Tomorrow is the 10th Anniversary of 9.11


The Americans who were murdered in that horrible crime have had their memories betrayed by the American Governments since that fateful and horrific day.


And from 9.11 to today the Jewish people and Israel are facing a new Holocaust as a result of the policies of those American Governments


But it has got even worse with Obama in power, because the defeat of Muammar Gadhafi and of the Egyptian leader Mubarak, by Arab Fascism in league with NATO, has created the most dangerous situation for Jews today (more dangerous than 67, more like 33 with Iran nuclear Bomb threatening always).


That is combined with leaders in Israel, such as Livni, Barak and Netanyahu, who are unable to lead Jews to safety.


The stark situation today, just a day before the Tenth Anniversary, is that in horrific scenes of hatred towards Jews in Cairo, the Israeli Embassy in that Arab city is no more, sacked by the Fascists, the Egyptian army Leaders who betrayed Mubarak to the mob, unable to do a thing.


The attempt to demolish the wall came after an Egyptian Facebook group called activists to gather outside the Israeli delegation in Cairo and “urinate on the wall.”

Egyptian groups also called activists to spray graffiti slogans against Israel on the wall and erect a memorial for the soldiers killed during the attack in south Israel.

Egyptians demolishing wall outside embassy (Photo: Reuters)
Egyptians demolishing wall outside embassy (Photo: Reuters)

Eyewitnesses said policemen and soldiers stood by as the activists hammered away at the roughly 2.5 metres (8-foot) high wall.

Egyptian officials said the wall was intended to protect residents of the high-rise embassy building, not the Israeli mission.

Celebrating over the torn wall (Photo: Reuters)
Celebrating over the torn wall (Photo: Reuters)


So from 9.11 to today the Israeli Ambassador is out, forget gas, the Sinai which was supposed to be a buffer of sorts is now ultra-hostile territory, and that is just one source of the troubles faced by Jews and Israel.


Before looking at Egypt and Libya let us deal also with Turkey and with Iran


  1. Turkey is now turning into the equivalent 2011 style of the Germany of the 30s, they are the new Nazis as they roam the world stirring the pot of anti-Semitism, and Erdogan and his lies are the new Goebbels propaganda.
  2. The drive of the Iran jew Haters towards having the Nuclear Bomb is relentless

And that is the background to the 10th Anniversary for Jews and for the progressives of the world.


First post 9.11 Bush and the Neocons. Bush thought that they could bring their parliamentary type democracy to Iraq. In fact in the real world what they did do was to eliminate Saddam Hussein who was a secularist and they opened the door to Iranian influence in Iran. This was a great spur to Islam. Knowledgeable and fearful Jewish Israeli leaders like Sharon warned Bush AGAINST DOING JUST THAT.


The question is, did Bush realise what he was letting loose. He probably did not. But Bush is only one person and he is advised by thousands. They certainly did know pretty precisely what would be the outcome.


This means that the shadowy forces of reaction inside the halls and colleges of US Imperialism are indeed in an alliance with reactionary Islam.




The alliance with Iran against Saddam was not the first time.


It had happened in Indonesia where the CIA had been very active with Islam and which led to the horrific butchering of the Indonesian Communist Party cadre, many peasants in the countryside villages


It was prefigured in all the events of the breakup of Yugoslavia when the Nazi past of leaders like Izetbegovic was obscured by the media and where the Media had put in place a hate campaign against the Serbs, centred on Milosevic and the hoax of Srebrenica, which goes on to today.


This has all led to the “Arab Spring” which is in reality the Arab Nightmare for the Jews and for all progressives.


The responsibility for this falls directly on Belman/Spencer/Geller and a thousand others, many Jewish, who did not set out in their campaigns to call for the victory to Mubarak and for the victory to the organization of Muammar Gadhafi.


By far the worst in this respect was and is without a doubt Robert Spencer of Jihadwatch.


This faux anti Jihadist never missed a chance to shoot down Muammar Gadhafi (and his colleague on Jihadwatch Marisol).


Spencer and Geller have repeated the phrase “We told you so” with every new advance by the Jihad.


Not true! Not strictly true at all! In fact they did not tell their followers that they must call for the victory of Muammar Gadhafi and for the victory of Mubarak in Egypt as the only way to stop the Jihad and to stop the threat against Jews and Israel.


Who else would stop the Jihad?


Worse as far as Geller and Spencer were concerned. Mubarak and above all Gadhafi were in open struggle against the Jihadist Muslim Brotherhood and had been for decades.


In fact Gadhafi even had concluded an agreement with Bush through Blair that he Gadhafi would fight the Jihad, Al Qaeda, and Gadhafi hated the Muslim Brotherhood.


So why not call for the victory to Gadhafi in this recent war?


This is a call that Belman/Spencer/Geller and a thousand other so called friends of Jews never could, did or will make


The other thing that Libya has proved in the recent 4 months is that the capitalist governments in Europe, and the Obama Government, are clearly obviously on the side of the Muslim Brotherhood and even on the side of Al Qaida


This explains a lot. It explains also for example why the BBC refers to the savages who attacked Jews in Israel on the border with Sinai last week as being “militants”. It also explains why the BBC Reporter Barbara Plett wept as she reported on the funeral of the Jew Hater Arafat.


The Jews have a history of being tricked.


I believe that they are being tricked today by these kinds of leaders, like Belman/Spencer/Geller…there are a thousand others, it is just that I am familiar with these.


I repeat that the key issue since 9.11 has been the war on Muammar Gadhafi because that shows the unity between Islam and modern capitalism in crisis.


They sat on the fence while this war was going on.


I personally will never forgive them for sitting on the fence in that war.


It is remarkable to me that left blogs like Stephen Lendman was closer on Libya to a correct policy for the Jews than were these.


And that is extraordinary, an extraordinary thing to say, because Lendman is anti-Semitic in his politics. I cannot tell you how much we oppose Lendman over Israel.


But on the issue of victory to Gadhafi against NATO he was closer to what the Jews actually need.


It is a twist of history which is almost a mystery, except that I think there is an explanation.


What has happened is that the Arabs and Anti-Semites have sold a false history of the Middle East which centres on the fake “Palestinians”. This history is full of lies which have not been answered in a practical way.


But that will be the task of 4international. Join us. Help us.