These steps are necessary in order for Israel to defeat the Hamas rockets into Israel which are terrorising the Israeli people. These rockets are not firecrackerts as was once claimed on the Talk Radio Europe pathetic radio outlet in Spain. These rockets must be stopped because Jews are being terrorised in the Jewish Homeland in 2014 some 70 years after the Holocaust by the Nazis.


  1. Israel is still sending food and supplies into Gaza by means of lorry convoys across the border between Israel and Gaza.
  2. Even Talk Radio Europe would be hard put not to see how farcical is this: food and supplies one way repaid by rockets the other!
  3. Consequently the first step is to issue a warning, say of 2 days, that if any more rockets come then supplies will simply stop.
  4. The whole of the Hamas way is to set up rockets and surround those rocket launchers with “civilians”. Israel must issue a warning that it has a first duty to protect its own citizens and that it will always fire on such rocket launchers in order to protect their own civilians. Quote Churchill actions in the War to legally justify this. Cone to think the recent Obama statement gives Jews the right to defend themselves
  5. The very first thing to do though is to state the aim, define the objective which must be to arrest the leaders of Fatah and Hamas and tot totally break up both organizations and any others that may arise. There is a contemporary European precedent for this which must be quoted which is the Spanish Government war on ETA
  6. Israel must as soon as possible launch an invasion on the ground into Gaza but in such a way that the generals do not sacrifice a single Jewish soldier’s life. This is a priority. Jewish life (following the Nazi Holocaust) must be protected. People have thought of this before at the time of the disengagement. With military advice parts of Gaza which are defensible from attack should be occupied. With supplies cut off, with parts of Gaza cut off, then the leaders of Hamas are vulnerable


The great problem of the Israelis is that they have leaders who have not stated the above aim. The idea of Netanyahu to WEAKEN Hamas is wrong. Both Fatah and Hamas must be destroyed totally. That is the central issue that all Jews and Jewish supporters as on must attempt to fix. We support Bibi in war, of course we do, but we also insist on a leadership which fights as above.


We can summarise:


  1. Warning to cut off all supplies by a certain date if rockets onto Israel do not stop
  2. Citing of the ‘We are launching rockets from urban areas and if Israel attempts to take out the launchers and operators it will hit women and children. We will bring all the media to show how Israel fights and murders uninvolved civilians, women and children’…” continually to show what Israel is up against. Any international Media who supports Hamas must be exposed abroad by 4international
  3. Citing of the age old law that it is treason to support your enemy in a time of war…so supplies must be stopped after a warning of say 2 days
  4. Ask American patriots to pass this “Sherman” law through US Congress
  5. No more warnings from Israel. How often did Churchill warn the Germans? How often did the IRA warn the British?
  6. All Media in Israel embedded. Israel must have only one military spokesman. All hostile to Israel forces such as ISM and Amnesty International expelled like NOW!
  7. Finally prepare Israel for a long war but not an indefinite war. The war will end when Fatah and Hamas is broken up and its leaders are in jail. It is that aim that is the key aim. Destroy Fatah! Destroy Hamas!
  8. Differentiate between the Arabs of Palestine. I personally am convinced that there are many Arabs who will support the Jewish cause for the Jewish Homeland if the Jewish story is really told. In the telling of this story the role of the state will be absolutely crucial
  9. Note that we Trotskyists on are the very opposite of dogmatists. We do not repeat dogma. We are creative. We use our theory and past experience to gain knowledge. Therefore consider the above suggestions as to how the Jews can defeat the Jihad.