by Felix Quigley

October 23, 2008

This is very relevant to everything in politics. Way back in September Hollyscoop.com wrote this

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Sarah Palin Is A Hockey Mom In Valentino


“I was just your average hockey mom, and signed up for the PTA because I wanted to make my kids’ public education better.”

Who knew an average hockey mom wore Valentino? Hockey mom Sarah Palin does! At the Republican National conference, the very stylish Sarah was sporting a $2500 dollar Valentino jacket but apparently she doesn’t want you to know about it yet.

They do not want the American public to know that Palin is using stylists or that she is paying for expensive clothes this early on in the campaign,” a source told Page Six. Why? Oh, it might be because she’s playing the “I’m just an average hockey mom” bit with the American public.

We don’t really care what she’s wearing as long as she is not using our money to buy her expensive Valentino jackets! Don’t you agree?

And so on and so on go these American blogs.

But more has emerged about this Palin phenomenon. The Spanish papers today have zeroed in on the way that Palin has been riding the gravy train since McCain chose her to be his running mate.

The best report is in a paper called La Verdad (the truth). The article is centred around a full length of the page picture of Palin, in the airport of Maine. Boots up to her kneecaps, large hips swivelling along, one arm raised in greeting, that pecuiliar mad looking angry yet peculiarly smiling stare, a “woman in red” except for the black boots.

La Verdad then gets down to the nitty gritty and points to her bill of 150,000 dollars, or 116,ooo euros and asks how many lipsticks that would buy. They point out that Palin has never appeared twice in the same outfit and in some days several outfits.

They say it is “jackets by Velentino, purses by Louis Vuitton”!!!. They point then to a picture of Palin in a supermatrket in Alaska some months ago and point to the transformation, now “vestida como la chica del millon dollars…”

So the Republican Party has spent this 150,000 on clothes for Palin, that is some spend!

La Verdad as good Spanish conservatives is on the ball when it refers to the economic crisis in the US “where 10,000 families each day are losing their homes because they cannot pay the mortgage” and to the Republican spend on Palin as “obscene”. And they are indeed right. It also refers to the Edwards haircut of 520 dollars or 404 euros, and to the Ferragamo shoes of McCain at 3000 dollars or 2335 euros.

La Verdad also refers to the spend in a hunting shop called Atelier by Palin of almost 5000 dolars or 3893 euros, which specializes in male clothes apparently for her husband.

And then the children are outfitted out too, in shops like Pacifier, or Steiniauf & Stroller.

The way McCain and the Republicans sold Palin was as the woman who was going to put order into the finances of the country. For example she sacked the chauffeur and sold the official airplane on E-Bay. But the Verdad draws on US news stories that the selling of the airplane in the end cost the Alaskan State money, because obviously Palin has replaced that with journeys here there and everywhere with whole family in tow, imagine the cost of that.

This it appears was always a bit dicey for Alaskan tax payers. It seems Palin may actyually have had a strategy re kids. Sometimes she asserted that for her to appear somewhere then the kids had to not only attend but also be paid for, and sometimes she just turned up with them anyway…and they still paid for Palin.

Cause and effect.

These bastardised republicans thought they would introduce glamour and this did seem to work at first amoung idiot types like “Michael Sunstar” of Israpundit notoriety, but the great majority of ordinary Americans are seriously sensible people and they began to think “here we are sinking into poverty while Palin rides the gravy train”

So in a survey conducted (by far from radical NBC and Wall Street Journal) put 55 per cent thinking that Palin is not “capable” of being vice president. And 49 per cent are approaching hate, or what La verdad showing their great Spanish reserve terms “having a disfavourable opinion of her”.

In short, though La Verdad being a little “catholic”, does not say so or perhaps even think so. But this growing hatred for Palin, and for McCain not knowing how many houses he owns, among the ordinary American people, is a sign perhaps maybe sigh of the growing revolutionary consciousness of those same American people. Revolutionary in implication, revolutionary without a conscious revolutionary socialist expression.

So it is a strange thing but actually the Palin gravy train has got great implications, and even implications for the whole world and perhaps most of all for the Jews of Israel.

We will return to this and see how this is being covered over by Jewish American leaders, who are traitors actually to the Jewish cause and to the Jewish cause of Israel.



by Felix Quigley

October 23, 2008

This was an entry yesterday in Israpundit by Belman.


It is the most stunningly amazing contribution for a Jewish man as Israel faces a nuclear bomb attack very very soon.

Belman has lost his mind in his inept belief that John McCain, Joseph Lieberman (BUTCHERS OF THE SERBS)and Sarah Palin will become friends of the Jews. Ony we on 4international say clearly that Jews must support neither Obama or McCain.

[start Belman entry here]

Sarah is way hotter

In response to the above all I can manage is:

What a total idiot and traitor to the Jews is Belman.

He was met with a response from one “Laura” which itself tells a tale as I do not omit to show below. And then you can see how Belman responded to “Laura” (all below):

[begin quote here]



    Ted, stop acting like you’re 14. This election is far too serious and by showing Sarah in such a superficial manner, you play into the hands of those who claim she is without substance or intelligence and thus not ready to be VP.




  3. replied Belman

This shows the total degeneration of Israpundit!

There is not a lot more needs to be said about this. It shows the complete degeneration and bankruptcy of these Jewish American leaders who claim to stand in support of Israel. Note that “Laura” in criticising Belman refers to Palin as “Sarah” which shows how far down the path of rotting degeneration that the whole of Israpundit is on. I would cast this stupidity aside as not relevant to anything, except that unfortunately it is very relevant. That is the tragedy of the situation for the Jews of Israel as they face terrible threat from the antisemitism of Islamofascism and we predict from US and EU leaders. Israpundit and American cum Canadian Jewish leaders are a huge problem for Israel and for Jews in general. They are slavish supporters of the US ruling elite.

Shame on you Belman and Israpundit writers!


by Felix Quigley

August 10, 2008

Anti-Georgia rally in South Ossetia, June 2004 

protestors against Georgian troops in south Osettia

Very predictably, the editor of Israpundit Ted Balman and his very strange friend there called Yamit82, have attacked me personally in order to distort the real position (http://www.israpundit.com/2008/?p=1777#comments) which we hold over the cowardly Georgian attack on South Ossetia, an attack which looks like the beginnings of war on Russia and China. Along with JoshR and Neil Craig of A Place to Stand () I also heard yesterday morning the same BBC reporter state clearly that Georgia had attacked first in an opportunist fashion when Putin was at the Olympics, and when the world was distracted by the opening of the Olympics.

This is not a time for throwing insults about. The disagreement which we have with Belman and Yamit82 is not personal but is rooted in how we see the role of US Imperialism in the world today.

People like Belman and Yamit82 do not distinguish between US Imperialism (the US ruling class or as some say “elites”) and the ordinary people of America. This is a fatal position to take. It means in the end aligning with the US Imperialists class (say Bush) and possibly perhaps inevitably by some strands against the Jews of Israel and their true compatriots the 60 million strong US Christian Evangelicals. The latter is not of course the position of Belman but without clarity on this issue it can lead there.

Is it possible that such a harmless sounding disagreement could lead to those drastic ends. I am afraid so. History is full of items like this, when disagreements may seem small but actually grow into great issues. Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

July 11, 2008

The issue of Libel has arisen again in the British Blogosphere. This time it is the Islamofascists of Hamas who are preventing open discussion of their policies and programme in front of the British working class and British people in general.



Of course we on 4international without reservation defend the right of total free expression in the Media and on the Internet and we will fight to the death against Islamofascists who try to deny this freedom.

Hence without reservation and without conditions we defend David Taub and the Harry’s Place organization in the face of Islamofascist attack.

In the interest of truth, however, we point out that David Taub and Harry’s Place have been a supporter of the Islamofascist Izetbegovic in the Balkans. Continue reading


By Felix Quigley

July 10, 2008

Media Cleansing: Dirty Reporting Journalism & Tragedy in Yugoslavia, by Peter Brock


This review of the vital book of Peter Brock by Global Research writer Edward S. Herman deals in detail with the way that the top journalists used the evidence of frauds and crooks. They took the word of partisans in the struggle because essentially they were consumed with racist hatred against the Serbs. It could have been the 1940s Holocaust again and in place of phobia against the Serbs read Jews and Serbs.

Brock’s analysis of the work of Roy Gutman is equally devastating. He shows compellingly that Gutman was not A Witness to Genocide (the title of Gutman 1993 book based on his dispatches from Bosnia), but rather an agent of  propaganda provided, directly or indirectly, by parties with an axe to grind.

And that sums it up. Read this review of Brock to understand better what motivated people like Maggie O’Kane and the British ITN journalists who created “The picture that fooled the world” Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

July 10, 2008

In this article on Roy Gutman I would like to start with this

“On this day Gutman joined the women’s programme “Mona Lisa” of the Second German Television (ZDF) presented by Maria von Welser for a discussion of alleged mass rapes in Bosnian prison camps.”

German. Women’s programme, Maria von Welser…you could not make any of that up. Visions of television soaps flash across the mind. And in a German studio!!!

This told me more than anything what was happening. The means of turning and controlling world opinion was being pervasively employed, even on women’s programmes, which are usually in this crass bourgeois culture associated with cooking and the latest in beauty aids. What chance did Milosevic and the Serbs have when that power was turned on against them! We go back to examine that cynical reply of Kamm friend Nick Cohen of the British Media anti-Serb Journalistic pack. Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

July 10, 2008

Nick Cohen wrote the following

“Like Stalin, Pol Pot and Slobodan Milosevic, they went for the professors and technicians who could make a democratic Iraq work”


Cohen is totally free to write whatever he wants and on whatever subject he likes. 4international will defend that right always.

But when asked to produce evidence for such a dastardly statement as the above Cohen quoted a known liar and then in a most cynical fashion gave a respected Scottish blogger an atrocious (for a journalist) answer. Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

July 9, 2008

The notorious pro US Imperialist called Marko Attila Hoare,  who had a close connection with the Slaughter branch of the WRP, now defunct, once tried to make fun of Neil Clark due to soemthing that Michael Palin said about the Serbs. Well Palin is a very good comedian and a bad politician. And Hoare is a very poor specimen in both directions.

Hoare wrote on that occasion:

[start quote here]

To maintain either of these positions requires conflating the moderate Bosnian Muslims led by Izetbegović with the
genuine Islamofascists of al-Qa’ida – a difficult trick to pull off.

[end quote here]


Actually, it is very easy indeed to draw connections between Izetbegovic and Bin Laden. And many people have already done so. It is far from an isolated position. See our article “Bin Laden Again Seen in Bosnia” in which respected journalists from Britain and Germany reported on seeing Bin Laden being very active on the side of Izetbegovic through the 1990s. Not all British journalists were liars. Nearly all but not totally all!


As I said Hoare is not good at politics and his jokes do always backfire badly! Poor guy! Hoare was trying to make some joke at our expense about Monty Python (Palin WAS very funny in that)

But the evidence builds up that what US and British Imperialism was supporting in the Balkans, and specifically in Bosnia-Herzegovina, was an Islamofascist organization and movement, which had deep historical roots in Islam in the Balkans. The following was sent by an avid reader of 4international Nathan Pearlstein:

Here is documented proof that Izetbegovic wanted an Islamist Fundamentalist Religious-Fascist State all along!! Izetbegovic’s newly-elected minister in 1996 in the Bosnian parliament and head of the Islamofascist SDA party in Tuzla, Adnan Jahic, says so in this article he wrote for a Bosnian newspaper in September, 1993 (re-published in 1996)!


It is Hoare and Kamm who both belong in a Monty Python sketch!!


Felix, perhaps you can name your next post:


Izetbegovic, Marko Attila Hoare, Oliver Kamm & Monty Python Re-visited !! “




Nathan. Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

July 7, 2008

The Hague Kangaroo Court was set up by US Imperialism and by NATO in order to hand down a verdict of guilty on Slobodan Milosevic, and through that of course on the whole Serb independent nation. It was shown by Milosevic, however, that it is possible to use even these sorts of phoney courts to get some truth about what happened out to the world.

The evidence which the French General seconded to the UN Philippe Morillon gave to the Kangaroo Court was one such example of some truth emerging. The strange thing though is that Morillon was a witness for the Prosecution against Milosevic.

The questioning of Morillon by Milosevic and his aide in the court brought out many important things. But it is of great importance to note that this evidence has been deliberately hidden by Kamm and Hoare ever since he appeared in the Court in 2004. You will find no report in any of their writings of the evidence of Morillon in that Kangaroo Courtroom.

This is an extract from a report of this evidence, the part which concentrates on the history of Srebrenica as a UN safe area, in which the Bosnian Islamofascists of Izetbegovic were heavily armed and organized for war within the safe area, in which the Islamofascist Nasir Oric figured highly IN CARRYING OUT HIS GHASTLY MURDERS. The evidence of Morillon concentrates on Oric. Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

July 7, 2008

Right from the beginning of this hugely important polemic between the Islamofascist and Croatian Fascist apologist Ramic and the American Mary Mostert, Mostert shows a concern for the truthful interpretation of history absent from the reactionary bombast of Ramic.

For example, early on Mostert challenges the Islamist reactionary thus and he does not answer:

“In the Holocaust Museum, the second largest number of people slaughtered by the Nazis, after Jews, were Serbs. And, who was it that was doing the slaughtering? You must know it was mostly the Croatians.

As for your mythology about Draza Mihajlovic, I’ve heard all those fake stories before. When tracked down – what do I find? Croatian communists, mainly, who were behind the tales told Major Felman about the Serbs cutting off the ears of American pilots. Pure garbage and you must know that. A bit in the same category of the KLA tales of “100,000 Albanians slaughtered by Serbs and buried and in mass graves in Kosovo in the 1990s. After the bombing, forensic experts from many nations looked all over Kosovo for those bodies – and did not find them. They found mass graves with Serbs in them – however. “

This is an important addition to our material examining the reactionary myth (Big Lie) promoted by Kamm and Hoare on behalf of their masters US Imperialism that Izetbegovic was a moderate and not an extremist, in fact a fascist.

It is from the important site www.bannerofliberty.com Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

July 7, 2008

The main issues in the destruction of Yugoslavia were

1. The Nazi Fascists of the Croatian region

2. The Islamists or Islamofascist Nazis of the Bosnia-Herzegovina area

3. The Albanian nationalism with fascist nazi and Islamist roots in the Albania Kosovo area

4. Over reaching all of these was the dominant role in the world of US Imperialism, and to a lesser extent because of their diminishing power states in Europe, such as Britain, France and Germany.

The orientation to the Fascists in Croatia under Tudjman is fairly straight forward, the history showing that Tudjman was an antisemite and a Holocaust denier. The US linked closely with him to murder and expel half a million Serbs from Croatia. Continue reading


by Felix Quigley


July 5, 2008


In our last article in the series “US in the Balkans” we gave readers something of the kind of material that is being produced by the extremely problematic (problematic especially for the truth) Wikipedia. On https://4international.wordpress.com/2008/07/05/us-in-the-balkans-10are-these-lies-by-wikipedia/#more-381. Without dealing with it point by point at this stage it is worthwhile to look in on an article produced for this website some months ago. I think in reading this you will see the problem immediately with the Wikipedia narrative.

The ITN/Guardian Trnopolje & Omarska ”Death Camp”Hoax: The Lies of the British Guardian & ITN Exposed

By 4International writers: Joshua Rosenberg, Nathan Pearlstein, Max Rosenthal & Peter Robert North

(Complete article is on https://4international.wordpress.com/2008/03/09/the-itnguardian-trnopolje-omarska-death-camp-hoax/)

The late Islamofascist Bosnian leader, Alija Izetbegovic, former illegitimate “president” of Bosnia Herzegovina, illegal ursuper of power in 1990 from the duly elected Bosnian muslim leader, Mr.Fikret Abdic, is the one behind the Bosnian “death camp” fraud. Continue reading


by Felix Quigley


July 4, 2008


The firm belief of this website 4international is that the  Serbs did not murder a single person when they recaptured Srebrenica. This was a battle in a war and the Srebrenica Massacre  (so-called) was and is one giant hoax. We have asked Hoare, Kamm and co. to hurry up and bring forward the evidence for their low claim but we know they Hill not do so because it does not exist.


I plan to place some material down in print as part of our continuing articles.


The following is the Wikipedia entry which follows. Their url is at the end, you can consult the total which contains some photos, this Wikipedia entry seems to me to be blatant lies. But it stands there untouched and such is the power of the whole Imperialist class committed to the promotion of this Srebrenica Big Lie, and it must be said the crisis of leadership inside the opposition to Imperialism, that it will require a huge effort to dislodge.



[begin quote from Wikipedia here] Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

29 June, 2008

Penny Marshall tried to say that she never used the word “concentration camp” when she and her cameraman took the photo composed of two main elements, a skinny man and some strands of barbed wire. However in the last article, the report by Professor Wladimiroff we see that it was totally unnecesasary for Marshal to do so. Marshall and ITN had a whole organizational backup for distributing that film around the world and the film was accompanied by text which did just that.

Penny Marshall is an accomplished deceiver, that special kind of deceit which has been bred into the British ruling class over many centuries. Continue reading


By Felix Quigley

Reproduced from LM issue 97, February 1997

This is the story of the ITN team which travelled to Yugoslavia in order at all costs to find a Serb “concentration camp”. They were under direct orders to find same. And they were determined to come back with the goods, whether the goods were honest or not.

This explanation of what happened is a good introduction:

[start quote here]

Journalist exposes the truth behind Bosnia ‘death-camp’ photograph

The picture that came to symbolise the Bosnian war has been condemned by an expert witness to the UN War Crimes Tribunal at The Hague. German journalist Thomas Deichmann says that the image of an emaciated Bosnian Muslim caged behind barbed wire was created by ‘camera angles and editing’.

The picture provoked an international outcry and was seen by much of the world as proof that the Bosnian Serbs were running Nazi-style ‘concentration camps’. But Deichmann, in an exclusive article published in February’s LM magazine, insists that ‘the image is misleading and has fooled the world’. Continue reading