Syrian child hanged by those trying to oust Assad. This is the future also for the Syrian Christians if Assad falls.

The key issue in our times is the defence of dictatorial type (BUT RELATIVELY SECULAR) leaders in the Arab world, such as Gaghbo, Ben Ali, Mubarak, Gadhafi and now Assad.


There is a vast change taking place in the world as capitalism is moving rapidly towards dictatorship. (The recent Olympics in London is all about this. The glorification of elitist athletes, now totally professional. The jingoism of the Brits sickening and threatening. The Islamisation!)


This move to dictatorship in the world did not begin with Obama and his close alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood prefigured and announced to the world in 2009, his first main meeting on the international stage after being elected was in Cairo where he insisted that the BANNED and ILLEGAL Muslim Brotherhood be present. This was a declaration of war on behalf of Fascism against Mubarak.


No remember how Bush and Blair went to war on Saddam, who despite all was a SECULAR leader in Iraq. Under Saddam the Christians were quite safe.


Now the issue is Syria and Assad. We have defended all of these leaders we mentioned above on but now the situation centres on Assad.


Let us say this. Our movement is Zionist in the sense that we believe that the Jews have suffered too much Antisemitism and a future Workers Commonwealth must set aside their Palestine (it is theirs) for the Jews to be able to live alone and unmolested by ANY kind of Antisemitism.


But not ONE Zionist leader has defended in any way any ONE of these leaders I mentioned above.


In the choice between Imperialism with Fascism on the one hand, and these Arab in comparision gentle and freedom loving leaders, the Zionist leaders could not, would not, did not make a choice.


We will speak endlessly on this as we go forward.


What this says to us on is that these present Jewish leaders, all of them, without exception, will betray the Jews to Fascism


We repeat…betray the Jews. That is what present Jewish leaders are all about.


Wait and see…will these Jewish leaders have the gumption to obliterate the Ahmadinejad Plutonium Enrichment (death to all Jews) programme?


I believe that when I see it.


This is a quote:


As well, the American Left continues to see Israel as an atavistic tribal culture that cannot be permitted to profit from its successful efforts to survive. According to the strangeness of Leftist thought, economic growth, extended or nuclear families, even personal happiness are cultural traits that are going to destroy the world much faster than shrinkage of economic opportunities, single-parent families, compulsive sexuality. Catch an enthusiastic Leftist at a moment when his guard is down and you will find him to be a nihilist in mood, behavior and thought.


From a comment on Israpundit url below


I have asked person to elaborate to give instances of above


I get the feeling some of these people sit around and rant such absolute drivel, but dangerous drivel. it is not harmless.






The US are clearly along with the British and others interfering with the sovereigny of another country. The issue of Iran and Hizbullah are totally separate issues, in this case, where the US Imperialists, Establishment, (choose your term) are gearing up for war, urged on by the deepening gloom in the world capitalist crisis

These issues of Libya, Egypt and now Syria have taught to all of us who love Israel and who defend the Jews that the present leadership connected with the Jews, on a broad scale, are incapable of leading in a principled fashion in this period of growing Fascism, no more than Judaic leaders could defend the Jews against the Fascism of Hitler, Mussolini and Franco.

The first task in all of these situations is for Israel to issue a statement saying, and repeating this a thousand times, that it respects the sovereignty of every other country, and since Syria is in the eye of the storm, Israel and Jews must respet the sovereignty of Syria.

On a matter of principle Israela nd Israelis must oppose the interventions of the US in Syria, interventions aimed at overthrowing Assad.

Now also Assad happens to be a secular leaning leader.

This is as everybody knows why the Syrian Christians are part of the large section of the population of Syria which has continued to defend Assad.

This feeling for the secular stands in total conflict with the feeling for Sharia. Sharia is Fascism, a modern form of Fascism, because it is being integrated into the Fascism of the US Governments, and of the EU Governments, and the EU Bureaucracy as a whole.

It beggars belief that any Jew living today, or any Israeli, or Israel supporter, would not defend Assad IN THESE CONDITIONS.

Does this make Israel a friend of Assad or vice versa? Anybody who thinks like this really need to go to political primary school.

Alliances are made and positions of political principle are taken in situations of concrete events. Leon Trotsky defended Haile Selassie against Mussolini and the Nazis. Did this make Trotsky a political defender of the despotism of Selassie?

Israel has had the means to destroy the plutonium enrichment of Iran years ago. It did not and allowed these Fascists to taunt Israel and Jews through its Holocaust Denial.

The same with Hamas and Hizbullah. We all know that Israeli leaders were given the green light by Bush to destroy these Antisemites once and for all and Israel politically speaking could not do that or take the decision to fight to the end.

Is this displacement, over Syria, hiding the constant betrayals of the Jews, their own people. I am certain so.





An Israeli strike on Iran will firmly put her in opposition to Assad. To envisage the only replacement of Assad to be a jihadist regime displays a vivid lack of imagination. It would suit both the US and Russia for a secular leadership to emerge, and the Syrian army could guarantee such an outcome. At present, the overlooked Syrian Democratic Council is positioned in Paris, ready to step up to the plate and assume the mantle of leadership, thus frustrating both the Muslim Brotherhood and the Saudi-backed Wahabis.
They have even made overtures to striking a modus vivendi with Israel.
As the Lubavitcher Rebbe said, “Think good and good may happen.”



and I replied



“Think good and good may happen.”


Just like the Jews arriving at the concentration camp, being separated on the platform, then marched into the gas chmbers, so if these poor unfortunate beings thought good then good MAY happen




That is precisely what the Nazi Guards did, that is precisely the type of sinister psychologial tricks they were trained to use


I do think that the Internet has a lot to answer for. Every idiot under the sun can now sit around on their back sides and belsh out all kinds of scum crap as this.