Secret Mass Executions Resume in Mashhad’s Vakilabad Prison: Several Hundred Prisoners Possibly Executed In Past Four Months


It is a big myth that Obama and Cameron are going to attack SYRIA as a first step toward an attack by Obama on IRAN.

Obama and Cameron both like the Iranian Fascist Mullahs and they see the Iranian Mullahs as the perfect answer to putting down opposition.

What opposition? Well all opposition to capitalism. Think of this…there are over a million in Britain who now work by the hour, on call by an employer.

Think a little more on that…that means no trade union is involved, and the very first thing Hitler did on taking state power in 1933 was to ban trade unions.

Remember (as we continue to think further on this theme) that the crisis in capitalism is NOT IMPROVING, it is getting worse.

What happens when the TRILLIONS of debt collapses America. Then Britain will collapse as will every capitalist country in the world, including China and Russia. Then Australia will collapse because it is tied to Chinese capitalism.

In those conditions …why the Iranian Fascist solution as in the picture above is just perfect!

Keep all of this in mind when you look at the picture above. In 2009 the ordinary folk in Iran rose up in a determined movement against the Iranian Mullahs. These ordinary people looked to Obama and to Cameron but they were to look in vain. Obama not only did not help but sent a message of conciliation and “negotiations” to the Mullahs.

The picture above is the result.

This is a message from Iran human rights about ONE prison in Iran.

This is all going unreported.

But then what is Media Reporting today. It is clear that Obama is behind the gassing of Syrians by the Syrian Fascist “Rebels”.

The word “rebels” itself is creating a lie. For example there was the Irish Rebels of 1916 who are forever patriots and are enemies of reaction, thus that is a noble term. In fact these rebels in Syria are Antisemitic, and anti-Christian, while they seek to kill every last Alawite. The Alawites have been trying to avoid Sharia all of their existence.

Cast this idea from your minds now. The Obama Regime is in a league with the Iranian Mullahs. Not defeat Assad to go on to destroy the Iranian Nuclear Bomb THE VERY OPPOSITE.

Obama is going to war against Assad and by doing so is giving more time to Iran to get Nuclear …thus the obliteration of the Jews, as Hitler had in mind.

Remember also there are many fools in the leaders of the Jews. That has always been the case.

Any Jew now in these critical times who lines up with Obama against Assad is a traitor to the Jews. Read Pamela Geller and you will see a Jew who has eyes wide open and is able to see that the Obama war on Assad will lead to no good for Jews.

Geller opposes the war on Assad not because she is a friend of Assad but because she has her eyes open and she sees the great danger of the 2009 Obama alliance with the Iranian Mullahs.

EXTRACT…”Iran Human Rights, February 3: According to reports from reliable sources in Iran, as many as 400 prisoners may have been executed in Vakilabad Prison, Mashhad. According to the sources, there have been secret executions of prisoners taking place every Wednesday and Sunday, but there are also reports of executions up to three times a week. No detailed information is available on the amount of prisoners executed, but at least on one occasion the number of executions were as high as 50 people. Sources say as many as 400 prisoners may have been executed in the past four or five months.

Sources say weekly executions are still taking place.

The information on these executions has been confirmed by two independent sources. Iran Human Rights (IHR) will publish more details when available.

IHR and several other human rights organizations warned in September 2010 about  secret mass executions in Vakilabad Prison. According to IHR’s annual reports on the death penalty in Iran, at least 226 prisoners were executed in 2010 and 133 prisoners were executed in 2011. More than 200 additional reported executions were not included in the reports due to lack of details.

Iran saw a temporary halt in executions in late 2011 as a result of international attention on the issue.

IHR urges the international community to react to reports of secret mass executions in Vakilabad Prison. Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam, the spokesperson of IHR said: “We ask the UN to conduct a fact-finding mission in Iran to urgently investigate reports of mass executions in Vakilabad Prison.”