whatever happens the fire of Jewish national liberation is well and truly alight as secular people and Young, especially young women, flock to Rabin Square last night…israelycool photo

Secular Jews are flocking to support Netanyahu, Bennett and the patriotic side in the election against the traitors Livni and Herzog.

The mass rally last night in Rabin Square was covered by Channel 20 and reported on by the editor of Israpundit Ted Belman in person

But both Ted Belman and Channel 20 both reported amazing facts about the rally. Huge number of secular Jews coming out, travelling long distances from all parts of the Jewish State, to make sure the traitors to the Jewsish cause are defeated and as we said in our last article that they are kept away from state power. In this respect Ted Belman backs up what we said there in that very article. State power is a very serious proposition and issue. Belman noted that the notorious OSLO vote was carried by only ONE vote in the Knesset. But look how many Jewish and indeed Arab lives were lost because of that one vote. It is the combination of Parliament and State Power (latter is a Leninist phrase) that is so telling.

Along with that issue of secular Jews supporting goes a huge number of Young people and especially Young women turning out to support the Jewish and Patriotic side.

Ted Belman reporting on the spot notes on this:

It’s not even 7:30 PM and Channel 20 estimates that tens of thousands of people have already arrived for the rally that only begins at 8PM this evening.

Channel 20 also reports that the rally is filled with secular Jews, and not just religious ones.

Perhaps the issue of secular Jews is the most important fact that has come out of this amazingly important election.

The speech of Netanyahu to Congress Mar8 2015 is still central and will remain central no matter what way the election goes. It was about the danger to Israel and the world from the Iranian Nuclear Bomb. The so called experts of Herzog and Livni are dunces.


The statement from Channel 20 is pointing towards the future regardless of the votes cast here.

It means that the old terms of right and left have now become lethal for the future of the Jewish people.

New terms have to be found and accepted by the main people in all áreas of the struggle. For example a much better name for “left” will encompass the idea that these people are lacking in belief in the Zionist cause and have swallowed more or less the Palestinian Narrative.

Think of the political line of myself who is both atheist, communist and secular. My last 2 articles are (but you can go right back many years and you will find a most consistent line):

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