by Felix Quigley

November 17, 2008

I will not go again into the story of how the very stupid Sharon persuaded the Jews to pull all Jews out of Gaza and were answered with unending rockets and the kidnapping of Shalit.

Just to say that Amnesty International bears no love for Jews, and perhaps not a single member of their boards understand a single item of the real history of the Jews since 1919 in Palestine.

Now the AI write

┬áIt quoted residents of Gaza who said that “they could not even find candles in the market any more.”

The AI further write

An AI official was quoted as saying: ‘Israel’s latest tightening of its blockade has made an already dire humanitarian situation markedly worse. This is nothing short of collective punishment of Gaza’s civilian population and it must stop immediately.’ Quoted in

The reader could do worse, however, if they wish to find out what the true picture is not to take the AI at its word but turn to this site

The pictures of markets shown on the above site shows the country of Gaza which is brimming with goods. I am sure there are poor people in Gaza but that is not the point. The point is that AI is part of the modern antisemitism, which is hatred for Israel and the elevation of a phony Palestinianism.

Another site does not have the pictures in such detail but has this vital remark, which we quote:

Sunday, November 16, 2008

You have been lied to by Hamas:Gaza Market Bustling with Wares

Gil Ronen Gaza Market Bustling with Wares

Hamas in Gaza put a network of about 1,000 tunnels that pass under the Egypt-Gaza border on display this weekend, and invited journalists to take pictures and interview the tunnels’ owners. Blue Eye website

In what reporters called “a carefully planned PR campaign,” Hamas has been touting the tunnels as a means to avoid “starvation” in Gaza and its leaders have begun referring to them as “Tunnels of Life” because of the food and medicine that is smuggled into Gaza through them.

Fuel at Half Price

“When Israel decided earlier this year to temporarily suspend fuel supplies to the Gaza Strip in response to the rocket attacks on Israeli towns and cities, the smugglers installed underground pipes that continue to pump gasoline into the Gaza Strip,” the Jerusalem Post reported. “As a result, motorists there pay nearly half the price they were paying several months ago to fill their cars.”

Pictures posted on a Hebrew website specializing in Arab news showed a bustling market in Rafiah (Rafah) filled with goods of all kinds, from food to electronics, apparently belying the claims of dire shortages. Rafiah is located in southern Gaza, on the border with Egypt.

Meanwhile, news sites in the Islamic world and elsewhere showed Gazan children in the dark, holding candles, and quoted an Amnesty International (AI) press release which blasted Israel for a policy of “collective punishment.”

This is all part of the total crap put out every day to build up this phony Palestinianism.

They have becoem so expert at this they hardly need to think. So a “Palestinian” child finding her way with a candle, while the place is awash with everything, including half price petrol. Remember these are Arabs and Arabs control the petrol supplies.

The question I wish to ask is why do movements who call themselves “Left”, and why do journalists at places like the BBC, not even have to think on this before spewing out propaganda against Israel.

It really is because they are antisemitic. They are such supporters of the “poor Palestinians” because they hate Israel, and Israel is just the contemporary name for the Jew.