This Young Serb beheaded by Jihadists supported by US in Bosnia…this is precisely what Jews face against “Palestinianism”


Israeli leaders under Netanyahu are now fighting a war on Gaza which is NOT a repeat of other wars because the international situation is totally different.


There is now the advance of International Jihad as is seen in the rise of ISIL and there is the brave struggle of el Sisi in Egypt against the Jihad of the Muslim Brotherhood under Morsi. The courage of el Sisi stands in contrast to the cowardice of Netanyahu and Israel who have refused to take action against Hamas and Fatah


While el Sisi has arrested the leaders of the Muslim Brothers in Egypt and passed death sentences against these fascists Netanyahu ahs delayed and delayed while the same Jihadist Fascists hammer Sderot with rockets.


This highlights one thing. The situation has changed totally since past wars against Arabs. In Israel today as in every country in the world without exception the struggles for freedom to live are all about leadership. This can only be resolved by creating Trotskyist leadership and the only party which can claim Trotskyist honour and heritage is Cynics may scoff at this but we do not care all that matters is that scientific fact (truth) is on our side


4international will now make 10 points, followed by 3 “notes” on the abductions experiences


  1. Clear out Hamas and Fatah. Like the Egyptian leaders around el Sisi place them on trial with the death sentence available
  2. Consequent to that put an end to “Palestinian” nationalism
  3. Provide a definitive survey of all the attacks made on the Jewish people by especially the Arab leaders since say 1890. Let all speakers stick to this survey. And stop talking about everything under the sun. This is war and in any war there is need for discipline
  4. There are so many millions of Arabs NOW in this area and Israeli leaders need to know where they stand on the creation of the Jewish state. Just that. On the basis of the results of such a poll Jewish leaders can take necessary action
  5. A leadership which is unconcerned about what the BBC says. All international Media barred from Israel. Reporters who enter the war on the side of the enemy do so at their own risk but they will not report from Israeli ground. Britain did this in the Argentine and Gulf Wars
  6. Withdraw from the UN
  7. Place Nuclear weaponry on the ready against any enemy of Israel, especially of USm UN and NATO. Make an alliance with any force in the world which is being threatened by NATO, such as the Serbs and Russian Ukraine
  8. No Arabs to work in Israeli firms. No taxes to be collected for Arabs. No electricity to Arabs. No aid to Arabs.
  9. For every single rocket fired at Israel take a section of land and remove Arabs from that section
  10. Forget about being “democratic”. There is no democracy in war NONE! The great Arab and African leader Muammar Gadhafi tried at the end of his life and rule to be more “democratic” and to be a friend of America. Gadhafi was sacrificed by Obama to the Jihadists. The very same lesson applies very much to Israeli and Israelis today



Yes it is essential that Israel and Israelis have borders which can be defended. This central point must be highlighted continually – the total size of the area west of the river is less than the size of Munster. This is a central point. Maps show where the borders must lie in order for Israel to be able to defend itself. These borders are obvious to a school child in primary school. They stand out and are roughly the River, the Golan, the Mediterranean Sea, and Sinai. The poll mentioned above is fundamental because it will put down in black and white what are Arab intentions. On the basis of those intentions Israelis will act in a scientific manner. As part of this and until this scientific poll is taken then all Arabs are debarred from travelling into Israel to work in Israeli firms, and Israeli firms will be closed down by the state if they employ such Arabs



The basis of the thinking of the 4international on these issues is rooted in our history. In 1937 leon Trotsky fought for Palestine to be made into the Homeland of the Jews and he stated that the Jewish Homeland must be defended against “Mohammedanism” (the then word used for Jihad). In 1938 Leon Trotsky fought to explain that the rise of Nazism and the Antisemitism of Western countries meant that millions of Jews would be cornered by the Nazis and that the Holocaust” would follow. No person on earth was clearer on this. THAT is our heritage. The whole of the Trotskyist movement also was wiped out along with the Jews, and also by the traitors to socialism in Stalinism. The murderer of Trotsky was a Stalinist (in 1940 in Mexico). THAT heritage means that today we fight on the side of the Jews against all Israel haters.



There is NOTHING democratic about war, yet wars are inevitable as we stand. All of the present leaders of the Jews, including and especially all the “bloggers”, leave Jews unprepared for the realities of wars. The murder of the 3 Jewish youth in Hebron were abducted and murdered by the enemy who are engaged in a war against Jews. The murder of the Palestinian youth, which we oppose, was carried out if the police are to be believed only as a reaction. Also as a reaction to the passivity of Netanyahu. Netanyahu is more responsible because he is passive and hesitant. So unprepared are Jews that all Jews wanted to show how “good” and “nice” and “democratic” they were. Is the enemy impressed? Not! The whole episode has shown that Jews under present leadership are not able to fight a war to win. THAT is the main problem facing Israel.


by Felix Quigley

January 15, 2009


In response to a reader who has emailed us

We have seen in many places of the world trade union leaders marching with left movements alongside and in support of Hamas, a Fascist and Antisemitic movement.

Can we make our position clear on these. The trade union leaders sold out the British General Strike of 1926. They have always been a danger to the working class and have caused workers much suffering, as did that defeat. I refer especially to the Irish Congress of Trade Unions.

Those on the “left” like Indymedia use the word socialist to describe themselves. They are in fact Fascist and are working in support of Fascist Hamas and Fatah. They are therefore also antisemitic.

I have been listening to much hatred of Israel on the BBC, where they seem to interview non stop Arab Palestinians and supporters of Hamas. They speak in the sleek journalistic manner.

But they are telling lies about the situation just as they lied about the Serbs anc created the monstrous lie of the Srebrenica massacre.

I could care less about the Boston Globe. But this writer expresses so much of what I hear from these journalistic types. No idea what is eating them up. But I do know they are liars.

[Start quote from a writer on the Boston Globe here]

Stubbornness in Gaza

By H.D.S. Greenway
January 13, 2009
SOME WOULD have us believe that Hamas is nothing but an Iranian surrogate, and that the wholesale damage being inflicted on Gaza is just unfortunate but necessary collateral damage in the war on terror. It is not that complicated. Gaza is just part of Palestine that has been trying for 40 years to get Israel off its back. Sure, Gazans will take help where they can get it, and Iran will make mischief where it can, but the centrality of the Palestinian issue never goes away.

(This man is living in a dream world. let us say there was a “Palestine” on Judea and Samaria, also known as the West Bank, with a land corridor such as an elevated Highway running from Gaza to it, let us throw in half of Jerusalem as Barak offered to Arafat.

Then what? Does this man think that there would be peace with Israel.

This man, a very educated man you might say, simply has everything wrong.

Jew Hatred in the world, and especially in this part of the world goes back a very long time indeed, long long before Israel was created. It is Jew Hatred which motivates the Arabs through Islam.

The first concrete thing that would happen is that perhaps 2 million Arabs would flood their area from abroad and they may welcome them. The pressure on living space would be intolerable.

Consider also something else that I wish more research has been done on. That is the strong drive from within Islam to subjugate each and every minority, as in Darfur, as in the Tuareg people, as in the minorities who lived in the Moroccan mountains etc.

What makes this man think that THESE Arabs would settle at peace with Israel in this tiny area.

Especially when a very large majority of them have alreasdy pointed out time and again that their aim is to destroy Israle.

This is where men like this move into real Jew Hatred themselves. That is they disregard what these antisemites say they are going to do. That is just like disregarding what Hitler said he would do to the Jews in Mein Kamph.

I could see some excuse then. But now, after the Holocaust of the Jews by Hitler in 1939 to 45!!! Does this man not see what he is asking of the Jews in 2009.

Let him continue to see how this educated man creates this equivalence between the Jews and Antisemites:)

[Continue quote here]

One would have hoped that Gaza would have taken advantage of Israel’s pull-out in 2005 to create a peaceful, productive society, just as one could have hoped that Israel would let Gaza develop without trying to strangle it with border controls on land, sea, and air that reduced the territory to destitution. Yes, there are weapons being smuggled through those tunnels to Egypt, but through the tunnels also pass fuel and basic supplies to keep life in Gaza going.

(Equivalence between Jew hating antisemites of Hamas and the Jews of Israel)

Gaza’s crime, for which Israel and the Bush administration decided it should be punished, was voting in Hamas to the legislative council in 2006 in a free election. Thus began the attempt to coerce the population into rejecting Hamas. There was talk in the United States and Israel about arming Fatah to stage a coup in Gaza against Hamas, but Hamas struck first.

Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention expressly forbids collective punishment and calls it a war crime. There can be little doubt that Israel has been employing, as the Red Cross put it in its commentary to the Geneva Conventions, “intimidatory measures to terrorize the population” in hopes of preventing hostile acts. One could say the same about Hamas firing rockets into civilian Israeli towns.

(He is totally equivocal between the Jews and Hamas)

The government of Israel has a blind faith in the efficacy of military force. Israel shares complicity with Hamas in breaking the Egyptian-brokered cease-fire by attacking Gaza on Nov. 5. As with other Israeli-Palestinian agreements, such as the Oslo Accords, the Palestinians never really gave up violence, and the Israelis never fulfilled their part of the bargain by lifting restrictions on the population.

(This man is just a liar. He now is not even bothering to give the Israeli side. That Hamas was preparing to use a tunnel to kidnap other Shalits and that is why Israel attacked those terrorists of Hamas)

While most of the world calls for a ceasefire in Gaza, the Bush administration does not. The same was true in 2006 when Israel set about to reduce the infrastructure of Lebanon, even bombing lighthouses, in the hopes that the Lebanese would turn against Hezbollah. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice called that destruction “the birth pangs of a new Middle East.” It was, sadly, just the same old Middle East of tit-for-tat violence, which, in that case, only increased the stature of Hezbollah.

Reports from Israel indicate that the leadership is split as to Israel’s goals in Gaza. Should it try to eliminate Hamas completely, or should it try for the less ambitious goal of trying to stop the rocket attacks?

(On a Spanish radio station which I personally heard a presenter was asked how can the Hamas rockets be stopped. The questioner begged give me an answer? The presenter did not, could not answer)

There seems to be little doubt in the United States, however. Vice President Cheney said that Israeli officials had made it very clear they would be “trying to take down Hamas.” Democratic Senator Harry Reid told “Meet the Press” that “Hamas has got to be put away.”

That may be easier said than done, for Hamas represents an idea of a religiously inspired resistance, an image that Israeli violence promotes at the expense of Palestinian moderates.

(You can see what he is doing here. He is blaming the victim of antisemitism, the Jew, for that very antisemitism. He is claiming indeed that the Jew is creating this antisemitism. This is a very old canard indeed)

The irony is that most Arab states hate and fear Islamists such as Hamas, but Israel has now made heroes of Hamas as it did in Lebanon with Hezbollah. There were many Gazans who would have liked to see the end of Hamas, but now their voices won’t be heard. And although Israel talks about the hapless Mamoud Abbas as a potential negotiating partner, Israel continues to undermine his authority in Palestinian eyes.

I heard Israel’s president, Shimon Peres, on the radio asking, “Why do they do this?” If Hamas cared about its people, it wouldn’t attack us, he said.

No doubt Hamas is stubborn, even unreasonable, but Peres well remembers that in the long history of his own people there have been times, from Masada to Warsaw, when stubborn men deemed it better to resist against hopeless odds rather than accept subjugation.

H.D.S. Greenway’s column appears regularly in the Globe.

And there I will leave this man Greenway. He is educated but he is a slight man indeed. Not much of a man at all. I have spoken to many simple workers on this Gaza issue and they are far more substantial than this man.

Now he is also a very sneaky man because at the end, dear reader, I hope that you have noticed that Greenway has consciously drawn a parallel between Hamas and the Jews in the Warsaw ghetto. Now why would he do that unless he is part of that old canard, that the Jews of Israel are just a replica of the Nazis.

It is a firm rule of thumb which we have here on 4international. It IS antisemitism to draw this comparision between Israel and the Nazi regime, for obvious reasons, that I think every single working man of whatever nationality would immediately understand.