Seselj close to death – legal team

Jan 8, 2012 21:16 Moscow Time

Supporters of ultra nationalist Serbian Radical Party (SRS), hold picture of their party leader Vojislav Seselj. Photo: EPA
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The legal team of the leader of Serbia’s Radical Party Vojislav Seselj have told the media that their patron is close to death because of inadequate treatment for liver and heart problems in his jail at The Hague. His condition has been made even worse by a 28-day hunger strike against his prison conditions.

Seselj has already spent 9 years behind bars.

In March 2006, former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic died in his prison cell at The Hague.


The Nazis who are in charge of Serbia today did the work on behalf of their fellow Nazis in the EU and US Government, the BBC, and The Hague kangaroo Court, and sent Mladic off to the Hague. No expense was spared by these Serb Nazis under Tadic.


There is no separation to the bombing of Gadhafi and Libya by Cameron, to the promoting of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt by Obama, and to the growing war against Israel by those Nazis in Hamas and Fatah


This is the sharpest sigh that the world is driving towards dictatorship, of a type that we cannot yet predict, and can only see the general signs of.


All is connected.


Along with this drive to dictatorship represented in the Hague Kangaroo Court we have the continued efforts of the world to drive towards anti-Semitism.

Meanwhile George Galloway is exposed by brilliant writer Habibi as meeting with Arab terrorist Jew hating types.

This patriot Mladic has been hounded by these Fascists for so long, that he is now physically a very ill man, having suffered 3 strokes.

No matter about that, the Hague kangaroo Court has got to continue the hatred stirring against the Serbs. The whole lie machine that created the Srebrenica Massacre Hoax has got to be kept going because actually if the truth came out people would see and understand this drive towards world dictatorship

From the M. Bozinovich Blog (which is located on www.serbianna.com)

May 28, 2011


The arrested General Ratko Mladic urges peace and respect for law in Serbia, says his son Darko Mladic.

“His message is that people that wish to express their dislike of today’s government they have to do that in a peaceful and dignified way, without fights and without insecurity for people and objects,” the son of the arrested General said after conveying this message of his father, Serbia’s General Ratko Mladic that is wanted for war crimes.


Before being taken to The Hague, the General said that he wants to visit the grave of his daughter that was buried in 1994.

“Congratulations, you’ve found the one you have been looking for,” are the words that the wanted General Ratko Mladic said to the arresting Serbian officers.

After 16 years of searching, General Mladic was apprehended inside the house of his relative in Serbia’s northern village of Lazarevo near Zrenjanin.

Authorities say that Mladic has aged so much that he does not resemble much of his old self. Mladic lived under an assumed name of Milorad Komadic and some villagers say that they “never saw him here”.

Villagers also say that the house where Mladic was arrested was searched several times in the past.

On Thursday morning, however, police stormed the house once again and made the arrest of the General who is wanted at The Hague war crimes court


The whole world must be roused to defend Mladic and karadzic

This is of the greatest importance for everybody, for every nation, and especially for the Jewish nation

This also raises the vital question which is, what type of organization can actually fight on this issue.

It is clear that Mladic had to work in order to live in those 16 years, and that he lived in great hardship.

This more and more has the signs of a Serbia which was crushed by the NATO Fascists, and they put their own Fascists like into power, thanks to George Soros money.

Fighters for freedom in America like Pamela Geller should think on this. This is exactly what Obama, and his agents in MediaMatters.org, would like to do with you also.

This is a drive to dictatorship.


The BBC World Service this morning had Ed Vulliamy on the panel to discuss world affairs but he was really there because of the arrest of Ratco Mladic, and to regurgitate his lies about the conflict.


It will come as no surprise that Vulliamy did not deal with the main event since his former reporting.


That event was the publication of Civikov’s book.


As 4international stated in yesterday’s article the Civikov book focuses in on one key element, that is that the ONLY evidence which showed that there was a “massacre” in Srebrenica is the “evidence” of a supergrass called Drazen Erdymovic


A supergrass is a man or woman who has been bought and paid for by the police. The prosecutors in The Hague Kangaroo Court who bought and paid for Erdymovic hence feed the evidence in and one end and this evidence simply comes out the other.


In our article on 4international yesterday this in the context of The Hague Kangaroo Court meant:


  1. Since Erdymovic did not murder all of those 1200 people on that farm on his own, but had 7 accomplices, plus two higher up in command, then the big question is why all of those murderers have been living such unmolested lives then and now. His accomplices have never been even questioned. This amazed them and it even amazed Erdymovic!
  2. And this is a pattern of course with supergrass trials. The same happened in the trials in Northern Ireland in which the star was Christopher Black. The police only need the one supergrass. Any other intrusion into his evidence would really not only be superfluous to the narrative they are producing, but downright dangerous, for obvious reasons. It is like the mechanics of winding up a puppet, imagine having to repeat that performance with 7 puppets. Can’t be done.

The whole of the Srebrenica narrative stinks to high heaven.


That is precisely why the champion sneerer of the western world, Ed Vulliamy, was on the BBC panel this morning. Vulliamy spent the whole programme sneering at the Serbs and asserting that the Serbs who defend Mladic have not “changed”.


So what does Ed Vulliamy do with the startling research by Civikov. Easy answer. He hides it.


Under no condition can that book of Civikov be referenced in any discussion anywhere.


The same tone yesterday was set by the political liars on Harry’s Place website, a website based in London and frequented by many of these paid journalistic hacks like Vulliamy. It headlined its article with “Got the bastard!” The great British legal system of habeas Corpus, innocent until proven guilty, examine all of the evidence carefully, fairly and dispassionately…right out the window.


Something else ios going on beyond Bosnia and beyond Srebrenica. What is highlighted by this peculiar behaviour as in Harry’s Place is the political and moral degeneration of a whole layer in society. That is actually the same social strata that followed Hitler in Germany


This social layer is out of the English middle class, is hostile to the main forces of the working class on the one hand, and American’s fight to defend the First Amendment on the other.

This is why Obama is their leader and why they are so hateful towards George W. Bush, not because Bush was in an alliance with Islam, which for most of his time in office he was, but because they perceived him as fighting Islam.


Of course Ratko Mladic is right on all counts. As his son and lawyer say he needs an independent medical examination, to assess the effects of strokes which he has had.


Naturally Ed Vulliamy sneered at this!


He is also right as his lawyer says to maintain that he harmed nobody in malice, that all he is guilty of is to defend his own Christian Serbs and other minorities, including a Muslim minority which was in opposition to Izetbegovic and the Jihad. Mladic was engaged in a war which was not of his making or choosing but was the result of the alliance of US and EU Imperialism’s alliance with the Muslim Jihad


Mladic is also right to assert through his lawyer that he has no chance of a fair trial in The Hague. It is after all The Hague Kangaroo Court.




For all the good it will do Tadic! And the other flunkeys in his government trying to save their hides by joining the EU, first ever case of a rat jumping ONTO a sinking ship!

I mean Europe has to split up into two tiers, the strong centre around Germany, the weak around Greece, Ireland or Portugal. They badly need 2 currencies. But are so paralysed they can never decide. But instead they stir up hatred.


Now also why yesterday would Russia join in with the other Big Seven, making it a Big Eight, and lend its name to the “Gadhafi must go” world brigade, which is made up of Obama downing a pint of Guinness in a god forsaken Irish Pub, somewhere in darkest Ireland, or Cameron and Obama playing tabletennis, imagine, what a ghastly sight, even worse the high fives, an Americanism if ever there was one, or Mrs Cameron showing Mrs Obama HER KITCHEN!!!!


What utter bullshit dominates our lives as transmitted through the Media!


But Russia joining to bully poor Gadhafi Libya…that will not save Russia either, the opposite.


Well is there a connection between all these things, especially the out casting of Mubarak (now threatened with execution) in favour of The Muslim brotherhood, the war on Gadhafi again in favour of the Muslim Brotherhood, the alliance of Obama and the rest with Egypt in alliance with the Protocols promoting Hamas, and this continued hounding of Serbs.


I think there is.


The promotion of Izetbegovic in Bosnia, and of Thaci in Kosovo, opened up the way for Bin Laden having a necessary stopover on his way from Sudan, and a base leading inexorably to 9.11


They all united with Izetbegovic and he was portrayed as a moderate, just as Rauf in New York was promoted by the Mayor of New York also as a moderate, even though he was a Hamas supporter.


This is the key. We are fed lies and the central lie today is that Hamas is moderate and must be supported.


What unites much in the world today is the fake talk about “democracy” on the one hand, even as Sharia Law is promoted on the other.


When we say Sharia Law is promoted we mean in the countries of Europe and America, as well as the Muslim countries.


Let us take the latter first. There are over a billion Muslims in Muslim countries. The level of poverty is horrific. In those conditions Islam and Sharia Law was and is the weapon of control and repression. One does not have to dwell on that too much if one is at all conscious, as opposed to brain dead. But it is amazing how many journalists defend Sharia Law.


And the former, the effects in the western countries. It is used here to upset and overthrow centuries old traditions, of equality before the law, and even of prevention of cruelty to our fellow creatures in the animal world.


But if you try to find out what IS Islam then you will very quickly find yourself debarred from outlets, such as I am from the radio station “Talk Radio Europe” (all very British…they know my number)


So the arrest of Mladic is in this new situation. It is not the old situation of the war on Yugoslavia at all, perhaps partly, but the new situation is one of the ascent of The Muslim Brotherhood and the great danger of Obama and Cameron to the world.


A situation where Gadhafi is being pummelled and probably eventually eliminated and where the threat of The Hague Kangaroo Court is held over him and all of his family.


All based on a lie, that Gadhafi was murdering his own people, even though this leader has offered about a hundred times to sit down and work out an arrangement.


In a country where his main opposition has been The Muslim Brotherhood.


Back to Bosnia… Karadzic and Mladic were faced by Izetbegovic.


Here just remember


  1. Izetbegovic had his fingers in the Holocaust, and was an associate of the Nazi Arab from Palestine Hajj Amin el Husseini during The Holocaust. They were both Muslim Brotherhood reps in Bosnia
  2. This whole history of Izetbegovic was kept from the public by the Media
  3. And the Serbs like Mladic and Karadzic were promoted as the New Nazis

So there is a distortion of history concerning Izetbegovic.


But why distort history except to sell a new lie.


Netanyahu in opposing Obama, and he did, but he never once mentioned any of this.


It is as if the war against the Jews as is being conducted by all these forces, the EU, Obama and Power, the Neocons, is being conducted according to Netanyahu in a kind of sealed corner of the human mind.


The reality is quite different.


The reality is the crisis in the world capitalist system.


This is a world where enemies (who are actually friends) are created by the Media.


As has happened to Mubarak and now Gadhafi


And by this continuation of the war on the Serbs where the Serbs are portrayed as something savage and evil, just like Hitler portrayed the Jews all those years ago, and where the Palestinian Arabs portray the Jews to this day.


In this narrative of lies this evil system of capitalism, with its inbuilt lies, has to create the Devil


At this point in time this 69 year old man who has been hounded for decades is once more The Devil


Just as Netanyahu is portrayed in Europe, and by Obama and Power, as The Devil also…why, because simply he took into consideration the changed situation, that the PA of Abbas has joined Hamas, and that Egypt is now the joint backer of Hamas along with Iran.


All of this devil creation by the capitalist system is all very political and is nearly conscious.


I agree with Julia Gorin who refers to the Trifkovic article, except that it is a unity, a whole, and the issue of the Serbs and Mladic is now much wider than the Serbs and Kosovo etc.


Dr. Trifkovic reminds us that the Hague’s tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia “is a highly politicized institution that has been used over the years to provide retroactive quasi-judicial [justification] of the political position of the Western powers that the Serbs are indeed the main culprits for all that came to pass in the former Yugoslavia.” He adds that the Serbian press today is more government-controlled than it ever was under Slobodan Milosevic, and is consistently pushing EU membership as a panacea for all that ails the country — much like Communism had been, he points out. “If Serbia does join the EU,” he says, “it will be the first time in history that a rat has jumped onto a sinking ship.”




Lenin wrote on how the tendencies in Imperialism are towards war.


They seem to need war. Or is there any explanation for making war on Gadhafi, thus breaking all of the George W. Bush agreements with Gadhafi, and against The Muslim Brotherhood.


So the president of Russia just yesterday has sold his soul by joining with the other Seven to call for Gadhafi to go (be killed)


But that will not save Russia, rather the opposite.


The main drive is to settle the issues of the insoluble nature of the economic crisis.


The only logical thing for Europe to do is to scrap the Euro which is unsustainable. But Cameron et al are cowards. Rather than do that they would prefer to make war, say on Libya today, but tomorrow Russia, India or China.


I imagine that these poor people like Cameron are all at sea, they go from crisis to crisis, they cannot solve the unemployment, but hey “let’s act the bully and make war on somebody!”


Both of those two writers I mention have predicted that when Mladic goes to The Hague that the Media will close down the discussion.


I mean there was NO Srebrenica massacre and Cirikov has proved that.


But that raises the question as to how the message can truly get out about the reality of life today on this planet.


More and more it is becoming clear that we need in the world a party which can do just that.


That is for another day. We are beginning a series of 10 articles dealing with history, on our sister site www.wedefendisrael.com and these must be an important focus on creating a new leadership in the world.


by Felix Quigley

January 14, 2009

We have just seen how Adam le Bor on Harry’s Place has been trying to set Israel and Jews up for persecution by the Hague Kangaroo Court, passing on lies which are put about by Jihadist antisemite Hamas supporters. That is Arab “Palestinians” successors of Hajj Amin el Hussein, who Le Bor claims to know little about!!! He made this claim on the Maurice Boland radio show few months back.

He has written books about the Balkans and does not know about el Husseini in the Balkans! What a fraud!

But Le Bor had a friend in Yugoslavia and this friend spread lie after lie against the Serbs. His name is Oliver Kamm and Kamm has been promoted by British Imperialism to a lead writer in the Times of London.

Gone is his old boring website. Now there is a big Times logo over his scribbles. Still boring as hell though!

If Le Bor is surfacing as an enemy of the Jews of Israel as he was for the Serbs, what about his great mate Kamm.

Well consider this, which Kamm writes as a lead article in the Times.

[Start extract from Times lead article by Kamm here]

The pictures do not lie. Laser-guided but blind to the distinction between fighter and civilian, Israeli bombs have reduced schools, apartment blocks and police parade grounds to visions of hell. Aid workers and relatives have removed bodies and pieces of bodies, and survivors too traumatised to talk. On Boxing Day: at least 50 cadets killed at Gaza City’s main police station alone. On Monday: reports, not denied by Israel, of phosphorus shells used over civilian neighbourhoods. On Tuesday: 40 children and teachers found dead in the wreckage of a school. And yesterday: reports of up to 30 more children killed in a house to which Israeli troops had moved them for their own safety.

For all Israel’s claims to have launched only targeted strikes on Hamas targets, it has shown scant concern for civilians caught in Gaza’s crossfire in the past two weeks. Yet this is as nothing next to the contempt shown by Hamas.

[End Kamm’s scribble here]

This man Kamm has now become the main attack against the Jews of Israel because he is perched in The Times.

Look at what he says here!

He says that the Jews of Israel have created in Gaza “visions of hell”. Did I not read that above or am I imagining it.

Of course he goes on to cover this attack on Jews by attacking Hamas. Of course he does! We have learned that Kamm talks out of both sides of his mouth at the same time.

But the stark reality is his words above. That is what sticks and we can say that Kamm is his tiny little mind preparing to give evidence against Jews in the Hague Kangaroo Court.

Break the above down into manageable chunks and we have:

bodies and pieces of bodies

survivors too traumatised to talk

at least 50 cadets killed at Gaza City’s main police station alone

reports, not denied by Israel, of phosphorus shells used over civilian neighbourhoods

40 children and teachers found dead in the wreckage of a school

30 more children killed in a house


You see what I mean about Kamm. He is composing right there and then the evidence which he will joyfully present in person to the Hague Court against the Jewish people just as he helped do in the Hague Kangaroo Court.

And where is Kamm getting all of this garbage from. We have seen that his mate Le Bor was getting it from “Palestinian sources”, so what about Kamm.

This is precisely what he did in Yugoslavia. He promoted the Big Lie that the Serbs created a Massacre in Srebrenica even though there was no unbiassed evidence that he could produce, and he NEVER did.

So what about this evidence above? Where did he get this from???

Jewish people, every single poor oppressed Serb person who knows Kamm and has learned to really hate this man will warn you, please beware.


by Felix Quigley

January 14, 2009

The reactionary crowd of British and EU journalists who were the persecutors of the Serbs and who joined in with the Islamofascists in Bosnia and elsewhere have just started to persecute this time the Jews of Israel.

This is the meaning of the article by Adam le Bor, who is a big friend of Oliver Kamm, and all these reactionary characters who run Harry’s Place, and his article which more or less is giving the nod to bring Israel before the Kangaroo Court in the Hague.


It is going to backfire because many Serbs and Russians etc are going to start supporting Israel against Jihad and against this rotten lying Media.

4international is going to fight Le Bor and Kamm every step of the way. Kamm has since Yugoslavia been promoted to a BIG position in The Times of London. Kamm is now a big shot. No matter little Kammie, the bigger they are, the harder the fall.

Back to Le Bor. We showed just now that Le Bor is using Hamas lies in order to conduct a new war against the Jews, last time it was using Izetbegovic lies to conduct war against the Serbs.

Who does this guy really work for!!!

Now the wonderful IsraelNationalNews has done a review and a prediction really. The antisemites are going to try to bring Israel in front of the Hague Kangaroo Court which Le Bor and Kamm supported with all their being against the Serbs.

Jews and Serbs! Time to wake up and see the connections!

[Start quote from INN here]

IsraelNN.com) The IDF is preparing for a wave of lawsuits following the Cast Lead operation in Gaza, senior defense officials said Wednesday. The IDF has already set up a team responsible for reviewing evidence from Gaza in preparation for claims filed in international courts.

Attorney General Menachem Mazuz said the threat of international lawsuits was “not new,” but promised “intense activity” aimed at preventing the success of such suits. Several soldiers have been trained to film events while fighting, and the videotape is being reviewed by legal experts as well as intelligence agents. In addition, the IAF is filming all airstrikes in Gaza.

Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann was unsurprised by the threat of lawsuits. He appeared unconcerned, saying Tuesday, “As a general rule we are very humane… We conduct pinpoint operations against terrorist organizations.”

As the operation continues Israeli diplomats have gone on the offensive, accusing Hamas of war crimes. On Wednesday Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Gabriela Shalev filed a complaint blaming Hamas for civilian deaths in Gaza. Hamas uses innocent civilians as human shields, Shalev charged. Senior IDF officials have made similar accusations.

Senior IDF officers have faced international lawsuits in the past. Officers have been forced to avoid visiting Britain and other European countries for fear of lawsuits. Suits were filed in the United States as well: former IDF Chief of Staff Moshe Yaalon was accused of war crimes by a U.S. group in 2005, and a similar suit targeted Caterpiller, Inc. for selling bulldozers to Israel.

Mazuz: Legal Experts Approving Gaza Ops
In order to prevent lawsuits, legal experts are involved in the decision-making process, Mazuz said. “Representatives from the IDF Attorneys’ Office are sitting in the command room and approving each operation and target,” he explained.

IDF attorneys are not taking sole command of the decision-making process, Mazuz clarified. “In the end, the decisions on the ground are made by the military, which sees things in real time,” he said.



by Felix Quigley

July 7, 2008

The Hague Kangaroo Court was set up by US Imperialism and by NATO in order to hand down a verdict of guilty on Slobodan Milosevic, and through that of course on the whole Serb independent nation. It was shown by Milosevic, however, that it is possible to use even these sorts of phoney courts to get some truth about what happened out to the world.

The evidence which the French General seconded to the UN Philippe Morillon gave to the Kangaroo Court was one such example of some truth emerging. The strange thing though is that Morillon was a witness for the Prosecution against Milosevic.

The questioning of Morillon by Milosevic and his aide in the court brought out many important things. But it is of great importance to note that this evidence has been deliberately hidden by Kamm and Hoare ever since he appeared in the Court in 2004. You will find no report in any of their writings of the evidence of Morillon in that Kangaroo Courtroom.

This is an extract from a report of this evidence, the part which concentrates on the history of Srebrenica as a UN safe area, in which the Bosnian Islamofascists of Izetbegovic were heavily armed and organized for war within the safe area, in which the Islamofascist Nasir Oric figured highly IN CARRYING OUT HIS GHASTLY MURDERS. The evidence of Morillon concentrates on Oric. Continue reading