The following is a very important article.

It is from the pages of Israel National news. You will find nothing of this in the national Media in Europe and little of it in America.

We on 4international stand very much along with the Jewish people in their desire to have a Homeland.

Furthermore standing alongside is not enough, in words. It is necessary to have a practice which explains the truth about the situation of Jews there.

We start with the fact that Israel, the Jewish Homeland, is so tiny, and the expanse of Arab lands, covering 22 states, is so vast. Hence our beginning point will always be something akin to a mini geography lesson.

The second point concerns Islam. Islam is driving all minorities out of ITS lands and it wants very badly to end the Jewish state of Israel. Many people in Europe seem to ignore that point, which to my thinking is a severe form of antisemitism.

The third point is that all of Palestine, which includes present day Jordan, on 78 per cent, was promised to the Jewish people in 1920 (Treaty of San remo)

Having settled for the remaining 22 per cent the Jews were marked by their desire to accept any small area given tlo them. And what a small area that 22 per cent is.

But the Arabs will not desist. Hence this article.

The final point we on 4international will emphasise is that before the date of 1948 those who were known as Palestinians were Jewish Palestinians, and the Arab “Palestinians” were not known as Palestinians at all. But going along with this final point is the understanding that the great majority of the present “Palestinians” were Arabs drawn into the area by Jewish Zionist economic success.

Consider the following article by Gil Ronana of INN in that context, overall:


PA’s Creeping Annexation of Jerusalem – Photos


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The Palestinian Authority is strengthening its grip on eastern Jerusalem, carrying out a policy of “creeping annexation” right under Israel’s nose, a prominent activist for Jerusalem has discovered.

Israel recently denied a PA request to formally celebrate the completion of renovation work on a school in eastern Jerusalem, at a cost of millions of shekels. PA “Prime Minister” Salam Fayyad was scheduled to attend the ceremony but after Israel shot down the idea, he had to change his plans and participate by phone instead.
However, it now turns out that the event in that school was just “a drop in the sea” as concerns the PA’s attempts to establish its presence in eastern Jerusalem.  
Activist Aryeh King, head of the Public Complaints Bureau in Eastern Jerusalem, toured the streets of eastern Jerusalem and took photos of what he saw, which he then sent to Likud Knesset members.
However, he said, none of them has done a thing to prevent the PA’s grab of power and territory.
Here are some of King’s photographs: 

The Arafat Fund pays for renovation work, takes credit (above and below).

PA takes credit for paving a road.

PA takes credit for planting trees, renovation.

PA taxi companies in eastern Jerusalem.

PA traffic police in action in eastern Jerusalem.