by Felix Quigley

January 14, 2009

We have just seen how Adam le Bor on Harry’s Place has been trying to set Israel and Jews up for persecution by the Hague Kangaroo Court, passing on lies which are put about by Jihadist antisemite Hamas supporters. That is Arab “Palestinians” successors of Hajj Amin el Hussein, who Le Bor claims to know little about!!! He made this claim on the Maurice Boland radio show few months back.

He has written books about the Balkans and does not know about el Husseini in the Balkans! What a fraud!

But Le Bor had a friend in Yugoslavia and this friend spread lie after lie against the Serbs. His name is Oliver Kamm and Kamm has been promoted by British Imperialism to a lead writer in the Times of London.

Gone is his old boring website. Now there is a big Times logo over his scribbles. Still boring as hell though!

If Le Bor is surfacing as an enemy of the Jews of Israel as he was for the Serbs, what about his great mate Kamm.

Well consider this, which Kamm writes as a lead article in the Times.

[Start extract from Times lead article by Kamm here]

The pictures do not lie. Laser-guided but blind to the distinction between fighter and civilian, Israeli bombs have reduced schools, apartment blocks and police parade grounds to visions of hell. Aid workers and relatives have removed bodies and pieces of bodies, and survivors too traumatised to talk. On Boxing Day: at least 50 cadets killed at Gaza City’s main police station alone. On Monday: reports, not denied by Israel, of phosphorus shells used over civilian neighbourhoods. On Tuesday: 40 children and teachers found dead in the wreckage of a school. And yesterday: reports of up to 30 more children killed in a house to which Israeli troops had moved them for their own safety.

For all Israel’s claims to have launched only targeted strikes on Hamas targets, it has shown scant concern for civilians caught in Gaza’s crossfire in the past two weeks. Yet this is as nothing next to the contempt shown by Hamas.

[End Kamm’s scribble here]

This man Kamm has now become the main attack against the Jews of Israel because he is perched in The Times.

Look at what he says here!

He says that the Jews of Israel have created in Gaza “visions of hell”. Did I not read that above or am I imagining it.

Of course he goes on to cover this attack on Jews by attacking Hamas. Of course he does! We have learned that Kamm talks out of both sides of his mouth at the same time.

But the stark reality is his words above. That is what sticks and we can say that Kamm is his tiny little mind preparing to give evidence against Jews in the Hague Kangaroo Court.

Break the above down into manageable chunks and we have:

bodies and pieces of bodies

survivors too traumatised to talk

at least 50 cadets killed at Gaza City’s main police station alone

reports, not denied by Israel, of phosphorus shells used over civilian neighbourhoods

40 children and teachers found dead in the wreckage of a school

30 more children killed in a house


You see what I mean about Kamm. He is composing right there and then the evidence which he will joyfully present in person to the Hague Court against the Jewish people just as he helped do in the Hague Kangaroo Court.

And where is Kamm getting all of this garbage from. We have seen that his mate Le Bor was getting it from “Palestinian sources”, so what about Kamm.

This is precisely what he did in Yugoslavia. He promoted the Big Lie that the Serbs created a Massacre in Srebrenica even though there was no unbiassed evidence that he could produce, and he NEVER did.

So what about this evidence above? Where did he get this from???

Jewish people, every single poor oppressed Serb person who knows Kamm and has learned to really hate this man will warn you, please beware.


by Felix Quigley

January 14, 2009

The reactionary crowd of British and EU journalists who were the persecutors of the Serbs and who joined in with the Islamofascists in Bosnia and elsewhere have just started to persecute this time the Jews of Israel.

This is the meaning of the article by Adam le Bor, who is a big friend of Oliver Kamm, and all these reactionary characters who run Harry’s Place, and his article which more or less is giving the nod to bring Israel before the Kangaroo Court in the Hague.


It is going to backfire because many Serbs and Russians etc are going to start supporting Israel against Jihad and against this rotten lying Media.

4international is going to fight Le Bor and Kamm every step of the way. Kamm has since Yugoslavia been promoted to a BIG position in The Times of London. Kamm is now a big shot. No matter little Kammie, the bigger they are, the harder the fall.

Back to Le Bor. We showed just now that Le Bor is using Hamas lies in order to conduct a new war against the Jews, last time it was using Izetbegovic lies to conduct war against the Serbs.

Who does this guy really work for!!!

Now the wonderful IsraelNationalNews has done a review and a prediction really. The antisemites are going to try to bring Israel in front of the Hague Kangaroo Court which Le Bor and Kamm supported with all their being against the Serbs.

Jews and Serbs! Time to wake up and see the connections!

[Start quote from INN here]

IsraelNN.com) The IDF is preparing for a wave of lawsuits following the Cast Lead operation in Gaza, senior defense officials said Wednesday. The IDF has already set up a team responsible for reviewing evidence from Gaza in preparation for claims filed in international courts.

Attorney General Menachem Mazuz said the threat of international lawsuits was “not new,” but promised “intense activity” aimed at preventing the success of such suits. Several soldiers have been trained to film events while fighting, and the videotape is being reviewed by legal experts as well as intelligence agents. In addition, the IAF is filming all airstrikes in Gaza.

Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann was unsurprised by the threat of lawsuits. He appeared unconcerned, saying Tuesday, “As a general rule we are very humane… We conduct pinpoint operations against terrorist organizations.”

As the operation continues Israeli diplomats have gone on the offensive, accusing Hamas of war crimes. On Wednesday Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Gabriela Shalev filed a complaint blaming Hamas for civilian deaths in Gaza. Hamas uses innocent civilians as human shields, Shalev charged. Senior IDF officials have made similar accusations.

Senior IDF officers have faced international lawsuits in the past. Officers have been forced to avoid visiting Britain and other European countries for fear of lawsuits. Suits were filed in the United States as well: former IDF Chief of Staff Moshe Yaalon was accused of war crimes by a U.S. group in 2005, and a similar suit targeted Caterpiller, Inc. for selling bulldozers to Israel.

Mazuz: Legal Experts Approving Gaza Ops
In order to prevent lawsuits, legal experts are involved in the decision-making process, Mazuz said. “Representatives from the IDF Attorneys’ Office are sitting in the command room and approving each operation and target,” he explained.

IDF attorneys are not taking sole command of the decision-making process, Mazuz clarified. “In the end, the decisions on the ground are made by the military, which sees things in real time,” he said.



by Felix Quigley

January 14, 2008

Adam le Bor who is linked to the reactionary pro NATO Harry’s Place has opened up a new front against Israel as the small Jewish country fights for its survival against Islamic Jihad and world anti-Semitism, as seen in the anti-Semitic placards carried on demos in many cities last weekend.


Le Bor is not only linked to the leeches on Harry’s Place and to people like Oliver Kamm, he is also associated with a guy called  Anthony Dworkin who runs the pro NATO Crimes of War website.

So far the links between the Jihad against the Serbs, supported by US and EU Governments have not been drawn to what is happening against Israel.

But these links are very real.

The same Big Lie techniques of the Media that were used against the Serbs are being used wholesale against the Jews.

Le Bor is just one. There were so many involved in the Big Lie against the Serbs, people like Maggie O’Kane from Dublin and almost all of the rotten Media. One exception and one exception only the wonderful, sadly now deceased Eve Ann Prentice.


Le Bor is the first of these to come out in a scandalous atack on the right of the Jews of Israel to defend themselves against a Jihadist enemy.

This link is of the greatest importance because it opens up the way that the US and EU Governments are feeding finance into Abbas who in turn is passing it on to Hamas.


Le Bor is either a total idiot or a scheming liar. I caught him on the Maurice Boland radio show some months ago claiming that Hajj Amin el Husseini had spent the war years in Berlin. Having written books on the area le Bor claimed then that he did not know. That is he did not know the fact that is known by all historians, el Husseini was the leader of the Holocaust in the Balkans and is photographed there with the Nazi SS. You take your pick about Le Bor, idiot or liar, I know which one I choose, liar.

Why did Le Bor insist on keeping el Husseini in Berlin and not in the Balkans? he did so because he wanted to keep his association with Izetbegovic hidden. In fact they both were members during the Holocaust in the Balkans of the Muslim Brotherhood. They had to be closely involved in the Holocaust of Jews, Serbs and Romany in the Balkans and wider.

Dworkin introduces his piece called “On War Crimes in Gaza” and its first sentence suffices for us to know his anti Israel line. I have no intention of delving any deeper in the reactionary guff of Dworkin because really his whole politics is contained in his first sentence


[Begin quote here from Dworkin]


Israel launched its latest full-scale offensive against Hamas in Gaza on December 27, saying its action was necessary to end rocket attacks against Israeli towns.


[End quote from Dworkin here]


On 4international we are mindful of our reader’s time. Why delve any deeper into this anti Israel filth from this liar?


Dworkin seems to live in an imaginary world, where rocket attacks are only at the level of Israel “saying” that Israel is being attacked.


No Dworkin you political fool the rockets are real and everybody in the world knows that they are real, so why is it in your mind only a matter of “Israel saying”!


Dworkin never once refers to the anti-Semitic political theory that underpins Hamas and Fatah. Dworkin does not once tell the actual history of these rockets. Of course how could he since he does not really believe the rockets are a fact, that they exist in this real material world, just that Israel is “saying”.


Dworkin never refers to the Jews leaving Gaza and handing it to the Arabs. Why not?


He is moving the reader into “proportionality” etc and into discussing how many Arabs die, how many Israelis die.


Which is totally immaterial.


The only thing that matters in this case is the very first rocket that was fired by these Arab terrorists into Israel from Gaza. It is the first rocket that is the casus belli. Not the second or third Dworkin you Dwork! The first, got it!


And since Hamas has fired 6000 rockets over 8 years against Jews in Israel then there must have been a number 1. That Dwork is the casus Belli.


Let us turn to Adam le Bor who is posing as a friend of the Jews, writes for all sorts including this site Jewcy!!!


In fact let us treat our readers re le Bor to the same treatment. Let us not BORE our readers unduly with le Bor!


So I will spare the reader all with just one paragraph and here I am being most generous because in fact boredom may indeed set in before the end. Try to stick with it!


[Begin paragraph from Adam le Bor here]


Let’s start with Israel. International law requires that military operations meet standards of proportionality. Is the attack self-defense or an act of aggression? Is the scope and scale of the military campaign proportionate to the threat? Israel has the right under international law to take military action in self-defense against Hamas, but the proportionality of the scope and scale of its campaign remains debatable. The high civilian casualty figures — 920 Palestinians killed, including 292 children, according to Palestinian sources — only add to this unease. There is also the crucial question of intent. Is Israel seeking merely to end the rocket attacks, which is legally justifiable, or aiming to completely destroy Hamas as an organization and political force, which is not. However, even if Israel plans to destroy Hamas’ organization, this objective in itself is not a war crime.

[End quote here]


It is the sentence in the middle that I wish to draw the reader’s attention to in order to understand what kind of a man le Bor really is. This is the man who Maurice Boland, Dublin Jewish man, invited le Bor onto his radio show to talk about Yugoslavia and War Crimes committed by the Serbs on Muslims!!!

His figures like this:

920 “Palestinians” killed

292 children

and this supposed to be trusted journalist and supposed friend of the Jews writing of course on JEWCY adds a detail which may not be picked up by anybody who trusts le Bor, the words “according to Palestinian sources”.

Le Bor thus does not have time to seek out any Israeli sources.

But he takes the word of the Arabs for this vital statistic.

According to Le Bor it means that one in three in this war who has been killed by Israel is a child!!!

All I can say about Le Bor is “What a spreader of Arab Paslestinian lies he is”.

Is LeBor not part of the same gang who we saw in London Dublin etc going about on demos carrying these imitation babies. The same lying propaganda no!

Le Bor has written lots, but he has never written about the Mohammed el Durra France 2 case, never about the fake Jenin massacre, never about the Qana affair which was proved totally bogus by British site EU Referendum and in which the issue of dead children was used callously by Arabs against Israel.

Just on this one sentence Le Bor has given us all an insight into his lies and his lying political and journalistic method.

Here le Bor is a purveyor of the lies of the Arab Hamas crowd all Jew haters to a one. Is he not! Is this not what he is doing in essence? In Yugoslavia he was the purveyor along with so many, Maggie O’Kane et al, of all those lies of the Izetbegovic Islamist crowd against the Serbs!

The man is a sewer. He follows the Islamofascists around the world and purveys their lies for them. He did it for Izetbegovic. Now he is doing it for Hamas. Is he not?

Why would le Bor take this lying figure from the Arabs in the conflict?

It is the worst of all charges.


But le Bor does not even blush in spreading this figure no more than he did when he also falsely said that there was a massacre of 8000 in Srebrenica

These people who are posing as journalists etc are really the scum of the earth.

These are the people who are stepping up the attack on Israel which is fighting against a classic Jihad operation. The Jews move out of Gaza and give it to the Arabs. The Arabs stick it in their back pocket, say to the Jews thank you very much, and intensify the attack.

If Olmert gives Abbas and Fatah Judea and Samaria Abbas will pocket it as well, not even bother to say thanks, flood the area with Jihadists, and attack attack and attack again. But this time they would have gained more and made the central part of Israel 9 miles or so wide.

But why should le Bor care. As Jews face nuclear annihilation…He will be off writing another book and if Maurice Boland, Dublin Jewish radio host gives le Bor another plug on his show it will be worse than scandalous. It will be a betrayal of the Serbs. It will be a betrayal of the Jews.


I will add an apendix to this article. Please resist reading if you hate being bored by le Bor

These are 3 critical paragraphs

[Begin 3 critical paragraphs by le Bor here]

Three incidents in particular give cause for concern that Israel has breached international humanitarian law and/or committed potential war crimes. The first was the killing of numerous Hamas police officers at a passing out parade in Gaza city in the first wave of bombing. These policemen were part of Hamas’s political and civil infrastructure, certainly, but were not engaged in combat at the time and were not obviously involved in organizing or carrying out attacks against Israel, and that is the crucial point.  If the police were regularly engaged in attacking Israel then arguably they could be a legitimate target, even while on parade. But most press reports say that the Hamas police were used for traffic control and internal security.

The second incident was the bombing of the Fakhura school, run by the UN, in Jabaliyah refugee camp. Civilians are increasingly seeking shelter in UN buildings, the GPS co-ordinates of which are given by the UN to the IDF. About 40 Palestinian civilians were killed when an Israeli mortar hit the school. The IDF claimed that Hamas militants fired from near the school. It responded with three mortars. Two hit their targets, the third missed by thirty meters and hit the school, causing terrible carnage. Israeli troops are allowed to fire back at Hamas, but are obliged to ensure that harm to nearby civilians is not disproportionate. If there is a high risk that the attack would cause disproportionate harm to nearby civilians they are obliged to hold their fire. Again, the degree of risk is a matter of interpretation. Accidentally hitting a nearby school while engaged in actual combat with the enemy in that vicinity would be unlikely to classed as a war crime as the law allows for some degree of confusion and error.

The third incident took place in Zeitoun, a district of Gaza city, where, according to survivors’ reports, Israeli soldiers ordered about 100 members of the Samouni clan into a single home one night. Early the next morning Israeli troops repeatedly shelled the house, killing and wounding dozens. Some managed to flee, carrying the wounded and the dying. However, according to the Red Cross, Israel only allowed its medics to enter the house on Wednesday, where they found a chilling scene: four weak and distraught toddlers, clinging to the bodies of their mothers. According to the Red Cross: “the Israeli military failed to meet its obligation under international humanitarian law to care for and evacuate the wounded.” Israel said it was waiting for the Red Cross to present its evidence.

Paragraph 1…What world is le Bor living in? Hamas is at war with Israel. Does le Bor not get that yet?

Critical words are when le Bor gives his sources as being “most press reports” but so what le Bor, if the Press is hostile to Israel and is friendly to the terorists of Hamas


Paragraph 2.

Where did the IDF claim that? Le Bor gives no sources, in fact never does in this article. Nice and vague!

Paragraph 3

Critical words of professional liar le Bor are “according to survivors reports”.  That is acording to Arab Palestinian Hamas reports. What if the “survivors” were spinning a yarn which was precisely the points I made to Boland re the le Bor claims on Srebrenica.

Extra little note for Jewish readers:

Overlap takes place here, please note all Jewish people. The “Red Cross” was proven to be total liars in Srebrenica and in Yugoslavia in general!

Just because something is called “Red Cross” does not mean it tells the truth!




by Felix Quigley

July 25, 2008

Adam le Bor is part of the gang who hang out around sites like Harry’s Place. They on Harry’s Place, with a few exceptions but not those who run that site, are the biggest liars on G-ds earth because they promote continually that the Serbs carried out a massacre of 8000 Muslims in Srebrenica. This is a massive lie, a blatant lie, part of the Orwellian Big Lie syndrome. They know it too which makes it not a lie by mistake but a lie by intent.

We have answered fully and carefully in the most succinct and unmistakable form this horrific Big Lie that has been perpetrated against the wonderful and historical people of Serbia.

See for example:

[begin quote here]

There was never a shred of forensic evidence ever presented to prove that even ONE Muslim was executed by the VRS (Republic of Srpska – Bosnian Serb army).

Yes, you read that correctly: NATO’s ICTY kangaroo court in the Hague failed to produce even a shred of evidence to support the charge that even ONE Bosnian Muslim was executed!!

Not one eye-witness was EVER presented during July 1995 who said that they saw with their own eyes a SINGLE atrocity by VRS forces take place.

This was even reported in the British press at the time!! (July, 1995)

Hubert Wieland, personal representative of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, told the [UK] Daily Telegraph (July 24, 1995, electronic edition):

“we have not found anyone who saw with their own eyes an atrocity taking place.”

[end quote here]

And much more! Please study the whole article very carefully!


First let me repeat from the above quote for effect and to concentrate the mind:

Not one eye-witness was EVER presented during July 1995 who said that they saw with their own eyes a SINGLE atrocity by VRS forces take place. Continue reading