America tuned in to hear how Obama planned to defeat the Islamic army conquering whole swaths of the Middle East. Instead Obama took to the prime time airwaves to proselytize for Islam.

Obama in his speech to America performed a scrubbing and cleaning up job for Islam

Obama is the true Mohammedan. He claimed:

Now let’s make two things clear: ISIL is not Islamic. No religion condones the killing of innocents, and the vast majority of ISIL’s victims have been Muslim.

Thus today on the anniversary of 9-11 there is still this ideology in the world that tries to paint Islam as being a religión of peace.

ISIl according tot he present President of the US so many years and so many experiences after that fateful claim by Bush is nothing to do with Islam

This is the key concept that we on 4international want to concéntrate on. Of course ISIL has EVERYTHING  to do with Islam

As the main scholars of Islm today are pointing out continually every beheading, every burying of humans alive, every single barbarity, is being inspired by the Korana nd the Hadiths

They quote continually

Last night as I thought on the anniversary of 9-11 I wrote this, some of it takes up the issues of leadership:

Another year rolls by and another anniversary of the Muslim attack on the Twin Towers in New York


The reason that the left did not oppose this atrocity is because of the influence of Stalinism and revisionism which itself did not centre on 9-11 but happened a long time before. The left had betrayed the method and principles of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky.


When Leon Trotsky was murdered by the Stalinist assassin Ramon Mercader, recruited out of the Spanish Civil War bloodbath, it was not only Trotsky but a whole cadre leadership which had been wiped out by the Stalinists and the Fascists, with the ID OFof the capitalist imperialist countries like Britain and US


Thus Trotskyism was left without leadership. There was thus no continuity. The person who became known as Tony Cliff was never a Trotskyist, nor was Isaac Deutscher the biographer of Trotsky.


There was a vacuum in 1945. Into that vacuum were sucked in a new layer of leadership into left wing political life.


A big turning point which had great influence was the defeat by the Jews of Israel not only over the armies of the Arabs but by those armies now supported totally by the Stalinists of Moscow in 1967. This was the qualitative year.


The important book Phantom Nation had spelled out in detail how the phenomenon known as the “Palestinians” came into being in 1967, not before. It gained this huge traction in 1967 because from then on it was sold as a commodity


Who did the selling?


  1. The Stalinists as I mentioned above
  2. The Arabs
  3. The Arabs of the area of Palestine who had a history centred on Hajj Amin el Husseini whose Jew Hatred was contiguous to that of the Nazis
  4. The British
  5. The US Establishment who remember had had a history of eugenics and racist Antisemitism

All of that is clear. But there is one other force often overlooked and that is the Jewish leadership of Israel


What did they do well in fact they both did nothing and did a lot.


This is a fact. The leadership of Israel while fighting in a patriotic and brave manner in 1948 was a middle class and a petty bourgeois leadership


This leadership did one thing which was fatal. It did not fight this new concept of “Palestine” but adapted to it. They adapted to the nascent Antisemitism


Before the Palestinians were the Jews. The most patriotic Jews saw themselves as Jewish Palestinians


The Arabs did not like the term. They continually called themselves “Arabs” and sometimes “Arabs of Southern Syria”.


The middle class Jewish leaders drowned themselves in a mythology divorced from the reality of the present. They could have contested the Arabs ove the “Palestine” name. A lot was at stake. It was really their first and massive betrayal.


These were not Marxists or Trotskyists. They were Jihadists on the left.


When 9-11 happened of course they could not attack Muslims or Islam


The first expression of this was the conspiracy industry. The Left Jihadist Fascists resurrected conspiracy in order to cement their alliance with Islam Fascism


The point is not whether US Imperialism were not in bed with the Jihadists. They were in one way or another. For example their multiculturalism was allowing the Jihadists to flourish in Bosnia, Berlin or London


But the Jihadist and anti-Marxist left had become a vehicle for the Jihad.


That was why this massive conspiracy industry suddenly sprang up. They were not seeking truth so much as providing a cover for Islam and so that has remained to this day.


And still centres on the “Palestinian” basura.



Irish hatred for Israel betrays the Irish republican struggle

The Trotskyist movement in Ireland as represented by us on this site must be expanded rapidly in order to fight against the deep Antisemitism that is running through the Jihadist and Stalinist/Revisionist movements and indeed through the whole of capitalist society worldwide. But we refer here mainly to Ireland.

We are independent from all other political movements including Jewish movements but we do fight in soldiarity with the latter.

The purpose of this article is to point out two things

1. the great hubbub about the state of Israel taking under its wing about a square mile or a Little less of land

2. the initial promise by the League of Nations to the Jews in 1922 which was far bigger than present day Israel

The leading purveyor of Antisemitism is THE MEDIA and this Antisemitism was clearly on show and proved when it published the HAMAS figures for dead and injured during the recent Gaza War.

This was a deeply Antisemitic action to take  and will never be forgiven by us Trotskyists in Ireland who do two things: we defend Jews against Antisemitism and we always stand for truthful discourse

So this is what these scumbags on an Irish website have written on this land issue:

“ISRAEL HAS CLAIMED nearly 1,000 acres of Palestinian land in the West Bank, in what is understood to be the biggest such seizure in decades.

Local authorities in the Gush Etzion area, south of Bethlehem, said the decision to establish new settlements there was a response to the killing of three Jewish teenagers there in June.

Their kidnapping and deaths sparked 50 days of violence between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza strip, which killed 2,138 Palestinians, and 68 Israelis, before an indefinite ceasefire last week.

A US State Department official has condemned the land seizure, telling Reuters it was “counterproductive to Israel’s stated goal of a negotiated two-state solution with the Palestinians.”

“We urge the government of Israel to reverse the decision,” the official added.

Peace Now, a group which opposed Israeli settlements, said authorities planned to seize 990 acres near the existing settlement of Gevaot, west of Bethlehem.”


All of these Arab states in the map above have been gained by the Arab people. They started with a couple of states and they now have 22 very rich states. ALL SINCE 1922
The growth of this Antisemitism is a product of maany things but in the world in general it is partly oil. The world of capitalism has been sucking up to rich oil essentially.
The Catholic Church in Ireland has always been basically secular since the times of Paul Cullen. With the decline of the Catholic Church in Ireland its place in rural Ireland has been taken over by the also secular Sinn Fein of today. Not such a big leap considering they are both essentially secular (the same type of secularism meaning separation of state and religión)
This is where the Antisemitism is coming from. It comes from Sinn Fein, this replacement of Catholic Church power. That replacement of Catholic Church by Sinn Fein today is complete



“The Mandate system was instituted by the League of Nations in the early 20th century to administer non-self-governing territories. The mandatory power, appointed by an international body, was to consider the mandated territory a temporary trust and to see to the well-being and advancement of its population.

In July 1922, the League of Nations entrusted Great Britain with the Mandate for Palestine. Recognizing “the historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine,” Great Britain was called upon to facilitate the establishment of a Jewish national home in Palestine-Eretz Israel (Land of Israel). Shortly afterwards, in September 1922, the League of Nations and Great Britain decided that the provisions for setting up a Jewish national home would not apply to the area east of the Jordan River, which constituted three-fourths of the territory included in the Mandate and which eventually became the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

The British Mandate authorities granted the Jewish and Arab communities the right to run their internal affairs; thus the yishuv established the Elected Assembly and the National Council. The economy expanded, a Hebrew education network was organized and cultural life flourished.

The Mandatory government did not succeed in maintaining the letter and spirit of the Mandate. Under Arab pressure, it withdrew from its commitment, especially with respect to immigration and land acquisition. The White Papers of 1930 and 1939 restricted immigration and acquisition of land by Jews. Later, immigration was limited by the 1930 and 1939 White Papers, and land acquisition by Jews was severely restricted by the 1940 Land Transfer Regulations.

After the UN General Assembly adopted the resolution to partition Palestine on November 29, 1947, Britain announced the termination of its Mandate over Palestine, to take effect on May 15, 1948. On May 14, 1948, the State of Israel was proclaimed.





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William Ruane  Sep 1 7:46 AM #

22     825

Obama and EU warns and threatens Putin, but ‘urges’ Israel to reconsider its decision….hmmmm


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SeekingUniverslTruth  Sep 1 8:58 AM #

129     198

the three teens were executed by israel in a filthy false flag operation.


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Murray Freedman  Sep 1 9:16 AM #

183     90

Any evidence or do you routinely spread lies?


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Paul Courtney  Sep 1 9:20 AM #

17     333

Enough. I was on the fence till now. Thought one side was as bad as the other but this land grab has decided me.


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Murray Freedman  Sep 1 9:31 AM #

331     28

And what are the full details of the alleged ‘land grab”? Do you ACTUALLY know are are you prepared to simply accept whatever you are fed?


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Paul Courtney  Sep 1 9:51 AM #

7     214

Murray, try searching for “Israel land seizure west bank”.

Today’s articles from independent. Co.UK. Huffington Washington to mention a few.

Do you think they all lying?

Even Israel’s own newspaper web sites?


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Emily Elephant  Sep 1 9:58 AM #

116     27

The false flag stuff really doesn’t add up. If Israel kept doing this, upped its rate a bit and seized 1000 acres every 3 months, it would take 1400 years, 380,000 dead Israelis and 12 million dead Palestinians to settle the West Bank. While I credit the Israelis with a longer view than, say, Fine Gael, I doubt any plans which are that elaborate.

I don’t doubt that their ultimate goal is the annexation of the larger chunk of the West Bank.


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John Rabbett  Sep 1 10:03 AM #

5     123

Murray see the attached link, Israeli news sources reporting 988 acres taken from 5 Palestinian villages. “The move clears the way for construction of a new settlement named Gvaot” according to the news website below. And it doesn’t matter what their reason the detail behind the, they have taken land which isn’t theirs.


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Mr Phil Officer  Sep 1 10:07 AM #

5     100

Murray it would be counterproductive to annex the whole of the West Bank or Gaza, Israel needs to keep the “enemy at the gates” like all the super powers they need a live fire battle field to keep troops battle ready. Occupy, antagonise and then blame the natives through the media to keep their own populace and military wound up nice and tight with an appetite for war.


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Murray Freedman  Sep 1 10:33 AM #

192     11

I can see lots of articles, some of which are maliciously labelled land grab, but no detailed, high resolution mapping that clearly defines exactly what is proposed, and where. Or who it will directly affect, or whether there are existing owners, or whether the land is under agriculture, or…

Israel operates under rule of law and from the little I could glean this morning, this decision has been overseen by the judiciary.

It’s all very well coming out in protest, but what are you actually protesting? Or is it simply that the media have called it a land grab and this has automatically set up a knee jerk reaction to all those who hate Israel?


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Were Jammin  Sep 1 10:40 AM #

8     125

Israeli media are reporting it, both left and right wing Murray. This isn’t the states, people bother to check information. Fail

“Israel operates under rule of law ”

And that puts the rest of your hasbara in context. israel regularly wipes its ar$e with both international and humanitarian law.


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John Rabbett  Sep 1 10:49 AM #

3     100

Murray, What difference does it make what the land is used for, it is not Israel’s land. Have Israel taken the land? and please note its a Yes or No question.


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Mr Phil Officer  Sep 1 10:51 AM #

3     83

Murray Israel violated international law and need to be held to account, the old testament is not the law and the argument that commentators are anti Israeli is an old one now. I don’t hate Israel and I think most Irish people understand and sympathise with the plight of the Palestinian people because of our own history in fact most people Irish or otherwise would be horrified to see a grown man beat and murder a child never mind a well trained and equipped military bombarding their houses and killing them in their beds, that’s not war its an extermination. No army should target civilians.


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Kp Gumbo  Sep 1 11:05 AM #

5     35

Jesus but you are a moron !!!


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Ailbhe O’Nolan  Sep 1 11:08 AM #

8     52

Murrays got the blinkers on.


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FMan  Sep 1 11:15 AM #

50     9

‘SeekingUniversalTruth. Making silly assertions about Israel murdering its own citizens does not advance the cause of peace and an agreed settlement in the area.


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De Wit  Sep 1 11:16 AM #

6     61

Why are any of you arguing with murray? Under no circumstances will he ever admit the rogue state has done wrong, have a read of this


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Michelle Rogers  Sep 1 11:17 AM #

8     37

We need to keep our own government on track too – here is our Department of Foreign Affairs statement on Gaza:

“Ireland wants to see a permanent and sustainable ceasefire, the lifting of the blockade on Gaza which is at the root cause of this devastating conflict and ultimately the establishment of a two-state solution which is based on the borders of 1967.”

If this really is our position, then we need to be clear that our craven relationship with the USA will not interfere with this position – letting USA war jets fly over Dublin is not a great way to do that.

I hope to hear our Government publicly denounce this latest land grab.


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Colm O’Brien  Sep 1 11:26 AM #

3     40


The rule of law you refer to operates like this: the military go to court and say it’s vital for Israel’s security that we have that land to make this road or whatever and the court says ok.


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Sean O’Keeffe  Sep 1 11:42 AM #

2     41

There is a great difference between the rule of law (observed by democracies) and rule by law (common to tyrannical administrations).


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M Bowe  Sep 1 11:59 AM #

1     43

Olive oil is currently being harvested on this land by the Palestinian owners. As for the death of the 3 teenagers being cause of this illegal land grab, tenders for construction of 1000 Israeli homes was issued for this area last year.


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Paul Maguire  Sep 1 12:19 PM #

2     44

It is toltally wrong what Israel is doing no matter what spin you want put on it


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Ablitive  Sep 1 12:19 PM #

8     25

Definately a false flag operation and a pretext to ground invade Gaza (Which incidentally occurred simultaneously on the same day as MH17 hoax)

BTW………. Where are the feet?


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De Wit  Sep 1 12:24 PM #

2     10


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RP McMurphy  Sep 1 12:43 PM #

0     35

The land belongs to five Palestinian villages of Jaba, Sur’if, Wadi Fuk’in, Husan and Nahal’in according to Haaretz.

The proposal is to ‘create territorial continuity between the Green Line and the settlements of Beitar Ill it, K’far Etzi’on and Gvaot’.

I think when you appropriate 1000 acres belonging to someone else, then the law should act to protect those who are disenfranchised no matter who your international friends are. And this is on top of 245 acres appropriated from Palestine last April!


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Paul  Sep 1 12:54 PM #

1     4

maybe they were blown to bits and poured from a wheelbarrow onto them stretchers


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Brian McCarthy  Sep 1 1:18 PM #

2     22

You won’t hear any meaningful condemnation from our spineless government. Ireland is open for business but it’s not open to supporting the plight of the palestinians. Boycott Israel!!


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holden mcgroin  Sep 1 2:03 PM #

4     34

“Israel operates under the rule of law” hahahahahahahahahaha.

Israel has broken more UN resolutions than Saddam Hussein, Quadaffi and North Korea put together. And as for a “civilized” nation that uses flechettes on women and children don’t get me started. You are a propagandist Murray. An Israeli propagandist.


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Zoe Daly  Sep 1 2:10 PM #

2     21

agree Brian,

Ireland is open for business with Israel alright. You won’t hear a peep from our government. Quiet as mice.

Millions apparently spent in arms export to Israel in past few years. Interesting considering the allegiances of our last Minister for Defence!!


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twooggy  Sep 1 2:23 PM #

3     15

Murray’s an idiot!


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Ailbhe O’Nolan  Sep 1 3:10 PM #

3     16

Murray wouldn’t know the truth if it hit him in the face. The Israelis ciuld march into his house, boot him out and claim it as their own and he would still deny any wrong doing or that it even happened.


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Murray Freedman  Sep 1 5:06 PM #

18     0

Paul, please check out this link, which is what I was looking/waiting for.

FWIW, I think Israel’s timing is idiotic.


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Murray Freedman  Sep 1 5:09 PM #

16     1


Haaretz is the Israeli newspaper that informs the Guardian and BBC – i.e., not my idea of balanced reporting. However, I was waiting to get more info and as you’ve had the courtesy to respond, can I direct you to this link, which is what I was looking/waiting for.

FWIW, I think Israel’s timing is idiotic.


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Murray Freedman  Sep 1 5:11 PM #

19     0

Please see the link – it IS Israel land and the story you’ve been fed is intended to stir up trouble, where none exists.

FWIW, I think Israel’s timing is idiotic.


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Were Jammin  Sep 1 5:26 PM #

2     18

@ murray. Your links to ‘prove’ that the land belongs to israel point to an israeli organisation headed up by netenyahus former foreign policy advisor.

Comical. Pathetic yet comical.


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Chris Mcdonnell  Sep 1 6:34 PM #

7     1

So Michele prematch entertainment at croke park is letting the Americans walk all over us? Do us a favour and join IS I’ll drive you to the airport


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Sean O’Keeffe  Sep 1 6:59 PM #

0     13

“I think the timing is idiotic.”

There’s never really a good time to engage in land theft and the provocation of a subjugated people into rebellion against their oppressor.

” The British Government believes that Israeli settlements on occupied territory are illegal. So does every other government in the world, except for Israel.”


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Oran Burns  Sep 1 7:00 PM #

12     2

They don’t target civilians.

If they did then they are not very good at it!

Hamas operate from heavily densely populated civilian areas and put their own people in the firing line.

But you won’t hear that on sky news.


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John Rabbett  Sep 1 7:21 PM #

1     11

Murray, I find it interesting that you can have such faith in an article on that has no author attached to it, when other blogs on the site have authors attached. That’s usually a sign of a lack of faith in the author in what they are writing.

You complain about a lack of balanced reporting from Haaretz, yet one of the Experts at the JCPA

Nadav Shragai wrote for that paper for 27 years.

Six out of the ten of the Experts are ex IDF( most of them with high Ranks).

The rest have had roles high up in the Government.

Its looking like all the Experts are Jewish.

Now how can they possibly provide a balanced response.

In fact, its an IDF led propaganda tool. Look back at the blogs not one mention of the fact that Israel bombed UN schools. The blogs show only one side of the story. So I ask how can you think they provide a balanced view


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John Rabbett  Sep 1 7:24 PM #

1     10

Oran, it does not matter if they do or do not target civilians, the fact is they hit them, and that should be the issue not that whether or not they target them.


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Oran Burns  Sep 1 10:13 PM #

9     4

John it does matter. It matters a huge deal as intent to do harm is a serious crime!

When an army is drawn into urban guerrilla warfare in a heavily densely populated area where the attackers hide amongst civilians in schools, mosques, UN shelters and homes….tragic and awful things happen.

I should add that every loss of Palestinian or Israeli innocent life is a tragedy.

But Hamas are the ones picking a fight and they see loss of life in a holy war as an act of service to God.

So they put women and children in the firing line.

It’s a dirty war tactic which needs to be exposed for what it is.


Tweet | Share |   Report this comment

John Rabbett  Sep 1 10:43 PM #

3     6

So knowing that Hamas put women and children in the line of fire the IDF still choose to fire on them. Yes its a dirty tactic, but even when the IDF were warned they were firing to close to UN shelters they kept firing. Both Hamas and IDF are guilty of using dirty tactics. Bear in mind that Israelis were so concerned that they took months to notice that one of their bomb shelters inside the zone being attacked by Hamas was turned into a Casino…


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Murray Freedman  Sep 1 11:40 PM #

4     3

John, I don’t have a problem with its authorship because the information simply makes sense to me. There were 3 areas agreed at Oslo – the one being discussed happens to be in Area C.

With regard to the UN schools, presumably you have read why UN schools were targeted, when they were targeted. You’ve presumably seen footage from Italian, French and Indian news teams that show missiles being launched from civilian areas, in one instance immediately adjacent to a UN facility.

I entirely share your horror at the deaths and injuries and the homelessness that has resulted from this conflict. Having lived and worked in Israel over many years, Israelis do not live their lives hoping to destroy Palestinians or make their lives harder. At one time, before the 2nd intifada, there was so much interaction between Israelis and Palestinians. They worked together, shopped in each others businesses, constructed homes together and shared lives. After the 2nd intifada that stopped completely, except in places like Haifa which has a big mixed Jewish and Muslim/Christian Arab population.

Unless you live there and experience the intensity of life, both good and bad, you cannot begin to understand what drives the narrative in Israel and the Palestinian territories. The Palestinians have so much to gain if they could only try to see past 45 years of hostile programming. It might be possible with Fatah and the PA. It won’t happen with Hamas – they are ideologically unable to negotiate with Israel, so I really don’t know the way forward.


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Murray Freedman  Sep 1 11:56 PM #

8     1

I have spoken to guys who went into Gaza for Cast Lead. They said it was like fighting with one hand tied behind your back. The IDF may not fire on civilians so when they come across a Hamas operative firing at them from behind a child or woman, they have to back away. I know this is not the narrative you’ve been told, but its true, nevertheless. I don’t doubt there are some rogue soldiers as in any army who will take the law into their own hands, but if they do and they are found out, Israeli military prisons are not good places to be.

WRT those Israelis who sat on a hill, watching the glow from explosions and cheering, when you have spent the past 12 years frequently having to dive into bomb shelters to avoid rockets and now mortar shells, the people across the border are viewed as very much the enemy and those people on the hill are glad to see that enemy getting a pasting. Its a normal human reaction, but does not mean that when some of the enemy come across the border in desperate need of medical attention, they don’t get that attention in Israeli hospitals.

Last November I shared a Tel Aviv hospital room with 2 other guys, one of whom was a Gazan (and his wife), who was getting medical aid for his terminal cancer. He had the same care and attention and food as we did. Hope you can acknowledge that.

Seems to me that a great deal of the hatred some Irish people feel for Israel stems from their identification with the Palestinians as suffering as did the Irish under the British. While there are some common causes, the two stories are really not the same. In fact, early Israelis had good reason to bitterly hate the English, but thats another story.


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Dummy Crusher  Sep 3 12:15 AM #

0     1

Paid Hasbara Puppet!


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Peter Slattery  Sep 1 7:33 AM #

28     673

And so wee see the true goal of the Israeli government and the Z word. Nothing they do is in the interest of security and the safety of their citizens. They just crave land.


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Niall H  Sep 1 7:49 AM #

28     523

It’s like watching ‘the field’ only they’ve bigger beards and in this case the yank does the murdering.


Tweet | Share |   Report this comment

SeekingUniverslTruth  Sep 1 9:00 AM #

32     79

Drum roll

Ladies and the Gentlemen

The analogy of the year goes to………….Niaaalllllllll H

*rapturous applause…………..standing ovation……………..


Tweet | Share |   Report this comment

SeekingUniverslTruth  Sep 1 9:15 AM #

11     56

i just read that again niall…….clsss lmfao


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Murray Freedman  Sep 1 9:21 AM #

313     31

At its centre, Israel is 9 miles wide, from the sea to the West Bank. If Israel just,’craved land’, they would have annexed the entire West Bank by now, not withdrawn from Gaza, or returned the Sinai to Egypt.

Security for its citizens is very much at the forefront of every governments’ mind. Israel is no different.


Tweet | Share |   Report this comment

SeekingUniverslTruth  Sep 1 9:31 AM #

13     168

security is such a quaint term for murder


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Peter Slattery  Sep 1 9:56 AM #

6     87

Keep shilling, Murray.


Tweet | Share |   Report this comment

Murray Freedman  Sep 1 10:34 AM #

109     4

So are security guards by your definition, murderers?


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D H  Sep 1 11:01 AM #

5     57

Murray israel not only crave the land but they also dont want to end up a pariah. They have long figured that slow and steady is how to achieve this without ending up like sourh africa. And the international community idly by watching and seemingly supporting the ethnic cleansing of palestine to make way for the jewish israel


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Were Jammin  Sep 1 11:18 AM #

6     62

@ murray: “So are security guards by your definition, murderers?”

They are if they’re conscripted to the IDF and then shell UN shelters where innocent women and children are hiding in fear of their lives, as we just witnessed multiple times.


Tweet | Share |   Report this comment

De Wit  Sep 1 11:35 AM #

4     49

People that deliberately kill innocent people are murderers, it doesn’t matter what their job is or how many lies they tell about not meaning to do it.


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Zoe Daly  Sep 1 11:44 AM #

3     64

Its not just about land. Its about water supplies as well. Israel is claiming all the best land that contains water supplies, streams or wells. They are leaving the arid desert to the Palestinians.

Obama is afraid of the powerful Jewish lobby, because they control America. They run the film, media, entertainment and communications industries. They make or break who so ever they chose, and they have a significant voice in who becomes US President.

But Israel has gone too far this time. It is a rogue state that is out of control, in complete defiance of international law. The US, & the rest of the international community, will have to find the courage to make a stand.


fergal barry  Sep 1 7:45 AM #

31     507

Isn’t land grabbing something the Nazis did and we are still hearing how terrible it was for the Jew ish. . And the Holocaust. How come Israel thinks it’s ok for them to now do it.. A very short memory. Sickening.


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Glen  Sep 1 7:50 AM #

31     330

Today’s political zi0nists have nothing in common with those who died in hitlers camps but more with hitler himself.


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SeanieRyan  Sep 1 8:53 AM #

16     165

Look at what they did to the Black Jews from Ethiopa, they gave them contraceptives via injection and told them they were Hep shots etc.

What is that but straight from Germany of the 30′s. They have become what they most hate.


Tweet | Share |   Report this comment

Murray Freedman  Sep 1 9:40 AM #

179     16

When the Nazis grabbed land, we are talking about world domination. From the west coast of France to almost Moscow in the east, the arctic circle to the Sahara in the south.

Israel is 9 miles wide at its centre, from the sea to the West Bank. It’s returned Sinai to Egypt and Gaza to the Gazans.

But you still feel able to compare the two? And 330 geniuses think you are right? Thankfully I know many Irish people who have a deeper understanding than you and your online friends.


Tweet | Share |   Report this comment

John Rabbett  Sep 1 9:47 AM #

7     88

Now that is just sick… The fact that they don’t even try to justify it says an awful lot..


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Miguel O’Reilly  Sep 1 9:55 AM #

6     95

you really have no idea Murray do you? mass murder, land grab, propaganda machine spouting nonsense. where have we seen this all before eh?

only difference this time is the US are arming them to carry out these atrocities


Tweet | Share |   Report this comment

DN  Sep 1 9:59 AM #

7     88

@murray. Before this Irish state was born we have seen murder and land grab from occupying forces. Dont tell us Irish that we dont understand. We know damn well what its like to live under an oppressive regeme. Spout your propoganda elswhere, shill.


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Murray Freedman  Sep 1 10:37 AM #

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So no actual reply to my post – just more name calling? Well I guess that just shows how lacking in answers you are.




No matter how you cut it the Netanyahu approach to war on Hamas does not succeed and has not succeeded.


Felix Quigley leader of 4international says…Everything comes back to Netanyahu and the aims of the Israeli elite who do not want to fight and who do not any longer know how to fight. The first step in the war had to be to conquer Gaza City in the first couple of days and force all of the population towards the south, thereby splitting this tiny strip into two. Given one full day to evacuate and move south then artillery bombardment to level this total northern area and breeding ground of Antisemitism to the ground. Then Israel’s brave and precious troops of the IDF move in. The área of the tiny Gaza strip is thereby reduced by half awaiting the next move which will entail clearing the área of Antisemitism, and welcoming those Arabs who love the Jewish state, welcoming them as guests of the Jewish state.


The Netanyahu approach leaves the Hamas to continue their existence. This is based on the Netanyahu idea that the existence of Hamas prevents a Palestine seeking government (of Palestinian Arabs) to be effective.


Such total negativity from a proud nation of 3500 years standing is imposible to believe!


Netanyahu reasons that if there was such a movement then given the backing of the whole world, which includes all countries of the West even including Canada!, and includes all countries of the Arab world even including Egypt and the Saudis, with the Stalinists thrown in of China and Russia (importance not slight) with the latter dragging behind them a Stalinist “left” in the west THEN HE COULD NOT RESIST that force.




So the whole line of Netanyahu is to not put Hamas out of operation, that is make it cease to exist, as in “dead parrot” fame


Thus every action of the IDF and IAF under this type of Israeli leadership is designed NEVER to smash Hamas, but to teach it a lesson. It is reasoned that Hamas has in the past kept a kind of peace, that is it did not fire rockets for stretches of time, and at the same time as not firing rockets then it continues to drive Hajj Amin el Husseini style its Jew Hatred.


Both practically and morally more holes in this than in a sieve!


This kind of thinking and approach is actually why Netanyahu must go and as soon as possible


4international is totally opposed to the argument that because Israel is in a war then it is no time to look for new leaders.


In actual fact it is the perfect time to look for new leaders and the most decisive action in this war is to replace Netanyahu and Ya’alon types and to have a new small but collective leadership which will have as its aim the total destruction of Hamas and the rule of the Israeli state over Gaza, which will immediately open a whole new set of possibilities all of them beneficial, foremost of which will be state action to eliminate Antisemitism out of Gaza, an area in which Jews have always been associated with and is mentioned in the Bible for such association.


There can be no place in Gaza for Antisemitism. Any measures both repressive as well as humanitarian are good towards that end. THE END ALWAYS JUSTIFIES THE MEANS AND OFTEN ALSO POINTS TOWARDS THE PROPER MEANS. The end here is to eliminate Antisemitism.


A noble aim! An all encompassing aim!


Plus this is an excellent aim to disseminate widely in the west. Who could disagree on the aim of eliminating Antisemitism!?


What kind of “new leadership” though???


It is impossible to say but if in every regard it is the opposite of the Netanyahu approach. If so we are on a good road!


Netanyahu is secretive and is cut off from the masses of Israelis. It is likely his wife over breakfast cereals has a bigger role to play…it is that absurd. I mean who else if not her!


This is a nation which creates Nobel Prize winners galore but yet this setup is running the state! Truly bizarre!


Netanyahu not only does not encourage or lead discussion among the masses of Jews he actually emininates it in short measure, as his sacking of poor Danny Dayon showed, and not enough attention was given to that disgrace, an absence of attention which highlights how far the rot has set in.


We are all tired of Netanyahu waiting on Obama and his end of 8 horrible years in January 2017. There are demographic changes afoot in America and the next may be even worse than Obama.


If all of Israel including Judea and Samaria is about the size of Leinster then Gaza is about half the size of Louth, the smallest county out of 32 in my own small island of Ireland. It is tiny. Conquer it. Tell the Israeli people why. Explain our aims of eliminating Antisemitism, discuss the issue of means and ends, a philosophical issue. Discuss these issues everywhere inside the Israeli people.


This will then automatically disseminate into the IDF where the IDF middle ranks leaders, those who fight on the front lines, will be able to sack generals and appoint new ones, that is fighting and clued in generals WITHOUT DOGMA who also will be on the front line as in 67.


The IDF and Netanyahu too have done good and commendable things in the war so far. But it is all turned into its opposite (the opposite of good is evil!) by not having a strategy to defeat Hamas and by overlooking Israeli state rule to root out Antisemitism.


I read all the stuff! I have seen nobody but this good self to put this forward.


But I am a Trotskyist and I propose building a Trotskyist leadership. Of course this is not sectarian and I will work with all friends. But will they, with us?









By (Trotskyist) Felix Quigley of 4international on 24 august 2014


THE GENOCIDE OF THE YAZIDIS…Saddam was a dictator but everything changed for the worse when the US toppled him


This is a good article on the Yazidis by The Gates of Vienna editor. On BBC this norning a leader from Kurdistán has pointed out that Obama has not honoured the agreement he made when pulling out the American tropos because Obama was bound by that agreement to have stopped this horror on the Yazidis (women and children reported buried alive by Islam) One comment on a blog has wittily pointed out Obama is bringing them their last meal before being butched by Obama’s friends in ISIL. Cameron is the same:


The Genocide of the Yezidis

We’ve posted previously about the Yezidis (also spelled Yazidis), a non-Muslim non-Christian religious minority in northern Iraq. Life for the Yezidis has been precarious since the fall of Saddam Hussein, but it became much worse after ISIS, now the Islamic State, entered Kurdish territory in Iraq.

One of the avowed goals of the Islamic State is to exterminate all shirk, which is the blasphemous association of other entities with Allah in any religious worship. Shiites are mushrikun (practitioners of shirk), due to their devotion to the tombs of past imams, as are Christians (because of the Trinity) and Yezidis (due to their devotion to seven angels). Over the past few days ISIS has attacked Yezidis in Sinjar and driven them into barren mountainous areas where many have died of thirst.

The following video shows a heart-rending appeal made by a Yezidi woman during a session of the Iraqi parliament:

Below are excerpts from four articles about the attempted genocide against the Yezidis. First, from BasNews:

Iraq: Since Sinjar Takeover IS Militant Kills 300 Yazidi Kurds

The death rate of Yazidi Kurds in the city of Sinjar climbs to over 300, the path being carved by Islamic State militants a brutal and difficult road leaving the minority group will few options for survival.

These mass killings have taken place not only in Sinjar city itself, but also surrounding villages and communities such as Siba Sheikh Khdr, Grzarg and Gr Ozair.

And from News24:

40 Iraqi Children Killed After Jihadist Attack — UN

Baghdad — Forty children from northern Iraq’s Yazidi minority are reported to have died as a result of a jihadist attack on the Sinjar region, the UN Children’s Fund (Unicef) said on Tuesday.

“According to official reports received by Unicef, these children from the Yazidi minority died as a direct consequence of violence, displacement and dehydration over the past two days,” a statement said.

On Sunday, fighters from the Islamic State (IS) jihadist group that controls much of northwestern Iraq took over Sinjar, which had been under the control of Kurdish troops.

The town, near the Syrian border, is a hub for Iraq’s Yazidis, a very closed community that follows an ancient faith rooted in Zoroastrianism and referred to by jihadists as “devil worshippers”.

Sinjar was also a temporary home for thousands of displaced people from other minorities, such as Shiite Turkmen who had fled the nearby city of Tal Afar when IS launched its offensive on 9 June.

The attack on Sinjar sent thousands of people running from their homes in panic, some of them scurrying into the mountains with no supplies.

“Families who fled the area are in immediate need of urgent assistance, including up to 25 000 children who are now stranded in mountains surrounding Sinjar and are in dire need of humanitarian aid, including drinking water and sanitation services,” Unicef said.

Pictures posted on the internet by members of the Yazidi community show little clusters of people gathering on the cave-dotted flanks of a craggy canyon in the Sinjar mountains.

From Sky News:

All Eyes on Gaza Amid Desert Hell in Nineveh

An ancient landscape that was once the envy, perhaps the centre, of the civilised world.

Now a desert hell for hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, Nineveh faces a religious pogrom while the eyes of the outside world are fixed on Gaza.

In the past week the self-styled Islamic State, which captured Nineveh a few weeks ago from Iraq’s army, has attacked the heartland of the Yezidis.

This religious movement has roots that predate Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

Its community is a living tie to the global past of monotheism with a theological tradition that incorporates Zoroastrianism, Judaism, and paganism.

Now some 300,000 — the core population — are reported to be under pressure from the IS to leave their villages near Mosul or face death.

They have joined tens of thousands of Christians from Nineveh’s capital and surroundings who were given the choice to convert to Islam or die.

Finally, more background from NFSE:

Iraq’s Jihadis Have Vowed to Wipe Out the Yazidis. Who Are They?

The arrival of the self-styled “Islamic State” (IS) in the northern Iraqi town of Sinjar over the weekend sent the native religious minority fleeing. Yazidis, labeled by IS (formerly the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, ISIS) “devil worshippers,” have a long history of persecution.

Forty Yazidi children were reported killed and reports of forced conversions and murders have now emerged. A Yazidi parliamentarian fleeing northern Iraq told the Washington Post, “In our history, we have suffered 72 massacres. We are worried Sinjar could be a 73rd.”

The Sinjar area, near the border with Syria, is strategically important for IS, just 50 miles from Mosul. The United Nations has said close to 200,000 have fled the area, calling it a “humanitarian tragedy.”

Who are the Yazidis?

Yazidis (sometimes spelled Yezidis), belong to an ethno-religious group which predates Islam and has roots in Zoroastrianism, an monotheistic religion that developed in ancient Persia around 1,500 BC. Yazidis have been described as a “Kurdish heterodox group,” meaning that they’re ethnic Kurds, but outside the mainstream of the community and culture.

Over time they have incorporated aspects of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism into their beliefs. Much of the faith remains shrouded in mystery, with outsiders not allowed to convert and believers not willing to share details of their rituals.





Martin Sherman shows that Israel is facing massive threats to its exostence

4international has pleasure in reproducing the latest article by Martin Sherman


4international introduction


The question is: why did the placing of Israel in 1948 in the Middle East create so much opposition from the Arabs. Then why did the whole world adopt the “Palestinians” after 1967 when all Israel did was fight a defensive war against Nasser and his Arab cronies. In order to develop a correct strategy today it is necessary to ponder on these questions. Many people have written about this and there are good answers, but where 4international is different is that it emphasises the role of leadership, especially on the issue of the great betrayals of Stalinism and Labourism, and the historical weakness of Trotskyism after the crimes of Stalin in the 1930s leading to the murder of Trotsky in 1940. It is this active issue of leadership that we think has not been dealt with and it is this active issue of leadership that also will transform the situation in the favor of Israel and the Jews. There will be much questioning and this article by Martin Sherman is an excellent analysis of this weakness of leadership, not lack of courage, but political leadership.


One answer is oil and the need for oil in keeping capitalism running. This may seem superficial and in one sense it is, but nevertheless oil made the capitalist governments AND THEIR MEDIA start to suck up to the Arabs in a way that has never happened before.


The second deeper reason is the 2000 year old persecution of the Jews because the Christians and Muslims spread the lie that the Jews killed Jesus. This was a nonsense myth when you realise the historical figure of Jesus did not exist except for a dubious single paragraph in Josephus. But the belief exists and we defend religious belief, but this Christian Antisemitism is a big factor today, still.


The third reason totally neglected is the role of Stalinism on the international left movement


Additional to that but separate is the way in which no alternative to challenge Stalinism was able to get off the ground following the murder of Leon Trotsky in 1940. The Stalinists came out of the war with a big if not huge following in the left.


It must also be noted that all of these American Presidents including Reagan and Bush paid into this Palestinian myth, itself Antisemitic, but obviously Obama is a man who is very sympathetic to Islam. The myth is well covered int he book Phantom Nation.


This whole historical rigmarole has created and is today creating huge problems for Jews and Israel

(begin Martin Sherman’s latest article)

INTO THE FRAY: Israel’s Left: Ludicrous, loathsome and lethal  

By Martin Sherman, JPOST

idf withdraws from gaza

Thy destroyers and thy demolishers shall emerge from within thee. – Isaiah 49:17

One cannot be both a Zionist and a Leftist. – Anton Shammas, Israeli-born Arab poet

Against the wishes of much – indeed, according to one recent poll, over 85% – of the public, the government has agreed to a cease-fire in Gaza.

The wages of war

As the dust of war begins to subside, it is far easier to see what Israel did not achieve in the four weeks of bloody fighting, than what it did.

True, Israel inflicted immensely more damage on Gaza than it suffered. However, despite this, opinion polls show that more Israelis believe that Israel did not win the war than believe it did. Continue reading



The war with Hamas is already lost but this has nothing to do with the strength of Hamas but with the weakness of the Netanyahu leadership. Israel is not defeated or destroyed by this war but unless sharp lessons are learned and quickly then Israel will in the long run be defeated. Netanyahu is being supported by over 60 per cent approval but what does that mean? The reality lies outside of the knowledge of most Israelis.


What Netanyahu might have done:


  1. Declared that the aim of the war was to destroy Hamas completely
  2. Make as the number one aim of the war the arrest of the Hamas leaders and placing them on trial as war criminals
  3. Gaza is tiny! The Israeli army is powerful and totally equipped for any such war. Netanyahu could have in the first 3 days drove a wedge into Gaza to take possession of the area under which the Hamas leaders are hiding. Empty that area. Demolish every building in that area.

But Netanyahu did the opposite to all of this. He made it known through various media flunkies that it is better to keep Hamas in existence. Their arguments were sheer cowardice in action. He never mentioned the arrest of these war criminals which as the war went on and Abbas showed his hand included the PA as well as Hamas. Finally the army under Netanyahu did nothing substantial that would challenge the Hamas war criminals. Netanyahu was not fighting a war against Hamas at all because he does not understand the critical relationship between war and time.


Bibi should have been gone before this war started. He should have been out of Israeli politics for good when he sat on the fence as Sharon mobilised his Stalinist, Judaism hating pólice, aided by many Rabbis by the way, to empty Gaza of Jews and handed it over to the enemy. THAT was the time but it is still not too late to remove him.



On his blog Richard Landes has summed up the Hamas strategy. I want to record it simply because it is the truth:


Hamas’ strategy works like this:

  1. Cyclically attack your enemy’s civilians in such as way as to provoke a violent retaliation.
  2. Hide behind civilians (neighborhoods, schools, hospitals) so that the retaliation does your civilians the maximal damage.
  3. Produce an industry of lethal narratives portraying Israel as ruthless murderers of civilians (a projection of Hamas tactics and desires).
  4. Have these lethal narratives circulated by journalists as news, so that international opinion rises up against Israel.
  5. Survive until that international outrage forces the Israelis to pull back and save you.
  6. Repeat, with each reiteration making Israel weaker on the military battlefield and more isolated in the global community.

Given how merciless and self-destructive this strategy, it has proven surprisingly effective. As Jeremy Bowen explains, each round is a race in time between the moments the Israelis strike (back) and the time an incensed international community intervenes decisively to stop the “humanitarian crisis.”









Yes this is the logical extensión of the whole of the Arab Palestinian false narrative against the Jews, from beginning to end.


1. The figures of dead and injured are created each morning by the Hamas “Ministry of Health” or sometimes called “Medical Sources” and this is at once relayed tot he world by the Media, without a question being asked. This will happen over a massive number of news outletsm from big to small, as I Heard yesterday on the Steven Ritson radio hour on Talk Radio Europe. Ritson is small time but remember this is carried by the big groups such as BBC and then relayed onto social media outlets such as, very active in forming Irish opinión


2. This has always been the method of the Arabs against Israel, as it was of the Hitlerite Nazis aganst Jews. The Nazis worked to créate an atmosphere where the JEWS were seen as the aggressors and the “por” Germans the victims of the Jews. The western Media is invovled fully in this. This is why all the reports from the Izetbegovic Muslim side were taken as true and the Serb reports were ignored by the Media. Anything is posible by this method. It is total mind manipulation


3. The social media sews the whole thing up. I ventured a few times onto and found that every post I made there were about 20 wihtin a very short period of time made against. It is a definition of an incipient Fascism in action


4. This farrago of lies and this poison of slander against Israel has totally screwed the left up, so that yesterday there were hundreds of Nigerians murdered by Boko Haram, with the Nigerian Government impotent or just not caring enough to do anything, and this is ignored in Ireland, which historically has always had very close relations with Christians in Nigeria


Yesterday the Media was full of numbers all taken from Hamas. It is a war of numbers


But as I stated above it is totally consistent with the modus operandi of all of these forces ranged against Israel that if Israel does not provide they will. That is they will massacre their own people in schools and hospitals


Sometimes this is by keeping Arabs insidem forbidding them exit, but most importantly it is by directing their own shells into these schools


Who is to investigate. The Media do not report. If they do not toe the Hamas line then their photographers etc. are in serious diffs.


Yet do just a Little research and there is evidence that a great percentage of the rockets fired within Gaza by Hamas are not exiting Gaza. This may be all accidents or failures. But it is entirely logical that they are setting up false flag operations and these hamas rockets are hitting schools, with the Media on hand to report children in distress and blaming Israel. It was their own organization, that they elected, which did it.


The essence of Fascism. Based on Lies. Hitler did exactly that in taking power in Germany.


4international is very clear on the way forward. What you have in the “Palestinians” is a real army of Antisemitism (Jew Hatred) and they mobilise in many, energetic and always ingenious ways.


Most Jews know: leave this in place and not one thing is solved.


But then there is Boko Haram and there is ISIL and there is also plans for world war against Russia by Fascist Imperialism


The Jews, Israel, Judaism, modern Israel…cannot tie all this together. That is their weakness. Their strength lies in the national movement. It is a very strong national movement


Like the Irish feel themselves as Irish, kind of, the Jews really do feel themselves as a nation.


Their great misión is to end Antisemitism in the Land of the Jews, in Israel.


To do so means that as Martin Sherman says “Gaza has to go”. The first step is to militarily defeat Hamas and to place its leadership in a special category of fascist Nazi killers of Jews.


It means rejecting totally the US plots of “unity governments” which will simply continue the Antisemitism.


There was great hatred and evasión of my proposals on to plot the rise of the “Palestinains”, in fact as “Phantom Nation” proves the first mention of the “Palestinians” was in 1970


So it is doable. There are moreover Arabs who are fair and will support the Jewish Homeland and will reject this Facist ideology of Edward Said “Palestinianism”. They will be welcome guests. The Jews will be most kind to such Arabs and they will live in friendship.


Everything takes time. But some things have to be done within days or weeks. First is to capture the Hamas Command holed up deep underground under Gaza City. With their capture and imprisonment waiting an uncertain fate things will change dramatically. Jewish lives will be sacrificed but the more decisive the action, the clearer the political strategym the less hesitation by leadership, thenethe less bloodshed on both sides there will be.


Above all that is worth fighting for, to have a Jewish Homeland in which there is not an inch space for Antisemitism


The UN actually has its schools storing the Hamas rockets and when discovered they hand these rockets over to Hamas. So everything from the UN is suspect.


But the truth eventually comes out:






Goldberg begins with this paragraph and it is enough:


I suppose I’ve kept you guessing a little since the start of the ground invasion. I’ve gone from writing posts critical of the government and damning the attacks to supporting the IDF all of the way in Gaza. My feelings were that the government led us down a path to unnecessary war when they should have invested more time in negotiation, more time in finding a way for their people to live without war. These feelings though are for now irrelevant.


Goldberg follows in the tradition of Neville Chamberlain. Israel is facing the Nazis of the “Palestinians” founded by the Nazi Hajj Amin el Husseini and he is saying that Israel should have negotiated with these Nazis.


Just like Chamberlain!


It is very important for the good of Israel and of Jews that Marc Goldberg be placed in a secure prison now, and that is at least, I would much prefer to see Goldberg executed as a traitor, along with Livni and all those others who supported in any way the calamity of Israel withdrawing and handing Gaza across to the Fascist enemy (I mean here by this term not Hamas but the “Palestinians”)


It was the cowardly pulling out of Gaza, and the handing of the Gaza across to the enemy the “Palestinians”, that has caused so many deaths of Jews and so much hardship for millions of Jews continually hit in 10 years by rockets from Gaza.


With extreme arrogance Marc Goldberg has written of this Gaza withdrawal thus:


BEGIN QUOTE…”Before screaming about the suffering caused by the withdrawal it is worth considering just where we would be were we still occupying the Strip and just how long the monthly casualty would be. Then ask how many dead Israeli soldiers should we suffer before saying that enough is enough.

In the circumstances of the time I think that history has actually vindicated Sharon’s withdrawal rather than condemn it.”


Yes I would certainly have this bastard executed for treason. He has had a hand in the murder of too many Jewish civilians and Jewish soldiers. At the very least imprison this traitor and throw away the key.






In fact it is indeed Jewish owned by a guy called Martin Nathan.


I am unsure about the guy who runs the discussion of politics there Richard Tindesley but by the remarks made to him by a raging Israel hater there a few weeks ago he may be Jewish.


In any case the programme all 2 hours of it yesterday refused to defend Israel from Hamas and that is the classic position to focus on.






So far as it goes Tindesley in a previous week was of the opinión that Jews were not forced out of Morocco. He seemed to be saying that Muslims treated Jews well in Morocco.


This is definitely factually incorrect. And it shows a certain bias does it not.


However yesterday with Israel’s back to the Wall I did not hear ONE defence of Israel



4international sends our full support to the IDF and we give critical support to all the leaders of the Israeli state as they are in war with Hamas, a savage, Jew Hating branch of the Muslim Brotherhood


It behoves any socialist worthy of his name to stand with Israel 100 per cent in this war.


The initial thoughts of Netanyahu and the whole of the Israeli Government except for Danon have been proved to be faulty. 4international knew they were wrong. We knew that Hamas would not give up their rockets into Israel. We knew that Hamas was not fighting on its own but fighting along with world Antisemitism, and this is now represented by the Alliance of Stalinist and Anarchist forces in the west, those who ran protests in Dublín, London, and Paris, where the latter involved a running battle now on video against the Paris synagogue with Jews cowering inside (shades of the Nazis)


We on stand unconditionally with Israel and with the IDF


It involves the fight against Fascism and how to really confront Fascism, and to defeat Fascism


This brings us back many years and history is being projected rapidly into the present. For example, just one example, how to defeat the advances of the Fascist Franco on the Young Republic set up by the Spanish Revolution from 1931 onwards


Trotsky said a United Front, fight shoulder to shoulder with the Progressive forces against Franco, but mobilise the masses in the Soialist Revolution


This means for sure standing shoulder to shoulder with the IDF in Gaza.


Gaza should never have been surrendered in 2005. The deaths of Israelis and Israeli soldiers lie at the door of people like Mrs Livni


The major difference with all previous wars in Gaza and Lebanon is General el Sisi in Egypt and what he represents.


What el Sisi represents is that the masses of Muslims in Egypt had a close look at Sharia going into practice under Morsi AND THEY REJECTED THAT


There is no OTHER explanation as to why the masses turned so decisively to support el Sisi AGAINST THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD


Normally socialists are against military dictators. But read león Trotsky. The history of the socialist movement is full of this and if alive Trotsky would support el Sisi fully against The Muslim Brotherhood


This is the dialectic of political and military struggle.


Hamas and all the other Jihadists must be completely destroyed in Gaza but it cannot stop there, also in Judea and Samaria


This IS the point. Abbas is the Holocaust denier, and he says that the Nazis and Jews created what Holoaust (in his skewed opinion) there was.


Ababs and the PLO are the main enemy.


Obama is blocked from attacking Israel with NATO by el Sisi and also by the firm resistance to NATO and Jihad by the Syrian freedom fighter (in these conditions he is that) Assad.


Obama and Rice in the UN simply hate Israel and wish for Israel to be defeated in the sense of another ceasefire followed by more rockets on Sderot. The now freedom fighter El Sisi and strangely Assad are blocking Obama and Rice and will continue to do so.


Everything depends on leadership…Everything


There must be a choosing of new leaders in Israeel. Livni must be out. Haaretz closed down immediately. Antisemitic writers expelled.


Antisemitism in Israel (I include here Gaza and Judea and Samaria) must be rooted out actively


4international is alone in saying that there are many Arabs who will support The Jewish State of Israel with a full heart. That is what I mean by the fight against Antisemitism


Keep them! They will be valued guests of the Jewish State. Those who cannot quite do that and they will be smaller in number Israel will be generous to in helping form a new life in places like Ireland and Europe (Germany is a possibility)


But finally in the history of the Jewish State sincce 1917 there is no room for Antisemitism AT ALL


A great future. A great aim. And all means to that great aim are great.


It will go hand in hand with building on an international basis


Do not be misled by Bibi’s jew wasting crummy Little war on Gaza. Bibi is seeking a Neville solution actually no solution at all

Historical precedent but Holocaust to follow
Neville Chamberlain holding the paper containing the resolution to commit to peaceful methods signed by both Hitler and himself on his return from Munich. He is showing the Anglo-German Declaration to a crowd at Heston Aerodrome on 30 September 1938. He said:

“…the settlement of the Czechoslovakian problem, which has now been achieved is, in my view, only the prelude to a larger settlement in which all Europe may find peace. This morning I had another talk with the German Chancellor, Herr Hitler, and here is the paper which bears his name upon it as well as mine (waves paper to the crowd – receiving loud cheers and “Hear Hears”). Some of you, perhaps, have already heard what it contains but I would just like to read it to you …”.

Later that day he stood outside Number 10 Downing Street and again read from the document and concluded:

‘”My good friends, for the second time in our history, a British Prime Minister has returned from Germany bringing peace with honour. I believe it is peace for our time.”


I am breaking new ground for Trotskyism and for the Jewish cause on the Irish website


I am finding it is not enough to take on the Antisemites who hate Israel and everything to do with Israel (more on this later) but also I am forced to oppose those on the supposed pro-Israel side who say that “the Palestinians have to have a state”.


I am asking the same question to both of these groups which are:

  1. The Antisemites who are hateful to the Jewish Homeland yet support Irish nationalism, as do the Irish Republicans like Adams of Sinn Fein and Provie fame, raging double standard here is there not
  2. The opposite side who although they claim to be campaigning FOR Israel cannot and will not address the simple question about the “Palestinians”


Because my simple question drawn from the outstanding book Phantom Nation by Sha’i ben-Tekoa (who I do not know and have never spoken to even!) is at what date in rough terms did the Arabs start calling themselves “Palestinians”


One predictable answer to this is that it does not matter? So history does not matter! Well I am a Marxist and history does!


This is also the position of the basic traitor to the Jews Bibi Netanyahu and all his associates who are directing (unfortunately) (very badly) this war against Hamas in Gaza


What Netanyahu seeks to do in this “war” is to resuscitate Hamas. That is a strange aim you might say. Surely all the froth and foam from Bibi says that he hates Hamas.


Ah no! Not at all!


For example take a concrete situation and weigh it up with some rationality. Bibi sure does not hate Jews being terrorised by Hamas or he would not have done NOTHING for so long as Jews in Sderot (now all of Israel) scrambled with their kids for shelters and slept every night in concrete dungeons in the bowels of their own home in their own Jewish Homeland


To Bibi it is all politics and the politics of his crummy career surviving


According to Debka the centre of the Hamas command is in the centre of Gaza City. This is natural. As the rocket men dash out and launch death so the leaders go right into the centre of population centres.


Israel is good at intelligence so they know exactly where they are.


Bibi is a traitor to the Jews and he will NOT go for them. He wants to keep them alive. Bibi actually believes in a new form of Palestinian United Government. He believes now fundamentally in this two state thing more than ever.


So my question to these two groups on becomes very relevant. Which is roughly “If you are going to have a Palestinian State” and advocate as Irish Jewess Jenni Hutchinson is doing right there now and a guy called “Charles” there also, then answer the dammed question


At what date mate did the Arabs start calling themselves “Palestinians”


It is also at the centre of the fight to replace Netanyahu and to expose his crummy, useless war in Gaza. I think Bibi is going to waste young Jews’ lives in that to create this monstrosity a Pali state. Israelis from my Irish perspective are not smart people. Rather they are very smart in ways but politically speaking…They are dumbest of the dumb.


I expect all readers of 4international to follow responses on the journal and to buy Phantom Nation NOW


First see what they answer to my question on

Second buy for a handful of quid


Also relevant is this


The first hours of Israel’s Operation Defensive Edge ground phase against Hamas were marked by heavy artillery and air pounding to soften up the terrain as the ground forces went in Thursday night, July 17. The troops advanced in two heads – one north to Jebalya and Beit Lahiya and the other south, where it went into action initially against Khan Younes and Rafah. The IDF took its first casualty before dawn Friday: Sgt. Eytan Barak, 20, from Herzliya, who served in the Nahal Division
In its current phase, the IDF ground operation is focusing on southern Gaza, with the potential for expanding into further areas, as and when the government decides, IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz told the special cabinet session Friday.

The densely populated Gaza City has not been broached as yet.

debkafile’s military experts maintain that the first 48 hours of a war are often critical for determining its outcome. If a tactical gain is not achieved early on and a psychological blow not inflicted on the enemy, the operation tends to start losing traction by the third and fourth days.
That is why it is so important to hit the teeming Gaza City without delay, because Hamas has buried its core infrastructure under the crowded town center: Housed in a fortified bunker complex are its command and control, its communications systems and its longest-range weapons, which are held ready to strike after an Israeli invasion.
Bringing a small special operations force close enough to the Hamas stronghold would be useful for making the enemy feel threatened. But most importantly, it could gather the kind of intelligence which spy satellites and the air force were unable to reach. A small ground force trained in surveillance could pull this data from a point 200-300 meters away from target.

So the IDF has not yet applied the full weight of its might against Hamas. The troop movements in the early hours of the ground operation appeared designed more as a signal to Hamas that the incursion would stop right there, if it accepted a ceasefire on Egyptian and Israeli terms.




The news of the Malaysian plane blown out of the sky by a rocket is just dreadful. It was reported that many of the passengers were going or coming from an Aids conference, as if they did not have enough problems int their families, then this


Apart from the human tragedy that we all feel as humans I was struck by the war cries made by Biden and the Sun Tabloid against Russia


I will not speculate on the cause because I have no idea but the way that Biden and the Sun reacted is a message to us all…we are living in a most dangerous time, and I think those who try to bury their heads in the sand are such fools.


The crisis facing freedom fighters in Ukraine and Russia is accentuated by these things


  1. American capitalism and Imperialism is very unstable and as well as being unstable there are deep urges within American capitalism to make war on Russia, which it still sees as Soviet Russia. The Russian Revolution of 1917 gave a horror shock to world capitalism, especially of Britain, france and America. They have neither forgotten or forgiven
  2. The resurgence of old forms, those of Fascism and the Nazis. We saw this in the war on the Serbs by those old forms centred in Croatia and Bosnia
  3. We see also that very often these societies today under severe attack from forms of Fascism are not really prepared to meet and defeat Fascism. This is best seen in the war conducted on the Jews today (on Israel), but also on the war on the Christians of Nigeria, on the Christians and Alawites in Syria, on the Christian Copts in Egypt, and now on the freedom lovers in Ukraine and Russia


We await devemopments as to who did this terrible deed. But what is most revealing is the political attacks on Russia, veritable calls to war on Russia, by Biden and the Sun tabloid. It would not take much for them to launch a nuclear war on Russia or China. Israel is in the same basic danger from these forces when you keep in mind always that the American people love Israel but the Americal ruling class hate Israel.



4international believes that a lengthy war against Hamas and Gaza is the way forward. Lengthy but not interminable. The immediate end is to isolate Hamas, destroy the Hamas ability to rocket Israel and Israeli citizens whether Jewish or Arab. Arab Israelis are also now being hit by Hamas rockets. The final end is the destruction of Hamas and the exile of its leadership, to Saudi Arabia or to wherever. Meanwhile and without delay Abbas and Omar Barghoutti must be placed on trial for treason. They lie on television to promote Jew Hatred. The BBC is also doing this so it should be totally banned from Israel.


To pursue the end, that is stopping the rockets, it is necessary to move troops into two areas. They are: 1. The northern part of the Gaza Strip and 2. The southern part on the border with Sinai called the Pennsylvanian Corridor (FQ…Since writing this it appears that Israel may be doing the first part, or may not)


Very soon Arabs must be welcomed into these two areas but on one condition and one condition only – they must be true friends of the Jewish Homeland of Israel and are happy to be the guests of that Jewish Homeland.


I myself would apply to live there but as an Irish person I would be a guest of the Jewish Homeland, and only as a guest would I accept. Jews because of the history of Antisemitism must be in total control of the Jewish Homeland. Note and note well…Jews did not create Antisemitism – the Gentile created Antisemitism


Hamas as in all Islamic states operates as a cult and there needs to be freedom from Hamas in order for the Arab people to be able to think with freedom. This is the role of the Israeli state. But first the Israeli state must defeat this cult.


There is no substantive difference between Hamas and the PLO. They are united in every way. 4international will seek to deepen our understanding of this by comparing the constitutions and practice of the two organizations, quite apart from the fact that Abbas has just united with Hamas


Our position as Trotskyists is unique. The important test is not only accepting but enthusiastically supporting and defending the Jewish Homeland, as the Homeland for the oppressed Jews


We cannot predict the future but Trotskyism is optimistic and always realistic. Many non-Jews of whatever race will come to that support of the Jewish state. It is a theoretical and ideological cum political position. The position of free thinking people opposed to cultism!


This is essentially the position of 4international as we try to grapple with this reality. The key and central concept in this war is that the Jews and Israel are not dealing with an ordinary enemy, but are dealing with a special kind of cult.


In this war Israel is not just fighting for itself. History has placed it in a position where it is fighting for all free peoples.


Netanyahu actually summed it up yesterday. It explains everything that has happened and has yet to come. Netanyahu referred to the Jihad and how so many governments in the region were toppling. One after the other. But the ground held and well held (I would point out) by el Sisi in Egypt (That is important)


This war will not be easily won or quickly won by Israel. 4international tries to avoid dogma and takes instead a sober look at events.


Especially this war was not caused by the Jews or Israel. As an Irish person I do not want to see ONE IDF soldier losing his or her life in this war if that can be avoided. Boldness will win but also cunning is essential because the enemy is a cunning enemy.


We have said that Israel should take over two areas of the Strip. The North is essential because last night that area was used to send a blanket of bombs into Tel Aviv, which is to the North along the coast.


I also think the Philadelphia Corridor is essential and there should be an alliance made with el Sisi on this


This sentence extracted from kind of sums up our thinking


Quote…The rockets fired during this week came in an ever widening arc. Israel air strikes wrought heavy surface damage to the Gaza Strip, but scarcely scratched its rocket capabilities.”


“scarcely scratched its rocket capabilities”


Please note this very well. I think these two positions above should be taken up.


This is a cult in Gaza. I suspect that Gazans are lining up to become martyrs and that is what Hamas meant on their webpage when they outlined their strategy of civilian deaths being welcomed and planned for


If those two areas are taken and held then the leadership of Hamas is squeezed not defeated but with continued air attack they the leaders are more vulnerable


There is one major issue. Obama and the EU as we know from other issues are essentially on the side of the Jihad


I remember a prominent Irish historian describing the Battle of Clontarf as involving essentially taking the ground and holding on to the ground on which the enemy stands. The Irish contestant was an Irish King called Brian Boru and he was fighting the Danes.


I do hope that Netanyahu and the Israeli states starts this process by taking the north of the Gaza strip and holding on to that ground


4INTERNATIONAL now stands on its own in defending the 6 Jews arrested and being charged with the murder of a Palestinian Arab youth

The “great” jewish leader Ted Belman of Israpundit refuses to defend these 6 Jews

I am totally and completely as a revolutionary socialist, no religious affiliation, totally atheist, based on the science of materialism COMPLETELY DISGUSTED WITH ALL ISRAELI JEWISH LEADERS and above all with Belman

Belman of Israpundit issued one of the most pernicious attacks on Jews when he in a statement basically threw these 6 arrested by the Israeli pólice onto the garbage heap.

Murderers are murderers, whether Jew or Arab. Their lawyers will try to diminish the nature of the crime by arguing grievance. But that is not the issue here.The PA and Hamas share responsibility for the murder of the three Jewish boys because they glorify killers and encourage the killing of Jews. The same cannot be said of Israel. Israel never advocates murder or hate and so is not complicit in the murder of the Arab boy. Israel, in no way bears responsibility. The fact that Israel refused to knuckle under Arab demands and American pressure to “make peace” changes nothing. Ted Belman

Belman took the Word of the Israeli pólice

That is the same pólice which rammed through the Gaza withdrawal and the same pólice which pulled Jew after Jew out of their homes in Gaza


I can find no Jewish Israeli leader or blogger I MEAN NOT ONE who is prepared to stand up and defend these Jewish 6 against the Israeli pólice


But my disgust leads me to the point I have always made that there needs to be a new Trotskyist leadership built in Israel


I have investigated many such situations one of which was the so called massacre in Srebrenica. I found in Srebrenica that the whole deal against the Serbs was hatched by the Media among Muslims far away from Srebrenica and in which the Muslims were able to say anything

Something very similar has happened here. Everything we know is what the pólice tells. That includes a reenactment by 3 of the 6 accused who the pólice told us have reenacted the crime

So then if the case is thus AND SO FIRM why are they keeping the lawyers away from these 6

These 6 are being hung out to dry by the Israeli bloggers every dammed one of them

Only 4international is defending and will defend these 6 Jews from the pólice.

Let that be remembered. We certainly will remember it. What chance that Netanyahu defeats Hamas???!!! Not a chance nor any of these other “leaders” like Belman when they stick the kniffe into 6 Jews thus

The only site I find reporting is Arutz Sheva:

One of the fathers says:

“The father claimed that the main suspect in the murder “has psychological problems. He’s a dear person and wouldn’t have done something like this. If he did do something like this, it’s because of his sickness.”

“The cousins are crazy for him, my son is crazy for him. They’d do anything he’d tell them. But he confessed out of illness, he’s mentally sick. I don’t believe that he would do something like this, but I know that he is sick,” added the father.

He further noted that one of the minors arrested “takes pills too. He’s a child who doesn’t go to yeshiva because he has fears. I know each of these children closely. They are good kids who aren’t capable of doing bad things. He (the main suspect) is psychologically sick, and he dragged them after him to it. He has an illness, everyone knows.”



4international calls for full defence by Jews and Socialists of the 6 charged by the Jerusalem police AND by Netanyahu

We call especially for full details of the questioning of these Jewish 6 by the police

Also we call for investigation of threats of kidnapping against other members of the family, the younger sister and brother

Investigate the role of Netanyahu especially that consistently this leader is not prepared to defend Jews of Sderot from Hamas bombs and rockets

Investigate also the US promotion of ISIS terrorists in Jordan and Turkey, and the reports that there is an ISIS cell in Hebron. ISIS is active in the area and thus the CIA is active in the area. MI6 is also involved here.




So we are now expected to believe … 6 Jews snapped and resorted to violence and a ghastly murder.

But remember the above is ALLEGEDLY and if the police are not doing another frame-up against religious Jews whom the police hate then I personally will be somewhat surprised.

4international has said that we have seen no evidence that Jews murdered this Arab boy. We have seen plenty of evidence that Jews did not murder this Arab boy.

There are so many angles to this whole episode that a Sherlock Holmes would be stressed out to follow all of the leads, not least that there were kidnapping threats against other members of the boy’s family, and that the whole issue of involvement of very dark forces, not Jews, not religious Jews, not “settlers”, but other dark forces are involved.

I was amazed at the BBC reports last night on the World Service that the lawyers for the accused 6 Jews has NOT YET SPOKEN TO HIS CLIENTS and that there is a warrant against the lawyer seeing the 6 Jews.

And that in order to see the 6 clients the lawyers have to go to the High Court today TO HAVE THE WARRANT LIFTED so that the lawyer can speak to the 6 Jews and have some definite information as to what has been happening

If that is true and the BBC information is always biased against the Jews then that spells out for me one big fraud is happening

The whole thing I believe from the start to finish has been a carefully laid “false flag” in which the purpose and way is being laid to negate the Fascist Gorillas of Hamas, to negate the Israeli Jewish community as a whole who now understand that peace with Muslims is impossible, and to ram through a settlement with a new and united Palestine Authority

Answer why are 6 Jews charged with the murder of an Arab and their lawyers have a warrant against them seeing the same 6 Jews?

Answer why the police officer investigating made it known that there was major doubt it was a revenge killing by Jews at all, but now has gone quiet on that

Especially answer why the murdered boy had his sister and younger brother also threatened with kidnapping etc.

Remember also this:

All of the main actors are acting out of much desperation

1. This political snake and incompetent Netanyahu acts continually from great weakness. He allows Jews to be rocketed by Fascist Muslims day and night non-stop. He amasses Jews on the border of Gaza and does nothing. Netanyahu is a bluffer and bluffers, unless you are Doc Watson, grow desperate (Doc was not a bluffer ever but bluffing is the Netanyahu stock and trade). A whole false flag operation could be being directed by Netanyahu because he is so desperate!
2. Obama and his crisis ridden governmental rule. Because of Obama and Clinton HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS IF NOT MILLIONS of Christians and minority religions are being driven out of Iraq. And that is only the start of his crises! Obama is desperate for some kind of victory. So Obama is desperate that a PA Unity Government succeeds
3. But a PA Government leading some kind of Pali State is impossible without outright military dictatorship which will involve the Fascist Islamic Holy Warriors of War
4. Abbas is desperate also. Hamas is desperate. All of this rotten edifice known as the Palestinians IS desperate. And really who directs them, owns them? It is the US State and CIA!
5. Finally the “Left” fascists are also desperate because this Antisemitism is NOT the tradition of revolutionary socialism, which we on 4international alone represent.


In the space of less than a week, Israel finds itself trapped in an ungovernable maelstrom of violence. Its root cause is the Netanyahu government laxness in the face of the traumatic discovery on July 30 of the bodies of the Israeli teenagers Gil-Ad Shaer, Naftali Fraenkel and Eyal Yifrach, kidnapped and slain by Hamas. This was followed two days later by the murder of a 16-year old Palestinian, Muhammad Abu Khdeir, from Jerusalem, which set off three days of violent riots by masked Palestinians in Jerusalem suburbs. They hurled rocks and firebombs, disrupting traffic and starting four large fires around the city.
Scores of Palestinian rockets thundered non-stop from the Gaza Strip in the meantime. Saturday night, their range was expanded to three southern towns, Beersheba, Ashkelon and Ofakim. Iron Dome only intercepted a fraction of these launches.

Friday night, the ill wind spread from Jerusalem to the Israeli Arab towns of the Triangle in central Israel, where masked men waylaid cars outside Qalanswa and, after determining the drivers were Jewish, pulled them out, beat them up and torched their vehicles.

From Taiibeh and Umm al-Fahm, masked youths waving Palestinian flags hurled rocks at passing highway vehicles and neighboring Jewish villages, rolling burning tires from Baq’a al-Garbiyeh. Riot police fought the rampages with tear gas and stun grenades and make dozens of arrests.
Saturday night, this rampage also spread to Nazareth.
The most striking feature of this breakdown of security has been the passive response of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon and the Israeli chief of staff, Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz.
In the beginning, Netanyahu appered to hear the popular fury and agony aroused by the murder of the three Israeli boys, whose killers were heard on a police tape laughing and celebrating after shooting them at point blank range.

He said at their funerals: “Even Satan could find no revenge for the blood of a child,” and: “Hamas is responsible, and Hamas will pay.” He said that punishment would not only be applied to the kidnappers but to their confederates in the kidnap conspiracy.
But instead, after the funerals, the IDF scaled down its counter-terror offensive on the West Bank. The hunt for the two kidnappers, Marwan al Qawasme and Omar Abu Ayshe, continued along with detentions of local Hamas activists and the shutting down the charity societies and other profit-earning enterprises supporting the movement.
Instead of being made to pay in earnest, Hamas was allowed to unleash a ferocious new barrage of rockets against Israel from its Gaza launching pads. They were greeted only with feeble Israeli air strikes of evacuated Hamas and Jihad Islami facilities. But in the face of one of Israel’s most acute security crises in recent years, the Israeli army was held in check.
In fact, the prime minister decided to outsource the solution. Egypt, Jordan, Turkey and Qatar were entrusted with trying to persuade Hamas to accept a truce and halt its rocket barrage.

Hamas immediately raised unacceptable conditions. But even so, Israel knows from long experience that for this Islamist extremist group, a ceasefire accord with Israel is non meant to be binding, only a temporary shift for avoiding punishment.
The root problem remained unsolved, only shelved for a while, until a new crisis comes along to make Israelis forget what happened. This process is already in train in the case of the grave menace posed by a nuclear Iran, which has been blocked out of popular awareness by the new calamaties.

Very few people noticed that in the latest round of P5+1 negotiations with Iran, the Obama administration agreed to leave Tehran in possession of all its nuclear facilities so long as it remained six months away from break-out capacity to a bomb. Netanyahu’s epic failure to make good on his vow to prevent a nuclear Iran was thoroughly obscured by the disasters circling around Hebron, Jerusalem, Sderot and Qalanswa.

Leaving crises in the pending tray until a more urgent calamity relegates them to the bottom drawer is a long-held Netanyahu strategy which is now jumping back in his face.
The messages Israel sent Hamas Friday, July 4: ”Quiet will be greeted with quiet,” and “The IDF does not seek escalation” were not treated as a fair offer, but an exhibition of weakness. Like the bombardment of empty buildings in Gaza, it eroded the IDF’s deterrent capacity and its reputation as the stalwart guardian of national security.
This weakness was not just seized on by Hamas, but by the Palestinian, the Israeli Jewish and Israel Arab streets, who grabbed the reins of the current crisis.
It was never up to the Egyptian president or the Jordanian monarch to resolve the predicaments of Israelis and Palestinians. They should never have been put in that position. Israel’s prime minister and his defense command one of the most competent armies and counter-terror forces in the world. It should have been allowed to do its job of keeping the country safe from enemies.
Internal Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovich declared Saturday night: “We have zero tolerance for lawbreakers. They will be brought to justice. We will not permit innocent people to be wantonly harmed.” The trouble is that it is not up to the police to fix the decline of national and personal security in Israel. The forces of law and order are brought in when all else fails. Since those who should be responsible are still not playing their assigned roles, the escalation of violence inside Israel and on the Gaza front is to be expected.


IMF Calls for Funding of Fatah-Hamas Unity Government

International Monetary Fund urges international donors to step up funding to fill ‘sizable gap,’ even as rocket wave crashes on Israel.

By Ari Yashar

First Publish: 7/4/2014, 10:00 AM

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Thursday urged international donors to increase funding for the Palestinian Authority (PA) to aid “Palestinian reform efforts,” indicating the new Fatah-Hamas unity government.

IMF mission chief Christoph Duenwald said the PA is “doing a commendable job” of managing its economy, but that the global donor community needs to fill a “sizable” gap in funds for the PA, reports AFP.

It is worth noting that as of March, the PA had reached a staggering $4.8 billion in debt.

“Against the background of rising political uncertainty, the economy of the West Bank and Gaza is weakening,” said Duenwald. “Unemployment, particularly youth unemployment, currently at 43%, continues to rise from already high levels.”

In his call for funding, Duenwald said “continued donor support is vital at this time, as is a comprehensive easing of Israeli restrictions to underpin the Palestinian reform efforts.”

The IMF is now behind the Hamas and PA Government. This is the most important fact and is the key to understanding the abductions of the 3 Jewish youth and of the abduction also of the Palestinian Arab youth. The background is being ignored by essentially Jew and Israel hating commenters on blogs like the Irish “The journal” (please understand that many of these commenters on these “Irish” blogs are not Irish)


So the question is why the IMF which along with NATO its armed wing is so intent on preserving the descendents of Hajj Amin el Husseini. same reason as why they promoted the Islamist Savage Izetbegovic in Yugoslavia in the 1990s, who hosted Bin Laden in Bosnia and began the process leading to 9-11


Consider that the whole of the capitalist system is in deep crisis. There is mass unemployment in Europe. There is also mass unemployment in America because many of the population especially youth have no contract in work, but work day to day, month to month. Big moves to disable protest are being taken by the Spanish PP government.


The capitalist governments in Britain have over decades allowed the influx of big numbers of Muslims who have not and will not integrate into British social life but instead demand Shariah Law living. That breaks down parliamentary democracy and is a step towards Fascist Rule (where parliament does not rule)


Meanwhile in America the Obama Government is at this very moment signing for millions of ilegal immigrants to be made legal. This changes a country very quickly and most of all it makes a joke out of laws and regulations, laws and regulations which were laid down by “parliamentary democracy”, in this case Congress.


Capitalism in a deep crisis will do ANYTHING to survive. This extends to spy snooping on all of us and to making war on its competitors, especially on the China and Russian Empires.


And in that context what capitalism in crisis is doing is creating Alliance with the strongest fascist forces at present on earth, which are those of Islam…the Jihad! With ISIL! And our report from Aaron Klein shows that is what the US and EU has done.


We cannot yet know who was behind the abductions of the past week. But stirring it up between Jew and Arab and destroying the Jews while keeping Islam as a Fascist battering arm may be the main aim


So this article is very important. We Trotskyists on say that the Jews in the world MUST HAVE their Homeland which is Israel.


We believe that there are many Arabs, and many Palestinian Arabs, who can be won to this concept also. This also applies to the Arab youth and the Arab women but not exclusively them either…all Arabs.


Many Arabs can see that “Palestinianism” is in fact Fascism and so can see this form of Fascism as the weapon of the capitalist ruling clases of the world. Yes this article is important and it raises the vital question…what is in it for the IMF?:





(begin Martin Sherman analysis here)

By adhering to a policy of avoiding confrontations which Israel can win, the government risks leading it into one in which it might lose. It is time for a bold new offensive – before we are overtaken by events.
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu at Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee meeting, June 30, 2014 Photo: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM/THE JERUSALEM POST

To remain at peace when you should be going to war may be often very dangerous….Let us attack and subdue…that we may ourselves live safely for the future.
– Thucydides (c. 460–395 BCE)

No government, if it regards war as inevitable, even if it does not want it, would be so foolish as to wait for the moment which is most convenient for the enemy.
– Otto von Bismarck (1815–1890)

If you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly, you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival.
– Winston Churchill (1874-1965)

For anyone with half a brain it should be crystal clear: The peace-with-Palestinians paradigm is irredeemably broken.

The triple murder of the abducted teenagers, together with the shower of rockets on the South, should have driven that point home, even for the most obdurate devotee of what, perversely, has become known as the “peace process.”

Cavalcade of counterproductive concessions

Over the last half decade, the Netanyahu government has made a series of humiliating and hazardous concessions in an ill-advised and ill-fated attempt to sustain an unworkable process and an egregious endeavor to curry favor with an innately inimical US administration.

Predictably, this has produced nothing but further demands for even more hazardous and humiliating concessions.

The cavalcade of counter-productive climb-downs began shortly after Binyamin Netanyahu’s return to power in 2009, when he reneged on his election pledges and accepted the idea of a Palestinian state.

This ideological capitulation dramatically transformed the debate on Palestinian statehood from whether there should be a Palestinian state, to what the characteristics of that state should be. It was followed in November 2009 by acquiescence to an unprecedented 10-month construction freeze in the hope of coaxing the Palestinians into negotiations. The only response this elicited – and only as it was just about to expire – was a demand for it to be extended.

Then, in 2012, in stark contradiction to Netanyahu’s publicly professed principle of resolute refusal to bow to demands from terrorists (which in large measure brought him much of his initial public prominence), he bowed to the Hamas conditions, releasing over 1,000 convicted terrorists in exchange for a single IDF soldier, Gilad Schalit. This was something so abjectly compliant that even his predecessor, the wildly accommodative Ehud Olmert, had resisted such an exchange.

By so doing, in a stroke Netanyahu made a mockery of his own defiant doctrine which had deemed concessions to terrorists counterproductive.

Counterproductive cavalcade (cont.)

Israel was soon to reap the bitter fruits of its misplaced “largesse” with the brutal murder this April of Baruch Mizrahi, a father of five, at the hands of a terrorist freed in the Schalit deal.

Then in 2013 came the demeaning apology to the vehemently anti-Israeli Turkish premier, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, for the action of Israeli commandos, who were defending themselves against a frenzied lynch mob aboard a Turkish vessel trying to violate a lawful maritime quarantine of the terrorist enclave of Gaza. Again, the apology was made despite strident assurances that they would not be given. Worse, Israel conceded to the payment of compensation to families of the assailants, killed or maimed during their attempts to disembowel the IDF combatants. The only tangible result of this undignified expression of contrition has been continued anti-Israel invective from Erdogan and undignified wrangling over the level of compensation.

Perhaps the most egregious act of all came later that year – wholesale scores of convicted terrorists were released to coax the Palestinians into agreeing to reenter negotiations, which they should have had a greater interest in conducting than Israel did. This gesture once again proved futile, with Israel being blamed for the failure of the talks and Mahmoud Abbas setting up a unity government with Hamas.

The fatal futility of Palestinian-peace paradigm

The fundamental reason for this depressing chain of futility is desperate adherence to a notion that some form of consensual peace deal can be struck between Israel, as the nation-state of the Jews, and the Palestinian Arabs, who seek to become self-governing.

The procession of one failed Israeli gesture after the other is a consequence of our refusal to discard the disproved paradigm of land-for-peace and the two-state principle that derives from it.

We were only able to keep the “process” from collapsing and maintain false hope that one day it might bear fruit by consenting to increasingly far-reaching concessions.

Just how far Israeli positions have been eroded can be judged from the content of Yitzhak Rabin’s last address to the Knesset in 1995, when he sought ratification for the Oslo II Accords. The Palestinian demands, which were then considered by many in Israel as excessive to an almost treasonous degree, would today evoke right-wing opposition that others would characterize as unreasonable and unrealistic “rejectionism.”

The refusal to acknowledge the futility of such efforts to reach a durable peace accord has had a calamitous effect on both Israeli and Palestinian perspectives on policy options/imperatives that Israel can/must undertake.

Degrading deterrence

This policy has, in effect, precluded any prospect of inflicting strategic defeat on the Palestinians – (see my “Redefining (failure as) victory,” January 3, 2013) – since it would, in all likelihood, terminate any chance of sustaining the “peace process,” and subject Israel to international censure .

However, as Palestinians sense Israeli reticence, it stiffens their political demands and emboldens them to persist in operations of armed attrition, secure in the knowledge that they will not be subjected to unacceptable losses.

Accordingly in 2012, despite the impressive display of the IDF’s military prowess, Operation Pillar of Defense was terminated prematurely – leaving Hamas with what could be portrayed – not unconvincingly – as a strategic victory, gaining them enhanced international standing, and winning important concessions for its farmers and fisherman. (The subsequent degradation of Hamas’s strength had little to do with Israeli policy and much to do with that of Egypt’s Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.) The continued bombardment of the South from Gaza makes a mockery of any claim that Hamas and/or its radical spin-offs have been deterred by previous Israeli military operations. Yes, like Hezbollah in the North, it has been perhaps forced to regroup, redeploy and rearm – but clearly its will to engage remains undiminished and its operational capabilities has been greatly enhanced.

Tactical containment vs strategic victory

After all, the capabilities of the weaponry at its disposal have increased dramatically. Thus, while earlier the range of the Palestinian rockets was barely 5 km., and the explosive charge they carried weighed about 5 kg., today their missiles have a range of 75 km. and warheads of 90 kg.

Not too long ago, if anyone dared to predict that greater Tel Aviv and Jerusalem would be in danger from missiles launched from Gaza, he would have been dismissed with disdain. However, now that the unthinkable has occurred, it is time for a radical reassessment of the policy paradigms Israel has tethered itself to for far too long.

The nation has bound its military to a doctrine of tactical containment rather than of strategic victory. This is no longer a viable approach – neither operationally, nor intellectually.

Indeed, it is not only the continued shelling in the South that underscores that the Palestinians’ determination to harm Israelis remains largely unimpaired. It was also the recently emerged, information that they have initiated dozens of abduction attempts, all of which were foiled—until inevitably one was not.

Clearly, then, if Israel cannot effectively impact the Palestinians’ motivation and dissuade them from hostile activities that endanger the lives and limbs of Israelis, the government is duty bound to protect its citizens by curtailing the enemy’s ability to achieve their goals.

In other words, we must inflict strategic defeat, and impose strategic surrender, on the Palestinians – which implies taking control of the territories where the attacks are planned, prepared and perpetrated.

The perilous path of ‘conflict management’

To achieve this, we must forsake the vain hope of ever reaching an agreed and lasting peace with some Palestinian partner in exchange for any configuration of territorial concessions.

This clearly requires a sharp discontinuity in the mindset of the Israeli leadership, for even those skeptical about the land-for-peace principle and Palestinian sincerity/ability to conclude a durable peace agreement subscribe to the concept of “conflict management” instead of “conflict resolution.”

This is a perilous path to tread as the dramatic erosion of Israeli positions and the equally dramatic enhancement of Palestinian capabilities, discussed previously, vividly illustrate.

Indeed, with tumultuous convulsions engulfing the Mideast and pushing ever closer to Israel’s borders, old assumptions as to alleged allies and alliances are no longer relevant. These developments make any agreement concluded with any Palestinian totally meaningless.

For as I pointed out last week, even under wildly optimistic assumptions that some Palestinian partner were found who could conclude an acceptable accord with Israel, and even if he had the requisite authority to implement its terms, and the requisite sincerity not to renege on them, and even if he were not replaced by some more radical successor who would repudiate the accord, external forces in the region could render it worthless.

A micro-mini demilitarized Palestinian state will be a flimsy foil indeed between Israel and an Islamic State-controlled regime in Jordan.

Will abduction prove a transformative event?

By adhering to a policy of avoiding confrontations which Israel can win, the government risks leading it into one which it might lose.

This cannot and must not continue. What is needed is a proactive initiative to preempt the emerging perils before they descend upon us. In this regard, the government must resign itself to the unpalatable fact that Israel is unlikely to win international affection. The most we can realistically hope for is to be grudgingly respected; the least it must unequivocally ensure is to be greatly feared.

Undoubtedly, for such a drastic metamorphosis in the perceptions and policy preferences of Israeli leadership, some sort of dramatic transformative event is required.

It is still too early to assess whether the abduction and murder of the three Israeli teens will become such an event. There are, however, increasing signs that it has ignited considerable public outrage and anger, and is precipitating a perceptible stiffening of public attitudes toward the Palestinians, and impatience toward the government – and what is increasingly seen as its ineffectual impotence.

It is time for a bold new offensive – before we are overtaken by events. If the tragic deaths of Naftali Fraenkel, Gil-Ad Shaer and Eyal Yifrah act as a catalyst to galvanize the public into compelling the government into effective action, their murders may well come to symbolize a turning point in the salvation of the nation.

‘Cry “havoc!” and let slip the dogs of war…’

The government must seize the moment and act in the spirit of the call by Mark Anthony in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. With much of the Arab world in disarray and enmeshed in internal turmoil, Israel must:

1. Disavow the “peace process,” disengage from contacts with the Palestinians as a national collective, and declare them to be what they themselves declare themselves to be: An implacable enemy of the Zionist entity.

2. Launch a $1 billion strategic public diplomacy offensive (1 percent of the state budget), focusing on delegitimizing the Palestinian narrative and highlighting the depravities of the Arab world, in general, and of Palestinian society, in particular, while contrasting them with the moral merits and scientific, technological and other accomplishments of Israel.

3. Coercively dismantle and disarm the Palestinian security forces.

4. Refrain from any support for the unsustainable Palestinian economy, withhold any services hitherto rendered to it and allow it to collapse, as it inevitably will.

5. Offer generous relocation grants to any individual Palestinians wishing to extricate themselves from the hardships that will inevitably result from the forgoing measures and build a better life for himself/his family in a third party country of their choice.

In weighing the implementation of this program, Israelis should bear in mind: If you will it, it is no fantasy.


The 5 points that Martin Sherman advances above are in my opinión important and we subscibe. They are however missing some things which also are important.

The reaction to the murder of the Jewish boys on the part of many Jewish blogs who are also hostile to the betrayals of Netanyahu has told us on a great deal and has in particular highlighted the basic political bankruptcy of this Brand of Zionism.

Some of these reactions that we read were calling for massacres of Arabs

Not only do we oppose this but note that such calls for individual terrorism always plays into the hands of the enemy. Trotskyists have always opposed this and see individual terrorism as no substitute for the mobilisation of the masses.

In this regard Martin Sherman does not state clearly his position on this. He does not do so I believe because it involves getting in and doing battle with the likes of Israpundit, one of those which was carrying comments in the past week which were downright dangerous. believes that there are many Arabs who can be won to support for our policy and programme, that Israel must be respected and supported as the Homeland of the Jews. There are many Arabs, especially youth and women, who can be won and mobilised to that view. It is entirely posible that they will remain in the future Israel and become supporters of the whole concept of the Jewish Homeland. They too will become Zionists.

What is it about Israel that is most attractive? To me it is certainly not these scripture quoting bigots as I found on Israpundit who distainfully will answer every issue in argument with a contemptuous wave of some obscure scripture.

Jews above all are a forward moving and forward seeking people. They are the same as all of us progressive people such as the Irish.

The great thing that Jews have done in their Israel is that they have created a climate of tolerance of religión.

martin Sherman does not seem to take this into accound as a major direction to the future



[EDITOR’S NOTE: Since publication, this story has been corrected to clarify that the fighters trained in Jordan became members of the ISIS after their training.]

The officials said dozens of future ISIS members were trained at the time as part of covert aid to the insurgents targeting the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Syria. The officials said the training was not meant to be used for any future campaign in Iraq.

The Jordanian officials said all ISIS members who received U.S. training to fight in Syria were first vetted for any links to extremist groups like al-Qaida.

In February 2012, WND was first to report the U.S., Turkey and Jordan were running a training base for the Syrian rebels in the Jordanian town of Safawi in the country’s northern desert region.

That report has since been corroborated by numerous other media accounts.

Last March, the German weekly Der Spiegel reported Americans were training Syrian rebels in Jordan.

Quoting what it said were training participants and organizers, Der Spiegel reported it was not clear whether the Americans worked for private firms or were with the U.S. Army, but the magazine said some organizers wore uniforms. The training in Jordan reportedly focused on use of anti-tank weaponry.

The German magazine reported some 200 men received the training over the previous three months amid U.S. plans to train a total of 1,200 members of the Free Syrian Army in two camps in the south and the east of Jordan.

Britain’s Guardian newspaper also reported last March that U.S. trainers were aiding Syrian rebels in Jordan along with British and French instructors.

Reuters reported a spokesman for the U.S. Defense Department declined immediate comment on the German magazine’s report. The French foreign ministry and Britain’s foreign and defense ministries also would not comment to Reuters.

The Jordanian officials spoke to WND amid concern the sectarian violence in Iraq will spill over into their own country as well as into Syria.

ISIS previously posted a video on YouTube threatening to move on Jordan and “slaughter” King Abdullah, whom they view as an enemy of Islam.

WND reported last week that, according to Jordanian and Syrian regime sources, Saudi Arabia has been arming the ISIS and that the Saudis are a driving force in supporting the al-Qaida-linked group.

WND further reported that, according to a Shiite source in contact with a high official in the government of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, the Obama administration has been aware for two months that the al-Qaida-inspired group that has taken over two Iraqi cities and now is threatening Baghdad also was training fighters in Turkey.

The source told WND that at least one of the training camps of the group Iraq of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Syria, the ISIS, is in the vicinity of Incirlik Air Base near Adana, Turkey, where American personnel and equipment are located.

He called Obama “an accomplice” in the attacks that are threatening the Maliki government the U.S. helped establish through the Iraq war.

The source said that after training in Turkey, thousands of ISIS fighters went to Iraq by way of Syria to join the effort to establish an Islamic caliphate subject to strict Islamic law, or Shariah.