Our closest animal relatives to be extinct within 15 years according tot he Jane Goodal organization and it is  coomon theme and common problema. Human beings under the capitalist system are trained by capitalism to take up the ground that the animal life stand upon. Human beings use up the animals space. It is based first of all on intelectual ignorance and the centre of this ignorance is that human beings are the centre of the Universe. No they are not. Human beings through a series of accidents have developed a large and very capable brain. I emphasise accidents. This system of capitalism is destroying the real material world. This is the BIGGEST issue for revolutionary socialism. Article is from



Conservation & Threats


Wild chimpanzees are critically endangered.

At the turn of the century, 2 million chimpanzees lived in the forests of 25 African nations. Today, only 5 nations (Republic Democratic of Congo, Gabon, Central African Republic, Republic of Congo, and potentially Cameroon) have significant populations of wild chimpanzees, and their numbers have dwindled to between 150,000 and 300,000.

In the absence of swift action, our closest animal relatives

could become extinct within 15 years.






The Irish Hare is in critical danger

A major división has opened up on as to how The Irish Hare can be saved.

This Exchange will tell the reader a lot:

(start Exchange of views on Indymedia here)

I want a discussion now not in six months time
author by Felix Quigley – http://www.4international.mepublication date Mon Mar 10, 2014 12:52

The Irish hare will not be saved within capitalism

It is necessary for Irish Marxists to use the QUB scientific analysis, while remembering that they are paid by the Irish capitalist class.

Their conclusion that the Irish Hare is protected in some way by these coursing hooligans is absurd and shows the bankruptcy of these academics. That must be resisted very forcefully

The news that there is an invasion of the European Hare and that it is already mating with the Irish hare is the most alarming thing of all.

It is no longer a case of what is presented in “Bad Hare Days” because things have moved on and the Irish Hare is now in the most critical position ever.

I have got absolutely NO confidence that any section of Irish Capitalist Government, and I certainly include Sinn Fein and the southern Labour party in that, will do a single thing here.

Furthermore I have no confidence in any section of Irish anarchism, and what have they done for, and what have they achieved for, the Irish Hare over so many years, that the Irish Hare is now threatened in such a grievous way today.

The solution must be found and I am prepared to discuss with people what that solution is going to be.

I expect answers to this question here, a real discussion, and immediately

@ Felix
by Anitapublication date Mon Mar 10, 2014 16:47
I think the record of anarchism in Ireland in support of the hare should be acknowledged , Felix. See articles like this one on anarkismo for instance

Thanks for pointing out to readers the distinction between the Irish hare and the brown hare. Some of the photos of hares I’ve seen online with captions describing them as the ” Irish hare” have actually shown the potentially invasive brown hare. When describing hares in this country generally, it’s perhaps best to use the term “hare in Ireland” .

Situation is critical and “petitions” will not save The Irish Hare
author by Felix Quigley – http://www.4international.mepublication date Tue Mar 11, 2014 11:37

I prefer The Irish hare because it nails it that it IS the Irish hare, our animal, our responsibility

You misunderstand me so let me be more clear.

It is not what the anarchists have done, it is that whatever has been done by anybody down the years, The Irish Hare is now in its most critical position

THAT is the problem.

You refer me to a petition by John FitzGerald. I do not dismiss that but I do say that petitions are not the answer

What is the answer then? Well the answer is as long as capitalism exists in Ireland then the danger to The Irish Hare exists and becomes more critical.

It is a race against time.

In ending capitalism to save the Irish Hare there is no time to lose and proposing a petition as a solution evades the real solution

It is a serious problem but in your above comment you have not even acknowledged the problem, and that is a great danger.