by Felix Quigley

October 28, 2008

The central event in the world at the moment is the US election for a new President. This election has raised the most vital issues.

Foremost in these issues is the cover up job conducted on the record of McCain, Lieberman and Biden on their role in supporting Fascists in the Balkans. This has been done notably by Ted Belman, editor of Israpundit, who has assembled in Israpundit a bunch of extreme US Imperialist spokesmen.

Note the first 4 letters. I::S::R::A; Quite falsely Belman claims to stand for Israel. That is the Isra part. This is now exposed as a fallacy. Belman and Israpundit stand for nothing except their own sordid support for a US elite.

In the rport of yesterday we showed that the Racak “Massacre” which led to fresh US aggression against Serbia on behalf of Bosnian and Kosovo Nazis was nothing more than a prepared piece of fakery, just as much as was the Mohammed El Dura case proved to be a fake.


McCain and Lieberman were at the centre of this support for Nazis in Bosnia. A central figure we say in yesterday´s report was a Finnish Dentist, Helena Ranta, who in her recent book has said she was pressured by the US Establishment  to lie. Indeed she did lie and did great harm to the Serbs so she cannot get away from that. But in this article we are focussing on the pressure from the US Establishment. This thows a light into the role of these US elitists in the world today. One man in particular was involved in the pressure on Ranta, a Mr William Walker. In the case of Ranta such was the pressure applied and his arrogant rage that he broke his pencil and fired the bits at her.

Our focus is really on the Balkans, on the war which Saakashvil launched against Ossetia in the course of which Saakashvili destroyed a Jewish Quarter, in the support which US Imperialism is giving to Arab Nazis in the Palestinians and Syria, but today we switch to their record in South America.

This is a pattern and we can say that McCain, Liebernman, Palin, Biden and Obama would all act precisely the same. It is this record of US Imperialism in the world that Belman and Israpundit are silent about and as time has gone on they are vocal in support of. Just look at the mouthings of a guy who calls himself “Michael Sunstar” on Israpundit.

Read the answers which Walker gives in the course of a telvision programme about the Nazis who made up the military in El Salvador. Continue reading