It appears that the group of desperadoes who make up the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, who are involved in non stop hatred filled campaigns against Israel and the only Jewish Homeland, were in the act of pirating the Greek ship in that Libya port. Then the Captain and hhis crew got wind of what was up and decided to cut loose before the 100 or so desperadoes could board. One of those on board, probably directing the takeover, was a guy called O’Keefe.

 There is thus not the slightest doubt as to what happened that caused that captain to take off in one hell of a hurry and make for his native Greece. He was defending his boat, his crew, from destruction of his boat and probably serious harm to himself and his crew.

They were sitting in port, and as the captain and his crew were realizing that his boat was going to be forcibly boarded by these Fascist Antisemitic Thug Desperadoes surrounding this truly pernicious outfit, the Irish Palestine Solidarity Campaign, of which Nobel Prize winner for Peace (!!!LOL) Mairead Maguire is closely connected through her Catholic Irish Heirarchy organization, Corpus Christi, the unfortunate Captain decided he had to act in order to defend himself and his crew.

In the following report note how the Irish Government in the form of its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, despite being up to its eyeballs in economic crisis, finds time to immediately come to the assistance of O’Keefe and prevent him from being clapped in jail for an act of piracy.

The same theme: George Galloway is photographed and videoed handing over money to Hamas and he is not prosecuted by the English for what is an illegal act; in fact he dares them to prosecute!

It is clear that these Israel haters can break all laws and be sure that they will get the backing of their European Establishment Governments:

Two Irish men detained by Greek officials after a dispute broke out on a ship containing aid for Gaza were released today.

The Department of Foreign Affairs confirmed aid activists David Callander and Ken O’Keefe were freed by Greek authorities and allowed to leave the country.

It is understood the film-maker and former US marine were charged with causing minor damage to the ship before their release.

A spokesman for the Department of Foreign Affairs said: “We have issued them with emergency travel documents and continue to provide consular assistance.”

The volunteers were part of the Road to Hope convoy bringing aid to Gaza.

However, their vessel, the Strofades IV, was taken to Greece on Thursday after a serious dispute broke out between the boat’s Greek captain and the organisers of the aid convoy after it left the Libyan port of Derna.

Mr Callander claimed a Greek team of 50 to 60 commandos boarded the ship when it docked at the Greek port of Piraeus and held the volunteers, who included seven British nationals and an Algerian, at gunpoint against their will.

Six other Irish nationals were stranded when the Greek-owned vessel left the port. They were part of a group of 55 aid workers that had passed through Libyan immigration and were due to board the vessel when it broke its moorings.

A special correspondent of 4international points to the criminal essence of this Irish Israel hating movement when he writes to us the following:

Of particular note is the presence of Ken O’Keefe, an ex US marine who became an Irish and Palestinian citizen. O’Keefe, was on the Mavi Mariner and openly admitted to Panorama he was involved in preparing and assisting members of the crew in violently resisting the prospective IDF boarding party. He says so in the first part of the Panorama clip here – – and nonetheless led the campaign to discredit the documentary in the UK. The Israeli authorities believed he was travelling to Gaza to assist Hamas training. He was one of the two Irish people that was travelling on the ship. He seems to have been one of the eight “Irish” aboard legitimately. If such an individual who openly admitted violent conduct was part of the charity “aid” effort then questions should be asked about the “Road to Hope” Charity’s intent and if the attempted taking of the ship was part of their plan in order to cause another diplomatic incident akin to the Flotilla incident. It is particularly dishonest of the media to present such people as “aid workers” and “charity workers” and it might be worthwhile writing letters to the Irish Times etc. about such blatant bias.

As stated above this is the general trend in Irish, British and European politics.

There is a real element of violence now inside the pro “Palestinian Arab and Israel hating movement, and you might ask if Galloway wants to be photographed giving money to an extreme movement like Hamas, and if these Irish and other, certainly including many Islamist, desperadoes are prepared to hijack a ship (!) then we need to ask what lengths they are prepared to go to.

Do not forget either that in Ireland the Palestine Solidarity Campaign would be nothing if they were not backed by all of the violent sections of the Irish Republican Movement, The Provisional IRA, the old Official IRA later named the “Workers” Party (LOL), and of course the new Fascist Protestant haters on the block.

This chap Ken O.Keefe seems to be used on every occasion by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and we do know he was on the Mavi Mariner and it is suspected that his relationship with the Fascist Islamist Jihadists would have been very close.

The following picture of one of these Jihadists makes one wonder just who is this ex marine and how was he inter-relating with those Islamist thugs bent on extreme violence:

Picture of these thug desperadoes of whom O´Keefe was a part. Yet O’Keefe is being protected by the Irish Government when he should in reality be arrested and tried.



It seems that these desperado thugs around “Peace” Nobel Winner (LOL) Mairead Maguire were engaged in forcibly taking possession of a ship and sailing it straight through the Blockade of Gaza, rather than going to Egypt, as the Captain understood to be the scenario.

Are they not disgusting! They could not even tell the truth to the captain, poor guy!

The following is what happened:

The Greek managing company said the captain pulled away from the port with the activists on board because he was afraid more would board and divert the ship to Gaza, which is under an Israeli naval blockade.

The charity disputes this version of events and claims the disagreement was between the ship’s owners and the broker.

The managing company, Ionian Bridge Shipmanagement, claimed ten activists jumped on the boat at Derna and the captain was forced to set off to prevent all of them boarding and taking over the ship.

Most of the aid, which is made up of non-perishable goods including winter provisions, warm clothing and school books, remains on lorries at Derna. Some of the aid was reportedly destroyed when the boat left its berth as it was being loaded onboard.

Three Libyans, two port policemen and the port manager are also thought to be on board the Strofades IV.

Afraid of deperado thugs boarding and redirecting is really a matter of piracy.

Did these Irish Palestine Solidarity campaign types think they were in a movie and that they were Richard Harris or Marlon Brando!

And does this not place Mairead Maguire and her Nobel Prize for Peace in its correct perspective!

A colleague has written 4international with this observation:

Eight Irish nations in total were due to go on board (six were left behind) showing that Ireland is continually over-represented in these flotillas. It seems around 150 “activists” were trying to get on board to take the ship to break the embargo which surely amounts to an act of piracy probably in collusion with some of the “aid workers” on board? The event would seem to be politically motivated as it was in “defiance” of the Israeli embargo and if the organisers are to enter Gaza with Israeli permission it would logically follow that the ship could have docked at Ashdod port. Thus it is objectionable for the media to simply call them “aid workers” as they have been described in the media. “Political activists” would perhaps be more appropriate as the intent is in spirit similar to the flotillas.

Perhaps “political activists in thuggery” would be better…


by Jim Stephens

June 12, 2010

There are a number of very obvious problems with Mairead Maguire and her campaign to break the blockade which Israel has placed on Gaza:

  1. By international law the blockade by Israel is totally legal. It follows that what Maguire is doing is illegal.
  2. When George Galloway led the Viva Palestina convoy to Gaza, and handed across money to the leader of Hamas, he was performing an illegal act, he knew it and stated it, yet challenged his Government to arrest and charge him with illegality
  3. Hamas was elected by the Arabs of Gaza. But Hamas fought on the basis of its Charter (Constitution) which states that it wants to kill Jews, subscribes to anti-Semitism in its worst form. Maguire is silent about Hamas.
  4. Maguire is spreading a lie: that the people of Gaza are starving. They are among the best fed people in the world and are better fed than many poor Israelis, even though Israel is the largest contributor to Gaza aid
  5. The ship which Maguire led was named the Rachel Corrie. Maguire tells a lie about Rachel Corrie. Corrie stood in front of a bulldozer and other members of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign stood, watched and took photographs, without attempting to drag Corrie out of danger. The experience of Mohammed El Dhurra who was shot by the Arabs themselves to create propaganda against Israel may mean that there are even question marks over how Corrie actually died. Maguire hides all of that but places her name on the ship to create hatred against Israel
  6. The “goods” on board did not constitute what is recognized as humanitarian aid in any case. Further it was thrown into the hull unprofessionally. When it was resurrected in Ashdod by Israel and placed on the border Hamas refused to accept the aid. It was not about need at all otherwise Hamas would have distributed it rapidly. Maguire hides all of this.


Above all Maguire hides all of this from the Irish people.

The base of Maguire is in Ireland especially among the catholic and republican Irish people. But due to the absence of a Trotskyist party in Ireland the ordinary people are ignorant of the truth about the situation in the Middle East.

It is in the absence of a Trotskyist Party that the anti-Semites of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and other Left Fascist groups hold sway, backed up by none other than an alliance of the Provies and Stickies. Names which you should know!!!

The report below appeared on the notorious palestine Solidarity Campaign which maguire works closely with

[7th June, 9pm] Today family, friends and supporters welcomed home the five Irish MV Rachel Corrie passengers who were this morning deported from Israel. The five – Denis Halliday, Mairead Maguire, Fiona Thompson, Derek Graham and Jenny Graham – were greeted in Dublin airport by cheers and hugs from the assembled crowd who were there to salute their bravery.

(In the above Maguire is second from right)

She told the following lies..all of it is lies

“Ms. Maguire spoke of her motivations for taking part in the Freedom Flotilla which sought to bring much needed humanitarian aid and supplies into Gaza by breaking the illegal Israeli blockade. Ms Maguire said: “Israel is carrying out a slow genocide against the Palestinian people. It engages in collective punishment and practices apartheid policies worse than those of South Africa. For these reasons, we set out to break the three-year-old illegal siege of Gaza, to try and help ease this unspeakable suffering in a small but symbolic way by bringing humanitarian aid. Unfortunately we never made it to Gaza as we were boarded illegally in international waters and taken at the point of a gun to Israel. However, we say to the people of Gaza, we will be back. We will treble our efforts, we will not rest until the siege is lifted, the occupation of Palestine is ended and Palestinians have the right to self-determination. We will not be silent, and we will not be stopped.”



Full of lies Maguire including

as we were boarded illegally in international waters