Jabotinsky is an important part of the Jewish and Zionist heritage. He is however a figure of the past and will be seen as such as history is written.

Jabotinsky was a Zionist from the bourgeois perspective of Zionism but he has long been surpassed in importance by the Russian revolutionary socialist leader known as Leon Trotsky.

The fact that this is not acknowledged just emphasises that Zionism has been unable to surmount its religious and bourgeois capitalist foundations in our present time and see reality for what it is.

There are similarities, some, between Jabotinsky and the greatest russian socialist revolutionary leader Trotsky but it is the differences which are the more significant, and it is these differences which will stand the test of time.

Like jabotinsky Trotsky urged the Jews to leave the killing fields of Nazi Europe and to set up their Jewish state in Palestine.

There the differences begin. Trotsky referred to the weakness of bourgeois Zionism, which Jabotinsky represented, when he referred to the farce which the British and capitalist states of the League of Nations had made of the proposal for a Jewish state contained in the San Remo Conference of 1922.

In fact as long as international capitalism would exist the danger to the Jewish people from capitalism, and which is a central component of capitalism, would fester and grow, to spring out with renewed vigour as the capitalist system enters into crisis and slump.

jabotinsky would have none of this. To him the capitalist system was a fact of life, part of the unchangeable order.

In that regard jabotinsky was not a revolutionary but a reactionary.

There can be no future for the Jewish people as a nation inside the confines of a decadent capitalism. There can only by Holocaust followed by Holocaust, as is now being threatened onto Israel as we speak, due to the connivance of American and European capitalism with the Islam Jihad of crazed Ahmadinejad. They are all tied together against Israel in the capitalist plot surrounding Arab and Persian oil.

All of this is fact, not opinion.

Those on Israpundit who attack trotsky and who seek to obscure or rewrite history do so only on the basis of opinion and prejudice, with no regard for fact.

Trotsky, without any guidance from an imagined and quite unreal “Creator”, reached the conclusion that the Jews must set up their Homeland inside Palestine.

This is Zionism but it is a Zionism that is shorn of its religious superstitions and is based on the hard reality of the class struggle and an understanding of capitalism in terminal decline.

This type of Zionism, using the term Zionism meaning a return to the ancient area and city of Jerusalem, has no need for the supernatural, but is based on the hard reality of todays capitalist crisis and class struggle.

It offers a way forward.

In the end jabotinsky and his bourgeois politics offers no way forward. It seeks to tie Israel and the Israeli jews to the whims of the capitalist system.

The same mistake is being made by contemporary bourgeois Zionism as was made pre Holocaust, and you bourgeois Zionists will lead the Jews into the same death trap that you did in the 1930s.

All of this I have written here is fact, except for the last sentence, but that is an assertion which is based on facts.


Instead of goodwill, Gaza-bound flotilla featured knives, terror connections

Yoram Ettinger

Tell me who are your supporters/organizers and I’ll tell who you are!

Israel’s Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center sheds light on the nature of Turkey’s IHH, the chief organizer of the flotilla to Gaza: This radical Islamic, anti-Western organization poses as a humanitarian relief fund, while supporting Hamas and several Jihadist organizations in Bosnia, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Algeria, Chechnya, etc.

The IHH initiated a number of “humanitarian aid” convoys to anti-US Islamic terrorists in Iraq’s Fallujah Triangle. According to the Danish Institute for international Studies, the group is connected to al-Qaeda and global Islamic terrorism. The Istanbul office of IHH was raided in the past by the Turkish security services. Explosives, manuals, weapons and Afghanistan-oriented documents were confiscated during the raid.

According to a French intelligence report, Bulent Yildirim, the president of IHH, recruited “Jihad warriors” and transferred money, firearms and explosives to al-Qaeda and other Islamic terrorists in various countries. IHH also produced documents that facilitated air travel by Islamic terrorists, posing as relief workers.

In respect to the IHH-organized Gaza mission, Israel’s aim of cooperation was demonstrated by Jerusalem’s offer to allow the flotilla to reach its destination (in spite of the daily flow to Gaza – via Israel – of food, oil, cement and multitude of products) following a thorough examination of its content.

The flotilla’s aim of confrontation was demonstrated by its rejection of Jerusalem’s offer and by the handguns, knives, screwdrivers, and iron pipes employed by terrorists on board.

Clash of civilizations

Israeli soldiers were prepared for a peaceful takeover in face of (erroneously-assumed) civil disobedience. Therefore, they were equipped with paintball guns as the primary weapon and handguns as an emergency weapon, to be used only if facing death. They resorted to handguns in response to an attempted lynch by scores of terrorists, who assaulted the soldiers with iron pipes, knives, and screwdrivers. Handguns were snatched from soldiers by the lynching mob and directed at troops.

Overall, five boats were taken over peacefully and one (with 600 passengers) became an arena of confrontation between Israeli soldiers and terrorists. Israeli restraint in fact minimized fatalities among terrorists.

Would NATO allow a “humanitarian aid” convoy, organized by the radical Islamic anti-Western IHH, to travel unchecked to a Taliban stronghold?! Would Germany, Italy or France allow such a convoy to reach “Baader Meinhoff”, “Red Brigade” or “Action Direct” terrorist strongholds?

On a final note, the “Gaza Flotilla” highlights the role of the Jewish State as the outpost of Western democracies in face of Islamic terrorist offensive. De-legitimizing and weakening Israel – the role model of counter terrorism – would be a tailwind for Islamic terrorists – the role model of international terrorism – facilitating their assault on the Free World. It’s not a clash over Gaza; it’s a clash of civilizations!

from an article called The Ship of Horrors on


by Jim Stephens

June 2, 2010

These are the issues that have to be sorted out and rather quickly at that:

1. Do the Jewish people after being persecuted for 2000 years and unable to defend themselves because they did not have a homeland, today need and deserve a Homeland?

2. Are the “Palestinians” a real people or a Media, Islamic and Imperialist US creation? They certainly did not call themselves “Palestinians” ever in history, they called themselves Arabs of Souther Syria. The change came after 1967. How many in the population in any country know this and know the history?

Do these “Palestinians” deserve a state? If they do then it is right and proper to reward antisemitism and terrorists and that has to be the modern trend in the world.

I have listened to British antisemites on the station run by Dublin Jewish man Maurice Boland over the past week as they ring in and in their arrogant fashion attack the Jewish state of Israel.

Since Britain due to the British White Paper (Law) of 1939 closed the doors of Palestine to the frantic Jews trying to escape the Nazis

We on 4international say to these British scumbags and one Irish that:




It is vital propaganda to get across these points and urgently. You always need a plan and a framework. The following is a list of some points we will keep in mind. They relate to our own experience here in Spain, but remember please all the ingredients of crisis and leadership are contained in just this experience.

You will see and understand this if you think a little about these ingredients.

We will begin today with Hamas

But the following are the general points we will keep in mind as we go forward. Please do follow these. Look out for these special articles. We will mark them “Part 1” etc and of course we will be publishing other general type articles.

These articles could very well run into a serious consideration of leadership and a sharp and critical look at Jewish leadership, involving one site in particular, Israpundit.

But for now…All the issues of leadership are posed here in these following points or structure:

1. The nature of Hamas must be ascertained with accuracy

2. The nature of Fatah, the PLO, the PA, Arafat and Abbas must be ascertained with accuracy

3. The nature of IHH, this shadowy group which organized the Flotilla from Turkey, must be ascertained with accuracy

4. The nature of the contacts of George Galloway with this IHH, AND with Hamas, in the Viva Palestine convoy which preceded and laid the groundwork for this latest flotilla, must be ascertained with accuracy

5. The nature of the website Palestine Telegraph and its relations with Hamas must be ascertained with accuracy.

6. The role of Peter Eyre on this Palestine Telegraph must be ascertained with accuracy

7. The role of Peter Eyre with special reference to and on the radio station mentioned above, owned and run by Jewish man Maurice Boland, must be ascertained with accuracy.

Look out for these articles over next days. As promised we will mark them. today is part 1 for example

As also promised above today we are beginning with the nature and role of Hamas, which Israel decided it had to impose a blockade upon, and which blockade (breaking of and arming big time of Hamas) this Flotilla is all about.

Bit by bit my friends we will get there.

First a word about the Flotilla. I just watched some scenes broadcast on Spanish television showing pictures of these flotilla antisemites and by appearance to me desperadoes returning to Turkey.

One of the signs read “Global Intifada”

Well I hope that this Global intifada does indeed reach Britain and that it is rammed up the collective arse of Blair, Brown, Cameron and the right honourable William Haig. That will repay them for the hurt and harm that they have done to the Jewish people since 1920.

Let us get a few simple facts about this Flotilla situation.

These do gooders who joined with the Muslims from Turkey and Yemen to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza, what are they supporting?

(By the way I want to see Arab kids getting toys etc but that is NOT what this flotilla was about. Think that and you are a hopeless fool! But who really would think that!)


They are certainly trying to break the blockade of Gaza which Israel imposes as part of its effort to stop Hamas arming. So what again is this creation Hamas? Let us consult the charter of Hamas and here I intend to call in some help!


Another blogger (not us but we published it before) took this from the Hamas Charter:

Then I took a look at the Hamas Charter, just to see what this is all about. It’s somewhat long, but I’ve distilled a few choice parts:

Art. 2: Islam is the comprehensive doctrine for every single aspect of life. (They’re pretty clear – their view of Islam is that it’s a totalitarian doctrine.)

Art. 7: The Islamic resistance movement extends over the entire globe, it applies everywhere, and Jews are to be killed.

Art. 11: Every last bit of Palestine is Islamic, a non-negotiable point.

Art. 13: No peace negotiations, no compromises, ever. Jihad only.

Art. 15: An individual obligation… kill, kill, kill. (Yes, stated three times.)

Art. 17, 22, 28: The Masons, Rotary Clubs, and Lions Clubs are the enemy too. (What the hell?)

We published this some months ago on


This study of the Hamas Charter adds (punctuation is a bit out here…PDF never does come through for us):

The document also includes anti-Semitic myths taken
from The Protocols of the Elders of Zion (mentioned in Article 32) regarding Jewish
control of the media, the film industry and education (Articles 17 and 22). The myths
are constantly repeated to represent the Jews as responsible for the French and
Russian revolutions and for all world and local wars: “No war takes place anywhere
without the Jews’ being behind it” (Article 22).

The charter demonizes the Jews and
describes them as brutally behaving like Nazis toward women and children (Article


The above url by docstalk is especially worth looking at.

These analyses tend to stand for themselves but to discuss this flotilla without dealing with the illegality of Hamas seems to us on 4international as absurd.

It is well not to obscure these facts as to what is Hamas because that gives a clue to the thinking of all those who joined in with the flotilla against Israel.

Note, none of these on this flotilla, such as Mairead Maguire, will ever say “Look, we know about Hamas but…

They never qualify their support…They actually hide the reality of Hamas and the reality of Islam.

I remember on a website in Northern Ireland run by a Northern Protestant David Vance arguing with a guy called “Colm”. This was 5 years ago. Colm insisted the Hamas Charter was an archaic document.

What do you our reader think?

My point is that people like Colm have all kinds of arguments to make.

And essentially it is not only about words, this is why I appeal to you the reader to write to us, below, mark private if you want, because we intend to build, and do please help us to build this organization.

I appeal to you to do this, especially if you did work for us before.

Now IS the time surely.

We need to radically transform this work and this website. Nothing for us is ever set in stone.


by Felix Quigley

29 June, 2008

Penny Marshall tried to say that she never used the word “concentration camp” when she and her cameraman took the photo composed of two main elements, a skinny man and some strands of barbed wire. However in the last article, the report by Professor Wladimiroff we see that it was totally unnecesasary for Marshal to do so. Marshall and ITN had a whole organizational backup for distributing that film around the world and the film was accompanied by text which did just that.

Penny Marshall is an accomplished deceiver, that special kind of deceit which has been bred into the British ruling class over many centuries. Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

June 26, 2008

The truce which Olmert has made with the Arabs, the latter being represented by enemy of Israel Egypt, has been broken by the Arabs. It is most important to get this straight and to study the response of the Israeli leaders to this. This can be very instructional. I will take two good reports of what is happening on this matter of the truce Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

June 26, 2008

The problem which Israel has is not lack of arms, lack of physical strength, but rather a question of leadership. The leaders of Israel whether Olmert, Livni or Barak have proved unable to defeat a Fascist enemy, in this case Hamas and Hizbullah.

This is shown in the latest development of the “truce” which Olmert has signed with Hamas. Hamas knows that it has nothing to fear from Olmert and this is shown in the latest in their Nazi demands: Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

June 24, 2008

The fate of the Israeli soldier Shalit captured by HJamas remains at the centre of Israeli politics, and especially of the “truce” with Hamas which Olmert supports.

The parents of Shalit brought a case concerning the truce and the release of their son to the Israeli High Court Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

June 21, 2008

Israel’s darkest week


The Olmert-Livni-Barak-Yishai government’s liquidation sale of Israel’s strategic assets opened officially this week. Iran’s proxies have pounced on the merchandise.

The first asset sold was the security of southern Israel. The Olmert-Livni-Barak-Yishai government’s “cease-fire” with Hamas transferred all power to determine the fate of the residents of southern Israel to Iran’s Palestinian proxy.

Under the “agreement,” Hamas will refrain from attacking Sderot, Ashkelon, Netivot and surrounding kibbutzim for as long as it serves its interests. Since temporarily halting its attacks on southern Israel is the only thing that Hamas has agreed to do, it will use the lull in fighting to build up its arsenal and its military infrastructures in Gaza. When it has built up its forces sufficiently, or when its Iranian overlords give it the order, Hamas will again attack southern Israel. And when it reengages, it can be assumed that it will do so with a vastly expanded missile range. So under the guise of the “cease-fire,” Hamas will place hundreds of thousands more Israelis at its mercy.

(Absolutely correct Caroline Glick) Continue reading


By Felix Quigley

June 20, 2008

This is a very amazing story, and although it may not seem on the surface to be, it has got great implications for the Jewish struggle for national liberation and freedom.

The wonderful Jewish news service IsraelNationalNews has just carried a story concerning a Jewish man of whom very little is known outside of Israeli and Jewish circles, and sometimes if truth be told not even there as well.

It concerns a man called Hillel Kook and his memory and it involves what is known as Yad Vashem, which is the authority set up to conserve the memory of the Holocaust (in the words of Google…Yad Vashem’s task is to perpetuate the legacy of the Holocaust to future generations so that the world never forgets the horrors and cruelty …) Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

June 20, 2008

Why should the following be a big news issue:

[start quote here]

A yeshiva student in the north-central Samaria town of Yitzhar fired a homemade Kassam-like rocket at a hostile Arab village; no one was hurt.  The GSS is investigating.

After the violent events of Thursday morning, in which police and army forces destroyed a caravan and a storage container on hilltops in Yitzhar, using clubs to beat and disperse protestors, the people of Yitzhar found themselves facing another “incident” just a few hours later.

Police reported that a student in the Od Yosef Chai Yeshiva in Yitzhar fired a home-made Kassam-like rocket towards a nearby Arab village.  The rocket landed in an open area – some 50 meters away from a Jewish man engaged in prayer. Continue reading


By Felix Quigley

June 17, 2008

Time and time again the great revolutionary Leon Trotsky emphasised the issue of time in the affairs of political issues. I think this applies very much to the situation that Israel is in today.

If you consider a few things:

1. The pressure being exerted ont he bankrupt ruling class of Israel by the Big Powerful Friend is intense. Rice keeps touring in and out and her latest is to attack settlements. She wants Judea and Samaria Judenfrei. Bush the same. McCain the same. Obama without doubt the same. That is the reality. Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

June 16, 2008

The reactionary and pro Islamofascist and so-called civil rights group in Israel called B’Tselem has gathered together a considerable sum of money from antisemites in the ISM in countries like Ireland and England, used this money to buy video recorders, which they give to Arabs who call themselves “Palestinians” of late; these recorders are being used as bait for staged scams which show the Israeli Jews in Judea and Samaria in the worst light possible.

All that is clear. This group B’Tselem is made up of extreme Israel haters. The interesting thing that most are living as Jews in Israel. Please do not call them “Left”. Theyu are left in no discernible way. The correct title is traitors, and actually we have in Ireland these kinds of traitors to Irish nationalism also, lots of them.

So then what about a Jewish man called David Taub living in England? What role does he play in all of this and why do I mention his name. Continue reading


By Felix Quigley

June 16,2008

Israpundit and its leader editor Ted Belman continue to drive the Jewish people into deeper and deeper crisis, at any rate as far as any leadership from Israpundit is concerned. In a posting concerning the plans to get together in Israel some kind of Unity Party, which will fight the next elections, Belman posted concerning this and other things. (Shas has announced it will support dissolution, by Ted Belman, Israpundit http://www.israpundit.com/2008/?p=1312#comments)

If you read the comments you will see a raving post from somebody called SunstartMF33 (no idea what those numbers mean…seems like magic) which is the most reactionary drivel possible. To this guy the only person who can fight for Israel is an out and out religious type.

Forget that! Look it up if you want!

Then! Yamit82 weighed in, a guy of whom I do not have his real name, but who parrots on Israpundit the saying of one Samson Blinded (which is an actual blog). It is the last part of Yamit82 post that I reproduce here:

[begin quote here]

These commandments may seem fairly simple and straightforward, and most of them are recognized by most of the world as sound moral principles. But according to the Torah only those Gentiles who observe these laws because God commanded them in His Torah will enjoy life in the World to Come: If they observe them just because they seem reasonable or because they think that God commanded them in some way other than in the Torah, they might as well not obey them so far as a part in the World to Come is concerned.

The Noahic commandments are binding on all people, because all people are descended from Noah and his family. The 613 mitzvot of the Torah, on the other hand, are only binding on the descendants of those who accepted the commandments at Sinai and upon those who take on the yoke of the commandments voluntarily (by conversion). Some say that the Noahic commandments are applied more leniently to non-Jews than the corresponding commandments are to Jews, because non-Jews do not have the benefit of Oral Torah to guide them in interpreting the laws. Some European rabbis (presumably because of fear of reprisal from their Christian neighbors, famous for their violence to Jews) have gone so far as to say that worshipping God in the form of a man constitutes idolatry for a Jew punishable by death, but the Trinitarian Christian worship of Jesus does not constitute idolatry. In truth, any idolatry for which a Jew is punishable by death is also punishable by death for non-Jews, including the worship of a man as a god.

[end quote here]

This stuff from Yamit82 is sheer madness. He is allowed to post on Israpundit without a whimper of opposition from Belman.

But I know for a fact that Belman is an atheist Jew. Why is this kind of drivel then given the go ahead on the Israpundit blog.

The Israpundit blog was actually also founded by at least one atheist, Joseph Alexander Norland. I do not know about the other 3 co-founders. So where does this now leave Norland according to Yamit82!!!

Should one just treat yamit82 as a blethering madman! Well no! The point is that Belman is full of compromises and it is this method that makes him now work consciously on the election of McCain, and thereby work consciously through his blog Israpuindit to hide what he knows very well, that McCain has been a pusher of Islam in the Balkans.

One compromise with the truth, another compromise with the truth, another…and so it goes on. You then have a system of betrayal.


By Felix Quigley

June 14, 2008

If Olmert directs the IDF to go into Gazain order to defeat Hamas this may only intensify the dangers facing Israel. This seems paradoxical so let us explore the issues.


Olmert represents that section of the Israeli ruling class in Kadima and Labour, with connections to the “Peace Movement” and to the anti Israelantisemites in the Media and Academia. He is convinced along with Livni and Barak that if the areas of Judea and Samariaare made Judenfrei and if a Palestine state is erected there then the troubles of the Jews are over.


In gratitude they reckon that the Arab Palestinians will settle down Continue reading



By Felix Quigley

June 14, 2008




How can Jews save Israel, the dream of their lives, the dream of 2000 years of waiting during a cruel exile?

In a recent article 4international calls for the immediate removal of the Olmert Kadima Government from power. That is now happening and an election is mooted for November. That is still not satisfactory for a number of reasons. The first is time. Can Israel wait until November to have an election. That means waiting through:


June, July August September and October.


Which is at least 5 full months. The speed of events is such that anything can happen inside those 5 months. Time is a factor that Jews do not control. Continue reading


By Felix Quigley

June 13, 2008

4international is planning to cover the issue of Gaza. As we showed two days ago Jews in this June month of 2008 are having to endure rockets being fired upon them continually by Fascist and Antisemitic Arabs from the area of Gaza.

To me as an Irish person this situation is simply not acceptable. The Jews have been persecuted for 2000 years, then the Holocaust, now this is taking place.

I find that the discussion on the many Jewish blogs is simply totally inadequate to meet this situation. So treat this as the first posting on this subject.

Somebody has said that Haaretz is really a PLO paper written in Hebrew. They are right. Yet the following article has the merit of honesty. At least this person raises issues and he seems to do so without much over deliberation. That is useful. We begin at the point where the writer muses that as far as the traitor Olmert is concerned defeating Hamas in Gaza would open the door to a Palestine state led by Abbas, who is equally antisemitic:

[begin quote here]

…While putting out the conflagration in the south could perhaps bring relief to Sderot and its environs, it would bring down calamity, pain and tears on tens of thousands of Jews in Judea and Samaria. It is not only the right that finds itself trapped. The left feels, and rightly so, that going back into Gaza would stamp an official seal of failure on the disengagement. And it is clear to them that every additional day of firing in the south and avoidance of a large-scale military operation sharpens this failure, as does the recognition that a similar flight from Judea and Samaria will cause the firing to reach Kfar Sava, Hadera and Afula as well.

The political leaders on the right and on the left do not tend to make the public a partner to this duality, nor to the reasonable possibility that a short-term stay in Gaza would be pointless and followed by return to the prior situation.

The right must take care not to fall automatically into the trap of patriotism and must not “stand at attention” if the Israel Defense Forces enters the Strip. The right must make it clear that a short-term stay in Gaza would add insult to injury, and that another hasty withdrawal not only would not help us to regain our deterrent power but would smash it. The situation in the south is complicated, but there is no point in making it more complicated for a mere short-term gain that would precede another painful fall. It is necessary to rebuild permanent Israeli security control in Gaza both in the field and via intelligence, and also to consider once again setting up settlements in the northern Gaza Strip along our southern border. It is from the ruins of these settlements that the Grads and the Qassams are being fired in the direction of Ashkelon.

The left has to be reminded of the year 1994 – a black hole in their memories: Israel left Gaza. That event took place 11 years before the disengagement. The left contends that mortars and Qassams were fired even before the disengagement, but they do not mention that the firing started only after 1994 – first at Gush Katif, and then at Sderot and after the disengagement, at Ashkelon.

They fire at us from Gaza because we are not there. No one fires at Kfar Sava, which is 700 meters from Qalqilyah, or at the Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo, which is 500 meters from Bethlehem, because the IDF comes and goes whenever it wants, and thus has corrected the mistake of withdrawing from there during the Oslo Accord years. In Gaza, it is several times harder to correct the mistake. The governments of Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert waited a long time – an excessive number of years – during which they allowed Hamas to gain strength and to turn into an army. A renewed occupation would be costly but the longer we wait, the higher the price will be.

[end quote here]




Rabbi Riskin on Christian Support for Israel

We on 4international are Trotskyists and are revolutionary socialists. We stand fully in support of Israel and against the threats from US Imperialism (Bush, Rice and whoever) along with Islamofascism to destroy Israel. This is why we are intensely interested and are supportive of the support for Israel which comes from the Evangelical Christian people from wherever, but especially from the US. Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

Israpundit is a very important site for the Jewish people especially now that there has to be organized a great discussion on just how Israel can face up to its enemies.

The news which has emerged from a source within the talks going on between the Israeli ruling class of Livni and Olmert, with the Palestinian Arab fascists presided over by the US Imperialists of Bush, led in the talks by Rice, shows the enormous dangers which Israel and the lives of all Jews are in. This is why we on 4international are very critical of some of the discussions that are taking place there. The most recent issue is over the issue of apostasy and the general position of religion in the Jewish strugggle. Nobody really likes tackling this but it has to be tackled head on if we are to have the discussion necessary for the saving of Israel from its enemies. Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

It is completely impossible to silence Trotskyism in this period because – just as in 1933 – only the policies and political programme of Leon Trotsky, the great Russian Revolutionary Socialist leader, could have saved the lives of 6 millions of Jews who were to perish at the hands of the Fascist Nazis. So therefore the recent horrific attack on Leon Trotsky by Sultan Knish just cannot stand. Continue reading