Reason is probably…They see Islam, fascist in tooth and claw, as the best defence against massive struggles of all sections of workers who do not want one little bit thank you to shoulder the capitalist crisis, and accept poverty, especially youth

In other words the capitalist system is bankrupt and turns to fascist Islam.

The report below by DEBKAfile shows this clearly. The US tops are unsure. They want Israel crushed and Jews pulverized, that is Zionism destroyed.


But they fear the reaction of the American workers and in a general sense people.

Hence the importance in the view of 4international of the ZStreet demo we cover here

[Begin Debkafile valuable report here]

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report March 13, 2010, 9:53 PM (GMT+02:00)

Tags:  Israel   Obama   US arms for Israel 

Ehud Barak meets Robert Gates in D.C.

Prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu convened his inner cabinet Saturday night, March 12, to discuss the spiraling crisis with Washington and his first response.
debkafile’s military and Washington sources report: The Obama administration is considering withholding from Israel military items urgently needed in case of a flare-up of hostilities with Iran. This would further ratchet up the mounting row over Israel’s decision to build another 1,600 homes in E. Jerusalem. The requests were filed by defense minister Ehud Barak as recently as Feb. 26, when he visited Washington and met defense secretary Robert Gates and secretary of state Hillary Clinton.
In an exceptionally harsh phone call to Netanyahu Friday, March, Clinton herself hinted at this possibility while administering a dressing-down on the East Jerusalem housing decision and its announcement during Vice president Joe Biden’s visit.
Reporting on that phone call, State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley disclosed: “The secretary said she could not understand how this happened, particularly in light of the United States’ strong commitment to Israel’s security.”
Washington correspondents interpreted this as a threat to withhold items vital for Israel’s security unless the prime minister reversed that decision (which Palestinians now demand as the precondition for resuming peace talks).

Our military sources report that the Barak arms list is tailored to a potential four-front offensive against Israel launched by Iran and its allies. It includes systems needed by the Israeli Air Force, certain types of missiles and advanced electronic equipment. During his last visit, the defense minster complained the list had been pending in Washington for more than three months and the sands for a possible conflict were running out fast. He stressed that it was essential for these items to reach Israel before a flare-up occurred. The urgency was such that he suggested that if they could not be supplied to Israel at short notice, they should at least be held ready meanwhile in the emergency stores of the US bases in Israel’s Negev.

Gates promised Barak to study the list and let him have his answer in the coming days, but none has so far been received.
Some circles in the United States and many in Israel say the Obama administration is blowing the crisis up with deliberate intent.  American-Jewish criticism was led Saturday night by the Anti-Defamation League’s Abraham Foxman, who issued this statement: “We are shocked and stunned at the Administration’s tone and public dressing down of Israel on the issue of future building in Jerusalem,” he said. “One can only wonder how far the US is prepared to go in distancing itself from Israel in order to placate the Palestinians.”

Defense sources in Washington reported Saturday the view that the Obama administration, which has never cultivated warm relations with the Netanyahu government, has seized on the Jerusalem housing spat as a device for restraining Israel from attacking Iran’s nuclear sites, a step which the White House strenuously opposes.


by Felix Quigley

August 13, 2008

The amazingly wonderful Byzantine Blog has just carried out the most damning exposure of the Western Media. It has not in all honesty been the most difficult thing in the world to do. It has merely meant the juxtaposition of two photos from Reuters. But THEY have done it and I personally am most grateful to them.

[begin quote from Byzantine Blog here]


August 12, 2008

Deceiving the World with Pictures

This photo was first published by the Reuters as an image of a “dead woman being carried by the Georgian soldiers from the town of Gori”. But this “dead woman”, incredibly, is clutching the nurse’s arm.

This man exhibiting rage and grief happens to sit in the exact same place where the earlier picture was taken: the same pile of garbage is behind his back and scraps of metal from the picture of a “dead” woman being ‘rescued’ are lying around like in the earlier photo — plus some, additional, unidentified scraps of metal. What are these supposed to represent?

Fighting Dirty: Pictures to Provoke Hatred and More Suffering

Remember the image of an emaciated Bosnian Muslim allegedly caged behind “Serb barbed wire”, in a “Serb concentration camp” Trnopolje? The fake photo filmed by a British news team became a worldwide symbol of the war in Bosnia. Even after it was proven that the “prisoner” wasn’t a prisoner to begin with, and was filmed outside the gate, part of which had barbed wire, this picture had still continued to be proudly exhibited all over the world to this day as the “evidence” that Serbs ran the “concentration camps” Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

August 9, 2008

Tropas georgianas se desplazan durante un conflicto con separatistas de Osetia del Sur.

Georgian troops have attacked a small area which has a Russian majority, South Osetia. Note the very latest hardware, courtesy of US and British Imperialists!

We have now moved into the field of Neo-Nazi politics with the brutal attack of US puppet Georgia on a disputed area in which there is a Russian majority. It is called South Ossetia which lies to the North of Georgia. There is also another disputed area called Abjasia, which is located on the North West of Georgia (in the shape of a triangle with one side running alongside the Black Sea)

It is the Georgian pro Imperialists and reactionaries who are attacking. But it is US and British Imperialism (NATO) which is pulling the strings. Continue reading


There is no more reactionary element in the political spectrum than Harry’s Place inspired by Hoare and Kamm and run by a motley collection of pro Imperialists and anti-Communists among whom are David Taub (pseudonym DavidT)


There are the very people who supported the ethnic cleansing of 300,000 Serbs from the Krajina by the Fascist Tudjman and they have been among the worst reactionaries in spreading the Islamofascist Big Lie that Serbs murdered 8000 defenceless Muslims in Srebrenica.


Taub and his reactionary chums on Harry’s Place have also been to the front in supporting the creation of not only Islamist state in Bosnia under Izetbegovic but also the Islamist state of Kosova (as they spell Kosovo the centuries old part of Serbia)


So for this daylight robbery on behalf of the Islamofascists like Bin Laden you would expect their Islamofascist chums would offer some thanks, or reward, for Taub and chums at Harry’s Place being ideal dhimmis.


That however is not how dhimmitude works.


Once a dhimmi always a dhimmi is the way it goes with the Islamists. And if subsequently you do not toe the line then they will come down on you hard.


Taub has stepped out of line and actually upset his dhimmi masters by attacking some Hamas guy, whereupon the Fascists have employed a standing Islam supporting law firm called Dean and Dean (these Islamofascists do have a sense of humour!) to impose a Fascist type Libel threat against Taub.


Taub is now in the same position exactly as the Serbs were as the Serbs faced Jihad from Islam in the Balkans.


The only way for Taub to move forward is to make an analysis of the history of the Balkans and to examine the Lies which were used against the Serbs and against Milosevic over the past 25 years.


One slight problem with that though! Taub remains a pro-Imperialist and essentially a pro-Islamist, and even as he attacks hamas and the Hamas Charter he is supportive of the equally Antisemitic Fatah ignoring the Antisemitic Fatah Charter, and the fact that the whole of this Arab movement was inspired by Hajj Amin el Husseini, the Nazi Arab Palestinian monster who played such a big role in the Holocaust against Jews and Serbs, not least against Serbs in the Balkans.


There is a direct line from Izetbegovic and hajj Amin el Husseini both active during the Balkans Holocaust, both secret members of the Muslim Brotherhood during the Holocaust of Jews and Serbs in the Balkans to the total Palestinian Arab movement of the present.


4international of course is opposed totally to this Libel Action against Taub and Harry’s Place. We on 4international will naturally defend Taub and Harry’s Place against the measures being taken by these Islamofascists. There will not be a second’s hesitation in us doing so.


But we warn one and all that Taub and Harry’s Place have a history of support for Islamofascism against the Serbs and for creating the Big Lie of Srebrenica. How then can these bastardized reactionaries and pro US and British Imperialism on Harry’s Place possibly now fight successfully against the Islamofascists in Britain! Simply not possible! Expect more treachery from Harry’s Place actually!


By Felix Quigley

July 10, 2008

Media Cleansing: Dirty Reporting Journalism & Tragedy in Yugoslavia, by Peter Brock

This review of the vital book of Peter Brock by Global Research writer Edward S. Herman deals in detail with the way that the top journalists used the evidence of frauds and crooks. They took the word of partisans in the struggle because essentially they were consumed with racist hatred against the Serbs. It could have been the 1940s Holocaust again and in place of phobia against the Serbs read Jews and Serbs.

Brock’s analysis of the work of Roy Gutman is equally devastating. He shows compellingly that Gutman was not A Witness to Genocide (the title of Gutman 1993 book based on his dispatches from Bosnia), but rather an agent of  propaganda provided, directly or indirectly, by parties with an axe to grind.

And that sums it up. Read this review of Brock to understand better what motivated people like Maggie O’Kane and the British ITN journalists who created “The picture that fooled the world” Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

July 10, 2008

In this article on Roy Gutman I would like to start with this

“On this day Gutman joined the women’s programme “Mona Lisa” of the Second German Television (ZDF) presented by Maria von Welser for a discussion of alleged mass rapes in Bosnian prison camps.”

German. Women’s programme, Maria von Welser…you could not make any of that up. Visions of television soaps flash across the mind. And in a German studio!!!

This told me more than anything what was happening. The means of turning and controlling world opinion was being pervasively employed, even on women’s programmes, which are usually in this crass bourgeois culture associated with cooking and the latest in beauty aids. What chance did Milosevic and the Serbs have when that power was turned on against them! We go back to examine that cynical reply of Kamm friend Nick Cohen of the British Media anti-Serb Journalistic pack. Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

July 10, 2008

Nick Cohen wrote the following

“Like Stalin, Pol Pot and Slobodan Milosevic, they went for the professors and technicians who could make a democratic Iraq work”


Cohen is totally free to write whatever he wants and on whatever subject he likes. 4international will defend that right always.

But when asked to produce evidence for such a dastardly statement as the above Cohen quoted a known liar and then in a most cynical fashion gave a respected Scottish blogger an atrocious (for a journalist) answer. Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

July 9, 2008

The notorious pro US Imperialist called Marko Attila Hoare,  who had a close connection with the Slaughter branch of the WRP, now defunct, once tried to make fun of Neil Clark due to soemthing that Michael Palin said about the Serbs. Well Palin is a very good comedian and a bad politician. And Hoare is a very poor specimen in both directions.

Hoare wrote on that occasion:

[start quote here]

To maintain either of these positions requires conflating the moderate Bosnian Muslims led by Izetbegović with the
genuine Islamofascists of al-Qa’ida – a difficult trick to pull off.

[end quote here]

Actually, it is very easy indeed to draw connections between Izetbegovic and Bin Laden. And many people have already done so. It is far from an isolated position. See our article “Bin Laden Again Seen in Bosnia” in which respected journalists from Britain and Germany reported on seeing Bin Laden being very active on the side of Izetbegovic through the 1990s. Not all British journalists were liars. Nearly all but not totally all!

As I said Hoare is not good at politics and his jokes do always backfire badly! Poor guy! Hoare was trying to make some joke at our expense about Monty Python (Palin WAS very funny in that)

But the evidence builds up that what US and British Imperialism was supporting in the Balkans, and specifically in Bosnia-Herzegovina, was an Islamofascist organization and movement, which had deep historical roots in Islam in the Balkans. The following was sent by an avid reader of 4international Nathan Pearlstein:

Here is documented proof that Izetbegovic wanted an Islamist Fundamentalist Religious-Fascist State all along!! Izetbegovic’s newly-elected minister in 1996 in the Bosnian parliament and head of the Islamofascist SDA party in Tuzla, Adnan Jahic, says so in this article he wrote for a Bosnian newspaper in September, 1993 (re-published in 1996)!


It is Hoare and Kamm who both belong in a Monty Python sketch!!


Felix, perhaps you can name your next post:


Izetbegovic, Marko Attila Hoare, Oliver Kamm & Monty Python Re-visited !! “




Nathan. Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

July 7, 2008

The Hague Kangaroo Court was set up by US Imperialism and by NATO in order to hand down a verdict of guilty on Slobodan Milosevic, and through that of course on the whole Serb independent nation. It was shown by Milosevic, however, that it is possible to use even these sorts of phoney courts to get some truth about what happened out to the world.

The evidence which the French General seconded to the UN Philippe Morillon gave to the Kangaroo Court was one such example of some truth emerging. The strange thing though is that Morillon was a witness for the Prosecution against Milosevic.

The questioning of Morillon by Milosevic and his aide in the court brought out many important things. But it is of great importance to note that this evidence has been deliberately hidden by Kamm and Hoare ever since he appeared in the Court in 2004. You will find no report in any of their writings of the evidence of Morillon in that Kangaroo Courtroom.

This is an extract from a report of this evidence, the part which concentrates on the history of Srebrenica as a UN safe area, in which the Bosnian Islamofascists of Izetbegovic were heavily armed and organized for war within the safe area, in which the Islamofascist Nasir Oric figured highly IN CARRYING OUT HIS GHASTLY MURDERS. The evidence of Morillon concentrates on Oric. Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

July 7, 2008

The main issues in the destruction of Yugoslavia were

1. The Nazi Fascists of the Croatian region

2. The Islamists or Islamofascist Nazis of the Bosnia-Herzegovina area

3. The Albanian nationalism with fascist nazi and Islamist roots in the Albania Kosovo area

4. Over reaching all of these was the dominant role in the world of US Imperialism, and to a lesser extent because of their diminishing power states in Europe, such as Britain, France and Germany.

The orientation to the Fascists in Croatia under Tudjman is fairly straight forward, the history showing that Tudjman was an antisemite and a Holocaust denier. The US linked closely with him to murder and expel half a million Serbs from Croatia. Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

July 5, 2008

I have in this article returned to Wikipedia to see what they say about the key trial of the Serb General Radislav Krstic. I am still searching for evidence that the Serbs killed a single Muslim to create the Srebrenica massacre of 8000 as they tell us. By the way conversations that are reported picked up by NATO do not count. NATO remember are the enemy in this contest. Nor do pieces of evidence against Krstic from the enemy Islamofascists! The reason they do not copunt is that they are partisans in the contest. Again this whole entry by Wikipedia is partisan.

[begin entry from Wikipedia on Krstic here]

UN “Safe Area” Warnings

On August 15, 1994, Krstić was appointed Chief of Staff of the Drina Corps. Krstić worked with his replacement to familiarize him with his roles and function until September 1, Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

July 5, 2008

Or this could be labelled the strange memory lapses of Penny Marshall. Marshall laughably could not remember hardly anything about the barbed wire. Did the barbed wire surround the ITN team and Vulliamy in the small enclosure that they had entered, or did it surround the whole area, which O’Kane and others were calling a “concentration camp”. She and her photographer, though, had taken a lot of care in composing their infamous photograph with the essential elements 1. a skinny man and 2. barbed wire over his chest. Strange that lapse of memory by Marshall! I mean the barbed wire did figure in her thinking then. The other thing about this report by Deichmann is the admission by the judge in the case.

[begin report by Deichmann here]

Libel for False Television Pictures
© by Thomas Deichmann

Translated by Max Sinclair for

On March 14th 2000 the “High Court” in London found the Chief editor of the British magazine LM (previously Living Marxism ) along with its publisher Helene Guldberg and her publishing house Informinc guilty after eleven days of court room proceedings in a stressful libel case. Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

29 June, 2008

Penny Marshall tried to say that she never used the word “concentration camp” when she and her cameraman took the photo composed of two main elements, a skinny man and some strands of barbed wire. However in the last article, the report by Professor Wladimiroff we see that it was totally unnecesasary for Marshal to do so. Marshall and ITN had a whole organizational backup for distributing that film around the world and the film was accompanied by text which did just that.

Penny Marshall is an accomplished deceiver, that special kind of deceit which has been bred into the British ruling class over many centuries. Continue reading


By Felix Quigley

Reproduced from LM issue 97, February 1997

This is the story of the ITN team which travelled to Yugoslavia in order at all costs to find a Serb “concentration camp”. They were under direct orders to find same. And they were determined to come back with the goods, whether the goods were honest or not.

This explanation of what happened is a good introduction:

[start quote here]

Journalist exposes the truth behind Bosnia ‘death-camp’ photograph

The picture that came to symbolise the Bosnian war has been condemned by an expert witness to the UN War Crimes Tribunal at The Hague. German journalist Thomas Deichmann says that the image of an emaciated Bosnian Muslim caged behind barbed wire was created by ‘camera angles and editing’.

The picture provoked an international outcry and was seen by much of the world as proof that the Bosnian Serbs were running Nazi-style ‘concentration camps’. But Deichmann, in an exclusive article published in February’s LM magazine, insists that ‘the image is misleading and has fooled the world’. Continue reading