by Felix Quigley

January 19, 2009

The Jewish army of Israel was fighting for all progressive people in the world in the battle against Hamas. Hamas is such an obviously Fascist and Reactionary movement, one would think that the Jewish army of the IDF would be cheered from the rafters in every country. THE OPPOSITE HAPPENED. And this is the thing about this war that has to be explained, no half measures, the sharpest conclusions have to be reached


  1. We on 4international support the high spirits of the Israeli army cadets as they withdrew knowing that they had defeated the Fascists and that they were going home safe to their beloved JEWISH HOMELAND. The surly and cowardly unleashing of 5 rockets on Israel by Hamas after the ceasefire and their empty guff about no truce until Israel totally withdraw shows them up for the windbags that they are. Of course they will fire more, Israel will continue to be hit by rockets and the Media will be silent. Imagine the Hamas leader emerging out of his bunker under an Israeli built hospital in Gaza and proclaiming victory! Imagine the political pygmy Ahmadinejad congratulating them on their victory!!! Hamas was beaten off the ball park by far superior fighters and that is not counting the technological power of Israel. The fact is that the Israeli youth went in to the back streets of Hamas land, took them on their own ground and beat the dickens out of them. Hamas are cowardly terrorists, it is one thing strapping on a vest in the stupid and insipid belief of 72 virgins at the end, that is many Jews will die but THEY will be all right is about the sum of it, and it is quite another thing facing true national fighters. The true national fighters were the Jews. The phoniness of Media construct “Palestinianism” was exposed. The Jews of Israel have thus taken a major step forward into the new era of defending their state, their religion and their age old customs.
  2. This unfortunately is not the end of the story. What also emerged in this war was the sight of major anti-Semitic demonstrations taking place in Europe, Canada and America. In opposition to these very large demonstrations there were small demos of very courageous in the main Jewish people living in these countries. And these, Toronto being a case in point, were threatened by the Fascist “Palestinians” while the police told the Jews that they the police would not or could not protect them!
  3. There was very little else which was able to pose an alternative to these reactionary forces that were holding on their marches the most anti-Semitic of slogans that has been seen since the 1930s. This is not the result of the Jewish war in Gaza, this is because the Jews are fighting to defend their way of life. In other words it is purely and totally anti-Semitism. It just did not mysteriously happen that in January of 2009 that these hordes of many stupid, uneducated and bigoted against Jews people took to the streets of major and not so major towns and capitals in Europe and North America. It did not happen in the slightest spontaneously. This had been worked for and prepared for consciously over many decades.
  4. The theme on all of the “Palestinian” demos against the Jews and Israel was that the Jews are the new Nazis. This is the essence in fact of all of the propaganda now surrounding Israel. It is in actual fact an extension of the Big Lie itself that the Nazis promulgated all those years ago.
  5. This Big Lie has been carried on since 1945 by these… Firstly by the Arab and Muslim oil fuelled forces in the world. Secondly by the Stalinist Communist Parties out of Moscow and Peking, now joined by Chavez, Morales etc. These are now joined by renegades from Trotskyism who by their actions trample on historical fact, since as we know Trotsky supported the Jewish state and opposed Islam.
  6. How were these anti-Semitic marches against Israel organized? Well specifically from the above two main constituencies. Let us spend a moment to look more closely at them.
  7. Firstly from the hordes of Muslims, Palestinian Arabs and others who are in every European and American country. They were the backbone of the marches. These are not ordinary refugees into a country. These marches showed that they were people who had come with a mission. These Palestinian, Arab, other marchers were carrying on the streets of Europe anti-Semitic placards, placards which were hate mongering. And the key thing is they were not only allowed to do so by the forces of the state, it is against most laws of most states, but a blind eye was turned on these hate filled and anti-Semitic messages by the Media. An example of this I saw with my own eyes…At the head of one march I saw in Murcia city were Muslim women clad in their repressive gear and they were pushing prams, quite deliberately carrying on the lying propaganda against Jews, that Jews kill children, consciously using the Blood Libel. On these marches and on every interview and every bulletin was the message that Jews kill Children.
  8. Secondly these Muslim reactionaries were joined and led by the Left, but this was a very strange kind of left figure, here as a Trotskyist I assert most strongly that these were not in any way Left of centre at all, but were as right wing as were Hitler’s storm troopers. The Left has joined the Fascists.


So be absolutely certain. Not anti-Semitism in general in Europe and America. But anti-Semitism promoted by very specific agencies which I have identified above. Otherwise how can you explain that the British workers are opposed to Islam and they in general take up a position which is progressive and right.


The task of Trotskyists is thus to give hope and leadership to the great mass and not to allow these Fascists of Muslims and Left to take over. To pass off the mass as anti-Semitic in general absolves who says that from doing anything.


We now turn to the War, where we are now, what is the next step.


The Jewish side were hampered, and remain hampered in everything that they do by a false humanitarianism and an inability to understand the laws of war. In war there is no such thing as civilians. All civilians in a war are part of the war combatants. The women pushing prams, and pushing the old anti Jew canard of the Blood Libel, were as much part of the war effort as was Hamas. It was precisely these Gaza civilians who gave Hamas the water to swim in. This is so obvious it hardly needs stating.


The Jewish side is also hampered by bourgeois type leaders who want to appear respectable on the world stage of diplomacy. There is nothing respectable in war. If the Fascists drive us to make war then the only imperative is to win it. The Israeli leaders in this war never escaped this faux “humanitarianism”. That means the war was not ended and more lives will in the future be lost.


Also it emerged in the War that Israel is being totally isolated and this is the same kind of isolation that happened before the last Holocaust in the 1930s.


Thus it now crystallizes clearly that the main issue is that the Jews are being thus isolated, lied about, insulted and in reality being set up for a new Holocaust.


I know about Spain and I know about Ireland.


Let us take Spain where I am at present living. Let me talk a little about this stupid people who do not seem to have grasped the most salient points in their own history.


To me feeling the atmosphere of Jew Hatred in this country today it seems as if it was only yesterday that the Jews were driven out of Spain and forced to convert to Christianity. These essentially stupid, hard nosed and hard hearted people seem to have learned nothing and forgotten nothing.


I am drawn to this regrettable but firm conclusion. This country is a centre of anti-Semitism. The UGT and CCOO trade unions had strangely a separate large demo against the crisis. The very same anti-Semitic forces march on the crisis! But it will take much to defeat anti-Semitism in this country, a nation of imbeciles who are totally ignorant of their history.


How can they atone for their history when they are stupid and ignorant. Spain remains a tool of the Vatican, a tool of the reactionary Labourites like Zapatero, and a tool of the Stalinists now morphed into the IU.


Oh and my goodness I forgot their bullfighting and their toreador bullshit and a simple truth that I have learned, farmers keeping their beautiful dogs tethered on 6 foot leads from birth to death, the whole country is the worst of the worst zoos imaginable. You could not actually invent this stuff it is so cruel. With heir anti-Semitism and cruelty to their animals they can take their faux merriment and stick it where the sun never shines.


Perhaps Jews can get their revenge on the Spanish anti-Semites. Let us keep announcing in their bars that 1 in every 5 of them are Jews! Good revenge medicine that!


As for Ireland I do not have to spend too long on it. The Irish catholic nationalists are anti-Semitic to the core but to make it worse they are ungrateful and ungracious anti-Semites. Long forgotten by these essentially bog men and women who persecuted not just Jews but every decent artistic talent that the nation produced are the Briscoe family. It was Ben Briscoe who fought alongside Michael Collins for Irish national liberation against the cruelty of the British. Now forgotten, trampled over by these anti-Semitic cretins.


So let us look to the future.


What was absent in this war in Gaza was a Trotskyist Party which can fight inside the country of Israel and inside every country in the rest of the world that the Jews must have a Homeland and that this Homeland must be a respite from anti-Semitism.


I feel that the wolves are gathering at the door of the Jews once more. The fight of Leon Trotsky to protect the Jews in the 1930s has been lied about. Anybody who lies about this today will be our enemy. In it lies the salvation of the Jews and in nowhere else.