So much subterfuge. So many false leads sown by the Fascist Left on sites such as Indymedia Ireland. is quite unique in the world in that


1. we are socialist to the core

2. we believe capitalism is a mortal danger to man and to all life on the planet (we do not use these words lightly)

3. we defended Assad and Syria against the war which is led by the US, aided by the EU, aiming tol create another Muslim Dominated land

4. we immediately defended Mubarak and Gadhafi and did so unconditionally against the same forces of Muslim Brotherhood, US Government



During all this time the Fascist Left have tried to say you have to defend Syria to defend Iran. This was trying to say that the US was intent on making war with Iran.


But why? Where is the logic? We know that the US has been doing everything in all of these countries to put the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD into power.


So why would the US want the Iranian Clerical Fascists OUT OF POWER.


That in no way makes any sense. There is something out of kilter in that thought.


I CAN personally see the US attacking the Iranian plutonium enrichment. There ARE issues at stake there. But NOT to put the Ayotollahs out of power.


Obama hates Israel. I mean he really does hate Israel with the type of hatred we see from the Fascist Left on Indymedia. THAT is the difference between Obama and Romney.


American Christian people support Israel first and foremost, most of all, above everything else, not because they are Christian, but because they are American patriots who have got great respect for the traditions of America.


This is a very valuable, to be treasured, patriotism… it is essentially a quiet patriotism and is opposed to Jingoism.


Obama is first and foremost an antisemite. He is an antisemite in this way…he wants the Jewish people to be subdued and to live under the heel of the Arabs.


By a great fluke of history Obama is joined in this by the big majority of American Jews. They also want an Israel, as does AIPAC, but an Israel that is under the heel of Arab Imperialism (Sharia Jihad)


The only friends of Israel in this situation are not Christians in general, but politicised Christians, such as especially Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller.


In other words the political struggle has taken precedence. Not Christianity at all, but political consciousness, political awakening. THAT is what Pamela Geller represents and this is proved in that she has only taken up blogging relatively recently. Not CUFI at all but there will be many more Gellers, for example Breitbart before his untimely death.


And the political thinkers are taking huge leaps. Just this past week the noted blogger Richard Landes has taken a huge leap in his activism by stating boldly that the Left/Right terminology is totally false, and argues this in the most brilliant way.


Landes is not the same as CUFI. Number One Landes is politically active and Number 2 as the crisis is driving everybody forward Landes is thinking deeply and is courageous enough to take up definite positions.


Now war is inevitable and soon.


Debkafile who is never wrong on these issues gives us the proof:’s-Top-Leaders-WAR-IN-WEEKS


Just as 4international defended Syria against the US and against the Muslim Brotherhood, now we will turn to defending Israel unconditionally.


We on 4international very simply equate the Iranian regime with Hitler. There you have the same Antisemitism.


Leon Trotsky in 1933 would have moved the Red Army against Hitler to finish off the Nazis. Think of what that would have meant to history.


Now Israel must strike and stop these Fascists in Iran. There is NO measure to stop these Fascists that we on 4international will not support.


In the world of socialism today we on are unique.