by Felix Quigley

July 23 2008

Israpundit is now totally unable to take a political position in support of the Serbs against Islamofascism in the Balkans. This at this precise reaches a critical point with the arrest by Serb Quislings of the Serb Bosnian patriotic leader Radovan Karadzic. And the reality is that if you cannot defend Karadzic and the Serbs then you will not be able, or in a position, to defend Israel against the very same forces, the forces of Islamofascism and the forces of US Imperialism.

The sickness in Israpundit as a site which aims to give leadership to the Jews and to Israel runs very deep indeed. The support for McCain is an expression of this sickness.

Make no mistake we on 4international are opposed to both Obama and to McCain Continue reading


UN Officer Speaks


by Felix Quigley

July 22, 2008

Radovan Karadzic has been arrested by Serb Quislings who are in the pay of US and EU Imperialism. It is without question that the giant hoax and Big Lie of Srebrenica will be placed on Karadzic by the Hague NATO owned Kangaroo Court in the Hague.

So it is very timely that 4international now turns to the words of a man who was there on the scene in Bosnia and who talked to many of the participants. HE WAS NONE OTHER THAN A UN OFFICER OF THE HIGHEST RANK WHO WAS IN A POSITION TO KNOW IF THERE WAS A MASSACRE. HE SAYS NO! His name is Carlos Martins Branco… 

Carlos Martins Branco was officer of the Portuguese Army and former UN Military Observer in Bosnia. He was on the ground in Bosnia during the third (and the last) fall of Srebrenica. This is his letter sent to a discussion group.

Letter by Carlos Martins Branco:
4 MARCH 1998

Hi everybody,

I would like to express my views on the events of Srebrenica. I am sending one article I wrote some time ago, which reflects a very different approach from the one conveyed by the Western media, and CNN in particular. I was UNMO Deputy Chief Operations Officers of UNPF (at theatre level) and my information is based upon debriefings of UNMOs who where posted to Srebrenica during those days and some UN reports not disclosed to public opinion. Continue reading


By Felix Quigley

June 30, 2008

One of the things which distinguish humans and also I think most, if not all of the animal world, is a sense of fairness but it is very highly developed in humans. If there ever was a case of total unfairness then it must be the fate of the Serbs in the past 20 years, following hard on the heels of the fate of the Jews over 2000 years of persecution. But unlike the Holocaust of the Jews the fate of the Serbs has been well hidden by a barrage of lies.


Last Monday, June 23, 2008, the American Ambassador to Croatia Peter Galbraith in giving evidence at the Hague stated


  1. He understood the action of Tudjman against the Krajina as brutal ethnic cleansing
  2. This was the largest act of ethnic cleansing in the whole of the Yugoslav Wars
  3. He gave some insight into the politics of Tudjman and that it was a resurrection of the Ustasha fascists from the 1940s Holocaust in the Balkans
  4. That he had lied in the trial of Milosevic


The startling news of Galbraith’s evidence has been hidden by the Media but brought to light in a Serbian website called Glas Dijaspore: Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

29 June, 2008

Penny Marshall tried to say that she never used the word “concentration camp” when she and her cameraman took the photo composed of two main elements, a skinny man and some strands of barbed wire. However in the last article, the report by Professor Wladimiroff we see that it was totally unnecesasary for Marshal to do so. Marshall and ITN had a whole organizational backup for distributing that film around the world and the film was accompanied by text which did just that.

Penny Marshall is an accomplished deceiver, that special kind of deceit which has been bred into the British ruling class over many centuries. Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

28 June, 2008

Slowly but surely we will put our readers in the picture about this picture. The following interview speaks about the critical importance of that fence which figures so highly in the ITN fakery

[start quote here]

‘They were looking for the best


Professor Mischa Wladimiroff told Thomas Deichmann about his investigations into the barbed wire at Trnopolje

The story of the barbed wire fence at Trnopolje camp featured prominently in the trial of the Bosnian Serb Dusko Tadic before the War Crimes Tribunal at The Hague. The main prosecution witness against Tadic, Witness ‘L’ (Dragan Opacic, later exposed as a trained liar) told the court that there was a barbed wire fence around Trnopolje, and drew a picture of where it stood. As part of his work in defence of Tadic, the leading Dutch lawyer Professor Mischa Wladimiroff went to Trnopolje to investigate. Continue reading


By Felix Quigley

June 14, 2008

If Olmert directs the IDF to go into Gazain order to defeat Hamas this may only intensify the dangers facing Israel. This seems paradoxical so let us explore the issues.


Olmert represents that section of the Israeli ruling class in Kadima and Labour, with connections to the “Peace Movement” and to the anti Israelantisemites in the Media and Academia. He is convinced along with Livni and Barak that if the areas of Judea and Samariaare made Judenfrei and if a Palestine state is erected there then the troubles of the Jews are over.


In gratitude they reckon that the Arab Palestinians will settle down Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

June 12, 2008

John McCain, helped by fellow criminal against the Serbs Joseph Lieberman, is running for the Presidency of the US. McCain is fully supported by Ted Belman of Israpundit who for a time pretended to be the friend of the Serbs. But in supporting McCain what has Belman been actually supporting. The Islamists in Kosovo are making this very clear to Belman if he wishes to read. Continue reading


By Felix Quigley

May 11,2008

Just a few hours ago this happened as reported in IsraelNationalNews:

[begin quote here]

Israel Air Force pilots were back in the skies above Gaza on Wednesday, pounding terrorist positions in the wake of more attacks on southern Israeli communities.

Shortly after 12:00 noon, IAF aircraft struck a terrorist cell that launched a mortar attack against Kibbutz Nir Oz earlier in the morning killing one terrorist. Nir Oz is where a 51-year-old factory worker was killed by mortar fire less than a week before.

[end quote here]

This is the reality of life for Jews in Israel. They continue to have to fight a war against Arabs who seek to kill Jews. Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

On 4international we salute the help sent by Israel to China to help the Chinese in the face of the terrible disaster of the recent earthquake. But is this news being broadcast to the Irish people by the Irish Times and other Mass Media? We will let you know on this later.

IsraelNationalNews reported the following:

{begin quote here}

( Israel has dispatched a third shipment of aid to Burma (Myanmar) and another shipment to China, as well, following natural disasters in both places.

The third shipment to Myanmar included medical personnel, training specialists and logisticians who will be deployed to the area hit by Cyclone Nagris in order to direct and continue IsraAID’s relief efforts in the field there. Almost 25,000 people were killed in the hurricane.

[end quote here]

Israel has always ben at the forefront in sending teams of specialists around the world at times of great need. I think this represents the enormous progressiveness of Israel and of Judaism.

I have no way of knowing but I do wonder at how much aid has been sent by Islamofascist regimes, and I especially wonder if this generosity by the Jewish people has been publicised or hidden.

[begin quote here]

Israel’s Foreign Ministry raised $1.5 million in aid, following the earthquake, from Israeli companies and American Jewish donors through the United Israel Appeal.

China turned down an Israeli offer to send search and rescue teams to the region.

“What Israel is doing is the minimum that we can do to express the warm relations between Israel and China,” Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni said. “Israel’s willingness to help out wherever a disaster occurs is an expression of the humanitarian side of Israel’s relations with the rest of the nations in the world.”

The Chinese earthquake left at least 62,664 people dead, 23,775 missing and about 5 million homeless. Thousands are now threatened by damaged dams that are threatening to collapse.

Two Teams to Myanmar
IsraAID has had two teams in the delta region of Myanmar since four days after the cyclone hit. They have distributed over 10 tons of relief items and trained more than 500 local medical personnel.

Funding the Myanmar efforts were the American Jewish Committee, CMS Companies, UJA Federation of Greater Toronto, B’nai B’rith International, Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles and The American Joint Distribution Committee.

[end quote here]

I am quite sure that Israel is not seeking thanks or publicity. It does this because it is a Jewish state and Judaism has always been a very special religion and ideology.

Yet as far as we on 4international is concerned this continual generosity must be made known and not hidden by antisemites.


by Felix Quigley

An interesting and vital conference on Kosovo has taken place recently in Montral. In the words of Serbianna reporter Boba Borojevic the conference was organized because of Media non-coverage of the Kosovo issue and downright lies by the Media. I know the latter for a fact as I read the lies being spread about by the Irish leading newspaper The Irish Times Continue reading

Harry’s Place betrays Jews

By Felix Quigley

The utterly reactionary British website called Harry’s Place which was behind the Imperialist destruction of the Federation of Yugoslavia…well the latest wheeze of these brit Imperialists is to support Olmert in handing the Golan over to the Islamofascist and Antisemitic Syria. Continue reading


By Felix Quigley

May 22, 2008

It is vital to understand the depths of the betrayal of the Jews by the present Israeli capitalist ruling class of Olmert. The negotiations which have been taking place IN SECRET between the antisemitic Arab Palestine leaders and the olmert Livni clique are the greatest threat ever to Israel.

It is vital to understand where every political party in Israel stands on this issue. There is much information on this in the following report from Israel National News. It begins rightly by telling us where the Israeli public stand towards a Palestine state. They oppose it and they oppose the negotiating with antisemites also. But Israel is a reactionary dictatorship over which Olmert and his Media rule. Continue reading


By Felix Quigley

April 28, 2008

In the election campaign for President in the US the name of Bill Myers and the Weather Men has come up.

This is an extract from Wikipedia which seems factual:

[start quote here]

Weatherman, known colloquially as the Weathermen and later the Weather Underground Organization, was an American radical left group formed in 1969 by leaders and members who split from the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

April 27, 2008

Political power in Kosovo is in hands of criminal clans and the international community has been passively looking at it for years, reads the article of the German weekly Spiegel.

That renowned magazine points that Continue reading


By Felix Quigley

April 27, 2008

Israpundit, and editor Ted Belman, have been running a campaign now for months which is attacking Obama, to some small extent Clinton, but which is ignoring the Fascism of McCain in his dealings with the Serbs over the past 20 years, and an international Fascism going on to the present in the key issue for Jews of recognition of Kosovo, or “Kosova” as McCain would say.

Readers should visit Israpundit and see the latest entry there by Ted Belman in an article called:

With Obama, it’s the Communism, Stupid. Continue reading


By Felix Quigley

April 26, 2008

The Jewish writer Ami Isseroff has written  about the relationship between Israel and the US. But as our examination of what Isseroff has written amkes clear, what all of this means is that Jewish people and Israel must break totally from US Imperialism and join completely with the US ordinary people Continue reading


By Felix Quigley

We on 4international are fully behind the wonderful and courageous action of the IDF to destroy the plans of Syria to murder millions of Jews in Israel. We attach the greatest importance to these events.

[start quote here]

( A White House statement reports that the North Korean-built and Israeli-destroyed reactor in Syria was “not intended for peaceful purposes.” 

In a statement issued on Thursday by White House press secretary Dana Perino, the US Administration sharply criticizes Syria. The statement refers to Syria’s “covert nuclear reactor” which was “damaged beyond repair on Sept. 6 of last year” – but does not mention that it was Israel that destroyed it.

[end quote here]

That is a very strange omission. It suggests to me that the American ruling class, (not the American people though) do not like Jews when they act for themselves. Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

The interview which Milosevic gave to CBS remained on the surface of things. In it Milosevic does not face up to the role of Islam in Bosnia and in Kosovo. This was a weakness considering that Bin Laden had been operating inside the Bosnia created by Izetbegovic, and this was providing Bin Laden with the resources which he took to Afghanistan, and later to the massacre of Americans in the Twin Towers, in 2001. During all of that time, in Bosnia and in Afghanistan, Bin Laden was being manhandled by the US CIA. If the US was so closely involved up to 2001 that raises serious unanswered questions about 9.11!

Also Milosevic does not see the overall picture, that Yugoslavia was destroyed because it was in the way of the US push to dominate the Balkans and to wage war against China and Russia. Milosevic was certainly no communist revolutionary, but to the pig ignorant US Imperialists he was regarded as such. That explains their hatred for Milosevic.

But still, granted these political weaknesses, this interview shows that Milosevic is a truthful person. In this interview he states it as he sees it, and everything he says in it is verifiable and has been verified. What he does show rather well is that the Serb people and nation were different to the others. The Serbs were open, democratic and multicultural in the best sense of that word. Milosevic during this interview gives evidence of the many nationalities which were welcome inside Serbia, and which remain welcome inside Serbia. The truth of his words is shown in the efforts of the Tudjman Croats, the Islamists in Bosnia and the Kosovon Albanian Islamists to cleanse their states of Serbs, gypsies, even Jews.

This interview has also been carried on



[begin interview here]



22 April 1999. (Tanjug) – President of the FR of Yugoslavia Slobodan Milosevic gave an interview to the American TV network CBS, the biggest American TV network. During the talk that lasted approximately one hour, President Milosevic answered a succession of reporter Ronald Hatchet’s questions.

Question: President Milosevic, I would first like to thank you for agreeing to meet with me today. I know that there is a lot of difficulty between our two countries. Continue reading


By Felix Quigley

On 4international we intend to follow this man. His name is Ramush Haradinaj, everybody knows he is a killer and has murdered in cold blood many ordinary Serb peasants and simple country folk, we on 4international have already proved that and have exposed the alliance of the US and EU Imperialists with this killer of Serbs, an alliance which goes to the very tops of the US Elite, to Bush, Lieberman, Cheney, Holbrooke and McCain. Continue reading


Compiled by Nathan Pearlstein & Peter Robert North

Just a few days ago, the imperialist US/NATO owned and controlled ICTY Kangaroo Court in the Hague, Netherlands,  released the Islamist Nazi KLA mass murderer, Ramush Haradinaj. 

That they would do this was predicted in early 2005, by Gregory Copley, the president of the prestigious and world-renowned International Strategic Studies Association the parent organization of the Defense & Foreign Affairs group of publications, based in Alexandria, Virginia, in the Washington, D.C. area of the United States.  See their reports on ex-Yugoslavia here:

What follows is indisputable proof that the United States government – both Republican and Democrat administrations – planned IN ADVANCE all along the early release – or total immunity from prosecution – of virtually every one of the Islamist Nazi terrorist Albanian KLA mass murderers led by Hashim Thaci(e.g. Agim Ceku and Ramush Haradinaj); the Bosnian SDA Islamofascist murderers led by Alija Izetbegovic (e.g. Naser Oric in June 2006); and the Croatian Ustasha Nazi mass murderers led by the late Franjo Tudjman and Stipe Mesic (e.g. Ante Gotovina,Tomislav Mercep, Dobrosav Paraga ).

This repetitive US,NATO/EU intervention on behalf of Islamofascist/Nazi killers of innocent civilians in furtherance of Western geostrategic imperialism (expansion) in the Balkans – with the result being the European expansion of Fascist Islam – has very grave implications not just for the people of Serbia and the rest of Europe, but also grave implications for Israel and the Jewish people.

Ex-Clinton administration “peace envoy” Richard Holbrooke – beneficiary of  the Albanian KLA Islamist Nazi Narco-Terrorist Child Sex Slavery Mafia – gets the president of the US/NATO owned and controlled Hague ICTY Kangaroo Court to free the ex-Kosovo “Prime Minister” and KLA Islamist Nazi war criminal – Ramush Haradinaj – IN ADVANCE of his totally phony “surrender” and “trial” at the Hague ICTY:

“a deal would be struck to ensure that he did not serve prison time for the charges he faced.”  

Continue reading