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I think it needs to be considered in the same sense as our other articles which deal with the hatred of Jews as expressed by the Fascist “leftists” such as the Irish Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

Also in relation to the lies against Pamela Geller and the English Defence League, see harry’s Place for the latest in this.

There is no doubt at all that these so called “Lefties” are really joining with the Capitalist media and the Capitalist State Machine and it must be acknowledged their ability to tell lies knows no bounds.

Very often these lies are lies of omission. They edit the News. They edit reality. They chose what their listeners will hear.

This was the story over and over again in relation to what was happening in Yugoslavia in the 1990s. It was the exact same. The similarity is amazing.

The English Defence League is a very progressive movement for one simple reason. If British workers are going to do anything in the world that is developing around therm then they first must feel themselves as being proud to be English.

If they are not proud to be English then they will be steamrollered by political correctness.

That is the strength of the EDL and people like Ed Carroll, an Irish name actually, so his background must be Irish. people like Carroll obviously could not care a shit what the Media writes about them. That is the beginning of the English socialist revolution, because until there are people like that then you can do nothing in life.

Please read the following. it is most illuminating:

Osbourne and Yusuf Islam: Take off that cross, you uppity kaffir

This is an example of the Leftist/Jihadist Alliance, or perhaps of the cluelessness of the Left, or perhaps of its indifference to the freedom of speech that Islamic supremacists wish so ardently to extinguish. Take your pick. “Stewart-Colbert ‘sanity’ rally draws thousands,” by Hope Yen and Calvin Woodward for the Associated Press, October 30 (thanks to Weasel Zippers):

WASHINGTON — In the shadow of the Capitol and the election, comedians Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert entertained a huge throng Saturday at a “sanity” rally poking fun at the nation’s ill-tempered politics, fear-mongers and doomsayers. […]Ozzy Osbourne and Yusuf Islam, formerly known as Cat Stevens, engaged in something of a battle of the bands as the heavy-metal rocker barged in on the folkie’s hit, “Peace Train,” in a mock clash of music and cultures….


“Cat Stevens Gives Support To Call for Death of Rushdie,” by Craig R. Whitney in the New York Times, May 23, 1989:

TONDON [sic], May 22 — The musician known as Cat Stevens said in a British television program to be broadcast next week that rather than go to a demonstration to burn an effigy of the author Salman Rushdie, ”I would have hoped that it’d be the real thing.”The singer, who adopted the name Yusuf Islam when he converted to Islam, made the remark during a panel discussion of British reactions to Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini’s call for Mr. Rushdie to be killed for allegedly blaspheming Islam in his best-selling novel ”The Satanic Verses.” He also said that if Mr. Rushdie turned up at his doorstep looking for help, ”I might ring somebody who might do more damage to him than he would like.”

”I’d try to phone the Ayatollah Khomeini and tell him exactly where this man is,” said Mr. Islam, who watched a preview of the program today and said in an interview that he stood by his comments….


Yes, now he denies having said it. But considering that he has been an ardent orthodox believer ever since his conversion, and that all the schools of Islamic jurisprudence do mandate a death penalty for blasphemy, I find his denials unconvincing.

I have previously linked to the video of Yusuf Islam saying what he now denies, but this morning I found this notice where it had once been at YouTube: “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Yusuf Islam.” Interestingly enough, however, old Joe Islam doesn’t seem troubled by YouTube postings trampling on the copyright for his jahiliyya hippie songs.


The  man who, thanks to the British ruling class, is now at the head of the Sharia Court system in Britain, Abu Shaheed, comes out of that Bangladesh brutal history of Pakistani imperialism.

The British website Harry’s Place has recently carried a survey of this past. They write about Sayeed:

It is deplorable that the head of the main Islamic Sharia court should maintain a position completely at odds with British law and to claim that the majority of women who say they have been raped or violently abused by their husbands are merely fabricating their stories to “expedite” divorce proceedings.

Abu Sayeed in 1971

But Imam Abu Sayeed has a sordid and viciously violent past which few people in Britain know anything about.

In 1995, Channel4 aired a Dispatches documentary called ‘War Crimes File’ which exposed Abu Sayeed as one of three war criminals who had fled Bangladesh to live in Britain. Sayeed was then a “head teacher of a Muslim school and a co-opted member of Tower Hamlets Education Council” but the documentary revealed that he was a senior member of the Al-Badr death squad, a paramilitary offshoot of the Jamaat-e-Islam, which was responsible for the death of thousands of men and the systematic rape of untold more women during the Independence War of Bangladesh in 1971.

Soon after the documentary was broadcast, it was quickly banned in the UK and remains so to this day, thanks to the litigious hair-trigger of Choudhury Mueen-Uddin, senior trustee of Muslim Aid, who, along with Sayeed, was exposed in the documentary as one of the three war criminals.

Fortunately the internet is still the bane of censors, because the documentary footage can be found in its entirety on the superb Bangladesh Genocide Archive.

As a young man, Sayeed was involved with the Islami Chattro Shangyo – the student wing of Jamaat-e-Islam. The Jamaat was then, as it is today, an extremist group of Muslim fundamentalists. In July 1971, the Jamaat-e-Islam organised a secret meeting in Dhaka, the purpose of which was to form the Al-Badr death squad, a violent jihad force created to aid the Pakistan army. Jamaat wanted to remain a part of the Islamic state of Pakistan and was violently opposed to the Independence movement. And in his home town of Sylhet, Abu Sayeed was recruited as a senior member of the Al-Badr.

During the 1971 Bangladesh War of Liberation the Pakistani Muslim Army committed the most horrible barbarities on what was a very poor people. These are not well known or talked about in Britain today. An important book was published called “Tormenting Seventy One” and this is on the net


The following are some extracts which show the extreme cruelty of Pakistan in that war:


I was put in a gunny bag and kept in the scorching sun

Brigadier (Retd.) M. R. Majumdar

One day they forced me to lie on a slab of ice

Lt. Col. Masoudul Hossain Khan (Retd.)

They pressed burning cigarettes on my throat

Masud Sadique Chullu

I had seen many deaths, heard about many incidents of women repression, but never thought that I’d also

have to become the victim of such cruelty

Ferdousi Priyobhashinee

A burning cigarette was pushed at his limbs and needles pierced into

his finger nails

Syed Abul Barq Alvi

As we entered the building, we saw many other dead bodies lying on the floor

Abul Fazal

I saw signs of terror everywhere

Protiti Devi

They used to uproot the prisoners’ nails by piercing knives to

their fingers

Singer Linu Billah

They broke ribs by beating with iron rods

Professor A. M. M. Shahidulla

The Pakistanis used to enjoy everyday after unleashing torture on us

Capt. (Retd.) Syed Suzauddin Ahmed

My arms, hips and back turned blood-stained as they

beat me mercilessly

Naser Bukhtear Ahmed

Before hearing the sound of firing we thought that they would burn

us to death

Durgadas Mukharjee

The Pakistanis used to pierce needles into my nails everyday during interrogation.

Mosharraf Hossain

I had to run for a mile behind a truck with a rope tied around my neck

Mohammad Nazrul Islam

I found my father’s body on the pile of dead bodies on the street

Gazi Kamaluddin

One Punjabi hound jumped on my body and raped me repeatedly

Rabeya Khatun

Mass Grave of 1971 Found Even 28 Years After Liberation War

Julfikar Ali Manik

Killing Fields in Rajshahi : Ten thousand skeletons were found in one hundred mass graves

Dr. Sukumar Biswas

Killing Fields in Khulna : Bodies of the Bengalees drowned in the river after mass killing

Gouranga Nandi

Killing Fields in Chittagong : Skulls of at least 20 thousand Bengalees would be found if the ground of

Pahartoli is excavated

Dr. Sukumar Biswas

Killing Fields in Laksam : Rape became a regular phenomenon

in those days

Mustafa Hussain


Pakistani occupation forces and their local collaborators in 1971 killed three million innocent Bengalees.

Some 250,000 women fell prey to their barbaric repression. They destroyed thousands of localities in rural

and urban areas. It became impossible for people to bear the repression, killings and barbarism unleashed by

the Pakistani army which led to the exodus of 10 million people into India for shelter and safety.

What was the fault of the Bengalees ? They wanted democracy, a society free from all kinds of

deprivation and repression. They wanted to be a self-reliant country, free from religious conflicts and on the

basis of thousand-year-old rich heritage.

The expectation of the Bengalees was just a reverse of the state philosophy of Pakistan. Pakistan is such a

militarist and fundamentalist country where there is no place for democracy and human rights.

Their military junta headed by General Yahya Khan carried out a genocide in the eastern part of Pakistan,

now Bangladesh, which has no comparison. Systemtic killings, rapes and other barbaric methods were used

on the Benglees in the name of ‘protecting the integrity of Pakistan’ and ‘to protecting Islam’. The killing,

repression and atrocities began on March 25, 1971 and it continued until 92,000 Pakistani forces surrendered

to Bangladesh- India Joint Command on December 16, 1971.

On March 25 midnight, the Pakistani forces suddenly cracked down on the sleeping people of capital

Dhaka. Their first target was the residence of teachers, officials and employees and student dormitories of

Dhaka University, once known as the Oxford of the East. The police and East Pakistan Rifles (EPR),

headquarters followed. Then came the slums, markets and Hindu-populated areas in Dhaka, most of which

were torched. They killed university teachers, employees and students either in their rooms or by firing squad

in the campus gardens. Some were taken away and remained missing. They sprayed bullets as people fled

from burning homes. These people died without knowing their crime. It is estimated that around 60,000

people of the city were killed on that single night.

The Pakistani occupation forces followed similar methods across the country and the genocide continued

during the next nine months or until the country was freed from their clutches. Apart from mass killings,

systemetic killings of identified personalities or professionals was carried out under a blueprint. This process

started with the slaying of Dhaka University teachers and reached its peak ahead of the Victory Day on

Deecmber 16, 1971, as they realised their defeat was imminent.

In conducting the killings, there was a priority list. They had identified five sections of the populace as

their main enemies.

1) leaders, activists and supporters of Awami League, 2) communists and socialists, 3) freedom fighters

and their associates, 4) the Hindu community irrespective of sex or age and 5) students and intellectuals or


There was no specific type of killings. The Pakistanis at first shelled by tanks and mortars to kill a large

number of people of a locality. Then they killed innocent ones lining them up after taking them away from

their houses. Some were put to death by bayonets or burnt alive by the barbaric Pakistani army. They also

slaughtered people like animals. In some cases people were tortured for months until death saved them. The

last method was followed specially for the freedom fighters. There are many people who witnessed that

freedom fighters were dragged on the streets pulled by army jeeps, which would only stop to confirm if their

prey was dead.

Captain (Retd.) Sujauddin Ahmed in his testimony to us said grenades were tied to the back of freedom

fighters and told to run after pulling the pin out. Within seconds they were blown up into pieces to the great

rejoice of the Pakistanis.

The ways the Pakistani forces followed in unleashing torture can’t be expressed in any language. Those

who experienced or witnessed the repression said the cruelty of Pakistani forces was more even than that

unleashed by the Nazis of Hitler during the Second World War.

The major methods used by the Pakistanis to torture the Banglaess were: 1) Verbal abuse coupled with

beating until blood oozed out, 2) Poking with bayonet or beating with rifle butts after hanging the victim by

the leg from the ceiling, 3) the victim was stripped and kept standing for hours in public 4) Burning the whole

body with cigarette, 5) Pushing needles through nails and the head, 6) spraying injuries with salt and chilly, 7)

Pushing electric rod through the anus, 8) giving urine for drinking when the victims screamed for water, 9)

pushing ice through the anus or injuring the entry point of the anus with cigarette burns, 10) the victim, with

his hands and legs tied, was put into a gunny bag and kept under the scorching sun, 11) keeping the injured

naked body on ice slab, 12) denying sleep for days, high powered lights focussed on the eye, 13) giving

electric shock to the sensitive parts of the body, 14) uprooting nails with the help of tweezers and 15) the head

was repeatedly forced into hot water with the body hanging from the ceiling. Besides extremely brutal sexual

tortures were also very common whether male or female.

Depositions of some witnesses of torture by the Pakistani forces were recorded in the eighth volume of

‘Bangladesher Swadhinata Juddher Dalilpatra’.


A brief idea about the brutality of Pakistanis forces could beknown from statements of some sweepers of the then Dhaka municipality. They were picked up from their

houses to remove the bodies.


by Montu Khan is mentionable among them. The other is the series editedby Rashid Haider entitled



(History of BangladeshIndependence War Project) in 1977 under which a volume of 16 books were published entitled “Documents

of Bangladesh’s Independence War.” In the 8th volume (total page 731) contains descritption of ‘masskillings,

refugee and related incidents.’ The 14th volume contains partial description of world media reports

on the genocide.

The “Muktijuddho Gobeshana Trust” led by Professor Salahuddin Ahmed interviewed some 300

witnesses at the grassroot level.

Recent publication on the 1971 mass killings and repression on women are based on the 8th volume, but

they have not been authenticated. Some memoirs or books based on experiences of time, including the one by






An international hate campaign by Islamic fundamentalists against a minority sect has spread to Britain and is causing a dangerous rift in south London’s Muslim community.

The situation has been likened to the “beginnings of the Holocaust” by a leading expert who is urging the police to act.

Lord Avebury, the long-serving vice-chairman of the Parliamentary Human Rights Group, said the extremist views were being imported from Pakistan and compared the vilification of Ahmadiyya Muslims with the beginnings of the Holocaust.

Our investigation has revealed shocking examples of Ahmadi residents, businessmen and politicians being demonised and ostracised by UK Islamic fundamentalist group Khatme Nabuwat (KN).

Ahmadi-owned businesses have been boycotted and face ruin, while employers have been pressurised into sacking Ahmadi workers.

The hate campaign even infected the General Election result after a campaign to discourage Muslims voting for an Ahmadi Liberal Democrat candidate in Tooting.

There are an estimated 13,000 Ahmadi Muslims living and working in south west London, who were drawn to the area after its first mosque was built in Southfields.

Ahmadiyya Muslims differ from mainstream Islam by believing the second coming of the Messiah has already happened and is embodied by their founder, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.

Their two main mosques are the London Mosque, built in 1926 in Gressenhall Road, Southfields, and the massive Bait-ul-Fatah mosque in Morden, built in 2003 – which their website claims is the largest mosque in Western Europe.

Since then, many Ahmadis who have fled religious persecution in Pakistan have come to live in Merton, Wandsworth, Kingston and Lambeth.

Since being established in 1884, the movement is followed by 160m people in 190 countries worldwide and actively promotes humanitarian efforts under the motto: “Love for all, hatred for none”.

They have a highly active public relations team, which within the past year has promoted community initiatives on behalf of the entire Muslim community, such as an advertising campaign launched in February on London’s bus network.

Inflammatory leaflets have been distributed across south London as part of a targeted ideological campaign against the Ahmadiyya community.

Some of the literature is produced by anti-Ahmadi group KN, whose spokesmen delivered speeches at the TIC in Tooting, Streatham mosque and the Kingston mosque.

One KN leaflet, Deception of the Qadiyani, was recently displayed in the window of the Sabina Hair and Cosmetic shop in Mitcham Road, Tooting.

When we confronted staff to ask why they had put up these leaflets, a worker said: “These people are not Muslims. I did it myself.

“They don’t believe that prophet Mohammed is the last prophet.”

In August, Kingston police launched an investigation into suspected Ahmadi hate crime after leaflets were allegedly distributed in Kingston on July 6.

Kingston police confirmed a teenage Ahmadi girl, who did not want to be named, gave them a statement claiming the leaflet, which was written in Urdu, said: “Kill a Qadiyani and doors to heaven will be open to you”.

Police said they were appealing for information, but were not in possession of the leaflet, which was allegedly handed to the girl outside the Bentall Centre in Kingston town centre.



One of the major issues of today is how the fake or revisionist “left” has become so reactionary that it has joined forces with the very worst religion that humanity has ever known. Islam, of course.

This has got very wide implications, not least in the way that Yugoslavia was destroyed in the 1990s, by an alliance between US Imperialism (NATO) and the most reactionary forces in the Balkans, which was Nazism (Tudjman Croatia) Islam (Izetbegovic Bosnia) and the Jihadist Albanians in Kosovo

4international is quite separate from these faux Leftists. We supported the Serbs unconditionally against Izetbegovic and the Jihad, we support the Jews unconditionally against all forms of antisemitism, and against the PLO/PA/Hamas Jihad against Israel, the sole Jewish national homeland. We certainly do oppose all of this crap that has been churned up by Imperialism and Islam on the so called “Palestinians” – the most opportunist set of antisemites since the Nazis. Liars all!

We select some articles to study. The first deals with how Islam is such a divisive force in the world. It appears from this article that Jews and Arabs lived happily together pre Islam. The second deals with how the unbiased and objective French Parliamentarian, Tocqueville,  of the 1840 period (same roughly as Darwin and Marx) saw Islam first hand, as he travelled through Muslim countries like Morocco. The third is a repeat, we covered it before,  and it deals with what Karl Marx saw and wrote when he visited Jerusalem as a paid journalist in 1852


The first is in full:


It is a common belief that the “Arab-Israeli conflict” is a conflict of two peoples fighting over the same piece of land and is therefore one of nationalism. Rarely, if ever, do we hear or read of the religious component to this conflict.

However, if anything, the conflict is more of a “Muslim-Jewish” one than an “Arab-Israeli” one. In other words, the conflict is based on religion — Islam vs. Judaism — cloaked in Arab nationalism vs. Zionism. The fact of the matter is that in every Arab-Israeli war, from 1948 to the present, cries of “jihad,” “Allahu Akbar,” and the bloodcurdling scream of “Idbah al- Yahud” (slaughter the Jews) have resonated amongst even the most secular of Arab leaders, be it Nasser in the 1950s and 1960s or the supposedly “secular” PLO of the 1960s to the present. Indeed, the question must be asked: If this is really a conflict of different nationalisms and not Islamic supremacism, then why is it that virtually no non-Arab Muslim states have full (if any) relations with Israel?

There is a common Arabic slogan that is chanted in the Middle East: “Khaybar, Khaybar! Oh Jews, remember. The armies of Muhammad are returning!” It would be most interesting to know how many people have ever heard what — or more precisely, where — Khaybar is, and what the Arabs mean by such a slogan. A short history of the Jews of Arabia is needed in order to explain this, and why Islam remains so inflexible in its hostile attitude towards Jews and Israel.

Until the founder of Islam, Muhammad ibn Abdallah, proclaimed himself “Messenger of Allah” in the 7th century, Jews and Arabs lived together peacefully in the Arabian Peninsula. Indeed, the Jews — and Judaism — were respected to such an extent that an Arab king converted to Judaism in the 5th century. His name was Dhu Nuwas, and he ruled over the Himyar (present day Yemen) area of the Arabian Peninsula. In fact, it is most likely that the city of Medina (the second-holiest city in Islam) — then called Yathrib — was originally founded by Jews. In any event, at the time of Muhammad’s “calling,” three important Jewish tribes existed in Arabia: Banu Qurayza, Banu Nadir, and Banu Qaynuqa.

Muhammad was very keen on having the Jews accept him as a prophet to the extent that he charged his followers not to eat pig and to pray in the direction of Jerusalem. However, the Jews apparently were not very keen on Muhammad, his proclamation of himself as a prophet, or his poor knowledge of the Torah (Hebrew Bible). Numerous verbal altercations are recorded in the Qur’an and various Hadiths about these conflicts between the Jewish tribes and Muhammad.

Eventually, the verbal conflicts turned into physical conflicts, and when the Jews outwardly rejected Muhammad as the “final seal of the prophets,” he turned on them with a vengeance. The atrocities that were committed against these tribes are too numerous to cite in a single article, but two tribes, the Qaynuqa and Nadir, were expelled from their villages by Muhammad. It appears that the Qaynuqa left Arabia around 624 A.D. The refugees of the Nadir settled in the village of Khaybar.

In 628 A.D., Muhammad turned on the last Jewish tribe, the Qurayza, claiming that they were in league with Muhammad’s Arab pagan enemies and had “betrayed” him. Muhammad and his army besieged the Qurayza, and after a siege of over three weeks, the Qurayza surrendered. While many Arabs pleaded with Muhammad to let the Qurayza leave unmolested, Muhammad had other plans. Unlike expelling the Qaynuqa and Nadir, Muhammad exterminated the Qurayza, with an estimated 600 to 900 Jewish men being beheaded in one day. The women and children were sold into slavery, and Muhammad took one of the widows, Rayhana, as a “concubine.”

In 629 A.D., Muhammad led a campaign against the surviving Jews of Nadir, now living in Khaybar. The battle was again bloody and barbaric, and the survivors of the massacre were either expelled or allowed to remain as “second-class citizens.” Eventually, upon the ascension of Omar as caliph, most Jews were expelled from Arabia around the year 640 A.D.

This brings us, then, to the question of why modern-day Muslims still boast of the slaughter of the Jewish tribes and the Battle of Khaybar. The answer lies in what the Qur’an — and later on, the various Hadiths — says about the Jews. The Qur’an is replete with verses that can be described only as virulently anti-Semitic. The amount of Surahs is too numerous to cite, but a few will suffice: Surah 2:75 (Jews distorted the Torah); 2:91 (Jews are prophet-killers), 4:47 (Jews have distorted the Bible and have incurred condemnation from Allah for breaking the Sabbath), 5:60 (Jews are cursed, and turned into monkeys and pigs), and 5:82 (Jews and pagans are the strongest in enmity to the Muslims and Allah). And of course, there is the genocidal Hadith from Sahih Bukhari, 4:52:177, which would make Adolph Hitler proud. “The Day of Judgment will not have come until you fight with the Jews, and the stones and the trees behind which a Jew will be hiding will say: ‘O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, come and kill him!”‘ Thus, the Arab Muslims had their own “final solution” in store for the Jews already in the 7th century.

The fact that Muslims still point to these (and many other) hateful verses in the Qur’an and Hadith should give Jews — not just Israelis — pause to consider if there can ever be true peace between Muslims and Jews, let alone between Muslims and Israel. When the armies of Islam occupied the area of Byzantine “Palestine” in the 7th century, the land became part of “Dar al-Islam” (House of Islam). Until that area is returned to Islam, (i.e., Israel’s extermination), she remains part of “Dar al harb” (House of War). It now becomes clear that this is a conflict of religious ideology and not a conflict over a piece of “real estate.”

Finally, one must ask the question: Aside from non-Arab Turkey, whose relations with Israel are presently teetering on the verge of collapse, why is it that no other non-Arab Muslim country in the Middle East has ever had full relations (if any at all) with Israel, such as faraway countries like Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan? Indeed, why would Persian Iran — conquered by the Arabs — have such a deep hatred for Jews and Israel, whereas a non-Muslim country such as India does not feel such enmity? The answer is painfully clear: The contempt in which the Qur’an and other Islamic writings hold Jews does not exist in the scriptures of the Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, and other Eastern religions. Therefore, people that come from non-Muslim states do not have this inherent hatred towards Jews, and by extension, towards Israel. But when a people — or peoples — is raised with a scripture that regards another people and religion as immoral and less than human, then it is axiomatic why such hatred and disdain exists on the part of Muslims for Jews and Israel.

Islam — as currently interpreted and practiced — cannot accept a Jewish state of any size in its midst. Unless Muslims come to terms with their holy writings vis-à-vis Jews, Judaism, and Israel and go through some sort of “reformation,” it will be unlikely that true peace will ever come to the Middle East. In the meantime, unless Islam reforms, Israel should accept the fact that the Muslims will never accept Israel as a permanent fact in the Middle East.



The second is from the French parliamentarian, Tocqueville. The introduction is by Robert Spencer of Jihadwatch and the beginning refers to the “sacked” general of Obama. Spencer has a wonderful knowledge of Islam and his vision here of how topically important are the observations of Tocqueville is a revelation:

McChrystal’s superficial, bowdlerized pieties on the Koran, and Petraeus’ complete neglect of this foundational Islamic text, contrast starkly with the contemplative, firsthand observations on the Koran (and Islam) made by Alexis de Tocqueville. Shortly after his return from America, Tocqueville studied North African Islamic culture and history — which included an analysis of the Koran (“Notes on the Koran,” March, 1838) — and made two visits to Algeria (in 1841, and 1846), becoming one of the foremost experts on these matters, while serving as a French parliamentarian.

Before visiting Algeria, Tocqueville studied the Koran, writing an analysis of the first 18 suras (chapters) in careful, if succinct notes, and elaborating his summary conclusions during additional private observations and correspondence recorded through his voyage to North Africa in 1841. Tocqueville opens his March 1838 “Notes on the Koran” with these two observations:

Encouragement, commandments for holy war.

Necessity of obeying the Prophet, of obeying him as one does God.

He accurately documents the Koran’s repeated references to jihad warfare, noting,

Sanctity of holy war encouraged with both energy and violence. … Permission and commandment to kill infidels. Prohibition against killing believers. … Cut off the hands and feet of those who fight God and his prophet.

This discussion culminates, appropriately, in Tocqueville’s more extended assessment of suras 8 and 9, which are redolent with eternal proclamations justifying and describing the conduct of jihad war against the non-Muslim infidel:

Spoils taken from the enemy belong to God and to his envoy. Fear the Lord. Whoever turns his back on the day of combat shall remain in hell. Fight infidels until the point  when there is no more schism and when holy religion is universally triumphant. O  believers! when you march on the enemy, be resolute, obey God and the prophet, fear the discord that extinguishes the fire of courage. Be firm. The incredulous who refuses to believe in Islam is more abject than a brute in the eyes of the Eternal. If the fortune of battle causes those who violate the pact they have made with you to fall into your hands, use torture to terrify their followers. God will ease your task: 20 brave believers will  crush 200 infidels, 100 will put 1,000 to flight. No prophet has taken prisoners without spilling the blood of a great number of enemies. Feed on what you have taken from the enemy. You shall have no society with believers who have remained at home, until they have marched into combat. Believers who have left their country to fight under the standard of faith and those who have given aid to the prophet are the truly faithful ones.        Paradise is their portion.

Believers who tear themselves from the bosom of their family to follow [God’s] standard,  sacrificing their property and their lives, shall have the first places in the realm of the heavens. They shall be the object of God’s kindness; they shall live in gardens of delights and taste eternal pleasures. Cease loving your fathers, your brothers, if they prefer incredulity to faith. … Young and old, enter combat, sacrifice your wealth and your lives for the defense of the faith, [for] there is no more glorious advantage for you. Some believers have let the prophet go, they have said, “Let us not fight during the heat!” The  fire of hell shall be much more terrible than that heat. … O Believers! Fight your unfaithful neighbors. May they find implacable enemies.

Tocqueville concludes his Koranic analysis in the March 1838 “Notes” with these additional observations:

Everything that relates to war is precise; everything that relates to morals … is general and confused. … As in practically all of the Alcoran [Koran], Muhammad concerns himself  far more with making himself believed than with giving rules of morality. And he employs terror much more than any other motive.

Prior to visiting Algeria, Tocqueville supplemented his initial reflections on the Koran with further meditations on both this defining Muslim text and Islam:

Reading the latter [Koran] is one of the most … instructive things imaginable because the eye easily discovers there, by very closely observing, all the threads by which the prophet held and still holds the members of his sect. … [T]hat the first of all religious duties is to blindly obey the prophet, that holy war is the first of all good deeds … all these doctrines of which the practical outcome is obvious are found on every page and in almost every word of the Koran are so striking that I cannot understand how any man with good sense could miss them.

Jihad: Holy war, is an obligation for all believers. … The state of war is the natural state with regard to infidels. Only truces can be made [meaning…can only be interrupted by a  truce, not ended]. … After the victory, 4/5 of the booty — land, buildings, and other property — of the defeated I shared out. Two motives: fanaticism, cupidity.

Muhammadanism is the religion that most thoroughly conflated and intermixed the  powers in such a way that the high priest is necessarily the prince, and the prince the high priest, and all acts of civil and political life are more or less governed by religious law. … [T]his concentration and this conflation of power established by Muhammad     between the two powers … was the primary cause of despotism and particularly of social immobility that has almost always characterized Muslim nations.

And following his first sojourn in Algeria, Tocqueville compared Islam’s lasting impact with that of Christianity (and the latter’s possible disappearance), in an October 1843 letter to Arthur de Gobineau:

If  Christianity should in fact disappear, as so many hasten to predict, it would befall us, as already happened to the ancients before its advent, a long moral decrepitude, a poisoned old age, that will end up bringing I know not where nor how a new renovation. … I closely studied the Koran especially because of our position with regard to the Muslim populations in Algeria and throughout the Orient. I admit that I came out of  that study with the conviction that, all things considered, there had been few religions in the world so dreadful for men as that of Muhammad. It is, I believe, the major cause of  the decadence today so visible in the Muslim world and though it is less absurd than ancient polytheism, it’s social and political tendencies, in my opinion much more to be feared. I see it relative to paganism itself as a decadence rather than an advance.


Karl Marx, Declaration of war – on the history of the Eastern Question, published in the New York Daily Tribune on 15 April 1854. See Marx/Engels, Collected Works, Volume 13 (1980), pp. 100-108. The quoted passage appears on pages 107-108.

The third is the visit Karl Marx paid to Jerusalem in 1854 (an extract). As far as I know Marx made no analysis, or good description even, of Islam as did Tocqueville, but this is still very important because Marx was an empiricist in the good sense of that word, like Darwin he tended to describe accurately what was presented to him by the senses, and of course Marx relied on those 5 senses, and never saw the need for a sixth. It is doubly important because it is Karl Marx writing, and he is clearly in conflict here with the fake left pro Palestinian “Leftists” of today. The introduction is by Nathan Weinstock and contains some mistakes well covered by Jared Israel which you can investigate further via the url at the end. Just one additional point in the first few lines by Weinstock: I do not agree that Marx´s On the Jewish Question of 1843 was antisemitic in any way, as Weinstock I think suggests. The mind of Marx was complex, and his argument in that essay was complex and many do not understand it. Most often these Marx haters take an isolated sentence from the private letters of Marx to his friend Engels. This latter was the same political correctness that the sneaks used against Philip Larkin.

[The Weinstock extract begins here]

“As we know, Karl Marx displayed no love for his community of origin. His 1843 “Jewish question” is so aggressively anti-Jewish that 19th century Austrian anti-Semites gleefully republished it to confound his disciples. And in his letters to Engels, he described opponents with Jewish ancestry in terms that would nowadays have him in court. However, in an article written in 1854 [1] Marx turned his attention to the fate of the Jews of the Holy Land. Curiously enough, this piece turns out to be more or less the only thing he ever wrote in which he displays some sympathy for his own people.

So, this is what he says about the Jews of Jerusalem:

[Quote from Marx starts here]

“The Mussulmans, forming about a fourth part of the whole, and consisting of Turks, Arabs and Moors, are, of course, the masters in every respect, as they are in no way affected with the weakness of their Government at Constantinople. Nothing equals the misery and suffering of the Jews at Jerusalem, inhabiting the most filthy quarter of the town, called hareth-el-yahoud, this quarter of dirt between  Mount Zion and Mount Moriah, where their synagogues are situated – the constant objects of Mussulman oppression and intolerance, insulted by the Greeks, persecuted by the Latins and living only upon the scanty alms transmitted by their European brethren. The Jews, however, are not natives, but from distant and different countries, and are only attracted to Jerusalem by the desire of inhabiting the Valley of Jehosophat and to die in the very places where their Redemptor is to be expected.

‘Attending their death,’ says a French author, ‘they suffer and pray. Their regards turned to that mountain of Moriah, where once rose the temple of Solomon, and which they dare not approach, they shed tears on the misfortunes of Zion, and their dispersion over the world.'”[2]

[Quote from Marx ends here]

In passing, Marx informs us that Jerusalem had 15,500 inhabitants, including 8,000 Jews and 4,000 Moslems (Arabs, Turks and Moors).

His remarks are confirmed by all contemporary observers. We will leave out the surveys of the Alliance Israelite Universelle, whose objectivity might be questioned by suspicious readers, and rely instead on the accounts of Catholic writers of travel guides for pilgrims to the Holy Land. These edifying tours invariably culminated in the contemplation of the spectacle – both instructive and heartrending – of the downtrodden Jews, living in the most extreme poverty. Frozen in prayer before the Wailing Wall, they formed a living illustration of the degeneration of the “killers of God.” And in order to heighten the impact of this grand finale, a point would be made, before undertaking this final step,  including a visit to the Jewish quarter in the programme.

“This is by far the darkest and most unhealthy part of the whole city. (…) The wretched appearance of the inhabitants and the disgusting state of this district mean that nobody passing through it can forget God’s curse which weighs so visibly on the Jewish people.”[3]

Let’s return to the picture Marx painted of the Jews of Jerusalem.

What does he show us?

* That the Jews inhabit “the most filthy quarter of the town”, “the quarter of dirt.”

* That they were “the constant objects of Mussulman oppression and intolerance,” without this sparing them the insults of the Greeks and persecution of the Latins.

* That in this period the Jews of Jerusalem were not indigenous (in fact, the Jewish population of the city and the larger area had been growing constantly since the end of the 18th century through the addition of newcomers from the Ottoman Empire and elsewhere) and that they awaited death while praying for redemption.

[End extract on Marx in Jerusalem here]

In any case the above extract from Weinstock shows that Karl Marx did visit Jerusalem and far from being hostile to Jews Marx was extremely sympathetic. This is no surprise because Marx was the main fighter against antisemitism in the Left in his time, and especially against the antisemitism of the anarchist leader Bakunin. Antisemitism in the Left has come mainly from Anarchism initially and from Stalinism. Marx shows the dhimmi position of Jews in Jerusalem at that time. This is neglected by many and we wonder why? Marx in his way did show that Jews were central to the history of this area of the world and this is most important.


by Felix Quigley

1 December, 2009


The very first response of the EU bureaucrats to the decision to ban minarets in Switzerland is to reach for the “Human Rights Nazis” to reverse the decision of a majority of the Swiss. Same thing in bureaucratic terms as the Irish vote!


This exposes the real nature of the EU, a totally anti democratic reactionary alliance, and forum for Islam.


This brings into line now the study of the work of Bat Yeor, the Egyptian Jewess who has studied Islam, especially the dhimmi aspects of Islam.


Now just watch those EU dhimmis rabbits run for the cover of the Human Rights Nazis who will come in wielding their big cudgel of Human Rights Nazi Legislation against the hapless ordinary European people. How dare they vote against Islam!


We on 4international have our own independent political line. We do not agree with Bat Yeor in that she offers no strategy to fight Islam. She leaves the aspect of defeating Islam hanging in the air.


But her research and analysis is uncanny in its correctness


The Swiss vote is up there, a really courageous action, with the Gates of Vienna and the Knights of Malta decisive and courageous opposition to the Islamic Imperialism


A great beginning to our new era!


The vital need is for our Trotskyist Party to take up the struggle on this and to provide correct leadership


And we say again…Thank you Bat Yeor!


[Begin analysis of the EU and Islam by Bat Yeor here]


The EU’s craven, morally bankrupt stance was sadly consistent with Eurabian policies evident now for three decades. In fact, the EU has been completing a slow metamorphasis into the “Christian” arm of the Pan-Arab world, different in religious observation (or lack of same) but united in its views of Israel and America.


The European Community (EC), and later the EU, has been aligned with Arab policy regarding Israel and the United States since its June 1977 declaration.


Disruption of the Western alliance by separating Europe from America, and the piecemeal destruction of Israel were the pillars of the Euro-Arab alliance that gave birth to Eurabia.


The formation of this tactical alliance can be traced clearly to a document issued 24 years ago. Prompted by fears of Khomeini’s Shi’ite theocracy in Iran, international Arab terrorism and the rise of oil prices, the EC adopted the 1980 Venice Declaration.


This declaration made clear that the EC, under French leadership, had adopted Pan-Arab conditions regarding Israel without qualification, including: the 1949 armistice as Israel’s legitimate borders; Arab sovereignty over East Jerusalem; an Arab Palestinian state; the recognition of the PLO as the sole representative of the Palestinians, as well as its participation in all negotiations, and the obligation of Israel to negotiate with Arafat, exclusively; and the refusal to recognize a separate peace between Israel and any Arab country, for the resolution of the “Palestinian problem.”


By adopting all those conditions (which contradicted UN Resolution 242) Europeans could in turn justify their ahistorical designation of Judea and Samaria as occupied Arab land.


 Ultimately, the entire European effort to delegitimize and vilify Israel hinges upon this inaccurate, disingenuous formulation.


In the 1970s and 80s, the Communist bloc and the burgeoning Euro-Arab alliance granted international legitimacy to the denial of Israel’s rights by the PLO. France, and to a lesser extent Germany, directed the entire European Community foreign policy in accord with Arab-Islamic sentiments.


A careful reading of the Venice Declaration (1980), the Fez Islamic Conference (1980), the Amman Arab Summit (1980), and the Taif-Mecca Islamic Summit (1981) reveals the similarities between the European and Arab positions in relation to Israel.


Europe’s modified wording is just a fig-leaf.


This subterfuge allows the EU to pose as a “neutral” agent between Israel and the Arab world and to retain a role in the peace-for-terrorists-process.


At the Durban circus in September 2001, European representatives tried in vain to conceal the anti-American and anti-Semitic animus that permeates Eurabian policies, most visibly through the collusion of Eurabian and Arab NGOs.


 And again, during the recently completed International Court of Justice proceedings in The Hague, Eurabian judges employed similar tactics but joined their colleagues from the Muslim world in finding Israel’s anti-terrorist barrier “illegal” (and thus denying the Jewish state its legal right to self-defense).


Beyond a fleeting awareness, the overwhelming majority of Europeans and Americans do not understand the new Eurabian entity, which is only the first step in a steady progression toward its Arabization and Islamization.


Europe has evolved from a Judeo-Christian civilization, with important post-Enlightenment/secular elements, to a “civilization of dhimmitude,” i.e., Eurabia: a secular-Muslim transitional society with its traditional Judeo-Christian mores rapidly disappearing.


This evolution of Europe has been duplicated internally within every EU country.


This deliberate, comprehensive process has taken place through several means: the control of Middle Eastern Studies departments at European universities, and the re-writing of historical textbooks; allowing Euro-Arab bodies to screen cultural exchanges and publications relating to Islam and the Arab Muslim world for unwelcome content; taboos imposed on issues related to immigration and Islam; disinformation campaigns demonizing Israel (and America), while fostering a comprehensive and “brotherly” alliance between EU and Arab League countries on the political, economic, cultural, and social levels; and the servile obedience of the EU’s mainstream media to all these initiatives.


Most recently, this program of Euro-Arab symbiosis has been codified in a detailed report entitled, “Dialogue between Peoples and Cultures in the Euro-Mediterranean Area.”


Released last October, this report (whose contributors included Umberto Eco and Tariq Ramadan) was to establish complete interdependence between Europe and the Arab-Muslim world. Romano Prodi, President of the European Commission, established the High-Level Advisory Group which stated the aims, policies, and routine functions of the foundation. The Advisory Group mandated that the foundation have complete financial and administrative independence in managing its budget and in choosing its partners.


In support of this remarkable request, the Advisory Group argued that the foundation needed considerable resources to cover its activities that would be extraordinarily expensive, as they will encompass all the countries of the EU.


The Advisory Group further justified such conditions by invoking its lofty aim, which “is nothing less than peace itself.”


And this “peace” — accomplished through “brotherly love” and “dialogue” between the North and the South of the Mediterranean — will be achieved by a total economic, political, and cultural fusion.


This May (2004), the EU followed this report up by accepting the creation of the Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue of Cultures, named after Anna Lindh, the Swedish minister murdered by a deranged man. Lindh was a staunch defender of Arafat and advocated an economic boycott of Israel by the EU, a policy long desired by Eurabian politicians. Not surprisingly, the Anna Lindh Foundation draws inspiration from the spirit of Edward Said, the late dhimmi ideologue bent upon subverting Western culture, and values.


The Anna Lindh Foundation endeavors to fight what it dubs “Fortress Europe” on Arab immigration issues, and to establish a totalitarian academic structure which alone will be entitled to teach and publish material on the Euro-Arab Mediterranean. It will also monitor the texbooks and university curricula for all of the EU.


Moreover, the Foundation promotes the vision of a unified Euro-Mediterranean world where people are not even defined as being from the North or the South, (terms considered too provocative as they might evoke visions of a once-Christian North and a very Muslim South).


 The Euro-Arab continent will instead be populated by an amorphous mass called only “Us,” without acknowledged ethnic, national, or religious features.


 In reality, Europe is creating a gigantic Muslim community, or “umma,” which is also inhabited by an anonymous (and precipitously dying) European dhimmi population. One can choose to ignore it, but Eurabia is a tangible entity.


Eurabia has a discernible historical development, and its functionaries are now well entrenched in each European parliament, and at the head of the European Commission.


Often Javier Solana merely parrots the Arab League’s Amr Moussa, or the Palestinian Authority’s Yasser Arafat. Hence Solana’s parrots the pan-Arab refrain that no reforms can be achieved in any Muslim country before the settlement of the Arab-Israeli conflict, reiterating the same fatuous statements made by Amr Moussa.


The EU continues to proclaim that all negotiations must be conducted with Arafat alone and that the Middle East conflict is at the center of world politics. Those two assertions were repeated endlessly at the Fez, Amman, and Taif Summits (1980-81).


 The EU’s unlimited funds finance anti-Israeli and anti-American campaigns, as well as the “dialogue” industry.


Regarding Israel in particular, it appears as if the EU has become the obsequious mouthpiece of the Arab League.


This Eurabian ethos operates at all levels of European society. Its countless functionaries, like the Christian janissary slave-soldiers of past Islamic regimes, advance a jihadist world strategy.


Eurabia cannot change direction; it can only use deception to mask its emergence, its bias and its inevitable trajectory. Eurabia’s destiny was sealed when it decided, willingly, to become a covert partner with the Arab global jihad against America and Israel.


 Americans must discuss the tragic development of Eurabia, and its profound implications for the United States, particularly in terms of its resultant foreign policy realities.


Americans should consider the despair and confusion of many Europeans, prisoners of a Eurabian totalitarianism that foments a culture of deadly lies about Western civilization.


Americans should know that this self-destructive calamity did not just happen, rather it was the result of deliberate policies, executed and monitored by ostensibly responsible people.


Finally, Americans should understand that Eurabia’s contemporary anti-Zionism and anti-Americanism are the spiritual heirs of 1930s Nazism and anti-Semitism, triumphally resurgent.




[end Bat Yeor analysis here]


Welcome to the world of sharia law. More on this story. “Somalis watch double amputations,” from Reuters, June 25: Hardline Islamists in Somalia have carried out double amputations on four men for stealing phones and guns.

They have each had a hand and foot cut off after being convicted by a Sharia court in the capital earlier this week.

More then 300 people, mainly women and children, watched as masked men cut off their limbs with machetes.

The four men reportedly admitted to the robberies, but were not represented by a lawyer and were not allowed to appeal against their sentence.

The al-Shabab group, which controls much of southern Somalia, has carried out amputations, floggings and an execution in the port of Kismayo but such punishments are rare in the capital.

The amputations were carried out in the open in front of an al-Shabab military camp in the north-east of Mogadishu. A local resident said the four men cried out during and after the amputations. Each man had his right hand and left foot cut off.

“‘Help, help, help!’ one of them shouted,” Mohamed Abdi told the BBC.

Eyewitnesses estimate the age of the four men – Aden Mohamud, Ismail Khalif , Jeylani Mohamed, and Abdulkadir Adow – to be between 18 and 25.

 Mr Abdi said the whole process took about an hour to complete.

‘Torture’ Human rights lobby group Amnesty International has condemned the amputations.

“These punishments amount to torture,” said Tawanda Hondora, Amnesty’s Africa deputy director.

The group says that committing torture could amount to a war crime.

After the four were sentenced to double amputations on Monday, mosques in the area announced through their loud speakers that the amputations would take place at 0800 local time on Thursday. Al-Shabab spokesman Ali Mohamud Rage told journalists that the amputations were a warning to all thieves. “If they are caught red-handed in similar circumstances, they will face amputation,” he said. He also said al-Shabab would look after the welfare of the amputees… Posted by Raymond at June 25, 2009




signing off for the weekend

I hope to prepare some articles which will try to answer the lies about Israel, especially the 1948 and 1967 period


These 2 articles are worth stating for their relevance re Islam

article one  from Jihadwatch

The Egyptian government “clearly acted under pressure from Islamists” when it ordered the mass cull of pigs

“Pigs being beaten with iron bars, piglets being stabbed and animals being kicked alive into bulldozer buckets”

An update on this story. “Cairo accused of conspiring with Islamists to cull ‘unholy’ pigs: Egypt’s pig killing spree causes sectarian tension,” by Mustafa Suleiman and Mona Moussly for Al Arabiyya, May 28:


As an Egyptian church refused to hand over its pigs to the authorities without compensation and an online video showing pigs being tortured surfaced, tensions over the government’s anti-swine flu measures continued to prompt allegations of discrimination by the Christian community.

For most countries swine flu is simply a health issue. But in Egypt the virus has raised concerns over government discrimination against the Coptic Christian population – who make up 10-12 percent of the population — who accuse the authorities of threatening their livelihood and purposely attacking them.

Although no cases of swine flu have been reported in Egypt, since the news of the virus broke, Cairo has ordered a mass culling of the country’s 250,000 pigs, which are found in the city slums and which pose a serious risk to a nation already suffering from an outbreak of bird flu.

Al-Soryan Monastery said it would not give up its remaining 330 pigs to Egypt’s national committee for swine flu unless the government compensated them for the huge financial loss.

“Pigs and other animals represent the economic independence of the monasteries in which they are raised,” Bishop Abdul-Maseeh, professor of theology at the Egyptian church, told Al Arabiya.

“We have agreements with the biggest hotels in Egypt,” he said. “There’s no way the government will just kill them and the monasteries bear such huge financial losses.”

Conspiring with Islamists

Thousands of swine breeders, nearly all Copts, have protested, rioted and slammed the government’s decision to slaughter all pigs, a measure the World Health Organization (WHO) criticized as “unnecessary” and that several right groups slammed as an attack on the minority population.

They were not so radical against the birds [during the bird flu scare] as they are now against the pigs,” Inspire, a U.K.-based Christian monthly magazine, quoted the president of the Society for the Protection of Animal Rights Egypt as saying. “We would like to ask them, ‘Why?’ Is there a special reason?”

Egypt’s minister of agriculture and land reclamation, Amin Abaza, denied accusations of discrimination and said health conditions at pig farms, which are located in city dumps, were unbearable.

Arab intellectuals, both Christian and Muslim, have accused President Hosni Mubarak’s government of conspiring with the Islamist opposition Muslim Brotherhood, which opposes rearing pigs “on Islamic land.”

“The Copts are victims of the flu without ever having been contaminated,” said Moroccan writer Tahar Ben Jelloun, adding that the government “clearly acted under pressure from Islamists” when it ordered the mass cull.[…]

Earlier this month a video of pigs being culled surfaced on YouTube and caused outrage at the way the animals were slaughtered.

The clip posted by Egypt’s independent newspaper al-Masry al-Youm showed gory images of pigs being beaten with iron bars, piglets being stabbed and animals being kicked alive into bulldozer buckets…

article 2 from DEBKAfile

Yousouf Fofana, leader of the self-styled Parisian “Gang of Barbarians,” has confessed at his trial to the brutal murder of Ilan Halimi, a 23-year old Jew, three years ago, after torturing him for 24 days. The anti-Semitic crime appalled the 600,000-strong French Jewish community, which accuses the government of still neglecting to curb the rising tide of anti-Semitism sweeping in France.

The trial is proceeding behind closed doors because two of the 26 accused were juveniles at the time.

Halimi’s body was found in February 2006 at a Paris suburban railway station, naked, handcuffed and covered in burn marks from cigarettes. He died of stab wounds to his neck on the way to hospital.

A girl was used by the kidnappers to lure Halimi. They held him captive and tortured while demanding a 450,000 euros ransom because, Fofana told his accomplices, Halimi was a Jew and the Jewish community was rich. Fofana who made gang members call him “Osama,” fled to the Ivory Coast after the murder and was extradited to France for trial.

The victim’s mother Ruth Halimi has published a book about her son’s ordeal, comparing it to the kidnapping of Daniel Pearl, the American-Jewish journalist beheaded by Muslim terrorists in Pakistan in 2002. She arranged to bring his body to Israel for burial in view of the systematic desecration of Jewish graves in France.

Heads of the French Jewish community fear that Halimi’s murder was not the last.

Three years later, the situation has gone from bad to worse. Anti-Semitic insults and violence occur daily in Paris, where Jews avoid the Metro, stay home at night and hide their skullcaps. Many have decided the community has no future in France and made arrangements to relocate in Israel.


by Felix Quigley

July 11, 2008

Israel must now act to destroy the Iranian Nuclear Bomb making without any delay. This means that Israel must without any hesitation whatsoever declare war on the Iranian Islamofascist regime and must strike and strike hard at these bomb making facilities which the Mullahs are running.

At the same time Israel must break decisively from American Imperialism which in every statement and in every action that it takes now, shows that it is a friend of Iran, and not a friend of Israel.

Every single thing that we have learned about the US Imperialists in the destruction of Yugoslavia shows that the US is in league with Islam and Islamofascism on a world scale. We know that the US supported the Fascist Tudjman in the murder and ethnic cleansing of the Krajina of half a million of Serbs. We know that the US was fully behind the Islamofascist Izetbegovic. We know that the US in Bosnia joined with Bin Laden, Saudi Arabia and Iran in using Islamist killers to crush the Serbs. We know that the US along with the party of Izetbegovic planned and created the hoax “massacre” in Srebrenica in otrder to crush the Serbs. Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

July 4, 2008

When the BBC reported on the Bulldozer driven by the genocidal and Jew Hating Arab in Jerusalem two days ago this is how it went:  “The first report by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) on Wednesday’s deadly terrorist attack in Jerusalem was aired under the headline “Israel bulldozer driver shot dead” [sic] according to media watchdog organization”

The BBC as is well known is extremely anti Israel, anti Jew and Zionist, anti Serb, so it was therefore no surprize that it reported the horrific murder by a Palestinian Arab of 3 Jews in Jerusalem in the strangest and most evasive manner possible. To the BBC in its first report, it was as if the bulldozer suddenly acquired animate powers and took off by itself. That is animate PLUS genocidal powers.

This aspect of the reporting was taken up by Honest Reporting which fortunately for all of us keeps a good close eye on the Media and especially on the BBC.

If only we had something as powerful as Honest Reporting to plot all the lies against the Serbs in Yugoslavia for the past 20 years.

Quite rightly IsraelNationalNews also fastened onto the bias towards the Arab “Palestinians” shown by the BBC. It is well worth noting! Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

29 June, 2008

Penny Marshall tried to say that she never used the word “concentration camp” when she and her cameraman took the photo composed of two main elements, a skinny man and some strands of barbed wire. However in the last article, the report by Professor Wladimiroff we see that it was totally unnecesasary for Marshal to do so. Marshall and ITN had a whole organizational backup for distributing that film around the world and the film was accompanied by text which did just that.

Penny Marshall is an accomplished deceiver, that special kind of deceit which has been bred into the British ruling class over many centuries. Continue reading


By Felix Quigley

May 11,2008

Just a few hours ago this happened as reported in IsraelNationalNews:

[begin quote here]

Israel Air Force pilots were back in the skies above Gaza on Wednesday, pounding terrorist positions in the wake of more attacks on southern Israeli communities.

Shortly after 12:00 noon, IAF aircraft struck a terrorist cell that launched a mortar attack against Kibbutz Nir Oz earlier in the morning killing one terrorist. Nir Oz is where a 51-year-old factory worker was killed by mortar fire less than a week before.

[end quote here]

This is the reality of life for Jews in Israel. They continue to have to fight a war against Arabs who seek to kill Jews. Continue reading