The last picture shows Kurds being executed by Iran. The Fascists “leftists” like David Icke are totally silent on the gay executions in Iran and are also full of hatred for the Kurds. Meanwhile Israeli Jews fight in solidarity with the oppressed Iranians

The Jews today are the great internationalists because they are forced to be. In the latest article from Martin Sherman’s Into The Fray series Sherman at the end of his article switched his focus to the suffering people of Iran under the Ayotallohs. He quoted an authority on this issue:


“In the words of Saba Farzan, a German-Iranian journalist and director of a Berlin think tank, published in The Jerusalem Post: “The Vienna deal bears a very grave danger for Iran’s civil society. Not only won’t we see their economic situation improve, but the regime will also have an incentive to abuse human rights more severely. A flood of cash is going into the pockets of this leadership.

It will be used to tighten their grip [on power] and to further imprison, torture and kill innocent Iranians.”


Martin Sherman of course agreed with this pointing out:


She is, of course, right and that is one of the greatest tragedies of the travesty concocted in Vienna last week.”


The political position of Sherman and many Jews today is in very strong contrast with the position of assorted “Leftists” who are better described as pro-Iran Fascists rather than any lind of principled socialists. I of course belong to the latter and will remain so because the capitalist system is in interminable crisis.


There is no defence from the likes of the ex-BBC man David Icke of the people of Iran suffering under the Fascist Regime, set up there in 1979 in a brutal counter-action by the Islamist Fascists against a very widespread revolution. The Fascists of Islam were organised and clear as to what they wanted while the left was confused by the Stalinist Tudeh Party and Revisionists like the SWP/WRP, who cast illusions in Islam as a “revolutionary” force that they could do business with. That message was political poison. The Tudeh Stalinists themselves (those who could not flee abroad) were physically eliminated. This left a situation where the progressive and revolutionary youth were left without a leadership of any kind. This immediately reduced these youth to isolated groups who fought bravely but were now facing the full power of the Islamist State which rapidly pulverized these groups one by one, murdering most.


I find it absolutely astounding but also very revealing that progressive Jewish people like Martin Sherman should in his article last week have opened his mind up to not only the plight of his own Jewish people of Israel (who are directly threatened with nuclear destruction – not an exaggeration these are the words of many [even countless] Iranian Fascist leaders over many years, literally thousands of anouncements which was documented partly by the ADL)




While these mouthy conspiracy theorists like Icke and numerous womens libbers and even Gay Groups are supporting these Iranian Fascists and have not a thought for the repressed youth and women in Iran


The Zionist Jews of Israel and abroad are turning their thoughts tot he dire plight that faces the defenceless people of Iran who oppose these brutal thugs.


Into the Fray: The Iran deal moronic, myopic, malevolent, mendacious]






(from Into the Fray: Israel’s lethal land-for-peace laureates by Martin Sherman)


First picture Daily Mirror, picture above Daily Mail. Therefore we know! the people do know! These forces of the Jihad are hammering on the door of Israel especially from the Sinai. The only way that Israel can survive this Jihad is by sharpening its own resources and the only resource it has really is the State of Israel. The article by Martin Sherman is essentially about sharpening that state as are my remarks which follow. Please read, comment and get involved.

Thus, Begin surrendered the entire Sinai Peninsula (won in a war of anticipatory self-defense) with all its strategic depth, mineral wealth and economic potential

This is a nutshell is the theme of this article by Martin Sherman on Jerusalem Post today. It is a masterly exposure of a deadly theme, that if you surrender land as strategic position to an enemyy you will rue the day.

This is a universal theme in world history. In the Brest Litovsk treaty the Bolsheviks having won the revolution in 1917 were forced to bow the knee and to accept huge cuts to their empire. But as the following passage makes clear Trotsky (Lev Davidovich) did so with eyes wide open, open more than most:


“The strongest, in a military sense, proved to be Germany, due to the power of its industries and due also to the modest rational character of these industries side by side with a time-worn, anachronistic political system. It was shown that France, largely because of its petty bourgeois economy, had fallen behind Germany, and even so powerful a colonial empire as England, because of the more conservative and routine character of its industries, proved to be weaker in comparison with Germany. When history placed the Russian Revolution face to face with the question of negotiating peace we were not in doubt that we would have to settle the bill for the three and a half years of war – unless the power of the international revolutionary proletariat should decisively upset all calculations. We did not doubt that in German Imperialism we had to deal with an opponent thoroughly saturated with the consciousness of his colonial power, a power which in the course of this war, has come so plainly to the fore.”


Sadly what characterises all of the patched up “agreements” that Israel has made with a deadly Islamist enemy have been characterised not with that broadness of vision which was so characteristic of those two quite unique leaders Lenin and Trotsky – but (sad to say) with extreme narrowness.


Thus these “agreements” such as that of Begin, Dayan re The Temple, or Sharon were not based at all on any real knowledge but rather on pious hopes and “humanitarian” posturing of the very worst kind.


There was a complete lacking in even basic knowledge of what was Islam.


This had the telling experience (in another important área of combat on this theme) of leading American Jewish figures campaigning on behalf of the Islamist Killers in Bosnia and Kosovo and attacking Milosevic on behalf of reactionary British, German, French and US Imperialists of NATO


(“Conversations with Elie Wiesel”…in which he claims Milosevic wanted to expel and torment the civilians etc. which was all lies and based on the US propaganda machine and fed by the Jihadist lies of the Izetbegovic Islamists in Bosnia)


Wiesel shows that just because you have gone through one experience does not mean that you have understood it. Wiesel was supporting the Jihad in Bosnia even though the leader of the Jihad Hajj Amin el Husseini had been an instigator and supervisor of the Nazi death camps. In which Wiesel had paid the price. But his knowledge weas partial.


Sheer blindness and ignorance rather than stupidity has been at the base of almost all of the moves Israel has made since its formation. In fact the same lacking in, and of,  real knowledge is very evident in the founders of Zionism, like Hess even on to Herzl.


But there was one very sober analysis made at a most early stage (1852), that of the much maligned Karl Marx, who wrote emphasising the central truth of the present Sherman article in discussion:


QUOTE”The Koran and the Mussulman legislation emanating from it reduce the geography and ethnography of the various peoples to the simple and convenient distinction of two nations and of two countries; those of the Faithful and of the Infidels.”

A very simple statement indeed! Yet when you bother to absorb its content you will soon discover that Marx has written all there is to write about Islam and that if armed with that then none of this Jewish land would have been handed to this enemy. Not by Begin! not by Sharon! Not by Dayan! And not by Rabin!


I find it absolutely mind boggling the kind of barbs directed against socialism by the so called anti-Jihadists of today. The fact is that the founders of socialism were more clear than anybody else as to what precisely was Islam.


In fact Lev Davidovich in his clear calls for Jews in the 1930s to make their way to Palestine and to set up their state there, and specifying Mohammedanism as the enemy, and that the Jews had to make their state defensible in that regard, showed he too understood Islam as had Marx.


Looking back it seems that the more people grow old the stupider they get.


If only the Jewish people had been allowed to look the statement of Marx on Islam straight in the face and took it for what it was. The sheerest warning arguably  ever made about the Fascist nature of Islam – then things would have been very different indeed and today’s warning article by Martin Sherman would not have been so necessary.


Nowadays there are so many paid agents who are presenting as “marxists” people like Chomsky who explicitly hates us, or whatever, and do everything positive to present Islam as progressive. And the Anti-Jihadists in the pay of the state department who litter the blogs do exactly that as well. It is “leftist” this and “leftist” that all the way to perdition.


As Martin Sherman says clearly in this article – the events of today are being caterpulted in an alarming manner. Events do not proceed in slow evolution but in “Darwinian leaps” as presented by David Jay Gould, and this applies in spades to the critical situation facing Israel.


Israel has always been in war since 1948 but now must prepare for critical war situation on a scale that dwarfs 1948 and 1967.


This calls for sharpening the weapon and the only weapon Jews have is the weapon of the state of Israel. It is the state which must be sharpened.


A new role will certainly be found for the patriot Bibi Netanyahu who will forever remain in our hearts for his pioneering struggle against Iran, and especially against the sponsor of Iran President Obama, in Congress on March 3 2015. He articulates ideas better than anyone I know. But the ideas articulated by Bibi must be formulated elsewhere. Weare in a qualitatively different situation. Indeed in a different world.


Consider the steps that must be taken and we can understand better the way to achieve them:



Be objective about Israel. What is it? Surely the Jewish Homeland. Only Jews can vote the the Knesset. The rest is nonsense.


That (the precious) Knesset of the Jews holds the power. Disband as of now the Supreme Court. Trust the Jews a great people to rule with firmness, wisdom and benevolence.


Place the Karl Marx understanding of Islam in front. No Muslims can live in the Holy Land. Islam is not Holy. Islam is an ideology of war on us all. We can though proceed in a humanitarian way here but with great firmness. Always with firmness to the strategic end which is no Muslims in the Holy Land!


Define the borders: They are Golan, Jordan Valley in fullest sense, the sense of Weismann on 3 january 1919 with support from no less than Feisal, border with Egypt having taken Sinai on defensive basis, and sea.


As for democracy that is a indeed the highest form of democracy in this case, which can only be defined as the democracy of preventing a new Holocaust of the Jews by defeating the Jihad.



Speaking in Hawaii yesterday, Carter (at Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore) (US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter) again called for an immediate halt to China’s land reclamation activities, which the US insists are for military purposes. He made clear that the US would continue its “freedom of navigation” operations to challenge China’s territorial claims.

“There should be no mistake about this,” Carter declared, “the United States will fly, sail, and operate wherever international law allows, as we do around the world.”

Yes we got the message. Has there ever been such arrogance. This surpasses even the aspirations of Hitler who was a mere schoolboy in comparision. Really! says it is a global crisis in capitalism and the world capitalist states are beginning now to fight each other for survival.

Every single thing is connected to this crisis and survival. It may not appear so because the truth is hidden by millions of Media words.

But we can say even by a superficial observing this fight is led by the US elites in combination with Europe, especially Britain, and they are also striking up a unity with Islam in the form of chaos -creating ISIS and with the powerful Jihadists of Khomeini Revolution Iran.

The system is both bankrupt and dangerous.

There is indeed a direct line between this posturing of US Carter against China and its actions in the Middle East where (to give only one example) Gadhafi was toppled in a situation where Gadhafi had indeed gotten control of the situation and was crushing the Jihadists, the US and Europe (with the connivance of the Stalinists in Russia and China) to eliminate Gadhafi.

In many ways those scenes of Gadhafi being sodomised by Jihadists are a central motif of our times and indeed lead directly into the barbarity of ISIS actions inIraq and Syria.

My conclusión not just the mad savages and barbarian dogs of ISIS are dangerous but the whole capitalist system is a very dangerous thing. Dangerous for humans. Dangerous for all life.

All of these things are connected because it is ONE world unitary system (of capitalism)

To the casual glance they are not connected. It requires a special science to understand their interconnectedness. This is not conspiracy. It is the opposite. It is the scientific understanding of reality.


A capitalist system in crisis tends to drive towards war: “”Our entire planet, its land and water areas … provide today the arena for a worldwide economy…Trotsky:

“This work has been accomplished by capitalism. But capitalism also compels the capitalist states to fight in order to subordinate this world economy to the profit interests of the respective national bourgeoisies…. [T]he objective meaning of the war consists in its destroying the existing national economic nests in the name of a world economy. But imperialism is seeking to solve this task … on the principles of an exploitation of world economy by the capitalist class of that victorious country which is to be transformed by the war from a great power to a world power.”
—War and the International, 1914