Mass at Beit Jala Palestinian Christians attend an open-air mass at Beit Jala as part of their campaign asgainst the route of Israel’s barrier along the West Bank. Photograph: Musa Al-Shaer/AFP/Getty Images

The above outlandish photo shows well the extraordinary attacks being made on Israel. It is quite impossible to discuss the barrier Wall outside the context of the thousands of Israeli Jews who died as a result of Jihadist palestinian Arabs carrying out suicide attacks against Jews. Involved in the above was not only the Catholic Church but also the British Government, especially William Hague is a very important organization indeed for the future of Israel and therefore for the future existence of all Jews. It deals with the way that Israel is being attacked on a world stage today. Nothing similar in any way exists in relation to any other country in the whole world although it is possible to see shades of the same thing in the attacks being made today against el Sisi and even more against Putin of Russia. Just stating that and including those two shows me also that the attacks against Israel are never casual or in anY way happenchance but are directed from the very highest government levels.

There is a report just our from this excellent and necessary organization which highlights these attacks from NGOs against Israel and I wish to deal with it.


In this report NGO-Monitor writes:

Among the groups to comply with the financial disclosure directives were B’Tselem, the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel, HaMoked: Center for the Defense of the Individual, the Geneva Initiative, Yesh Din — Volunteers for Human Rights, the Coalition of Women for Peace, MachsomWatch — Women against the Occupation and for Human Rights, the Adalah Legal Center, the Mossawa Center, Rabbis for Human Rights, Physicians for Human Rights — Israel, and the Alternative Information Center, to name a few. NGO Monitor noted that some of these groups “are directly or indirectly involved in BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions) campaigns, lawfare, delegitimization, and lobbying against the State of Israel.”


Those are only a few of them (these NGOS attacking Israel day in day out), that is the thing!

These external attacks on Israel can only happen because they are reinforced by internal questions and moreover often there are people inside of Israel, Israelis, who are joining and helping these NGOs attack.

As a Trotskyist I have to seek the causes of this phenomenon.. On the face of this evidence it looks as if there are quite broad sections of Israeli society and especially its political parties and groups who must be involved in this warfare against the state of Israel. These centre around the Labour Party and around the outgrowths of Stalinism inside of Israel.

It is necessary to take these groups and to trace their origins. Did their origins arise in countries in the west like America, Norway, Britain? Did their origins arise inside of Israel? Or inside of the Palestinian Arabs?

But also at the bottom of all of this warfare against Israel is the “narrative” by which I mean the narrative of lies – which has grown into the monster of today

Alan Dershowitz has done a lot of the ground work in refuting the lies behind this “Narrative” in his great work “The Case for Israel”

That is a great positive. But it is one thing to write a book and it is quite another to make this live inside of the minds of masses of people.

As a Trotskyist I believe that what has always been missing and what is missing is a Trotskyist Party which will campaign actively on these issues in every forum

This will not be a small group but will be a mass party based on an understanding of the world capitalist crisis and the way that this crisis is reflected inside each country.

We can say that the main reflection in Israel are groups and individuals who spend all their lives attacking the legitimacy of Israel. That is what is unique. There is nothing like this in any other country on earth – including Vatican City, including the extreme savagery of the state of Iran, and that tells its own story.

The main feature of the work of NGO-Monitor is the challenge it makes to world Antisemitism in which many agencies are involved. But it does this work without a real knowledge that it is rotting capitalism that drives this Antisemitism forward, similar to the way that the Nazis were turning to Antisemitism as a result of the failure of world capitalism to give a decent living to millions of Germans following the 1929 Wall Street Crash.

The decay of capitalism, the inability of capitalism to carry mankind forward in a productive manner, creates the conditions for millions to turn to all kinds of outlandish theories. An example, a small example, is the theory of David Icke of interstellar mixing of lizard blood with humans. Antisemitism this outlandish theory is also in that category.

Thus it is not a simple matter to combat this Antisemitism being directed against Israel and is certainly not a matter of entertaining individual protest action against these NGOs. What they raise is the issue of leadership at a government level in Israel itself. If Israeli leaders themselves talk about “Occupied Territories” and such other historical nonsence then they too are the problem not the answer.

Since Israel is in essence at war on many fronts for its existence there needs to be a law which simply forbids attacks on Israel of a physical and propaganda nature.

There is a right to free speech but there can enver be such a right to attack your country when it is in a war

I feel there needs to be a process of education to deal with such people but if it persists then expulsion may be the right solution.