It is now certain that the combined forces of Cameron/Hague, Sarkozy, and Obama have placed extreme Islam, and in the form of Al Qaida at that, in direct charge of Libya.


File:Capture of Tripoli by the Ottomans 1551.jpg

The Siege of Tripoli in 1551 allowed the Ottomans to capture the city from the Knights of St. John


Much has been made that although there was an Islam presence in the transitional Council, it was a small presence.


But it only takes a small presence; such is the nature of politics and Jihad.


According to the group leading the assault on the Gadhafi compound was that around the man called Abd al Hakim Belhadj


Nobody has explained how the forces which took Tripoli suddenly appeared.


They appeared because NATO dropped them off in the Harbour of Tripoli.


It is remarkable that this simple fact has been overlooked, or rather it may be more correct to say hidden, by the Media.


Then there is the suggestion by that the CIA bribed (we are talking big money here) Gadhafi generals in Tripoli


Also Stephen lendman, who has access to independent journalists, and I do not mean press TV, reports that these independent journalists felt themselves in great danger, and a moment of reflection on past events and past history would indicate that they were correct to be very afraid


NATO does have its ground troops there, namely the SAS and American elite killer forces.


The feeling was created of panic. Panic is a classic action in war.


There is a report that in the beginning there was a mock-up of the Green Square which was used by Al Jazeera, which is now part of NATO, to produce this effect of panic, and “it is all over”.


That may sound outlandish and far out. But I think it is highly possible, and indeed likely, given that we have many incidents of Media Thatre in the Muslim War against Israel, the el Dura case being the one that comes quickest to mind.


Note you do not recreate Green Square, you just have to give the impression of it being Green Square. It is theatre after all.


Remember people have already been primed by horror stories about Gadhafi, and about what a nice world it would be if the devilish Gadhafi would just surrender and accept his true vocation as appearing in the Hague Kangaroo Court


This is a war which has been run at all levels (especially the Media level) by NATO.


It looks as if NATO, that is Cameron and Obama, has been fighting this war on behalf of savages and racists.


We are in 2011 and yet people can shrug their shoulders when they hear of a you tube video which shows the plaintive fate of a black man being tortured by human savages, the look in this black man’s face as he sees the cutlass which will be used to butcher his neck.


There are certain kinds of people who are capable of shrugging their shoulders at anything.


The position of the Islamists in the Maghreb towards black Africans has always been racist. In fact it was and is well known that Arabs were slave traders and slave owners, and in fact in Sudan at least 10 years ago there was slave ownership of black Africans in elitist Arab Sudanese households.


From a report on BBC this morning it seems that black Africans in Libya are cowering in their houses rather than get on a boat in the harbour to escape…now that IS terror. There is a regime of terror in Libya now against black Libyans, and especially against anybody from places like Mali.


Gadhafi provided all with free Health Care, and all children from wherever went to school, again free.


It was a type of socialism. A strange “socialism” but what he brought forward in that tribal country. Now there will be a hell for leather grab to make profits out of Libya. The Germans, the French, the British, the Americans are lining up.


Their main interest is profit.


But it would be totally wrong to think that this is just a matter of making money.


It is essentially a question of power. There is an alliance here and the alliance is with really shady forces, such as this man Abd al Hakim Belhadj, and this is a man who we should investigate. Perhaps people, a new generation of truth seekers, can investigate this man.


Do not forget that when the Nazis went into the countries such as Lithuania they soon found that they could not work alone, they were too weak.


What did the Nazis do?


They linked up with collaborators in the form of Lithuanian racists, using this as just ONE example of course.


Now it is a fact that these very collaborators were the ones who went on to create the original CIA, and laid the basis for the whole of CIA methods in the world as we know it today.


Is this not what we are experiencing today? Different conditions. A different situation. But there are vast similarities.


Perhaps with their total and all obsessive control of the Media the new Nazis are our present capitalist governments who do not know what the hell to do with…and here I use an example Spain with its 46 per cent of youth unemployed. I mean that must surpass even Weimar levels.


And they are prepared to alliance with such characters as those who I saw on that horrific video.


The Media as we know it no longer reports the news.


I had an experience of this in a graphic form about a week ago.


At about 1 o’clock in the afternoon I picked up the attack on Jews on the Eilat highway in Southern Israel from across the border in Sinai.


I immediately put the story on a blog which I run and I run it alone. There is nobody else at all to help me. But I found no difficulty at all. The news went up almost as it happened. What is there to think about!


I tuned in then to BBC World Service at 2 o’clock. Also at 3, at 4, and at 5 o’clock.


It is remarkable to me that there was not one word about this attack on the BBC.


Why SO remarkable?


Because it was the first major attack on Israel since the downfall of Mubarak and all that that means.


The story was broken on the BBC World Service only at 6 o’clock on that eventful and I believe time will tell historical day.


They the BBC probably have hundreds working on this. How could I tell my small readership at 1 o’clock but the BBC waited? They essentially waited for 5 hours. And they have I bet hundreds working on their foreign affairs.


The answer is that the BBC edits the news, and edits in a bad way as far as truth is concerned.


The book by Christopher Simpson remains central:


The information about how the CIA was formed, essentially based upon the anti-communist work of the Nazi called Reinhard Gehlen, was produced by the author called Christopher Simpson in his very famous book called “Blowback”




This book was published in 1988 and was based upon documents released under the American freedom of Information Act, which itself is based upon the First Amendment of the US Constitution.


The book is available through Amazon but has to be bought in second hand form.


Christopher Simpson is a very serious scholar.


Also this Wikipedia entry is factual re Gehlen

Reinhard Gehlen (3 April 1902 – 8 June 1979) was a General in the German Army during World War II, who served as chief of intelligence-gathering on the Eastern Front. After the war, he was recruited by the United States military to set up a spy ring directed against the Soviet Union (known as the Gehlen Organization), and eventually became head of the West German intelligence apparatus. He served as the first President of the Federal Intelligence Service until 1968. Gehlen is considered one of the most legendary Cold War spymasters.



People may think “Oh but that was a long time ago” and things are no longer the same. Let sleeping dogs lie etc. and other such “common sense” slogans


But is it a long time ago? In fact it is a very short time ago.


The historical reality is that the US emerged out of the war in a strong condition, while Britain was shattered. Thus the US took over the role of leader of western capitalism.


The moves which the US ruling class made at that precise point, 1945 and the years towards 1950 and the years of the early 50s are of great importance, because it was then that the trends were laid and the basics of working inside conflict was created.


The following years were punctuated by the much forgotten CIA role in Indonesia, and later Vietnam, and those are the great connectors to Afghanistan and Yugoslavia. But Yugoslavia leads straight to the NeoCons in Iraq, now Mubarak and Gadhafi.


This all means that to understand the reality of the present it is necessary to see the continuity from the past.


Gehlen was and is US today as far as its foreign policy is concerned. Gehlen of course is now dead, in fact he himself was not the creator of the CIA, but he was ultimately only the “tool” of the CIA.


It was the patterns of thinking that were set and that leads into the present, to enable us today to entangle the webs of deceit that are being spun for us in places like Libya during the past 6 months especially.