By Felix Quigley

November 25, 2008

Bush and Obama are now working closely together to prevent Israel from defending itself on two fronts. They are united in saying that Israel must no nothing about the nuclear threat from the Iranian Fascists, a threat which will cause the obliteration of Israel and 6 millions Jews. They are equally united in saying that Israel must do nothing about rockets from Gaza which are causing life misery to a million Israelis daily, not knowing when the next rocket will drop on their homes. As we have said often this IS antisemitism in action and it is being led by the US Government of both parties. What have the leaders of USrapundit got now to say about this and their support for Bush and McCain in the election past!

Israel National News wrote:

[begin quote here] The Bush administration warned outgoing Prime Minister Ehud Olmert not to stage an attack on Iran or stage an all-out assault on Hamas in Gaza, TIME reported Tuesday, quoting senior Defense Ministry officials.

The two leaders met and dined together Monday during the Prime Minister’s farewell visit, but the warning previously was issued by senior American officials. They are worried that Israel will use the period before President-elect Barack Obama takes office to attack Iran’s nuclear plant.

The rest of the report from INN is very interesting. It flags up the utterly reactionary and traitorous role of Olmert and Livni, as well as Labourist traitor to the working class Barak.

Note that there are many wings of antisemitic reaction ranged against Israel. leading these are the US NeoCon ruling class of Bush, McCain and Obama. But also there is the Jewish traitors in Israpundit (USrapundit to be correct) who have supported the butchers of the Serbs McCain and Lieberman as well as Bush.

But there is also a significant section of the Jewish capitalist type leaders in Israel, led certainly by Olmert and Livni types. These are essentially the people who have to be exposed and driven out of the Jewish movement.

[continue INN report here]

American government officials also told the Olmert government that if it were to carry out a long-threatened attack on Hamas and allied terrorists, it could erect a dead end to the America Roadmap program designed to lead to a new Arab country within Israel’s current borders.

In order to calm Israel’s growing impatience with rocket attacks on southern Israel, the Bush government asked Jordanian King Abdullah II to intervene, TIME reported. The result was a secret visit to Amman last week by Prime Minister Olmert and Defense Minister Ehud Barak, who heard the king tell them he won promises by Hamas to halt the rocket strikes.

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni stated earlier this month that Israel need not retaliate so long as the rocket attacks do not cause widespread damage or serous injuries. One rocket three weeks ago damaged a strategic site in Ashkelon, causing light damage.
Jordan sent messengers to Syrian-based Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal to order Gaza terrorists to halt the attacks, and King Abdullah then reportedly informed Olmert and Barak of Hamas’s promise.

“Olmert and Barak listened carefully but pointed out that Israel cannot stand idle while the rockets are falling,” TIME quoted a Jordanian official. However, the monarchy later objected to Israeli media reports that Jordan’s interest in calm was due to efforts to quell growing protests within its own country against Israel’s closure of Gaza crossings.

More than 1,000 demonstrators of the Muslim Brotherhood’s political branch angrily denounced Israel last Friday and said that it would send ships to Gaza to challenge Israeli sovereignty over Gaza’s coastal waters.

King Abdullah’s advisors maintained that Jordan is trying to keep down the violence in order to prevent a halt in negotiations between Israel and the PA.

Prime Minister Olmert and President Bush repeated routine statements to encourage progress in the talks. “We strongly believe that Israel will benefit by having a Palestinian state, a democracy on its border that works for peace,” said President Bush.

The outgoing Prime Minister replied, “You have set forth in motion the Annapolis process, which I was very proud to take part in. It continues with your guidance and support and inspiration. And this is very important because, as you say, a two-state solution is the only possible way to resolve the conflict.”

The reference of Arabs to send ships to Gaza to break what they call the occupation is interesting. This will also happen for sure if Israel allows Abbas to set up a “Palestinian” state in Israel. The morning after Abbas will be taking the next step in the total destruction of Israel using this or that pretext to do so. Nothing will satisfy these “Palestinian” Fascists until Israel is no more. Is this not obvious!

The line of Bush, that a Jihadist state is good for Israel, and that the “Palestinian” Arabs would run it on “democracy”, is pure lies and Bush knows it very well. Yet it is this Bush that Belman and Levinson on USrapundit have been propping up for years, deflecting any real break which American Jews could make from US Imperialism. Belman and Levinson in their cover for Bush and the NeoCons are essentially Jihadists against Israel when you break it right down. They should be kicked right out of the Jewish movement for the crimes they have committed in the past year in this election, no doubt about that at all.

The only response which Jews should make to Bush and Belman types is to call for the arrest of Abbas by the IDF, placing him on trial and a call for his summary execution for the crimes which he has committed against the Jews.

No to a “Palestinian” state of any kind

Destroy the Iranian Nuclear Bomb now!

Make total war on Hamas and Fatah, conquer all of that terriroty which is Jewish land and expel these Fascists from the land of Israel!

Never again accept that a single Jew should be harmed by a Nazi Fascist!