There is not the slightest doubt now that Bibi Netanyahu is following a definite plan of keeping Hamas intact. Whatever way Netanyahu reasons this it amounts to treason to the Jewish people. Netanyahu is a traitor


It is bullshit, total bullshit, all of this business of Israel appearing humane by warning people that they intend to bomb a house…hence result is they bomb an EMPTY house


It is doubly bullshit on the part of this traitorous leading elite in Israel because they know: THE PALESTINIAN ARABS WILL PUT PALLYWOOD IN OPERATION ANYWAY


The “Palestinians” do not need any deaths because they have their own Pallywood department.


In a confrontation on Talk Radio Europe editor of Felix Quigley had a confrontation with a high up in a radio station. This guy (a certain Richard Tildesley) who is a leading Jew in the station and Marbella Area stated he had never heard of Pallywood


At the same time another this time Irish Jew called Jenni Hutchinson joined with the IPSC (same as ISM) to attack me, Trotskyism and 4international


As I say to everybody these days Trotskyism has no friends, does not seek friends per se, has only truth as friend

Let me get this straight my dear Jewish friends. Why would the Israeli planes bomb empty houses, having issued warnings so the Fascists can flee. W H Y???


As I said the name of Jews will be blackened anyway by Pallywood (even though Marbella Jew Tildesley has never heard of it it exists)


Further note on this dear Jewish friends. Tildesley was leading the panel discussion over 2 hours…well prepared eh!


So then we have to ask what is Netanyahu and this Israeli elite at.


Here is my take


  1. Netanyahu and his elites fear the great power of the Jewish people
  2. The power of the Jewish people is not only in themselves and in their old religion, it is in the place they and their religion hold because of this long history in contemporary society
  3. And Netanyahu and his elite know this and back away from it


We have emphasised time and time again how difficult a war this is against Hamas. For a start it is not just against Hamas, it is really Hamas, Fatah, Iran and Hizbullah .. and counting


The recent Pew Poll shows Antisemitism in these Arab countries at 90% plus with variation of just a few points from gaza to Morocco


This is not an easy war to win.


But it means that the orientation for war has to be correct. And the arsing about by Netanyahu is traitorous, and it was totally the work of a traitor to expel Danon


This brat Netanyahu and his brat wife Sara have really no class at all when they do not encourage a debate as to how to conduct the war.


The Israeli elite is corrupt. Time to start exploring urgently new solutions. In short investigate us. Investigate


These steps are necessary in order for Israel to defeat the Hamas rockets into Israel which are terrorising the Israeli people. These rockets are not firecrackerts as was once claimed on the Talk Radio Europe pathetic radio outlet in Spain. These rockets must be stopped because Jews are being terrorised in the Jewish Homeland in 2014 some 70 years after the Holocaust by the Nazis.


  1. Israel is still sending food and supplies into Gaza by means of lorry convoys across the border between Israel and Gaza.
  2. Even Talk Radio Europe would be hard put not to see how farcical is this: food and supplies one way repaid by rockets the other!
  3. Consequently the first step is to issue a warning, say of 2 days, that if any more rockets come then supplies will simply stop.
  4. The whole of the Hamas way is to set up rockets and surround those rocket launchers with “civilians”. Israel must issue a warning that it has a first duty to protect its own citizens and that it will always fire on such rocket launchers in order to protect their own civilians. Quote Churchill actions in the War to legally justify this. Cone to think the recent Obama statement gives Jews the right to defend themselves
  5. The very first thing to do though is to state the aim, define the objective which must be to arrest the leaders of Fatah and Hamas and tot totally break up both organizations and any others that may arise. There is a contemporary European precedent for this which must be quoted which is the Spanish Government war on ETA
  6. Israel must as soon as possible launch an invasion on the ground into Gaza but in such a way that the generals do not sacrifice a single Jewish soldier’s life. This is a priority. Jewish life (following the Nazi Holocaust) must be protected. People have thought of this before at the time of the disengagement. With military advice parts of Gaza which are defensible from attack should be occupied. With supplies cut off, with parts of Gaza cut off, then the leaders of Hamas are vulnerable


The great problem of the Israelis is that they have leaders who have not stated the above aim. The idea of Netanyahu to WEAKEN Hamas is wrong. Both Fatah and Hamas must be destroyed totally. That is the central issue that all Jews and Jewish supporters as on must attempt to fix. We support Bibi in war, of course we do, but we also insist on a leadership which fights as above.


We can summarise:


  1. Warning to cut off all supplies by a certain date if rockets onto Israel do not stop
  2. Citing of the ‘We are launching rockets from urban areas and if Israel attempts to take out the launchers and operators it will hit women and children. We will bring all the media to show how Israel fights and murders uninvolved civilians, women and children’…” continually to show what Israel is up against. Any international Media who supports Hamas must be exposed abroad by 4international
  3. Citing of the age old law that it is treason to support your enemy in a time of war…so supplies must be stopped after a warning of say 2 days
  4. Ask American patriots to pass this “Sherman” law through US Congress
  5. No more warnings from Israel. How often did Churchill warn the Germans? How often did the IRA warn the British?
  6. All Media in Israel embedded. Israel must have only one military spokesman. All hostile to Israel forces such as ISM and Amnesty International expelled like NOW!
  7. Finally prepare Israel for a long war but not an indefinite war. The war will end when Fatah and Hamas is broken up and its leaders are in jail. It is that aim that is the key aim. Destroy Fatah! Destroy Hamas!
  8. Differentiate between the Arabs of Palestine. I personally am convinced that there are many Arabs who will support the Jewish cause for the Jewish Homeland if the Jewish story is really told. In the telling of this story the role of the state will be absolutely crucial
  9. Note that we Trotskyists on are the very opposite of dogmatists. We do not repeat dogma. We are creative. We use our theory and past experience to gain knowledge. Therefore consider the above suggestions as to how the Jews can defeat the Jihad.



This Young Serb beheaded by Jihadists supported by US in Bosnia…this is precisely what Jews face against “Palestinianism”


Israeli leaders under Netanyahu are now fighting a war on Gaza which is NOT a repeat of other wars because the international situation is totally different.


There is now the advance of International Jihad as is seen in the rise of ISIL and there is the brave struggle of el Sisi in Egypt against the Jihad of the Muslim Brotherhood under Morsi. The courage of el Sisi stands in contrast to the cowardice of Netanyahu and Israel who have refused to take action against Hamas and Fatah


While el Sisi has arrested the leaders of the Muslim Brothers in Egypt and passed death sentences against these fascists Netanyahu ahs delayed and delayed while the same Jihadist Fascists hammer Sderot with rockets.


This highlights one thing. The situation has changed totally since past wars against Arabs. In Israel today as in every country in the world without exception the struggles for freedom to live are all about leadership. This can only be resolved by creating Trotskyist leadership and the only party which can claim Trotskyist honour and heritage is Cynics may scoff at this but we do not care all that matters is that scientific fact (truth) is on our side


4international will now make 10 points, followed by 3 “notes” on the abductions experiences


  1. Clear out Hamas and Fatah. Like the Egyptian leaders around el Sisi place them on trial with the death sentence available
  2. Consequent to that put an end to “Palestinian” nationalism
  3. Provide a definitive survey of all the attacks made on the Jewish people by especially the Arab leaders since say 1890. Let all speakers stick to this survey. And stop talking about everything under the sun. This is war and in any war there is need for discipline
  4. There are so many millions of Arabs NOW in this area and Israeli leaders need to know where they stand on the creation of the Jewish state. Just that. On the basis of the results of such a poll Jewish leaders can take necessary action
  5. A leadership which is unconcerned about what the BBC says. All international Media barred from Israel. Reporters who enter the war on the side of the enemy do so at their own risk but they will not report from Israeli ground. Britain did this in the Argentine and Gulf Wars
  6. Withdraw from the UN
  7. Place Nuclear weaponry on the ready against any enemy of Israel, especially of USm UN and NATO. Make an alliance with any force in the world which is being threatened by NATO, such as the Serbs and Russian Ukraine
  8. No Arabs to work in Israeli firms. No taxes to be collected for Arabs. No electricity to Arabs. No aid to Arabs.
  9. For every single rocket fired at Israel take a section of land and remove Arabs from that section
  10. Forget about being “democratic”. There is no democracy in war NONE! The great Arab and African leader Muammar Gadhafi tried at the end of his life and rule to be more “democratic” and to be a friend of America. Gadhafi was sacrificed by Obama to the Jihadists. The very same lesson applies very much to Israeli and Israelis today



Yes it is essential that Israel and Israelis have borders which can be defended. This central point must be highlighted continually – the total size of the area west of the river is less than the size of Munster. This is a central point. Maps show where the borders must lie in order for Israel to be able to defend itself. These borders are obvious to a school child in primary school. They stand out and are roughly the River, the Golan, the Mediterranean Sea, and Sinai. The poll mentioned above is fundamental because it will put down in black and white what are Arab intentions. On the basis of those intentions Israelis will act in a scientific manner. As part of this and until this scientific poll is taken then all Arabs are debarred from travelling into Israel to work in Israeli firms, and Israeli firms will be closed down by the state if they employ such Arabs



The basis of the thinking of the 4international on these issues is rooted in our history. In 1937 leon Trotsky fought for Palestine to be made into the Homeland of the Jews and he stated that the Jewish Homeland must be defended against “Mohammedanism” (the then word used for Jihad). In 1938 Leon Trotsky fought to explain that the rise of Nazism and the Antisemitism of Western countries meant that millions of Jews would be cornered by the Nazis and that the Holocaust” would follow. No person on earth was clearer on this. THAT is our heritage. The whole of the Trotskyist movement also was wiped out along with the Jews, and also by the traitors to socialism in Stalinism. The murderer of Trotsky was a Stalinist (in 1940 in Mexico). THAT heritage means that today we fight on the side of the Jews against all Israel haters.



There is NOTHING democratic about war, yet wars are inevitable as we stand. All of the present leaders of the Jews, including and especially all the “bloggers”, leave Jews unprepared for the realities of wars. The murder of the 3 Jewish youth in Hebron were abducted and murdered by the enemy who are engaged in a war against Jews. The murder of the Palestinian youth, which we oppose, was carried out if the police are to be believed only as a reaction. Also as a reaction to the passivity of Netanyahu. Netanyahu is more responsible because he is passive and hesitant. So unprepared are Jews that all Jews wanted to show how “good” and “nice” and “democratic” they were. Is the enemy impressed? Not! The whole episode has shown that Jews under present leadership are not able to fight a war to win. THAT is the main problem facing Israel.