In the second part dealing with the Adam le Bor interview on Spanish radio station REM we start by going back to the de Bor definitive statement on Srebrenica and Maurice Baland response to same:


Adam le Bor


Srebrenica is a town in Eastern Bosnia. It is a UN declared safe haven. There were Dutch peace keeping troops there. Serbs attacked it because its population were mostly Muslims. The Dutch peacekeepers just basically rolled over. The Serbs take the men away, they took away up to 8000 men and boys, some of them still teenagers and over the next few days lined them up and shot them. And it was exactly as you say like something out of the Second World War, like the Einsat group that used to operate on the Eastern Front massacring Jews, the parallel is really quite precise.


Maurice Boland


It was. I mean harmless old men, women babies are all systematically slaughtered. There were a few survivors and because of those survivors we could get the stories. I read of 9 men who committed suicide because they could not live with the memories of it, that how horrible it is


This was how the programme on REM radio in Spain began Adam le Bor talks about the Srebrenica Massacre as if it is a proven fact. Yet there is nothing in his description which stands up to scrutiny. Continue reading