I consider this information from debkafile to be very important for those of us who back Israel and who want to keep the Jewish Homeland of Israel going. The following extract is a complicated series of points. The great majority of these from debkafile are verifiable facts which are in the public eye. Sometimes they quote from sources who they do not name but I have found that very often subsequent events bear them out.


This is the extract:


The top level of the US administration appears to have fallen into two factions pulling in opposite directions: One group, led by President Barack Obama and National Security Advisor Susan Rice, wants Israel to carry the can for progress or for obstacles in negotiations with the Palestinians, while appeasing the latter and letting Iran off the hook on the concerns of Israel (and other Mid East nations).


The opposing group, led by Secretary of State John Kerry, favors more flexibility and is trying to mediate between the White House and Jerusalem.

 National Security Adviser Rice is the toughest nut to crack in this regard.

 The rift between the two factions led to the cancellation of Kerry’s White House meeting with the president that was scheduled for Tuesday, April 8 for an evaluation of the Israel-Palestinian peace track and whether or not to end US involvement.


Rice would have urged the US to pull out and lay the blame squarely at Israel’s door.


By postponing this confrontation, Kerry bought time for another bid to salvage the negotiations. And indeed, his envoy Martin Indyk has kept low-profile talks going between the two sides.


There is every indication that Prime Minister Netanyahu is at the end of his tether on what he regards as the Obama administration’s unfair appreciation of the concessions Israel made to keep the talks alive in the face of Palestinian negativism. Sources in Jerusalem say White House lenience toward the Palestinians hardens the intransigence of their leader Mahmoud Abbas and so undermines the entire peace effort.

 At least for now, Netanyahu is taking a hard line himself, debkafile’s Jerusalem sources report. Wednesday, Netanyahu punished Abbas for his unilateral application to 15 UN agencies to bypass negotiations with a dose of his own medicine. He ordered all Israeli ministerial contacts cut off with their Palestinian peers and the cancellation of VIP privileges for Palestinian high-ups.


For a show of Israeli muscle, he ordered the Israel military spy satellite Ofek-10 to be launched from the Palmachim air base Wednesday night. By Thursday morning, it was circling in earth orbit every 99 minutes from an altitude of 600 kms. Ofek-10’s improved surveillance capabilities include high-resolution cameras able to distinguish between objects of half a meter and operate in varying lighting and weather conditions.

 That afternoon, the entry of the Samson cargo plane, the new Super Hercules C130J, into service with the Israeli Air Force took place in a public ceremony. Samson markedly extends the IAF’s ability to carry troops forces and hardware over any point in Iran. It was the first of six giant air transports to be delivered by the end of next year. The message the show was meant to convey was that Israel is again preparing to conduct a military strike on Iran’s nuclear program after being pressed by Obama into holding back for some years.


The old confrontation between Obama and Netanyahu is therefore back in full force. Will the Israeli prime minister continue to tough it out on either or both the Palestinian and Iranian nuclear tracks? That is anyone’s guess. But Wednesday, he was heard to say that a sovereign nation has the right to say no.

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To summarise


  1. Two factions in the US Obama regime. Susan Rice leads the most hateful to Israel group. We know her.
  2. But the other side led by Kerry and Indyk who want to keep spinning out the talks with the Palestinian Arabs…may in fact be more dangerous to Israel
  3. The Palestinian Arabs under Abbas have broken out of OSLO and the Talks and have applied to join UN groups as an independent nation. The response of Netanyahu to this is certain, to be supported, but not half or quarter sufficient.
  4. Of great importance is this because it is clearly related to the Iran suspected nuclear bomb building “Ofek-10’s improved surveillance capabilities include high-resolution cameras able to distinguish between objects of half a meter and operate in varying lighting and weather conditions.” I think this is of great importance because Israel today is not 1939 Germany, Poland and Hungary. The Jews today have a state and they are capable of defence.
  5. Then there is this “the Samson cargo plane, the new Super Hercules C130J” which is clearly related to striking the Iran Nuclear Bomb


The whole analysis by debkafile spells out that the Jews cannot compromise over the danger from a Nuclear bomb armed Iran. That is the bottom line.


The negativity in the situation is that the left is corrupted by the “Palestinians” Big Lie machine, which is really the Vatican and Islam lie machine, but it is much wider than this


Contrary to people like Caroline Glick this does not mean that a new principled socialist leadership cannot be built. It can.