As true Trotskyists we naturally form a bond with patriotic Jews like Ayelet Shaked and with all Jews when they come under attack from Antisemitism because we take the Antisemitism directed against the Jewish State (the Antisemitism against the Jew 2015) and we know that Ayelet is opposed to the likes of the Ken O’Keefes and David Ickes of this world. This picture tells it all. O’Keefe was involved in the above where an Israeli soldier of the IDF is on the ground and is being battered with iron bars. How did he survive! Now just remember that the Israeli Government returned that ship Mavi Marmora to Turkey and that just incenses me. But I await to see what Shaked does actually propose to do on the issue of ilegal immigrants, on Arabs in Israel who hate Israel, on Arabs in Israel, on what is Israel, on issues like the need to close down “Breaking the Silence” and all such groups, and to make it all possible anyway to the immediate disbanding of the Supreme Court. I disagree immediately on the latter with Shaked. The Supreme Court is not to be reformed but to be eliminated.


It must be understood that Ayelet Shaked is Justice Minister because Netanyahu travelled to Congress in the USA to deliver a major attack on Obama on the basis not of internal Israeli issues but on a world issue – the existence of a Fascist Islamist Supremacist power (WHICH IS IRAN) armed with massive killing power in the shape of many Nuclear Bombs, indeed a Nuclear Programme. Now confused Jews on the right are wetting themselves in excitement thinking they have found their saviour in Shaked. I like Shaked better than many Israeli politicians but to say that Shaked has the answers – well I say wait and see. I want to see what she does. So far she has said nothing about what she will do with the Israeli Supreme Court when it is very clear that it must be abolished…like abolished yesterday

…and speaking of abolishing it at once how long has Shaked been in power and what is keeping her giving the Israelis the low down on her plans. When Vladimir Lenin returned to Russia from exile in April 2017 it took Lenin precisely 3 seconds to denounce the Kerensky Government! Leon Trotsky no different. So what is Shaked anyway in the sense of what is her political programme precisely and note I am totally bored with stuff like she is married to a pilot. Ayelet could be married to a dustman who cares!? And what is it that Israel now needs in order to win the fight against an Arab war which seeks its destruction and the killing of all Jews on earth. Is it the programme of Bennett or is it a really revolutionary nationalist programme? I wait more info to see how she faces up. I am already impatient! And I am already in disagreement with her and Bennett who may be??? mere echoes of Bibi in that they extend the vote in Israel to Arabs – very bad move indeed.

Felix Quigley is Irish and posts on the site trotsky.us and on facebook/felix.quigley. He is Trotskyist, materialist, and supports Israel as the national Jewish state where Jews can live UNMOLESTED.