Gene, September 12th 2010, 6:11 pm

Writing at The Propagandist before the September 11 anniversary, Ben Cohen drew a connection between two people who, on the surface, couldn’t appear more different:

[W]here [Pamela] Geller has “Islam” waging a war on “us,” [George] Galloway will flip it and roar that “we” are waging war on “Islam.” Some of his co-speakers at the 9/11 conference – like Cynthia McKinney and Wayne Madsen – will go one step further by claiming that the opening salvo in this war was actually an inside job, and that we should look to Mossad, rather than Al Qaeda, for answers.

Lost in all this is the salutary observation made by Jonathon Narvey in these pages yesterday that when western bombast touches off violence in the Islamic world, the majority of those left dead are more than likely to be Muslims. Lost, too, is the understanding that the potential clash of pathologies at Ground Zero could just as easily result in an embrace.

Take, for example, the record of both camps on the orgy of Serb nationalist violence in the Balkans during the 1990s. Geller has been outspoken in her defense of the late Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic, the architect of ethnic cleansing, and Radovan Karadzic, the Bosnian Serb war criminal who directed the rapes and massacres in Banja Luka, Srebrenica, Gorazde and other Bosnian towns and cities. For Galloway, speaking on his show on the Iranian Holocaust denial outfit Press TV, Milosevic, Karadzic and his old buddy Saddam Hussein were set up as war criminals in order to hide the real war criminals (no prizes for guessing whom he is referring to.)

It may be true that one is motivated by loathing of Muslims and the other by a loathing of the United States and all its works, but what should that tell us? For one thing… that the semblance of division elides an underlying unity. For another – and this is perhaps a tad more important – that the lesson of Bosnia and Kosovo is that the United States is not at war with Islam, and nor is Islam at war with the United States, except in the heads of these demagogic popinjays.

Still not persuaded? Then consider this. Back in July, the Taliban congratulated the Dutch government on the withdrawal of its forces from Afghanistan. That little triumph, as Terry Glavin argued in a piece on the left and Afghanistan, “was handed to them by the right-wing populist Geert Wilders.”

Indeed one of the lesser-reported facts about Wilders and his Dutch Freedom Party is that they were among those who successfully clamored for the Netherlands to withdraw from the NATO contingent in Afghanistan. Given their anti-Muslim bigotry, of course, this position made perfect sense. Why spend blood and treasure helping to protect Muslims from other Muslims when, in the end, they’re all just Muslims?

Now Wilders is one of those heading to New York for the 9/11 commemorations, but whose event will he be attending? He’s speaking at Geller’s rally, in fact, but there is no reason why he should not, literally and metaphorically, cross the street later on to join Galloway in pressing the case that the Muslim girls and women of Afghanistan be left to the mercies of the Taliban. After all, if Islam is a monolith, then who cares what happens to its adherents?

Those of us who still cling to reason should remember that whether Muslims are killed in the name of isolationism or cultural relativism or anti-imperialism, they are still being killed – and that many non-Muslims, some in uniform, some not, will die alongside them. That is why I want to end by restating what, to us at any rate, is obvious. The ominous force which carried out 9/11 was that complex of reactionary beliefs known as Islamism, not the physical presence of Muslims in America or anywhere else.

Moreover, while the Gellers and Galloways of this world screech about what divides us, in the schools of Kabul and the voting booths of Sulaymaniyah, we are afforded a glimpse of what unites us. I’ve too much respect for the memory of those who perished on 9/11 to boil that down into a placard slogan to wave at Ground Zero, but it’s what I shall quietly think about.



This guy “Gene”, The Augean Stables will be very interested is an “alter Jew”!!!

That means in Richard Landes parlance, he is a Jew who is filled to his gills with political correctness.

(Extract from Wikipedia: Other contributors include Marcus, Gene Zitver (aka “Gene”) (who regularly deletes posts he disagrees with), David Toube, and more recently, Adam LeBor, Brett Lock, Brian Meredith and others.)


Gene is one of those founders on Harry´s Place who is holding the whole ramshackle operation together

The speed of the crisis, especially the way that the American people, in a truly mass sense, is moving against Islam not just in America, but internationally, is driving Harry´s Place founders into a tail-spin

It is a delight to watch.

The founders some years back were people in the circle of Oliver Kamm and Nick Cohen. But it would be wrong to think in terms of individuals. It was rather more a caste or cult in British society.

One of the factors was political correctness but there were others.

Two in particular stand out. There was a defense of Islam. In the case of Yugoslavia this was not really a defense of that will of the wisp “moderate” Islam, but the Islam of Izetbegovic, which was the Islam of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islam of Hajj Amin el Husseini, the Islam of the Holocaust, yes that real Islam, which was the Islam that Herr Hitler found so appealing.

But that Islam wants to kill Jews, surely not! Oh yes, and that is why the phenomenon of those like Gene and David T is so puzzling but interesting

I mentioned two. The second was just plain old anti communism. those folk around Cohen hate that political line from Marx through 1917 to Trotsky, and they do not even recognize that there were differences between Trotsky and Stalin. In other words they distort history.

Did Galloway support Milosevic as gene says? Well it was a strange support because Galloway also supported Izetbegovic. Show us where Galloway opposed Izetbegovic. How could Galloway do that, he is pro Islam!

Pamela Geller supported the Serbs and Milosevic, also Karadzic, because she realized that the Serbs were fighting against the Jihad.

Look at the post above by “Gene” again. There seems to be something neurotic in the way he has swung back to Milosevic.

It is like a bolt out of the blue. These characters in harry´s Place are threshing about, in their political death agony.

And the viciousness against Pamela Geller, shown in his suggestion that geller and Galloway would have anything in common (LOL), shows how very dangerous some of these elements such as the founders of Harry´s Place really are.


9_11rally.jpgOur rally: patriots everywhere (Photo from Looking At the Left)


Their rally: A handful of Communists and tools of Islamic supremacists (Photo from The People’s Cube)
(Felix Quigley adds: Using the name of “communists” to describe these pro Islamofascists in these discredited groups, some of whom are Stalinists, and Stalinism remember is the antithesis of communism, is very debatable. That does not detract from the rest of what Robert Spencer writes here)

The above are two contrasting photographs, both taken facing each demonstration.

The following is an analysis of this situation, where the Media in America, we also now know the Media world wide, have been lying about what happened.

From the beginning the Media wrote about this situation on the 9th Anniversary of 9-11 as being a duel between two equal groups, and the suggestion was that they were both extremist fringe.

So who turned out for these rallies assumed a very big importance. In other words to cut through the Media lies is of great importance.

We have had polls which showed in the weeks previous that the majority of the American people, 72 per cent, were against building this Mosque.

That is the key figure and the key point. The American people are moving into a position of opposition to Islam, because this kind of figure has to mean that Democrat and Republican are both filled with voters who oppose this Mosque, and who therefore oppose Obama on this issue.


Begin analysis of this event by Robert Spencer

(note by Felix Quigley: I need to doubly emphasise this point: The term used by Robert Spencer as to these very dubious people in these very dubious groups being “communists” is very wrong and has to be challenged.

Otherwise Robert will fall into a trap and the full truth of what is actually happening will not come out.

(We are communists, on 4international, and we oppose this Mosque on Ground Zero)

Media bias has been especially egregious regarding our 9/11 Rally of Remembrance and the counter-rally of Communists and dupes of Islamic supremacism; the New York Post and AP both claimed that the Leftist/Islamic supremacist rally was larger than ours, and focused on minutiae instead of reporting on what the speakers actually said.

Unfortunately for the media, however, we have the videos, posted below, and photos such as those above. For the full story, see Atlas Shrugs, Looking At the Left, and The People’s Cube. And I will keep you posted as more becomes available.


There follows now comments from 2 people who went to both rallies. The first comment in particular tries to take a scientific approach to an analysis of both crowds. This is not impossible. It is a very logical thing to do. I myself wondered at this, especially the width of the New York boulevard, and its length, because pictures can deceive.

It follows that the anti Mosque demonstration was several times, at least, larger than that of the pro Mosque.

This is so important. Not just a matter of figures etc. it shows that the Media were operating some kind of conspiracy in the reporting of this event.

How does this conspiracy work is another matter. I myself think that it is an ideological matter. Present day journalists have not been trained to report facts, but rather have been trained to think that it is good to be emotional, and in their emoting they turn journalism into a big lie. Being emotional is no crime, but replacing the facts with what you wish is a major crime against truth.

Put it even more simply and starkly: if they lied on this event, then they also lied on other vital events, for example, on the whole of the Media coverage of what happened in Yugoslavia in the 1990s.


(Begin two reports from 2 people on the scene and who attended both demos)


Tyler’s observations:

I attended both rallies, and witnessed the events at their maximum capacity. Without a doubt, the pro-mosque event was about 1/6th, maybe 1/10th, the size of Geller’s event.

Let us simply analyze the areas occupied by each group – it really isn’t that difficult, as each group occupied an obviously differing size in area:

pro mosque rally: Stretched from Park to Warren along the Eastern sidewalk of City Hall Park. Furthmore, these groups tended to constantly circle the barricaded area, exaggerating their presence, but I will disregard that fact.

The sidewalk along the park is approximately 25 feet wide. A Standard Manhattan block is approximately 260 feet by 900 feet. We can then assign 4 square feet per person. Knowing the the pro-mosque event stretched from Park Pl. to Warren Street, we can then dictate: 260 feet per block x 2 blocks x 25 feet wide divided by 4 square feet per person = 3,250 people…This doesn’t take into account the fact that many people continuously circled the area creating an illusion of more people, nor does it account for the massive holes in the crowd resulting from hippy drum circles, indian powwows, buddhist chanting groups, and tents. Therefore, this estimate is quite generous.

Rally of Remembrance:Stretched from Park Pl to Reade along W Broadway, and encompassed the entire width of the street – at 4 lanes wide, and 12 feet per lane, this equals 48 feet wide. 260 feet per block x 4 blocks x 48 feet wide and 4 square feet per person = 12,480 people. This doesn’t take into account people along the periphery at each intersection who couldn’t find space in the main area. Furthermore, this group stood still, shoulder to shoulder, rather than constantly moving about, and presents a more accurate representation.

Thusly, the Rally of Remembrance had AT LEAST 4 times as many people.
Second commenter:

Like Tyler, I attended both demonstrations, though I stayed at the pro-mosque demonstration till it ended, which led to my very late arrival at Geller’s rally.

Tyler’s estimates of pro-mosque crowd size and the area the crowd filled are exactly the estimates I had intended to supply.

The crowd, however, had a character worse than disheartening. Virtually every speaker suggested — at a demonstration aimed at peace — the only way to beat the “racists and bigots” was with violence. Some made oblique suggestions. Others were direct. One emcee, a black woman who introduced some speakers, channled Malcolm X, calling out “by any means necessary.” Another chant that was repeated several times was “No Justice, No Peace.”

At a peace rally?

Meanwhile, apparently a pro-palestinian group functioned as the chief organizing force of that rally.

Despite the incessant Israel bashing, there was a more disturbing tone and subtext to the rhetoric — which was mostly old tired revolutionary claptrap from the last 40 years. I got the feeling that more than anything else, the crowd supporting the mosque most wanted to go around the corner in street-gang form and kick the crap out of a few people at the anti-mosque rally. The crowd was seething, driven by an animus that was close to blood lust.

For some weird reason these goofy American lefties think they have a special place in the eyes of islam. As if they would escape life in the dhimmitude if they were living in muslim territory.

Meanwhile, as others have said, it was tough to get into the Remembrance Rally. The cops, I think, knew nothing about how to find an entry point. I’ve had this experience for years at any public NYC event attracting large outdoor crowds. If you ask a cop for directions, he gives you an answer that gets you out of his hair. That’s it.

In fact, after getting bad directions a couple of times, I went to a cop standing at a crowd barrier a block west of the rally and told him that every direction I’d been given had led to dead ends, so could I just slip in here? He actually asked me why I wanted to get in. That surprised me. I said, to hear the speakers. He let me in and that was that.

Furthermore, I can tell you that a news helicopter did hover over the area for nearly an hour – that there are no published aerial photos is troubling. They probably spent all their time photographing the ENTIRE crowd of 40 “9/11 Troofers” at the plaza on W. Broadway and Barclay…or were distracted by a kitty cat.

I can also vouch for people claiming the police officers seemed to purposely mislead people, sending them in the wrong direction, or pretending to be unaware of alternate events in the area, since I was personally was told to walk in 3 different directions to get to Geller’s rally

These comments are persuasive.


Stephen Gilmour launches into attack on Felix Quigley from his bully pulpit on Radio Talk Europe, a pulpit given to him by Dublin Jewish man, one Maurice Boland, (who supports the Rauf Islamofascist Mosque on Ground Zero)


Yes Gilmour I did hear you on your awful radio show last night. You told your listeners that Isaid in an article that you Gilmour was antisemitic. Your exact words unless I was imagining.

The problem is that I never ever did say that you were antisemitic Gilmour.

So what is going on?

I would say that you are trying to divert the public from your Alex Jones/Peter Eyre/Palestine Telegraph truffer type politics and campaigns

However I would say that in the wider world, that your credibility Gilmour is just about Zero, after you announced on your 9-11 show anniversary on 10 september 2010,  that no Arabs were involved in 9-11! LOL!

No Stephen Gilmour, I would say that you really have lost all credibility, and with your assertions about no Arabs being involved in 9-11 that not only you but Maurice Boland, owner of the station, leading Jewish big wig in Ireland and Spain, dhimmi, have lost all credibility. After all it is Boland´s radio station, Boland hires you, Boland pays your wages. So in the end it is Boland who is responsible for statements made by Gilmour to the effect that NO ARABS WERE INVOLVED IN 9-11

And that actually is a good thing, that both Boland and his employee Gilmour have lost all credibility.

So, Stephen Gilmour, keep on taking the tablets.

And do keep giving me free publicity Gilmour. I just love it. It is such an easy step from my name, via Google, to my site.

Not only Gilmour, Boland and their insignificant little radio station, but the big boys in the Media in Spain, in Ireland, in Britain, in Europe, are all refusing to deal with the very significant demonstration AGAINST the Rauf pro Hamas and Islamofascist Mosque on Ground Zero.

We on 4international, this website, and readers, are so happy to be associated with this great demonstration against the Mosque held on Saturday.

Just look at the pictures of this demonstration. As far as the eye can see there are people jammed on one of those wide avenues. It is one of the most stirring political events of our lives and we send our best wishes to the organizers, to the speakers including especially the Coptic Christian man (Joseph Nassralla) representing all the oppressed (by Islam) Christians of Egypt, and to every single person who turned out for that rally.


There was another rally that day, and we will on this site be looking very, very closely at that rally, because it was made up of what we on 4international call the “Fascist Left”, old Stalinists, old revisionists, old hacks!

All of these old leftist fogies, all reactionaries, all clapped out supporters of Islam, are a disgrace to the proud history of socialism, actually. Yes we will look at them and their role last Saturday in attacking the true American patriots in the demonstration organized by Geller and Spencer.

The future does not belong to them. The future belongs to the great and inspiring people, all of them, who were associated with the inspiring demonstration organized by Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer.

The following analysis by Robert Spencer of the significance of the Media Black Out of the demonstration against the Mosque follows, and in furure articles, keep tuned in, we will be examining this whole event most closely, and how this fight against the Mosque in Ground Zero is closely linked to the struggle of Israel and Jews in general to survive in the face of massive attack from Iran, from Hizbullah, from Syria, from Hamas and from the Arab League represented by the Nazi inspired Fatah

[Begin analysis of Media Blackout here]

The controversy over the Ground Zero mosque should be over and yet it is raging more heatedly than ever. The New York political establishment has lined up solidly behind the mosque, and the mainstream media is busy telling the uninformed that anyone who opposes the mosque is an enemy of religious freedom, a bigot, a racist, and probably a torturer of cats to boot, unwelcome in the company of decent people.
The only problem with this scenario is that the American people refuse to accept it—as illustrated by the thousands who attended the September 11 Rally of Remembrance against the Ground Zero mosque.

Pamela Geller and I hosted the rally as an effort of our Freedom Defense Initiative/Stop Islamization of America organization. It featured Dutch freedom fighter Geert Wilders and video messages from the feisty former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, and journalistic gadfly Andrew Breitbart. Highlights of the afternoon included rousing addresses by talk radio luminaries Mike Gallagher and Steve Malzberg and Marine Corps veteran and North Carolina congressional candidate Ilario Pantano.

And in a striking twist, Coptic Christian activist Joseph Nassralla left the crowd spellbound with an impassioned account of the Muslim persecution of Copts and the dangers of the Islamic law that is so forthrightly defended by the “moderate” Ground Zero mega-mosque imam, Feisal Abdul Rauf.
Nassralla gained national attention last June at the first rally Geller and I held against the Ground Zero mosque, when Keith Olbermann and other hard-left journalistic ideologues misrepresented a misunderstanding between Nassralla and some others in the crowd as a racial incident that supposedly proved that those who opposed the mosque were all racists. Indeed, many news outlets ignored the rally altogether except to note the alleged brutalizing of Nassralla.

One might have thought that Olbermann and the other journalists who featured Nassralla’s story might have been interested in telling their audiences that the same man did not come away from the June incident believing that all mosque opponents were racists, and that he also was a featured speaker at Saturday’s rally against the mosque. But none of the mainstream media accounts of the rally mentioned Nassralla’s presence at all.

Even fewer mentioned the rally itself. When they did, they minimized the size of the crowd, and invariably stated (contrary to the testimony I heard from numerous eyewitnesses on the day itself) that the pro-mosque counter-demonstration that was going on at the same time was larger.

One would think an appearance by Europe’s most controversial politician—Wilders—and America’s most controversial journalist—Breitbart—would have been newsworthy in itself. Add in two wildly popular radio hosts—Gallagher and Malzberg – and a host of other passionate, effective speakers, and the media blackout becomes even more extraordinary. Clearly, it was agenda-driven—part of a larger ongoing effort to sway public opinion onto the side of the Ground Zero mosque.

But the rally that the mainstream media seems so determined to ignore or minimize itself shows the cracks in this edifice. There is an ever-widening gap between the goals and agenda of the political elites, and those of ordinary Americans. And Americans are becoming more aware of that widening gap. The smearing of the 70% of Americans who oppose the mega-mosque as racists and bigots reflects the increasing estrangement between the goals of the elites and those of American citizens who are being shunted aside, ridiculed and scorned.

Left without a voice in the mainstream, their voices silenced and their positions misrespresented, these Americans are increasingly seeing that “objective” journalists are anything but. Government is no better: politicians hide their corruption and statism behind populist rhetoric, and even the most daringly politically incorrect pols dare not risk standing side-by-side with too many people thus tainted, whether that taint was obtained justly or unjustly.

And so it is up to us. It’s increasingly clear in the Age of Obama that we cannot depend upon our government to defend American principles and values, and we can’t depend on the media to depict incidents fairly. We must take matters into our own hands—not in terms of vigilantism, but in regard to speaking out for those principles and values, and not resting until our voice is indeed heard. The rally and the ongoing controversy over the Ground Zero mosque show the weakness of the mainstream “politically correct” position. The mainstream media endlessly beats Americans over the head about the “moderate” Ground Zero mosque, and yet fewer people believe it than ever.

It’s a sign of hope.


Mr. Spencer is director of Jihad Watch and author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades), The Truth About Muhammad (both from Regnery—a Human Events sister company) and most recently coauthor of Pamela Geller’s The Post-American Presidency (Simon & Schuster).






These like Gene, and David T, were the bastards who lined up with Islamofascism against the Serbs in Bosnia and Kosovo, never mind with Croatian nazi Tudjman in Croatia.

Now despite stiff opposition from some principled commenters they are trying to hide what is really happening.


And what is happening? The masses of the American people are moving into serious conflict with their own rulers and against Islam in America.

That is the real meaning of the mass demonstration of many thousands which was led by Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer yesterday.

Suddenly those who place articles on Harry´s Place are struck dumb! They are so quick off the mark usually. Yet at mid day one day later they have not been able to put up one article, and have not been able to publish one photograph, of the mass demo organized by Geller and Spencer.

As in the following:

 Crowd911rally.jpgThe people will be heard (Photo by El Marco)

No further proof really is needed that the “fearless” Harry´s Place are really a crowd of fearless pro-imperial wankers!

The British are a nation of racists, full stop!

How could they possibly be otherwise! it is many centuries since they first invaded my country, Ireland, and in all that time since the British have told racist jokes against us, and have carried out the worst and most cruel acts against the Irish people.

Now listen up here to what these sneering bastards on Harry´s Place write here by Pastor Wright. Note 2 things

1. This is in the absence of any articles about Pamela and Robert´s massive demonstration

2. The sneering racism of these British bastards on Harry´s Place

They write today and this is ALL they can write

The Florida- based Pastor Terry Jones may be completely unaware that part of his act of burning the Qur’an (or, Koran as he prefers to articulate the word) may be quite Islamic (which he claims to hate).You see, the Shari’ah injunction for disposing of spoilt, damaged or unwanted Sacred script is that it should be burnt. In his ignorance, he may be doing an unnecessary favour. God indeed works in mysterious ways, but ignorance of God can often lead one to miss the mystery.

Ignorance can be bliss, and Pastor Jones’s level of knowledge about Islam, amongst many other things, is one of blissful ignorance


We on 4international first began to take notice of these British racists on Harry´s Place at the time when the US and Britain were weighing in to support Izetbegovic against the Serbs in Bosnia.

They along with total English reactionaries like Oliver Kamm completely obscured the links which Izetbegovic had to the Holocaust.

At the time of the Holocaust, Izetbegovic as a youngish man, was also a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. As such he was active inside the Bosnia and Yugoslavia of those fateful Holocaust years, when Jews, Serbs, Roma et al were murdered by the Islamist Nazis.

But guess who also was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and working for Hitler in the Balkans? Why none other than Hajj Amin el Husseini, the Palestinian Arab butcher of the Holocaust.

They were both (Izetbegovic and Hajj Amin el Husseini) members of the Muslim Brotherhood, working together in the Holocaust.


And now these bastards are trying to carry on where they left off in Yugoslavia, by distorting what American patriots like Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, as well as Pastor Wright, are actually succeeding in doing.

That is to defeat the Islamofascist Jihad in America.

Shame on you Jewish man David T, and Jewish man “Gene”. As for Oliver Kamm, who now is rewarded by writing for the London Times, oh on second thoughts, who the fuck cares about Kamm!


The first thing the BBC did yesterday was to lie about the demonstrations for and against 9-11. Their reports said hundreds in one, hundreds in the other. What a dirty big BBC lie that was. The against demo to the Rauf Mosque was massive, the other tiny. But that is the BBC. We saw them supporting Islamofascist Izetbegovic in Bosnia, lie after lie. It would not be the BBC without conscious lying.

Actually common sense would tell you that the demo against would be massive, since 72 per cent ARE AGAINST, last count, I am sure it is over 80 per cent today, after Rauf and Muslim Brotherhood amigos down in Florida clearly lied, and were seen by the whole nation, to be lying to Pastor Jones.

The human rights organization Freedom Defense Initiative (FDI) and Stop Islamization of America (SIOA) hosted the demonstration against the mosque. Not one organizer was heard on the BBC.

This has gone a step further on today´s news coverage by commercial interests connected to the BBC. On the news of one Talk Radio Europe the issue of 9-11, never mind the demos, etc., is not even mentioned. That is dropped totally. Lead article on Talk Radio Europe news coverage is, and here you have to smile, English footballer Rooney´s hooker speaks out. Truly Talk Radio Europe is a dhimmi station and Europe is finished!

The list of speakers against the Mosque was massive:

9/11 family members,

former U. S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton (video message);

the Dutch Parliamentarian and freedom fighter Geert Wilders;

journalist Andrew Breitbart (video message);

war hero and North Carolina Congressional candidate Ilario Pantano;

nationally syndicated conservative radio host Mike Gallagher;

Nelly Braginskaya, 911 family member — mother to Alex;

Muslim Iranian activist Sam Khoshbaten;

Coptic Christian activist Joseph Nassralla;

Lisa Vincent, widow of author and journalist Steven Vincent, who was killed in Iraq;

Sudanese ex-slave and human rights activist Simon Deng;

Jordan Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice, which has filed suit to stop the Ground Zero mega-mosque;

Dan Weber, founder of the Association of Mature American Citizens;

James Lafferty, VAST;

Professor Richard Connerney of Pace University (Pace lost 4 students and 43 alumni);

New York Congressional candidate York Kleinhandler;

Darla Dawald, National Director of ResistNet.com;

Satya Dosapati of Hindu Human Rights Watch.

The rally began with a brief memorial service for the victims of the 9/11 attacks, featuring prayers offered by a rabbi, a minister and a priest for the families of the victims and for the nation.

The acclaimed vocalist Sarah Lee Michaels sang the National Anthem.

Hosting the rally was Pamela Geller, the popular blogger and columnist who publishes the acclaimed AtlasShrugs.com blog and executive director of FDI and SIOA; and SIOA associate director Robert Spencer, the bestselling author and director of JihadWatch.org.

Geller is the author (with Spencer) of The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America (foreword by Ambassador John Bolton), published by Simon & Schuster.

Responding to requests from a faction of 9/11 family members who asked her not to hold the rally on September 11, Geller had said:

“I would have cancelled the rally, but due to the large number of family members who have contacted me and asked us to help them speak out for their loved ones and give them a voice to express their opinions, in all conscience I cannot postpone the rally.”

IMG_1149.jpgThe great Geert Wilders freedom fighter (Photo by David Pietrusza)

The Ground Zero mosque is not an issue of religious freedom, but of resisting an effort to insult the victims of 9/11 and to establish a beachhead for political Islam and Islamic supremacism in New York.

Ground Zero mosque imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is an open proponent of Sharia, Islamic law, a system that denies the freedom of speech, the freedom of conscience, and the equality of rights of all people before the law.

Given the thousands of triumphal mosques that have been built on the cherished sites of conquered peoples throughout Islamic history, the mosque leaders’ claim that this mosque would be understood differently by Muslims worldwide lack foundation.


Imam Abdul Feisal Rauf Jews

For clearer image of the above see Pamela´s article on


Nothing really could be clearer. This guy Rauf who has been behind this agitation to build a Mosque on Ground Zero is really an Islamist Jihadist, a Bin Laden type, who wants to have the historical state of Israel disbanded, destroyed by whatever means, and replaced by an Arab and Muslim state.

That seems a bit extreme but it is the truth. On the issue of Israel as the Jewish state Rauf is exactly, precisely, Bin Laden. Go check it out!

We on 4international are so indebted to Pamela Geller and Atlas Shrugs for their hard work, the above is transcribed from a recent speech by Rauf.

It shows that Rauf and his little wifey Daisy !!! are really Islamofascists, they do not like Jews one little bit, to the extent that they do not wish for Jews to have a nation state of their own.

This is so evil and so reactionary.

We on 4international have a number of questions:

First of all to genial Dublin Jewish man Maurice Boland, all the way from Dublin´s Fair City, now running the radio station in Spain called Radio Talk Europe.

We have made our detestation for the treacherous politics of Boland dead clear in our recent articles.

For a sample:

On Monday 23 August Boland and Norman made their positions clear in that they were FOR the building of the Mosque on Ground Zero. Their reasons I will not go into, the important thing is their position.

What a treacherous position these two Jewish people are taking, betraying the great traditions of the revolutionary Jewish people down through the ages!

Boland especially is so treacherous! In supporting this Mosque he is betraying all Jews, especially the beseiged by Antisemitism Jews of Ireland.


Just over a week ago you clearly on your influential station were calling for support for the Rauf Mosque on Ground Zero. Oh how liberal sounding you were Boland! What a wonderful humanitarian!

But now Pamela Geller with a few deft strokes has exposed your real position, because in supporting Rauf you have to be supporting the real agenda of Rauf, which is the destruction of the Jewish state of Israel.

What a scoundrel this guy Rauf is, and by implication, referring to Boland´s support a week ago for Rauf, what a scoundrel is Boland, and what a danger is Boland to the great and good Jews of Dublin and Ireland.

Return to the paragraphs of Rauf quoted by Pamela Geller:

He says (in the very first sentence) we now have post Zionist movements in Israel. He then goes on to claim that the majority of people in Israel are post Zionists (it is all so very Chomsky)

So is that your position as well Boland and if it is not you had better get on your skates and dissociate yourself from Rauf and his Mosque project?

So let us take this very carefully: What is Zionism? Zionism is very simple to understand. It is the same as every other nationalism, say for example Irish Nationalism. It is the wish of the Jewish people to return to their Homeland in Israel.

Their wish, to have one small state in the world which they can call their own, with the secondary factor included in that, that their Homeland can be a safeguard against antisemitism

The word “Zionism” is also used as a curse word, as a word used by antisemites, especially now by antisemitic conspiracy theory freaks, and above all by the Fascist Leftists in the world, who can no longer be called in any way socialist, they are indeed just what I said fascists. But let us not go down that dark road, a raod traversed by Hitlerian and Arabic Fascists in the past, Arabs like Hajj Amin el Husseini…

Rauf refers to the “territories”:

By this word “territories” he means a la the BBC usage, that this is Arab land and that Israel is “occupying” this Arab land

(I think actually this is where Boland stands as well, but if I am wrong on this we are happy for him to come onto our website to publish otherwise)

BUT THIS IS NOT ARAB LAND. THIS IS JEWISH LAND. The very name “West Bank” is phoney, the real name in usage up until 1967 was Judea and Samaria

Then Rauf does something really sneaky…he refers to withdrawal from the territories and that those in the Jewish population wishing for withdrawal are in the majority.

Is this correct? There was certainly a time when this was the case, around the time of OSLO.

But Jewish people were deceived by OSLO. Arafat was using OSLO to gain an advantage and Arafat was literally speaking in two tongues, one English for the Israelis and the Western backers of Jihad, and in another tongue, namely Arab, where Arafat was explaining that OSLO was a trick, which he and the Arabs were using to destroy Israel.

The poor Jews of Israel, with horrible leaders and worse Media! The Jews were fed lies!

Now Jews in Israel would still like peace, BUT THEY CAN NO LONGER TRUST ISLAM

Boland asked me on the 23rd what is the connection between Iran and Ground Zero. Now Boland has his answer to this more clearly than I could answer then.

The answer lies in the transcript above from wonderful Pamela Geller of the odious Rauf. As the oafish and ridiculous Rauf makes clear that

1. Rauf wants to build a Mosque on Ground Zero

2. Rauf wants to do away with Israel.

In other words Oaf Rauf wants to end the Jewish Homeland of Israel and to replace that Homeland with the 23rd Arab state and what is it now? the 60th Islam state in the world

Go figure Boland! you are with Rauf. And funniest thing of all you are also with all of those left Fascists in the world who are supporting Rauf!

Do you actually, really, want to be there Boland?


We on 4international are true Trotskyists and we have no hesitation at all in throwing our support behind this massive movement in America which is growing in its opposition to reactionary Islam. It is all being concentrated into the commemoration of 9-11 and the opposition to this Jihad provoking Mosque on Ground Zero

It seems to us over here in Europe that the America people have, as they say, really go ttheir gander up.

And we think it is great to see.

One of the greatest pleasures in life is to see the reactionary and morbid pro Islam leftists like WSWS squirm as they face this great movement of American patriots

Of course there are dangers to this and some will try to divert this great movement. But the essence of the campaign run by Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer has been opposition to this hate filled religion cum political ideology which goes by the name of Jihad or Islam or Muslim, and alliance with the beseiged Jews of the world, and the beseiged Israel, the only and treasured Homeland of the Jews.

Thus, really, opposition to all the plans of the American elite to foist onto Israel a Nazi and Jihadist Palestine state, with Abbas sitting there on top of his terrorist outfit, in position on the heights of Judea overlooking Tel Aviv, and Ben Gurion Airport etc, attacking Israel with the army and guns that the American state has been creating there in the so-called West Bank over recent years.

It is a huge challenge to people like George Bush Jnr who called openly, like Cheney did way back in the 80s, for a Palestine state. And above all it is a direct and deadly challenge to Obama and his pro Islam Cairo speech to Islamofascism last year.

There is more to this caravan of American Patriots than just 9.11,and it is not simply about America, because the American working class is a truly great, and historically speaking, truly revolutionary force in the historical process.

We on 4international based in Europe are following this event very closely, we send our best wishes, and what is better than to give a flavour of how the energy of the American people is getting things moving, and is making  old Obamarama quake in his boots from fear!

Update from the Largest Caravan Across America! The Spirit Grows….


UPDATE Aug 20, 2010: DELAWARE has joined the Caravan!

UPDATE from the LARGEST CARAVAN ACROSS AMERICA: https://i0.wp.com/www.tradenote.net/images/users/000/047/420/products_images/USA_American_Car_Flags_12_In_By_17_In__Only_25_Cents_Each.jpg

Many people are planning to go PATRIOTIC  as they caravan and car-pool to Ground Zero.  State Flags and Red, White and Blue Ribbon will be festooned all over their cars, trucks and vans.

The administrator for the caravan reports that everyone is  really excited. She is  absolutely blown-away by the response she has gotten about this caravan.

People  are coming from:  





Washington flag 2 x 3 feet Nylon


Arizona 3ft. x 5ft. SpectraPro Flag


Wisconsin State Flag  


Indiana flag 2ft x 3ft Nylon  




Michigan 3ft. x 5ft. SpectraPro Flag




Tennessee flag 3 x 5 feet superknit polyester


Georgia 2ft x 3ft Nylon Flag

West Virginia

West Virginia flag 3 x 5 feet Superknit polyester



North Carolina

North Carolina  flag 3 x 5 feet Superknit polyester

South Carolina

South Carolina flag 3 x 5 feet Superknit polyester


and Texas

Texas flag 2 x 3 feet  nylon  

(that’s just to name a few) DELAWARE comes on-board!

Delaware State Flag

And who knows how many more that know about the Caravan and just haven’t posted yet! To quote the administrator, Kelli, ” I mean just, WOW!”