4international asks directly what is the political programme of Jewish Leadership towards Iran Nuclear?

The world is facing an amazingly complex and uttterly dangerous situation as the pages of any serious political blog will show (not only http://www.4international.me)


These are key issues:


The economic crisis which means that youth unemployment is unsolvable within capitalism. This is also causing mass movements of people such as from Africa to Europe

The growth of Antisemitism and the way that this growth in Antisemitism is disguised by hatred of Israel

The issue of Iran and the danger of extreme Islam producing a Nuclear Bomb


The issue of Israeli leadership is a different issue because this is an issue that can be resolved through building new leadership. The question is to find agreement in doing that.


On the face of it, therefore, the immediate danger of Iran stockpiling enough enriched uranium for a nuclear bomb is over and a sigh of relief should now follow US Secretary of State John Kerry’s warning to a Senate committee a week ago that Iran had enough enriched uranium to start building a bomb within two months.

That being the case, the military option for curtailing the Iranian nuclear threat should be set aside and the six world powers and Tehran can resume their negotiations on May 5 for putting the final touches on a comprehensive accord for finally putting their nuclear controversy to rest.   

But only on the face of it: This scenario ignore Tehran’s duplicity and conveniently passes over the sudden spurt in Iran’s production of low, 5-percent grade enriched uranium and the covert smuggling of the surfeit to the Parchin military facility of near Tehran for its secret upgrade to 20 percent, a level which can be rapidly enriched to weapons grade.
So with one hand, Tehran has reduced its low-grade enriched uranium stocks, but with the other, has smuggled a sizable quantity of those stocks for further enrichment to a facility barred to nuclear watchdog inspectors.

debkafile’s intelligence sources reveal that 1,300 kilos of low-grade material has been transferred to Parchin and 1,630 advanced centrifuges have been installed there for rapid upgrade work.
Whenever the IAEA applied for permission to inspect the facility in the past three years, it was fobbed off with the pretext that Parchin was strictly a military base which did not host any nuclear activity. It therefore did not qualify for international inspection.



The question now is what is the position of all Jewish leadership towards this situation in Iran?


I ask directly what is the political programme to meet this situation?




4international makes its position very clear on the Iran Bomb issue.


We oppose totally Iran getting the Nuclear Bomb. We believe very firmly with Douglas Murray in a recent lecture when he said that Iran with the Nuclear Bomb would


  • be a serious and existentialist threat to Israel


  • with the bomb would be much harder for the opposition in Iran to overthrow


Murray pointed out that ages ago Rafsanjani had said that only ONE bomb would be enough to destroy Israel.


We on 4international have drawn attention to the statements of many Iranian leaders, not just Ahmadinejad, which directly threaten the existence of Israel, which are contained in the compilation of the ADL organization.


Because we on 4international raised this on the Indymedia Ireland website everything that we post is immediately removed by the Irish left Fascists who run that anarchist site.


On the left www.4international.me is alone in standing behind Israel and in the need to militarily stop Iran from getting the Nuclear Bomb.


All sections of the Israeli military leadership now believe that sanctions will not stop Iran from getting the Nuclear bomb.


The idea of sanctions stopping these determined Jihadists is a bit of a laugh but that is the centre of the US and the EU approach to the issue.


People are now telling lies about Obama. Obama is not fighting against Ikran as these people say. In fact everything Obama and Mrs Clinton do and say is to suck up to Iran. They use the same approach that Chamberlain tried with Hitler and the Nazis.


One of these who oppose stopping Iran by military means is Steven Gilmour (or is it Gilmore, he is Scottish of Irish extraction so both work) of Talk Radio Europe. Gilmour is very litigious so we can go no further than to say he claims that the US and the West are “provoking Iran” (Gilmour once threatened legal action against www.4international.me.


Even if we on 4international were in a minority of one we would call on the world to stop these antisemites in Iran from having the Nuclear Bomb, and to use all means to do so.


(readers should see both www.debka.com and also the Atlas Shrugs website to see more on Obama and Iran. Of great note is that the Obama team are refusing now to prosecute Iran for the bombing in Lebanon of the US barracks in which over 200 US men were murdered by Hizbullah, the Iranian proxy)


(Pamela Geller also carries a video on a wonderful speech by Douglas Murray to students in England where he castigates English diplomats for supporting Iran and the Nuclear Bomb)



Education series by www.4international.me will seek to cover many vital issues dealing with history, and the aim is to create a common body of knowledge with which to go forward. When we build up a readership we will announce the programme of these lectures which will be very wide-ranging in content. In doing this we will use our facebook facility as well as twitter, in fact every method we can master.





The Wisconsin Project on Nuclear Arms Control, American’s scientific watchdog on world nuclear weapons production, estimates that by Dec. 2008, Iran had accumulated enough U-235 to fuel one nuclear bomb; by 2009, enough for a second, by August 2010 material for a third bomb and by April 2011, enough enriched uranium for a fourth bomb.
These estimates presuppose an Iranian decision to further process low-enriched material to weapons grade – a process taking no more than a couple of months.
Iran, says the Wisconsin Project, is consolidating its status as a “virtual” nuclear weapon state – meaning it can set about building a bomb whenever its rulers so decide.
In its twice-annual report published Thursday, June 2, Wisconsin revealed three further developments in Iran’s nuclear drive:

1. Since November 2010, when Iran stopped enriching uranium in all cascades at the Natanz plant for about a week (the report does not give the reason for the stoppage – possibly a Stuxnet virus invasion of its computer control system), the enrichment rate has increased. The 5,000 centrifuges spinning in February 2011 increased to nearly 6,000 in May 2011.
debkafile’s Iranian sources add: Prof. Ferei-doon Abbasi Davani has taken over as director of the enrichment complex at Natanz. He was formerly in charge of combating the Stuxflex worm.  Last November, Prof. Abbasi Dayani escaped with light injuries from an attack by a pair of motorcyclists who attached a sticky bomb to his car. It occurred near the Imam Hossein University in Tehran where most of Iran’s secret nuclear labs are located.

2.  Wisconsin quotes the International Atomic Energy Agency’s May 2011 report that one of its seals was broken in the “feed and withdrawal area” of the Natanz enrichment plant.
This means that Iran took action to conceal the real amount of is enriched uranium stockpile from the nuclear watchdog and the fact, as Wisconsin reports, that it has accumulated enough material for building four nuclear bombs. Its steady progress will go undetected until the next IAEA inventory in October or November.
debkafile’s intelligence sources point out that Tehran has won a period of six to seven months for keeping its nuclear activities hidden from oversight with no one in the West or in Israel able to find out what is going on at the Natanz enrichment plant.
3.  Wisconsin goes on to state: “Uncertainties about the number of centrifuges operated by Iran make it difficult to draw a conclusion about the performance of individual machines.”  More machines may be switched on when IAEA inspectors are not present while less, more advanced centrifuges, may take over after the inspection is over.
Our sources stress that these revelations are highly pertinent to the controversy taking place in Israel over the surprising comments by ex-Mossad Director Meir Dagan.
Dubbed “Mister Stop the Bomb” for reputedly directing covert operations that held off Iran’s nuclear threat for five or six years – though this may an exaggeration – Dagan suddenly began speaking out strongly against any Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear program. Wednesday, June 1, he implicitly warned that such an attack would precipitate a regional war in which Israel would fare badly.

Israel’s political and defense establishments have always had their doves but Dagan is sounding one like for the first time.

The controversy around his comments reflects a similar argument afoot in US political and defense circles over whether the time has come to smash Iran’s nuclear capability or stand by and let the Islamic Republic becomes a “virtual nuclear weapon state.”

In the last three years, the two schools of thought for and against military action against Iran have been joined by a third, which affirms that the US and Israel can live with an Iran armed with one or two nuclear bombs because this number would be dwarfed even by Israel’s reputed stock let alone the American arsenal. Therefore, until Iran stockpiles a serous arsenal of weapons, it does not constitute an existential threat to Israel.
The Wisconsin Project’s latest report explodes this argument because it exposes the steady accumulation of materials for four bombs in two-and-a-half years and Iran’s dogged advance toward a serious arsenal unless it is stopped.
That is the reason why the military option is back on the table in Jerusalem.


by Felix Quigley

March 11, 2009

The position which Netanyahu faces is this:


1. He knows that Israel has to fight a war with Iran in order to delay the Iranian Nuclear Bomb threat to the lives of 6 millions of Jews


2. He knows that the US Nazis, under the possible CIA creation Obama, are determined to see Israel destroyed and the Jews massacred in another Holocaust


3. He knows that the decisive factor in all of this is the world economic crisis in capitalism. Netanyahu is no slouch when it comes to things economic since he was the man who modernized the Israeli economy, a modernization that laid the basis for much recent capitalist development. He knows how capitalism works and he also knows that the world system is in a deadly crisis. It will not be a surprize to Netanyahu that the US Nazis are in league with Islam Fascism. He is not stupid. He has seen Holbrook actually in bed with Muslim Brotherhood member Izetbegovic, associate of Hajj Amin el Husseini in the Holocaust, and he knows that Obama is directing affairs on the same plan


4. Thus Netanyahu though he cannot say it publicly has no illusions in the US Government


Hence Netanyahu is right. He knows that in the next 6 months Israel faces ALONE the war of its life, for its very existence.




He is right.


Spelling the issues out like this is only tending to expose the corrupt and personal nature of Livni´s political approach to Israel.


His natural ally is Lieberman. But see the note I add below about the moves of the Israeli traitorous Court System to Lieberman.


This report from DEBKAfile confirms much of my analysis above


Having failed to draw Kadima and Labor into a unity government, DEBKAfile‘s political sources report that Israel’s prime minister-designate Binyamin Netanyahu is planning to settle for a provisional administration serving six months before calling another early election.

Loth to rest his government’s stability on right-wing and religious parties (61 out of 120 Knesset members), Netanyahu prefers to take his chances on a new ballot. But he rejected the recommendation from of his close advisers to notify the president next week that he is throwing in the sponge in the belief that he can use the extra six months to good advantage.

His main consideration is that Israel expects to be embroiled in a major military confrontation in the next few months with Iran, Hamas or Hizballah – or all three at once – a compelling scenario for a national emergency government against which Kadima and Labor will find it hard to hold out.

With this eventuality in mind, the Likud leader keeping the senior portfolios of security, treasury and justice open for members of those two parties or deposited with Likud ministers who will step aside and make way for them in an emergency.

A prominent example of this tactic is the new Likud legislator, the former chief of staff Moshe Yaalon. He is penciled in for defense in the interim administration on the understanding that if Labor joins, he will step down and accept the No. 2 position. Uri Yogev, a former treasury official, likewise expects to stand down for a Labor or Kadima candidate in finance.

Netanyahu is not waiting for a war emergency; he is quietly pursuing Labor and Kadima in informal conversations with defense minister Ehud Barak of Labor and Kadima’s Shaul Mofaz and Tzahi Hanegbi.

His offer of the foreign ministry to Israel Beteinu’s controversial leader Avigdor Lieberman is not yet signed and sealed. The prime minister-designate calculates that if the ongoing police probe into his financial affairs culminates in an indictment, Lieberman will have to withdraw, but his party will continue to support the government.

Lieberman’s exit will ease the path of Kadima and Labor to government.

Netanyahu closest circle of advisers, our political sources report, consists of his wife, Sara Netanyahu, the lawyer-politician and former justice minister, Yaacov Neeman and Likud lawmakers Reuven Rivlin, Gideon Saar and Gilead Erdan.

Netanyahu may settle for interim

 government until early election

DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis

March 12, 2009


[end of DEBKAfile report here] 




Yet there is no way around this central question. There exists in the ranks of the Peace Movement in Israel, and in the ranks of many Jewish organizations in America and Europe, a downright traitorous group of people.


It seems to be to be the ultimate in treason for law officers in Israel AT THIS TIME to be bringing a law case against Lieberman. It is on the most dubious of grounds. It is a matter of hounding this patriotic Jew who hails from Russia. It is a total scandal.


This is in Israel a time of national emergency.


If Netanyahu actually had the balls he would in fact be out there in a major campaign to defend Lieberman.


All of this traitorous carry on is shown in this report from that traitorous newspaper Haaretz which is covered here by an Australian paper. Read it please. It is of great moment.

[Begin report about hounding of Lieberman here]


John Lyons, Middle East correspondent | March 07, 2009

Article from:  The Australian

ISRAEL’S prime minister designate Benjamin Netanyahu has been handed a dilemma as he prepares a new government, with the publication yesterday of a major investigation into the financial affairs of his key coalition partner and the man being considered for foreign minister: Avigdor Lieberman.

The influential Israeli newspaper Haaretz yesterday published the first part of an investigation into Mr Lieberman’s financial affairs, in which it said he had allegedly received a large amount of money from a company established by his daughter when he was a member of the Knesset (MK) and a minister.

The paper said Mr Lieberman, leader of the Yisrael Beiteinu party, had allegedly received about $1.1 million from the company since its establishment in 2004. That included a large severance payment after working for the company for two years.

Mr Lieberman told the newspaper: “I never engaged in private work concurrent with serving as an MK.”

He said that after he was elected to the Knesset a retirement agreement was signed between him and the company by which payment was transferred to him, spread over five or six instalments.

While he said all the money he received and the retirement agreement itself was reported under the law to the state comptroller, he was unable to provide those to the newspaper and said he was not in possession of them.

It was already known in Israel that Mr Lieberman was under investigation by the police for possible money-laundering and fraud, but the new investigation puts pressure on Mr Netanyahu as he chooses not just his new government, but his new cabinet.

While Tzipi Livni’s Kadima party received the most votes of any party, the Right bloc, led by Mr Netanyahu’s Likud, received more votes nationally than the Centre-Left bloc, led by Kadima.

After Ms Livni declined Mr Netanyahu’s invitation to be partof a unity government, Mr Netanyahu was left relying on Mr Lieberman and Yisrael Beiteinu to form government.

Yisrael Beiteinu, an ultra-nationalist party, on February 10 became the third-largest party behind Kadima and Likud.

Mr Lieberman and Mr Netanyahu were once colleagues, both originally from the Likud party. When Mr Netanyahu was prime minister in the late 1990s, Mr Lieberman was one of his key advisers and considered his “gatekeeper” – access to Mr Netanyahu was considered almost impossible without approval from Mr Lieberman.

But Mr Lieberman, who migrated to Israel from the former Soviet Union, helped form a new party, which originally relied heavily on the votes of Russian immigrants in Israel.

In recent years, its appeal has gone beyond the Russian community as it has appealed to many Israelis who want to see a separation between Jews and Arabs inside Israel.

Haaretz reported that the company established by Mr Lieberman’s daughter, Michal Lieberman, in 2004, called ML1, had received at least $4.4 million from abroad in the 4 1/2 years since its founding.

The paper said: “A police investigation is trying to find out who gave the money (to Mr Lieberman) and why.”



by Felix Quigley

February 25, 2009


The great dangers facing Israel inthis report from DEBKAfile are obvious

[Begin report here on Iran´s bomb]

The preliminary phase of Iran’s first reactor, built with Russian help at the southern town of Bushehr, was marked by a ceremony Wednesday, Feb. 25. Our sources report that Iranian nuclear teams will first activate the 1,000-MW reactor’s sections in sequence with the help of advanced Russian computers flown in to monitor their progress. The head of Iran’s nuclear commission, Gholamreza Aghazadeh, and the head of Russia’s state Rosatom Atomic Corporation, Sergey Kiriyenko will be on hand.

Iranian and Western nuclear experts say this stage is a vital step forward to making the Bushehr reactor operational. Barring hitches, it will be ready for full operation by August 2009.

The announcement by the Iranian News Agency took Washington and Jerusalem by off-balance. Moscow has continually delayed meeting the deadlines in its $1 billion contract for completing the project. It was hoped that the reactor would never be finished – at least until the US and Russian presidents Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev met for the first time on April 2, at the G-20 summit.

However, the Moscow and Tehran have clearly got together for moves ahead of that meeting: Bringing Iran’s first nuclear reactor to preliminary operation and a contract for selling Iran advanced Russian S-300 air defense missile systems. Israeli officials point to Russian press reports maintaining that Moscow will not execute this contract. However that is not what the Iranian defense minister Gen. Mostafa Najar heard during his visit to the Russian capital last week. Our Moscow sources disclose that he was assured that the S-300 missile sale would be separated from the Moscow-Washington controversy over the deployment of US missile interceptors and radar in East. Europe and delivered by the end of the year.

The Iranian defense minister said Sunday, Feb. 21: “Russian officials are well aware that Moscow, rather than Iran is the target of Washington’s missile plans.” Just back from Moscow, Najar remarked: “The United States, mired in an all-out financial meltdown, will eventually avoid the unnecessary cost of a missile project” – a view he apparently picked up from his Russian hosts.

DEBKAfile‘s military sources reported earlier that that defense minister Najar and his Russian counterpart Anatoly Serdyukov made good progress in their talks on the sale of advanced S-300 ground-to-air missiles to Iran. Both sides agreed it was essential to provide Iran’s Bushehr reactor with an effective system against air and missile attack.

Western military sources say the Moscow talks are refining a formula to enable Iran to deploy the S-300 batteries guarding Bushehr at its other nuclear sites as well.


Iran’s official news agency says the country’s first nuclear power plant will begin preliminary phase


In the above it seems that the role of the US Government of Bush and now Obama in driving for war against Russia, China and India, is at the centre of world power politics.

It is this which is driving Russia and possibly China to line up with the Fascists of Iran. This is not to excuse Russia no more than Trotsky was prepared to excuse Stalin in 1939 in joining with the Nazi regime.

It helps to understand the role of the US though as the main driver for war in the world, and the way the US drives Israel into great danger