There is not the slightest doubt now that Bibi Netanyahu is following a definite plan of keeping Hamas intact. Whatever way Netanyahu reasons this it amounts to treason to the Jewish people. Netanyahu is a traitor


It is bullshit, total bullshit, all of this business of Israel appearing humane by warning people that they intend to bomb a house…hence result is they bomb an EMPTY house


It is doubly bullshit on the part of this traitorous leading elite in Israel because they know: THE PALESTINIAN ARABS WILL PUT PALLYWOOD IN OPERATION ANYWAY


The “Palestinians” do not need any deaths because they have their own Pallywood department.


In a confrontation on Talk Radio Europe editor of Felix Quigley had a confrontation with a high up in a radio station. This guy (a certain Richard Tildesley) who is a leading Jew in the station and Marbella Area stated he had never heard of Pallywood


At the same time another this time Irish Jew called Jenni Hutchinson joined with the IPSC (same as ISM) to attack me, Trotskyism and 4international


As I say to everybody these days Trotskyism has no friends, does not seek friends per se, has only truth as friend

Let me get this straight my dear Jewish friends. Why would the Israeli planes bomb empty houses, having issued warnings so the Fascists can flee. W H Y???


As I said the name of Jews will be blackened anyway by Pallywood (even though Marbella Jew Tildesley has never heard of it it exists)


Further note on this dear Jewish friends. Tildesley was leading the panel discussion over 2 hours…well prepared eh!


So then we have to ask what is Netanyahu and this Israeli elite at.


Here is my take


  1. Netanyahu and his elites fear the great power of the Jewish people
  2. The power of the Jewish people is not only in themselves and in their old religion, it is in the place they and their religion hold because of this long history in contemporary society
  3. And Netanyahu and his elite know this and back away from it


We have emphasised time and time again how difficult a war this is against Hamas. For a start it is not just against Hamas, it is really Hamas, Fatah, Iran and Hizbullah .. and counting


The recent Pew Poll shows Antisemitism in these Arab countries at 90% plus with variation of just a few points from gaza to Morocco


This is not an easy war to win.


But it means that the orientation for war has to be correct. And the arsing about by Netanyahu is traitorous, and it was totally the work of a traitor to expel Danon


This brat Netanyahu and his brat wife Sara have really no class at all when they do not encourage a debate as to how to conduct the war.


The Israeli elite is corrupt. Time to start exploring urgently new solutions. In short investigate us. Investigate


4international is reprinting this excellent analysis of the situation that Israel and all Jews find themselves in under present totally bankrupt Jewish leaders, which like Ted Belman editor of Israpundit procedes on the basis of arrogance keeping a known fascist on his comment section. Israpundit under Belman is a case of the blind leading the blind but it goes deeper than Israpundit. It extends across the whole of the anti-Jihadist and rabidly pro United States War Policy against especially Russia and China. Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer the “great” fighters have totally ignored Ukraine and Crimea. Their work on the Jihad is good but it leads obviously into a dead alley and anybody with a brain can see it.

By the way I was asked why does Belman do this? The answer is that he can. Any joker can put together a website and Belman is carried along by a blind and utterly stupid arrogance, self-imposed, thinking that the right wing conservatives like on Frontpagemag will bail out Israpundit. Fat chance. All are going down the drain with US capitalism. Same direction that Israel capitalism is going under Netanyahu.

This debka article is remarkable because it pinpoints the empty arrogance behind Netanyahu and the whole of the Israeli ruling class including its army generals, the latter continually misleading eager Young serving Jews. That danger grows. Lives will be sacrificed for nothing under Netanyahu.

What does this article do that I insist is so useful and also remarkable? It is this. The Jewish people have been hit in recent days by an attack on its army, inside Israel, as Jewish soldiers patrolled the northern border they triggered a booby trap bomb and a Jew is today seriously injured and others are injured more lightly. THAT is most serious given the history. But still that is not the key. The key is that in response to this Netanyahu and his army generals got up on their high horse and issued a threat to Assad, and they also struck at Assad´s government forces. This is total arrogance. You note this arrogance again. Debka is so astute as to note that this bomb may have been, certainly was, set off by the enemies of Assad. So why attack Assad? Why not support and defend Assad from the Jihadists? That is the logic. And that is precisely what we on our tiny 4international have been saying now for about 3 years, while the likes of bullshitter Belman (note the alliteration) and his bankrupt bunch of phonies and resident “fascist” have been misleading Jews.


(start debka here)

That Israel’s military chiefs have not yet come up with an answer for the attacks building up from Syrian territory – four this month – was apparent in its responses to the bomb which Tuesday, March 18 injured four paratroopers – one seriously – who were manning Post 104 near the Golan village of Majdal Shams.

Artillery and rocket fire was instantaneously directed at a Syrian army post near Quneitra. Then, before dawn Wednesday, Israeli warplanes struck Syrian posts, command centers and artillery batteries in the Quneitra region of Syrian Golan.

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon then issued a warning that the Assad regime would be held responsible for any attacks on “our sovereignty, soldiers and civilians” and pay a heavy price for “collaborating with terrorists.”
The same old policy of holding a sovereign state responsible for terrorist action from its soil, a policy which never worked in the Gaza Strip, has apparently been recycled for the Golan. It won’t work there either.

Just as Hamas doesn’t control the pro-Iranian Jihad Islami, the Syrian army cannot prevent terrorists from planting roadside bombs and attacking Israeli targets from the Syrian Golan.
Predictably, the only effect of Israel’s Tammuz rocket was to relieve the pressure the Syrian Army’s 90th Brigade encampment had exerted on the rebels under Gen. Abdul-Illah’s command and embolden them to go on the offensive against the 90th brigade.
Not only have Israeli’s military chiefs run out of ideas, but it was also evident from Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s comments after the attack on the paratroopers that they have not identified its perpetrators.

Until recently, the Lebanese Shiite Hizballah was the obvious assailant and presumed to be retaliating for Israel’s March 6 air strike on its weapons convoy on the Syrian-Lebanese border.

But then another player, Al Qaeda in Iraq and the Levant-ISIS, entered the picture to claim responsibility for the roadside bomb planted on March 14 against an Israeli military patrol in another sector, the disputed Shebaa Farms border intersection. No one was hurt then. Israel hit back at the old enemy by pounding Hizballah positions in the neighborhood.
ISIS is waging an implacable war against Hizballah in Syria and Lebanon. It is therefore hard to see the relevance of Hizballah to the Shebaa Farms attack – and therefore the point of Israel’s reprisal. Indeed it missed another point: By attacking Hizballah, Israel recognized the Lebanese terrorist organization’s armed presence in that part of southern Lebanon in breach of UN resolutions.
Netanyahu also noted that the Syrian border region with Israel has been filling up of late with jihadist and Hizballah elements, confronting Israel with fresh challenges. He praised his government’s success in keeping Israel clear and safe from the Syrian civil war and pledged to “aggressively guard Israeli security here too.”
debkafile: The appearance of Al Qaeda and Hizballah in this area is hardly recent. For months, the two rival groups have been building up strength along Israel’s borders. On March 16, Hizballah gained a major victory by conquering jointly with the Syrian army the key mountain town of Yabroud near the Syrian-Lebanese border. Control of Yabroud provides Hizballah with another springboard for striking at IDF border targets from Syrian soil.
The hostile forces around Israel’s borders are gaining ground. Adhering to the unimaginative tit-for-tat template that failed in the Gaza Strip will not deter them. Unless Israel’s leaders come up with better and more effective ideas, Israel’s northern and southern fronts are in for what the military call a war of attrition.

(end debka here)’s-bankrupt-military-policy-for-Gaza-won’t-work-for-Golan-either

PS by Felix Quigley

One of Belman´s prime bullshitters in the comment section of Israpundit has been somebody who calls himself “Jonathon Ross” and his main line for years has been that the Arab “Spring” is good for Israel because it means the enemies of Israel were fighting each other. He forgot to say in order to get the best shot at Israel and Jews. How can you answer such imbéciles as this?