By Felix Quigley

August 15, 2008I am trying to find information on the Saakashvili attack on Southern Ossetia which began all of this. There is no boubt about it, it is extremely difficult to find.

Suddenly the most significant event in all of this episode and we cannot find any information on it.

The Irish Times has a seasoned reporter Lara Marlowe right on the spot. Yesterday she was reporting from Gori. She seems unable to give us any information on the initial attack on the capital city of South Ossetia by the Georgian Army.

This attack is critical because we believe that two forces were helping out the Georgians in this attack


1. The US CIA and US army personnel

2. An undisclosed number of Israeli people, who were there training and preparing for this attack.


The latter is very important for us on 4international because we are great supporters of Israel and we defend Israel against antisemitism. But we are not people who will hide the truth.

I have in my quest for knowledge of this attack by Georgia on South Ossetia, that is the atack now forgotten all of a sudden by Western Media, come across this which I place in front of readers:

[start quote here]

17:09 14/08/2008

Events in South Ossetia: investigators get down to work

Criminal investigators are examining bodies. They are questioning prisoners of war. Meanwhile, the task of the military is to study the Georgian army’s combat positions. (63 sec./2.48Mb, shows: 1)


This is from


K:\www_rian_ru.mht and I am not sure who or what it is.


However I do believe that there is much more to come out about that initial attack on South Ossetia and since I believe that this is crucial I will continue to try to understand what happened.