Barry Rubin, the noted historian and analyst of the Middle East, has included these paragraphs in a very important article on the Obama 67 borders speech


He wrote:


Obama’s plan would put a now-sovereign Palestinian state in possession of the West Bank, saying: “Okay, now let’s talk about giving us all of east Jerusalem and letting all refugees and their offspring come live in Israel.” And what international, political and material leverage would Israel have in those negotiations? None at all.

In other words, after giving up the rest of the West Bank (or almost all of it) and accepting an internationally recognized Palestinian state that can allow in unlimited weapons, terrorists and money, Israel will be worse off than it is now. It would be turning over the material possession (land), and the most valuable political treasure (sovereignty) in exchange for nothing except promises by a party that doesn’t keep its promises guaranteed by a party that doesn’t keep its guarantees.



The last words above sum up the dire present position of the Jews.


The whole idea of promises from the Arabs in the Middle East is a bankrupt idea.


And equally bankrupt are those promioses guaranteed by any international body, such as the US, Britain, France, most of all the UN


The promises made to Milosevic, as we hope to show in a separate article, over Kosovo made by those very same forces and people were also not worth anything. And Serbia lost Kosovo to the Jihad and to Imperialism.


In that full article Barry Rubin has explored this issue of promises very well.


Read that full article. I can add little.


Where Barry Rubin though is on weaker ground is to find the answer…basically Rubin does not have any answer. I think the answers lie outside the kind of political programme that writers like Rubin put forward.


  1. The number 1 issue is to have Israel acting in a really independent manner. Netanyahu made a start on this in opposing Obama on the 67 Borders Speech issue. But Netanyahu cannot continue forward on this track because he still feels himself, and his country, to be dependent on the West, that is on US Imperialism and on the EU/NATO
  2. Can the Jewish Judaic tradition which is often misnamed as right wing come forward and fill the gap and create an Israel which is truly independent. They can help, there is a very progressive aspect to Judaism, but a theocratic state is impossible in our world, and cannot in any case get the support of the masses. The free people of Israel want to be free thinking.
  3. The groups called the Left in Israel are really Labourist/Communist Party Stalinist/Centrists like Livni and are really traitors to the Jews, and want to carve up the Jewish Homeland and sell out to the enemies of the Jews. Not independence but betrayal will come from them
  4. There is over a million Arabs living in Israel with full citizen rights. These are and will be always the enemies of the Jewish state. There is no accommodation possible and these remain a deadly threat to the Jews
  5. Then there is the campaign led by the Arabs, supported by Livni et al, to create a Palestine State. It must be emphasised that the type of state they have explicitly declared is a Judenfrei state, in other words we are back to the Nazis and the Holocaust



These are just some of the pointers. We will stop at 5!


What should Israel and Jews do?


First of all Jews and Israel need a new leadership, a new organization.


This must be a Trotskyist leadership which will seek fraternal relations with the Jewish patriots, and Judaic patriots, but in programme will be independent.


In other words there is no alternative than to build 4international inside Israel.


I will not go into the full political programme here in this article.


Except to say that the future is not peace, but is war… This is reality. To talk of peace, or of peace being offered, or of peace being possible, with an implacable and Jew hating enemy, is to disarm


It is to disarm spiritually, intellectually and physically.


In a sense that is all you need to know.


It is the same knowledge that Milosevic, Karadzic and Mladic needed to have at the start of the NATO/Islam Jihad against their country, way back in the late 80s early 90s.


They did not have that knowledge. It is knowledge that is the most precious. A precious asset in survival.