Hate crimes and support for

terrorists in Canada

miércoles, 14 enero, 2009 3:06 PM
The following email was sent by Canadian fighter and advocate for Israel Joseph Alexander Norland. It is to the point and 4international supports it totally…FQ on January 14, 2008, “stockwell day” <>, “Jason Kenney” <>,
Ottawa, 2009_01_14


In the course of Canadian rallies and demonstrations against Israel, two elements surfaced that in my opinion require government action in the name of “peace, order and good government”:

(1) explicit anti-Semitic agitation, in contravention of Canada’s hate crime laws; 
(2) overt support for Hizbollah and Hamas, terrorist organizations according to Canada’s laws.

TV broadcasts, news reports and video clips on the web substantiate my claims, as you must have seen.  For the record, I cite

where you can (inter alia) hear a frenzied Montreal mob cry “the Jews are our dogs” and see the mob carry Hizbollah flags.

I am asking you to take urgent action on both these accounts, lest we see in Canada a repeat of the 1932-33 demise of the Weimar Republic.  When governments fail to act with force against terrorist-huggers, the latter feel empowered and seize the reins of government.


Dr Joseph Alexander Norland
Ottawa, Ont., Canada