These maps assert the Jewish case for their Homeland and also begin to point to the falsity of the Arab case for a 23rd Arab state to be formed, otherwise called to add to the overall Arab confusion,  “Palestine”
Map one comes out of the famous Balfour Declaration of Lord Balfour, a section of the British Establishment, who through common admiration for the Bible, wished the Jews to have a Homeland.
Before moving on to the other two maps I would like you to note that the area shown here which is east and west of the river Jordan is undivided, and was to be the undivided Homeland of the Jewish people, or the area set aside to be that Homeland of the Jewish people.
The whole point of this concept of a Jewish Homeland for the Jewish people, is that the Jewish people had been dispersed by antisemitism (for example in 1492 the Spanish drove out the Jews) and so this area was set aside for the Jewish people. THE IDEA WAS THAT THE jEWISH PEOPLE WOULD RETURN.
Now please spend some time thinking on this and note (I am still on map 1) this was not a very big area at all, for a whole people, such as the Jews.
That is why I would like you to skip map 2 for the moment and look at map 3, where we move along to the present day.
This map shows just a small part of the Arab world into which the Jewish Homeland of 1917 to 1920 snuggles. Focus on the original area as in map 3, this area now is made up of Jordan, Israel which is in yellow in the map, and a strange looking bunion which buts into this now tiny Israel, making the whole thing almost comical looking.
There is a story here which we will have to explore, how we went from map 1 to map 3, but I want here for the reader to do only one thing, focus on the size of this area of Jordan, Israel in yellow (!) and this strange bunion butting into Israel, in other words the whole, and place it mentally in the context of the overall Arab states.  And it was tiny and precarious looking, even then in 1920. I mean the whole thing including Jordan was tiny.
So to return to map 2, and this map shows 2 important things. First the date on Jordan which is 1924, which means that things changed rapidly from 1920 to 1924, and it is here that the greatest secrecy has existed and been built up, with many lies and much deliberate confusion. We have to understand the history of this. Second that the map 2 shows that not only is Israel greatly condensed but that there is a bunion sticking into its side (called the West Bank), which in one sense seems to be like a hungry monster, a very voracious parasite, taking a huge bite out of Israel, but that it almost is cutting Israel into two
These are all very basic and quite simple facts, easily comprehended.
But somehow the enemy of the Jews (always antisemitism) has had to through imagination (lies) escape from these truthful realities, which truthful realities are actually located very firmly in history
The relativist as the end argument will always jump in and say “but we can never understand history…it is always the individual’s interpretation…and we reply to that that we are never relativists and that we are based on the scientific basis that man can understand the world we live in, including its history.
So if you are a relativist, and you have it stuck in your feeble brain, that man cannot understand his past, then I wish you to switch off this site immediately. Go elsewhere. We do not want you here. We are scientists who believe that we can understand our world and our past.
So out with the relativists! Out with the liars! Out with the antisemites!