarian aid convoy which left from London for Gaza on February 14; and to provide a lifeline by arming readers with information to recognize Israel’s psyops against the American people through its occupation of the dominant media in the U.S. and Congress.

Or the kind of people who show up on the convoys. Like this brave spotter of devious Jews, for example, on the US convoy this summer:

The next stop on the tour was a reception with the Prime Minister of Gaza Ismail Haniyeh at an extremely secured location. The convoy to the location was led by an escort of armed guards and police on motorcycles with sirens blaring. On the tour bus to the reception was one suspicious loud-mouth and ill mannered American Jew making obnoxious remarks about the Prime Minister. One statement he made in the presence of other delegates was, ‘Ismail Haniyeh must be feeling safe since he will have a group of Americans as human shields.’ This s [sic] one remark made one Palestinian-American uneasy and he made sure that the delegate of Jewish descent was not carrying a GPS device or anything else that would harm the Prime Minister. The incident makes clear the need for the careful screening of delegates in future aid missions to Gaza.


by Jim Stephens

June 4, 2010

More information on IHH comes from


Portrait of IHH

1. Prominent among the coalition organizations participating in the aid flotilla scheduled to

arrive in the Gaza Strip in the coming days is the Turkish IHH

and formally registered in Istanbul in 1995. It is headed by

It is a radical Islamic organization which was established in 1992Bülent Yildirim.


IHH has a broad program of important activities in distressed areas. They include sending

food and support to orphans, establishing educational institutions, hospitals and clinics,

programs for vocational education, supplying medicines, building mosques and preventing the

violation of human rights in various Islamic locations throughout the world. In recent years it

has begun widening its activities to European countries, in part by establishing branches

which bear its name.


In practice, besides its legitimate humanitarian activities, IHH supports radical Islamic

terrorist networks. In

Union of Good). In addition,

provided logistical support and funding to global jihad networks




…recent years it has prominently supported Hamas (through thethe ITIC has reliable information that in the past IHH.



IHH Links To Hamas


 IHH’s orientation is radical and Islamist and is close to the Muslim


connection between them.

extremely important

(Palestine-Information, Hamas’ main website, has a Turkish version, and as of the end of

2009, the website of its military wing, the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, has also appeared

in Turkish)


In recent years, especially since Hamas took over the Gaza Strip, IHH has supported

Hamas’ propaganda campaigns by organizing public support conferences in Turkey. At those

conferences, which featured the participation of senior IHH figures, the heads of IHH

expressed their support for Hamas and its strategy (including the armed struggle it favors), in

defiance of the Palestinian Authority, Hamas’ rival.


50 Islamic funds and foundations around the globe, which channels money into

Hamas institutions in the Palestinian Authority-administered territories

of Good member IHH has connections with other worldwide Islamic funds and foundations


(Roots of IHH ARE) radical-Islamic and anti-American, and it is close to the Muslim(Hamas’ parent movement). IHH supports Hamas and does not hide theHamas also considers its links to IHH and Turkey to be, and regards Turkey as a target audience for its propaganda networkIHH is a member of the Union of Good, an umbrella organization of more than. As a Union 

which support Hamas. Among other things, the support includes initiating and conductingjoint projects whose objectives are to bolster the de facto Hamas administration in the Gaza

Strip and


services). IHH, which has become an important factor in global fund-raising for Hamas,

transfers significant amounts of money to Hamas institutions in Judea and Samaria,




Hamas’ civilian infrastructure in Judea and Samaria, which also supports(the infrastructure is under pressure from the Palestinian Authority security

including the Islamic Charitable Society in Hebron and the Al-Tadhamun

Charitable Society in Nablus (Hamas’ two central “charitable societies,” both

outlawed by Israel)


a branch there

send other aid flotillas to the Gaza Strip

delegation met with

Hamas’ council in the Gaza Strip. At the meeting the delegation revealed the extent of the aid

it had given Hamas in the Gaza Strip during the preceding year and said it intended to double

the sum in the future.


the support of his organization.




.IHH operates widely throughout the Gaza Strip. To promote its activities it opened, headed by Muhammad Kaya, who recently stated that IHH intended to(See below). In January 2008 an IHHAhmed Bahar, a senior Hamas activist who is acting chairman ofIn January 2009 IHH head Bülent Yildirim met with Khaled, chairman of Hamas’ political bureau in Damascus, and Mashaal thanked him for




 Israel Outlaws IHH and Expels an IHH Activist





Israel outlawed IHH because of its affiliation with the Union of Good andbecause it is an important factor in Hamas’ global fund raising



. It was included in adecision made by Defense Minister Ehud Barak in 2008 which outlawed 36 associations which

belonged to the Union of Good (IHH appeared as number 36 on the list







In November 2009 IHH sent one of its activists, a man named Izzat Shahin, toJudea and Samaria to open an office



(in addition to its Gaza Strip office). Shahin startedwork supporting Hamas “charitable societies.” He transferred tens of thousands of American

dollars from IHH to the Islamic Charitable Society in Hebron and Al-Tadhamun in Nablus, two

of Hamas’ most important “charitable societies.” His activities were thwarted by the Israeli

security forces. In April 2010 he was detained for questioning on suspicion of involvement in

financing terrorism and supporting Hamas, and was deported from Israel immediately after

his interrogation in compliance with an official Turkish request.