US Demanding Multinational Force in Israel’s Heartland

by Sagit Levi

Jerusalem is reportedly concerned about a recent American demand to establish a multinational force in Judea and Samaria as a means to expedite an Israeli withdrawal from the territory following negotiations with the American-backed Palestinian Authority.

The idea is being aggressively promoted by United States National Security Advisor James Jones, who served as Washington’s security coordinator to the region under former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice.

Jones also served as the top NATO commander in Europe, and is therefore believed to be a general proponent of using multinational forces to solve conflicts.

Last week, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, viewed by most analysts in the region as an American-puppet, endorsed the concept of an international force in an op-ed piece for The New York Times.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has voiced reservations about such an international deployment and the IDF is officially opposed to the idea. Ahead of renewed negotiations with the PA, which opened at the start of September in Washington, the IDF’s Planning Branch drafted a paper outlining Israel’s security needs regarding Judea and Samaria, which – in addition to being Israel’s historic heartland – constitute the mountains overlooking the country’s densest population centers.

“Experience shows us that we cannot trust multinational forces to do the job like in Lebanon,” one senior defense official said, referring to the United Nations force in Lebanon that not only permits Hezbollah to arm itself
with sophisticated weaponry but also actively prevents Israel from taking defensive measures.

L’Herut Tzion activist Benny Katz told IndyNewsIsrael that in principle there is no difference between Israel surrendering its heartland to the PA or to a multinational force. “The entire reason why we are against the establishment of a Palestinian state in our land is because we demand that our country be free from foreign rule. It doesn’t matter whether that rule be Arab or Western. Our problem is that it is foreign. Any military force controlling portions of our homeland will be regarded by the people of Israel as foreign occupiers, no different from the Greeks or Romans in ancient times or from the British before the re-establishment of our state.”

Katz further stated that, in his view, there would be no difference between American-trained PA troops or Western soldiers comprising a multinational force. “The PA is armed, funded and trained by the West. The PA leadership in Ramallah receives its orders from Washington and Brussels. A multinational force would just mean that the Western powers would have to send their own boys to steal our land instead of using Arab pawns to do their dirty work. Maybe this would be more fair. But in the end its really six of one or half-dozen of the other.”


We on 4international, a true Trotskyist movement, could not agree more with katz above.

At stake here truly is the independence of the jewish Homeland.

The US Government wants to control the world and it seeks to do this NOT AT ALL BY FORCE OF ARMS but by seeking allies.

Now of what use is the tiny Jewish nation and people, some 5 millions or so, sitting on a tiny postage stamp, able to be wiped out by one suicide bomber and one Nuclear device planted in the centre of a city, say Tel Aviv

But of great use to US control of the world would be a couple of billions of Muslims, organized in states which are close to the Hitlerian Reich, with women suppressed, with science stunted, with freedom of thought weighed down by medieval superstition and cruelty.

That is why the US Governments, all of them, not just Obama, although Obama is also a product of  the propaganda of groups like Palestine Solidarity Campaign and George Galloway…He thinks that way automatically, as do Jewish self haters around him.

The above is a great article by a great website.

We on 4international send our thanks for writing the above which is so enlightening to us and our readers.