by Felix Quigley

October 27, 2008

We keep emphasising that the capitalist system is a world system. This is why the powerful Imperialist states, the US, Britain, China, Russia have to and always do think in terms of the whole world.

The US is the main imperialist power and it does not think in terms of America alone, it thinks in terms of the world as a whole and how the rule of America, often by proxies, can be maintained. It is essentially not just trade but power and ensuring that the system of producing goods for profit as opposed to need, will hold sway.

There is thus a very big similarity to the approach of the Nazis and of Hitler in the World War.

This was a terific study by a military historian called Bevin Alexander of the vital importance of the Meditteranean Basin area. He points out that with control of the Basin it was possible to strike out at the Russian oilfields, control part of Africa, build bases in Africa to prepare war with the US, also move North.

What this leads on to is the powerful alliances struck between the German Nazis and the Arab Nazis. Later we will go into this in detail because it raises the issue of the determination of the Arab Nazis, like Hajj Amin el Husseini, even Sadat, to wipe out the Jewish people in a Palestinian Holocaust.

Read this. You will find that there are similarities to how the US is acting today Continue reading