by Felix Quiigley

July 20, 2008

A blogger called “Fabian from Israel” on Harry’s Place who lives in Israel wrote the following on the Harry’s Place website:

“19 July 2008, 8:19 am

“The question is, how much more crazy are the Iranians than the Bolsheviks?”

No. If that is the question, the difference between the answers is the difference between our anihilation and our survival. The risk is too big for us to just wait.

Is like saying, that guy with a knife who is standing in front of my open door, looking at my daughter with a maniacal face, is just my neighbor with which I have a terrible argument all these years, but whom I thought he won’t ever do us any harm, or is he the same neighbor, about which I am not so sure? Should I just go back to my room, or should I confront him?”

This is a very accurate summary of the position.

But an anti Israel blogger called The Irie could not accept this. Continue reading