Read my lips, “No Palestinian State”

We on 4international keep repeating that there is a false narrative concerning the Palestinian Arabs abroad in the world. We keep saying that this whole area was promised to the Jews as their Homeland in 1920, by 1923 thanks to the betrayals and treachery of the British this was reduced by 78 per cent, but the remaining 23 per cent was to be without any question Jewish Homeland.

All that has been challenged by lies and by world antisemitism in many forms.

But as an organization, and with a long and broad historical perspective, 4international maintains that as long as antisemitism is a factor in the world, we say in a capitalist world where capitalist crisis always brings on intense (Fascist-type) antisemitism, then Jews must be protected from this barbarity.

How? We say only by allowing the Jews to live alone in Israel. Any non Jews can live there, of course, because Jews are a very civilized and welcoming people, BUT ONLY ON THE BASIS OF GUESTS.

The principle is simple: But of course is complicated in process. But just because it is difficult does not mean that the principle is not to be fought for. We live by principles after all.

bear that in mind when you read this very useful study of the issue of the Jewish Homeland:

(Article by Graulich starts here)

Read my lips, “No Palestinian State”

by Irwin N. Graulich

Do you think you can start 4 wars with Israel, lose them all badly, and then say, “We lost–but give us all the land back and then some, and we will sign a peace treaty.” Well guys, you lost–now you cannot come crying to us like little babies, who want their toys back. Read My Lips–No Palestinian State!

In 1948, the UN completed disregarded the Balfour Declaration, the decisions of the League of Nations and the historical rights of the Jewish people to Israel/Palestine. Instead, they unfairly split, or partitioned the land of biblical Israel into a Jewish state and a Muslim/Arab state. The Jews said, “It is not fair, but we will take what we can get.” The Arabs said, “No, we want it all.”

And so those big macho Arab armies attacked a bunch of weak Holocaust survivors, who were joined by some energetic Jewish boys and girls whose only military experience was working with plowshares and axes. Miraculously, this rag tag Jewish army must have had God behind them, because they won big–and the Arabs lost big. Well my friends, there are consequences to your actions, and the consequences are–Read My Lips–No Palestinian State!

Again in 1956, 1967 and 1973, more Jewish mothers and fathers lost their sons. And so, my dear Arab brothers, when you lose, you lose. This is not a game. You tried to annihilate the Jewish state numerous times, and you thought there would be no consequences? You could have had East Jerusalem, Judea and Sumaria, but you wanted Tel Aviv, Netanya and Haifa. Learn a lesson because now you will see the consequences of your actions. Read My Lips–No Palestinian State!

The Saudi/Arab Peace Initiative calls for Israel to return to pre-1967 borders, among other things, in exchange for a “true peace.” I mean, is that a joke? If pre-1967 borders were truly the problem, how come there was no peace in 1966–which was a time with the most tension between Israel and its Arab neighbors. How come? Read My Lips–No Palestinian State!

In 1967, King Hussein, who at the time had East Jerusalem in his possession, went to war with Israel. If someone has East Jerusalem and goes to war, then it is obvious he wants West Jerusalem as well. Hussein lost. Read My Lips–No Palestinian State!

There is one tiny, tiny Jewish state and 55 Muslim states. Virtually each of these states dwarfs Israel in size. There are natural borders to Israel with the Sea of Galilee, the Jordan River, the Dead Sea and Jordan on its East coast, and the Mediterranean Sea and Egypt on its West coast. Look at any map and you will see that most countries in the world have natural borders, and do not have the heart of their country cut out, making it only 7 miles wide in certain parts. That is just totally ridiculous. Read My Lips–No Palestinian State!

For 2000 years, the Jewish people were persecuted, murdered, forced to convert, crucified, shot, buried alive, tortured and most recently gassed and burned. We became accustomed to suffering and dying–to being defeated. Today, because of Israel, we are winners–big winners on the world stage. And people hate winners, especially strong winners. The UN, the EU, much of the world including Obama, Hillary, George Mitchell, J Street, Peace Now and of course the Israeli and American Left have great sympathy for losers–even evil losers. And losers who have excellent pr are especially loved by these groups. For the sake of the Jewish people, it is better to have an Israel that is hated by most of the world, than an Auschwitz that is loved with gorgeous obituaries. Read My Lips–No Palestinian State!

There was a Jewish dream for 2000 years, where our grandparents, and great grandparents, and great great grandparents suffered with pogroms and terror and humiliation, while constantly praying nightly for this dream to come true–to go to a Jewish homeland called Eretz Yisrael. A place where they won’t be afraid anymore and a place that will protect all Jews worldwide–and be a safe haven for any Jew with a dream.

However, leftist and liberal Jews turned that dream into a nightmare–by having misplaced compassion for the people who invented terrorism, first sending suicide bombers into pizza parlors to murder mothers with their babies and then shooting Jewish schoolchildren in Israel; by ignoring the group in Gaza whose charter calls for the destruction of Israel; by saying that the Arabs really do not mean it when they call May 14th, Nakba Day–The Catastrophe called Israel; by disregarding the Palestinian majority vote for Hamas; by criticizing Israel for responding to thousands of rockets shot at civilian population centers. Those sick, sick Jews must learn to “Read My Lips–No Palestinian State!”

Irwin Graulich is a regular contributor to JewishIndy. He is a well known motivational speaker on morality, ethics, Judaism, religion and political issues. He is President and CEO of a leading corporate communications, marketing and branding company located in New York City. He can be reached at


Yes Graulich does give a good general overview.


However there are some very weak points, and while he addresses the false narrative (lies) of the Arabs, and their backers in many quarters, and not just the revisionist “Left”, he misses a central point.


Ideology is the key factor and it is this that he does not really tackle. I suspect that he has not really thought about it and he does not certainly factor it in.


graulisch remains a prisoner inside his own “Jewish” world experience but this issue is MUCH wider.


Take one classic mistake, always made in these circles. He mixes up under the term “communism” so many factors that his position becomes in the end non-historical.


For example what was the role of Stalin and what was the contribution of Stalinism to this false ideology of the Arabs, and what was the contribution to the false ideology of say the Israeli Labour Party, or even to the social democrat Ben Gurion.


At another level, there is a very dominant ideology in the world today, the ideology of anti-historicism, expressed in the crass pragmatism of American ruling elites.


And this ideology plays into the falsification of history carried out by the likes of the (liars) Palestine Solidarity campaigns, George Galloway and many others, but also of George Bush Jnr when he stated that Islam was ROP and then went to war in Iraq on the basis of that anti-historical concept. Whether it was deliberate or not on Bush’s part Bush removed the secular opposition to the Iranian Israel haters and played into the hands of Soros and co!


(The Graulisch article is on


by Felix Quigley

May 28, 2009

What a situation! The President of the US Obama and his flunkey Hilary Clinton today roll out the red carpet for Holocaust Denier Abbas, long time sidekick to terrorist Arafat, nephew of the Nazi and a main organizer of the Holocaust Hajj Amin el Husseini. Abbas got his doctorate by writing an essay denying the Holocaust. It will be all smiles because these people, the US elite and the Arab Nazis are very much made of hte same cloth.

This is not a democrat republican thing because the republicans as well as the democrats were allies of that other Nazi Izetbegovic (Izetbegovic and el Husseini both worked together in the Balkan Holocaust as joint members of the Muslim Brotherhood). For example nominal Jew but rather more US Imperialist Joseph Lieberman and buddy John McCain were bosom buddies of Izetbegovic and through him of course to the Nazi El Husseini. So stop thinking it is just Obama rather than a systemic thing.

And who was the main supporter of Nazi Izetbegovic of Holocaust el Husseini infamy…none other than Paddy Ashdown.

Who recently did the most fawning and embarrassingly arse licking interview with Ashdown than Irish Jewish man Maurice Boland who runs dumbed down radio station Radio Talk Europe!

The situation today was brilliantly put however by a commenter on Jihadwatch, which is a truly fantastic and brilliant blog

[Start quote from Jihadwatch here]

Tale of the tape:

Netanyahu: Democratically elected PM with a broad coalition of parties represented in his government; a man who shares Western values and culture; a man who leads the modern incarnation of an ancient nation with thousands of years of history and its own religion and language

Abbas: Has spent his life inciting, funding and honoring terrorist murderers; has amassed a fortune stealing foreign aid for himself and his family and building up his armed gangs that run an organized crime ring throughout the “territories;” denies the Holocaust, Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish State and the historical Jewish connection to Jerusalem; a man who leads a “people” that have existed for about 40 years and whose entire “national” calendar is built on opposition to, and hatred of, a Jewish self-determination in the Jews’ ancient homeland, and are indistinguishable in ethnicity, religion and language from the neighboring Arab communities.

Of course Obama will prefer Abbas!

[end comment from Jihadwatch here]


Note at the centre of the piece on Abbas above the commenter (4infidels) places Holocaust Denial right there. This is about right.

The Arabs in the period of the 30s and 40s were not just standing by, they were madly participating in the Holocaust, and they were aiming to kill every Jew in the Middle East and Islamist countries as well.

Of course people like the Oxford trained journalist speaking on RadioTalkEurope a Mr Stephen Ritson will deny this as will the BBC Israel haters.

Ritson should take a look at the following and come up with some answers for his knowledge starved listeners.

(By the way the sidekick of Ritson, a University has been called Ms Kate Ferry, thinks that Ireland got its independence in 1916. No, you silly woman, that was the Rising…think Easter and GPO you ignoramus)

[start quote on Arab Nazis here]

The most important book to read on the Palestinians, the Arabs and the Nazis has, unfortunately, not yet been translated into English. Klaus-Michael Mallmann and Martin Cüppers’ Halbmond und Hakenkreuz. Das “Dritte Reich”, die Araber und Palästina, translated Crescent Moon and Swastika: The Third Reich, the Arabs, and Palestine was published September, 2006.

Dr. Klaus-Michael Mallman, the author of many books on Germany and the Holocaust, is Privatdozent für Neuere Geschichte at the University of Essen. Martin Cuppers is a researcher at the Forschungsstelle Ludwigsburg, and has published an important book on the command staff and office of the Reichsfuhrer SS, the Head of the SS, Heinrich Himmler.

Here is a summary of the argument of the book, translated from a long summary in German:

The Nazis prepared to extend the Holocaust into Palestine and in preparation for doing so they infected the Arabs with their ideology, especially the Muslim Brotherhood, and the forces around Amin al-Husseini, in order to have allies.

“The Jew is the enemy and to kill him pleases Allah.” This statement, which is formulated a bit more rhetorically in the Charter of the Palestinian government party Hamas and which appears in publications of the Iranian state publishing house, and is daily broadcast by Hezbollah TV al-Manar to all world, actually originates neither from Islamic extremists nor from recent events. It was the common coin of Nazi radio broadcasts to the Arabs between 1939 and 1945 in order to win Arab hearts and minds to the German cause. Meanwhile German Middle East experts endeavored in Germany to convince the Nazi government of “the natural alliance” between National Socialism and Islam. Experts such as the former German Ambassador in Cairo, Eberhard von Stohrer, reported to Hitler in 1941 that “the Fuhrer already held an outstanding position among the Arabs because of his fight against the Jews.”

It continues

Despite the initial Nazi tolerance of Jewish emigration from Germany to Palestine, the Nazi government eventually expanded their Holocaust plans to include the destruction of the Jews in the Near East. Studies undertaken by SS Einsatzgruppe [Special Taskforce] F already were listing Jewish dwellings in Palestine to be confiscated as accommodations for German troops once the Afrika Korps arrived in Palestine. Starting from the summer of 1942, an “SS Einsatz Gruppe Egypt” was established after the model of the mass-murder Einsatzgruppen active on the East Front, which had already murdered hundreds of thousands of Jews. The one established in Egypt was led by SS-Obersturmbannführer Walter Rauff and he had a whole staff with him, experienced in the murder of Jews, experts from the RSHA, the Head Office for Reich Reich Security. Their order: To continue “the destruction of the Jews begun in Europe with the energetic assistance of Arab collaborators” in the Near East.

According to Mallmann and Cuppers, the main Nazi ally locally was the Arab National Movement, and especially the Palestinian national movement, under the guidance of the exiled Amin al-Husseini Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and uncle of the later Palestinian president Yassir Arafat.

[end quote on Arab Nazis  and Holocaust here]

That was the reality in 1942, the fate of every Jew in the Middle East hung on whether Rommell would win or be beaten.

The Desert Rats did the business and the Jews went on by great good fortune (some Jews call it a miracle but many Desert Rats died in this “miracle”) to create a wonderful country, which is Israel.

I will leave you with this other comment on Jihad Watch (Damm, those guys are witty) which manages to express just what a jittery position Obama is actually in.

But Ted Belman of Israpundit I regret to say is not thinking entirely straight on this. Ted thinks because since Obama is in such shit straits then he should join with Israel America´s only real friend.

Ted it is a matter of ideology and the ideology gripping Obama is of a very strong kind.

Obama is a Jew Hater, which is the same as being an Israel hater.

The ideology drives Obama, Clinton and really the whole US elite.

The Holocaust did not do Hitler much good. But he Eichmann and el Husseini stuck to the Jew murdering to the very end.

[start second quote from Jihadwatch comments here]

Lower than Carter by a mile…Raulullahhaha’s ‘gift’ does not seem to working well…Every time he ‘opens his clenched fist’ to Islam, he gets btch slapped….North Korea and Iran have his number.Israel has it too, but they don’t want to call him. Bibi is already tired of endless talk with emphasis put on the last word of every sentence. Israel will do what it deems necessary without Rasool… Teleprompter logic is not working…Rasools weaknesses and the weaknesses of those around him is showing itself…China see the re-emergence of the ‘paper tiger’, while Putin laughs.
The US is not inherently weak, but the new ‘saviors’ have given the entire nation a debilitating case of the swine flu. We are wobbling and may require bed rest.
The liars, the socialists, the communists, marxist, and Islamic usurpers, are now in charge.
They are really good at facing down domestic ‘right wing extremists’ like Michael Savage, but not so good with North Korea, Iran, Hamas and Fatah…Expect Rasool Obama to kiss Abu Mazens ring…Lets see if he bows again to the King…He did it the last time, it will be an insult to the King if he does not bow this time…

[end second comment on Jihadwatch here]

But I leave one question for the above commenter on Jihadwatch.

How can a real communist or socialist be in support either of Abbas the Holocaust Denier, or of the PLO/PA outfit that descends straight from Hajj Amin el Husseini and his role in the Holocaust.

Carried on by Abbas Holocaust Denial, and by the Jew Haters of Hamas, Hizbullah and Ahmadinejad

To Jihadwatch:

Think straight guys! Then you will be not only funny but smart!