by Felix Quigley

August 24, 2008

The Jewish people are in great danger but certainly they are not in great danger from Russia but from their own leaders, especially the American Jewish leaders, one of whom is certainly Joseph Lieberman.

Read this report of the visit which Lieberman took to Georgia and find in it if you are able any mention by Lieberman of the cowardly attack which Saakashvili launched against Tskhinvali and South Ossetia.

It appears that Lieberman could care less about the people of South Ossetia, a people who were terribly butchered int he most cowardly way by Saakashvili, backed by US power and by some traitorous to Israel and the Jews Israelis.

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Lieberman Wants Russia Out of G8 Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

August 23, 2008

The crisis in Georgia has thrown the whole world into huge crisis. But the lessons have already been learned a long time ago and the wheel does not have to be reinvented.

The issues are posed especially sharply in


1. The assistance given to the horrific puppet of US and British Imperialism Saakashvili by Israel.

2. The slavish support for Saakashvili by the Jewish ruling class leaders in Israel and in the American and Canadian Jewish organizations.

According to all of these liars there is no doubt about what happened. Russia invaded sovereign and independent Georgia.

But they have hidden the small matter that Saakashvili prompted and even led by the US military machine present inside Georgia launched a savage attack on the tiny Ossetian people and murdered in one night 1600 which is a very high percentage of the total population of 70,000 Ossetians.

The question, the very big question, yet to be answered is why was there any Israeli involvement?

So then! Is Saakashvili a national liberation fighter, in combat against the Russian Bear.

The answer is a clear no! Saakashvili, every inch of him, is a paid puppet of the US and NATO organizations.

On what is Saakashvili based? Is he based on the Georgian people? Well just last November Saakashvili was closing down television stations and imprisoning Georgian citizens.

In fact Saakashvili is a product of a coup d’etat which took place as a result of George Soros funded NGOs which were translated into Georgia from Yugoslavia and the aim was to create a US puppet in Georgia.

The same Soros who stands behind both McCain and Obama.

So we have here a perfect example of a national state (Georgia under Saakashvili) being captured by US and British Imperialism for their own reactionary ends, which is essentially to use as a weapon against Russia.

But because of this there are now many dead Ossetians and dead Russian soldiers who were murdered by that cowardly attack by these forces in the early morning of August 8.

This by the way is NOT Zionism in action. This is the pro Imperialist Jewish leaders who lead Israel, and the pro Imperialist Jewish leaders who lead the majority of Jewish organizations in America and Canada.

Zionism is something else and we as Trotskyists say that Zionism remains intact as a rightful national movement which seeks to set up a Homeland for the oppressed Jews.

We do not think that Saakashvili speaks for the Georgians, that Bush Obama or McCain for the ordinary Americans and that these Jewish leaders who participated in attacking the Ossetians and Russia speak for the Jews.

Leon Trotsky did not agree witht the attack on Georgia led by Stalin and said so.

But at that time also Georgia was being used by British and French Imperialism in order to try to destroy the Russian Revolution. These are the issues which Trotsky poses in the following. (This is one chapter and if the reader follows the links he can read the whole book.)

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Leon Trotsky

Between Red and White


Self-Determination and the Revolution


The Allied powers do not intend to recede from the great principle of the self-determination of small nations. They will only repudiate this principle when they are faced with the fact that some of the temporarily independent nations prove themselves to be a peril to universal peace by their incapacity to maintain order, by their bellicose and aggressive acts, and even by constant, childish and unnecessary insistence on their own dignity. The Great Powers will not tolerate such nations, as they are determined to preserve universal peace.

With these energetic words the British General Walker impressed on the Georgian Mensheviks’ minds the conception of the relativity of national right to self-determination. Politically, Henderson stood, and still stands, behind his general. But ‘on principle’, he is willing to turn national self-determination into an absolute principle, and to direct it against the Soviet Republic. Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

August 18, 2008

The BBC post of yesterday shows that Russia is being totally and formally encircled by NATO.

The attitude of the BBC is that NATO is a collective of independent states geared only to preserving peace. As our colleague JoshR said on Israpundit after what happened in the bombing of Yugoslavia, and the tearing away of Kosovo from Serbia, this is a joke which leaves a very bad taste in the mouth.

Let us go back and keep repeating the truth. Saakashvili with the clear support of NATO, led by the US, attacked South Ossetia. This attack was obviously very violent and what war crimes they committed is still uncertain. But I doubt if it was pleasant. Reporters who were there said that much of the town was hit by rocket fire, and the town was shattered. The story of what happened has still not been told in the West. That means that ordinary people are in ignorance of what happened to the Ossetians and that this was the initial attack has been hidden.

The Russians were prepared for this and immediately moved in. That means that it is likely that the US with their great reconnaisance ability knew that Russian troops were at the ready on the northern border.

Did they gamble that the Russians would do nothing? Very unlikely!

So then they anticipated the Russian counterattack, and working with their Polish and Ukrainian puppets they have used the situation in Georgia to move the encirclement of Russia up another gear.

Is this pushing conspiracy politics too far? Not at all! Thyere are whole academies in the US connected with the CIA which plans many moves ahead.

Poland as the BBC report below makes clear has in recent days declared formally against Russia, and yesterday Ukraine. It seems that the war against Russia (and China) is being ratcheted up by this decaying capitalist system represented by Britain and US.

All of these happenings are going on behind the backs of ordinary Americans and British.

Also behind the backs of Jews. If Jews knew the dangers that this may lead to from Iran they would be most perturbed by the NATO actions. There is every likelihood that because it feels itself in danger that Russia will give Iran special arms and assistance against Israel. And that again will be welcomed by the antisemites in the US State Department.

For the record on Ukraine this is what the BBC wrote:

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Ukraine offers West radar warning

Viktor Yushchenko (file)

Mr Yushchenko said only a collective security pact could protect Ukraine

Ukraine has said it is ready to make its missile early warning systems available to European nations following Russia’s conflict with Georgia.

The foreign ministry said Moscow’s abrogation earlier this year of an accord involving two tracking stations allowed it to co-operate with others.

President Viktor Yushchenko said his country could ensure its sovereignty only through collective security.

Last week, Kiev limited the freedom of movement of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet.

The move came after several of the fleet’s warships, based at Sevastopol in Ukraine’s Crimea’s peninsula, were deployed along the Georgian coastline.

Moscow denounced the restrictions as anti-Russian and said its military commanders would answer only to the Russian president.

‘Unprecedented situation’

In a statement, Ukraine’s foreign ministry said that because the country was no longer party to the 1992 agreement with Russia on the use of its radar stations, it could now “launch active co-operation with European nations”.

Only a collective security system will provide the highest international guarantees… that could prevent any actions like those which occurred in… South Ossetia
President Viktor Yushchenko

This might include “the integration of Ukrainian elements of missile early warning and space control systems with those of foreign countries that are interested in gathering space data”, it said.

Earlier this week, President Yushchenko issued a decree putting an end to Ukraine’s participation in the accord in view of Russia’s abrogation of it.

He said the situation was unprecedented and showed that his country could only ensure its national sovereignty through collective security.

Only that, he said, “could prevent any actions like those which occurred on 7-8 August at first in South Ossetia, and then in other regions of Georgia”.

BBC diplomatic correspondent James Robbins says the decision is evidence Ukraine is now more desperate to embrace the West as its fear of Russia intensifies and Moscow seemingly becomes more determined to prevent any neighbouring states from joining Nato.

Russia clearly sees Nato as America’s sphere of influence, despite US President George W Bush’s insistence that it is a purely defensive alliance of sovereign democracies, our correspondent says.



All of these moves to war on Russia and on China is being played out behind the backs of the American people. The US Government has millions of ways to keep the American public diverted.

The issue revolves around leadership. The trade union leaders are in the pocket of the American State, bought and paid for years ago. The so called Left has betrayed socialism, people like you find on Counterpunch being sympathetic to Islamofascism. Renegades from Trotskyism cannot defend Russia unconditionally. Into this category go the likes of WRP, WSW·S and the SWP in London.

At least we can develop a cadre which can learn the lessons from this and which can lay the basis to a true leadership in the days ahead. 


by Felix Quigley

August 17, 2008

This is the report from Stratfor

The Russian Georgian War and the Balance of Power


By George Friedman

The Russian invasion of Georgia has not changed the balance of power in Eurasia. It simply announced that the balance of power had already shifted. The United States has been absorbed in its wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as potential conflict with Iran and a destabilizing situation in Pakistan. It has no strategic ground forces in reserve and is in no position to intervene on the Russian periphery. This, as we have argued, has opened a window of opportunity for the Russians to reassert their influence in the former Soviet sphere. Moscow did not have to concern itself with the potential response of the United States or Europe; hence, the invasion did not shift the balance of power. The balance of power had already shifted, and it was up to the Russians when to make this public. They did that Aug. 8.

Let’s begin simply by reviewing the last few days. Continue reading