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Rotherham MP Sarah Champion attacked Government inaction over the Gaza crisis at a meeting with constituents.

More than 300 people have backed the MP’s call for ministers to set out plans to restore peace to the region, and she said it was a major issue for the town’s residents.

She said: “I have been shocked and dismayed at the increasingly disproportionate response by Israel over their perceived threat of Palestinians in Gaza. The scale of civilian casualties since the start of this war demonstrates the need for an immediate and lasting solution to this crisis.”


FELIX QUIGLEY SAYS: Champion is in the centre ..  the only woman in the picture (funny that!) I do not know who the guy in the sun glasses and black blazer is. But the rest are Muslims in Rotherham

Champion is making sure that she is promoting this Brand of Antisemitism in attacking Israel over the Gaza war which is presented by the Antisemites as being a war on Gaza quite separate from the ten years of rocketing onto poor Jewish families in Israel in áreas like Sderot


So Jewish people were terrorised by these rockerts from Gaza for ten years. Year after year it went on. There were thousands of Jewish families who slept every night in a crowded basement dungeon. Hundreds of thousands of these poor Jewish children had multiple psychological effects. One of the most chronic effects (sad to say) was bed wetting among these terrorised Jewish children.

The weak minded Israeli Governments kept putting it off. In fact the Israeli Governments were criminally negligent. After pulling all Jewish people out of Gaza the Israeli Government has a responsibility to protect Jewish people from all of these rocket attacks, including the very first rocket which the terrorists dropped on Gaza (BBC calls them “militants” and refers to the “resistance” showing the BBC pro-Jihadism and Antisemitism)

Eventually the people of Israel could take no more. What other pople on earth could?

But Champion and her Labour Party were so quick to attack Israel for defending itself.

The picture truly also shows what hapened in these working class áreas of Northern England. No picture could tell the tale so vividly.

Here in this very photo it is seen that Champion sucks up to the Jihad over Israel hatred while the Jihad waged war on Little English poor working class girls.

Champion should have her head hanging in shame in this picture.



As Caroline Glick and Martin Sherman among many others are saying the whole of the Operation in Gaza has been a defeat for Israel. Israel and the IDF did not settle the issue of Hamas rockets and tunnels.


War is not casual. There is always a decisión. More than that targets always have to be set. The main problem in this case is that war was not declared and no targets were set.


Netanyahu and his group who control the Media and the State in Israel must not be allowed to ever spin it in any way that suggests a victory.


If no war was declared with clear aims that is a problem. If no targets were clearly set another big problem


War was NOT declared. Targets changed as things developed.


I am proposing that this looseness of language, action, aims, targets, is a result of how Israel is actually governed.



The war was run by two people, Netanyahu and Ya’alon (Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon)


The war, not called a war I repeat, was not run by a cabinet with the cabinet delegating. There was no delegation. Netanyahu decided.


It was also run by the Army Generals, that is the leadership of the IDF, in which Israeli Intelligence was involved too. But not by Cabinet.


A leader Danny Dayon was expelled from the Cabinet by Netanyahu because he did not toe THIS line, which is a line of ruling through a non cabinet cabal.


This is how no decisión was made to go to war and no targets were set, which resulted in something not war but “operation” (Operation Protective Edge), and not targets of war but tactics which were changing.


All of that has resulted in a failure. Every Israeli today knows that the rockets are not destroyed and the tunnels were not destroyed (Debka reports that only tunnels within a few miles of the border were hit by the IDF. Were they all hit? No! And that leaves the whole network in this strip which lead into these tunnels. The whole strip sits now on these deadly tunnels. And the same thing with the rockets, the majority still in existence in Gaza.


Politicaly too the war is lost totally. The Obama and Netanyahu line is to bring Abbas forward. But Caroline Glick shows that this is a récipe for disaster and for the introduction of rockets, powerful with guidance, into those tunnels


Lost too because Hizbullah and Iran are drawn in by Obama to this solution. That means defeat in spades for Netanyahu and his “Operation”


The question is how to form a clear point of opposition to Netanyahu?


4international has noted what a great job Martin Sherman has done in his last article in which he records in historical detail (Ben Gurion, Begin, Sharon) how Israeli héroes sell out at critical moments.



Now it is the turn of Netanyahu to betray. Netanyahu too is a favoured son of Israel, the brother of the Entebbe Raid hero, absolutely part of Jewish folklore. Caroline Glick has noted in great detail the ACTUAL (historical detail is her strong point) role of Abbas and how Obama, Kerry and maybe Netanyahu are pushing this person to the Forefront. Note as the UN was the front for Hamas in Gaza, as Caroline points out very clearly and above all comprehensively, detail very impressive, that now it will be Abbas, UN as front for Hamas.


There are many who are voicing the above feelings of dissidence with the ruling elite in Israel from the side of patriotism. (Note the use of left and right as commonly used in Israeli politics is not allowed on this site. These terms are meaningless in the broad world) (Martin Sherman I request you to be careful in using these terms…I have strong backing in this from Francisco Gil White, Jared Israel and Richard Landes)


But meanwhile back to this war situation and how practically to proceed.


I feel that complex issues can always be reduced down to simple things. In the case of Lenin it was BREAD the people were starving, PEACE the horrific world war 1, LAND many centuries of peasant oppression. (I know this example best so I use it and I think it should be used…this is not pushing “communism” even though I do that as well, and proudly so)


I see so many plans and schemes pushed forward by Jews. I know why. They are all trying to do their best and are so fearful of the future given their past.


But I try to reduce it to a simple concept. How about “Root out Antisemitism … out of the land of Israel”. Rephrase but keep the meaning.


To my studied political position as an irishman I hold that to throw a single Stone against a Jew in Israel (or anywhere on earth) IS ANTISEMITISM IN THE EXTREME.


So go figure! What does that mean in practice? it means it is ALL antisemitism in action today!


We can ask what does patriotism or authentic nationalism mean in Israel. It can have a religious aspect but still must be practical to survive … after all all human life is practical.


The whole of the campaign by Netanyahu in this Gaza Operation was an exercise in how to provide your Antisemite Enemies with all the ammunition they need to stir up vile Antisemitism in the world.


The biggest lesson is that the world is going to accuse Israel of being Nazi etc. anyway, whether they send warnings before destroying every empty house, whether they abort missions or not. So why do it?


The biggest lesson is that last paragraph above. Study any war, anywhere in the history of warfare and you will find that you attack the enemy with force and without warning. Also you do it decisively, brutally because war is brutal, and over as short a time period as possible. In other words you seek always to pulverise the enemy.


Those are the rules of warfare. But that is not adequate for this Jewish cabal who leads Israel since 1948. They want to have special rules for the Jews at war where the Jews are to be seen by the world as super humanitarians.


Why not just go to war TO WIN, end the war with victory in as short a period as possible TO WIN AND SAVE LIFE, having achieved victory and pulverized the enemy then be merciful if mercy is possible.


The very first consideration for a new leadership, as opposed to what has been in Israel since 48, is to face this consideration at the staart of this war.


Hamas control Gaza and the UN in Gaza is an arm of Hamas.




Evidence from Mohammed el Dura/France2 and from Qana (EU Referendum Reports) that the enemy have a vast Pallywood industry in operation.


We knew totally that the enemy control all aspects of the international media in Gaza, something which happened also totally in Yugoslavia against Milosevic and the Serbs.


So why did the Netanyahu group therefore do it like that, giving every opportunity and all of the time in the world for the enemy to promote their Pallywood productions and the international media to set up their extensive and long running campaigns of vilification of Israel AND OF JEWS?


I return again to these two great assets for Israel:


Caroline Glick has showed in the latest article in great detail how Fatah also is an arm of Hamas. This has great importance for the tactics now to be used.


Martin Sherman in his latest article showed how every Israeli leader since 1948, especially those with a bit of a name for bravery like Sharon and Begin, that they were a disaster in leadership


I cannot say that a Trotskyist Party can come forward this week or even next month and it pains me to say that. Trotskyisn was wiped out in 1940 by Stalin and by Hitler and by all capitalist governments. Roosevelt promoted Stalinism.


Nevertheless there must be a next practical step by patriots (Note again I shun the use of “Right” here a term that is lethally self-limiting for a great cause)


There must now be a new organised NEW party created on a platform opposed to a SECOND Palestine Arab state in Israel. Netanyahu has of course placed himself outside of this. Such a party is in opposition to Netanyahu. But note at times in unity and in defence of too.


Martin Sherman and Caroline Glick plus many others must continue their activity, telling Jews and the world the truth, but they must do it as part of an organised party which is in opposition to the present ruling group.


Of course such a party must defend Netanyahu and others who are actually our enemies if they come under attack from the Antisemites, but that is a necessary defence against the enemy, especially necessary to enable the discussion to proceed.


This defence of our political opponents becomes ever more necessary in a period like today when there is a Muslim Brotherhood man in charge of America with all the power that Obama brings to his mission to promote the Muslim Brotherhood. I return to this theme of how to defend Netanyahu at times agains the enemy precisely because of Obamam who is a Muslim hater of Jews


Now Obama clearly sees the need and the opportunity to rescue Hamas by promoting Abbas and Fatah.


El Sisi like Mubarak remains an Antisemitic Arab. The situation not to go along with Obama support for Abbas becomes ever more critical.


Israel does not need grand plans and it simply needs to find a way through a party to express its needs at each point



The very first step is to explain to the Israeli people that the Operation in Gaza did not and was never meant to defeat Hamas.


Moreover explain that Abbas is actually worse than Hamas. They are all part of the same Antisemitic scheme in the world against Jews and Israel.


That is the single most important issue to be fought out and clarified in front of every single Israeli today, and that includes those Arabs in Israel who love Israel.


It is a political and a practical task and not a religious one that has to be carried out. In this case freedom of religion means putting an end to Antisemitism in Israel. Start there at least!





By Felix Quigley


February 18, 2009-02-18


Israel is victim of “war crimes” propaganda

By Rachel Neuwirth

This is an important article and should be read in full. It is on



Israel is said to have damaged schools, hospitals, ambulances and mosques and to have inflicted an immense number of deaths and injuries on innocent civilians.


Rachel further claims


The same accusations have been hurled at Israel by the United Nations, by many of the world’s governments, and by numerous pseudo-do-gooder “Non-governmental organizations” (or “NGOs”), such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. The International Criminal Court in the Hague is considering whether to file war crimes charges against Israeli military and political leaders, and the nations of the European Community are debating amongst themselves whether to support such a move.





The Lie: Israel waged war on Gaza’s civilian population; it deliberately killed innocent civilians.

The truth: Israel exerted more care than any other country in history to avoid inflicting casualties on civilians, even at considerable cost to the effectiveness of its military operations.



The Lie: Israel killed six hundred or more civilians in Gaza. More than half of those killed by Israel were innocent civilians.

If Israel took such extraordinary measures to protect noncombatants, why then, you will surely ask, were so many civilians killed or injured during Israel’s “Operation Cast Lead” counter-terrorism operation?



The Lie: Gaza has been utterly devastated and left in ruins by the Israeli “assault.”

The Truth: The Israelis targeted buildings very carefully and selectively, aiming at buildings used for military purposes by Hamas, and rarely hitting other buildings.



The Lie: Israel has been blockading Gaza for years and denying its people access to vital humanitarian supplies, creating great suffering among its population. This blockade was intensified during the recent Gaza war.

Of all of the media’s lies about Israel’s relationship to Gaza, this is the most brazen and absurd. There has never been an Israeli blockade of Gaza. In reality, Israel has allowed thousands of truckloads of supplies into Gaza in the past eight years, despite the almost continuous armed attacks on Israeli civilians and soldiers originating in Gaza.

(Above is from article by Rachel Neuwirth, Below from the excellent Augean Stables)




Doubts on the Number of Victims: Could be 600 rather than 1300
Lorenzo Cremonesi
Il Corriere della Sera
January 21, 2009

GAZA – “Get away! Get away from here! Do you want the Israelis to kill everyone? Do you want our children to die under the bombs? take your missiles and weapons away,” the inhabitants of the Gaza strip yelled at the Hamas militants and their allies in Islamic Jihad.




“Traitors, collaborators with Israel, spies of Fatah, cowards! The soldiers of the holy war will punish you. And in any case you will all die, like us. Fighting the Zionist Jews we are all destined for paradise. Do you not wish to die with us?” This is what they yelled furiously as they broke down doors and windows, hiding themselves on high floors, gardens, using ambulances and barricading themselves near the hospitals, schools and buildings of the UN.



…they wanted the [Israelis] to shoot at the [the civilians’] houses so they could accuse them of more war crimes” asserted Abu Issa, 42, resident of the Tel Awa neighborhood.

“Practically all of the tallest buildings in Gaza that were hit by Israeli bombs, like the Dogmoush, Andalous, Jawarah, Siussi, and many others, had rocket launching pads on their roofs, or were observation decks for the Hamas.





They use family nicknames, but they provide important circumstantial details. It was difficult to get these testimonials. In general, fear of Hamas prevails and the ideological alimentary taboos reign in this century of wars with the “Zionist enemy.”




And there is another fact coming to light ever more obviously, visiting the hospitals, clinics and families of the victims of Israeli fire: In reality their numbers appear much lower than 1300 dead and another 5000 injured, as reported by the men of Hamas and repeated by the UN officials and the local Red Cross.


 “The dead can’t be more than 500 or 600. There are many youths between 17 and 23, recruited by Hamas, who sent them quite literally to the slaughter.” Said the doctor from the Shifah hospital who under no circumstances wanted to be quoted for he risked his life.


This data has been confirmed by the local journalist. “We already pointed this out to the heads of Hamas. Why do they insist on inflating the number of victims?

Its strange on the other hand that the NGOs, also the western ones, report them without and verification.

In the end the truth may come to light.

It could be like Jenin in 2002. Initially we spoke about 1500 dead. Then it came out that there were only 54, of whom at least 45 were militants who died in battle.”

How do we arrive at this figure? “Lets take the case of the Al Samoun family massacre in the Zeitun neighborhood. When the bomb landed on their houses they reported that they had 31 dead. And this is how they were registered with the officials of the Health department which is controlled by Hamas. But then, when the bodies were effectively recovered the sum total was doubled to 62 and this si how they are computed into the final balance,” explained Masoda Al Samoun, 24 years old.

Its sufficient to visit a few hospitals to understand that the numbers don’t add up.

There are many empty beds in the European Hospital in Rafah, one of the [hospitals] that should be most involved with the victims of the Israeli “war of the tunnels.”

The same goes for the “Nasser” of Kahn Yunis.

Only 5 out of the 150 beds in the private hospital of Al-Amal are occupied.

In Gaza city the Wafa was evacuated, constructed with “charitable Islamic” donations from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Countries of the Gulf, and bombed by Israel at the end of December. The Institute is marked as being a stronghold of Hamas, this is where it’s fighters came to recuperate after the civil war with Fatah in 2007.

The others, however, stayed at Al Quds, which in turn was bombed the second half of the week in January.”

Talking about this event, Magah al Rachmah, 25 inhabitant no less than ten meters from the four large buildings of the health complex, today seriously damaged. “Hamas’s Men hid themselves mostly in the building that houses the administrative officials of Al Quds. They used the ambulances and they forced ambulance drivers and paramedics to take off their uniforms with the symbols of paramedics on them so that they would be able to better confuse and escape the Israeli snipers.”


All of this vastly reduced the number of beds available in the health institutions of Gaza. Also,

Shifah, the biggest hospital in the city, is very far from exhausting all of it’s resources.

It seems in fact that they are densely occupied with their underground tunnels. Hamas hid the emergency jails and the interrogation rooms for the prisoners of Fatah and the people who were evacuated from the bombarded prison of Saraja,” said the militants of the democratic front for the liberation of Palestine.

This [conflict] between Fatah and Hamas was a war within a war.

local humanitarian organizations, mainly controlled by the UN, tell of “dozens of executions, torture chambers, and kidnappings in the last three weeks” committed by Hamas.

One of the more notable cases is that of Achmad Shakhura, 47 years old, resident of the Khan Yunis and brother of Khaled, the right hand man of Mohammed Dahlan (the former head of Yasser Arafat’s security services, now exiled) who was kidnapped by order of the head of Hamas’s local secret police, Abu Abdullah Al Kidra, and subsequently tortured, his left eye ripped out and, in the end, killed on the 15th of January.




by Felix Quigley

The Gaza War that we experienced over 3 weeks ago is going to be remembered as a qualitative point in the struggles and history of man.


This was the time when the so called “Left” tipped over completely into anti-Semitism.


The “Left” marched side by side with Islamist Fascist anti-Semitics in cities and in town throughout Europe and even in North America.


This was also a time when Jewish people came under direct attack on the streets of Europe, Canada and America from anti-Semites and in which Jews stopped feeling safe in Europe.


The parallels with the period of the Nazis taking power in Germany were all too obvious.


So imagine, just think what it must have been like to be Jewish in 2009 and to hear your own people being compared to Nazis, because of the war with Hamas.


As a record to this eventful war we on 4international will now do 2 things. We will spend some time


  • Analysing the real nature of the enemy Hamas which Israel was fighting in Gaza. This also involves the nature of the PLO, the PA, Fatah and the PLO
  • Placing on record some of this anti-Semitism on the streets that we experienced in the last months


I will be working on these articles over the weekend. I am also thinking of having them translated into Spanish and perhaps French as well.


I believe that this Gaza war has been a qualitative experience and I think also it is a definite stage in the history of the Jews, and it will go down as such.


We invite you to comment. You can do so in 2 ways private or public. If you place PRIVATE at top it will not be published. Please do so. We need to hear from readers.