Caroline Glick and Jamie Glazov are great writers.

Yet this issue of them labelling people like Soros, or George Galloway as being “left”, raises huge issues. I mean, how can a person be a socialist and support Hamas? Get my point! There is a huge talking point here which is not being explored except by us and our voice is weak against very powerful blogs.

Basically Caroline Glick is asking how can a person like Tony Kushner who is a supporter of Hamas be offered a degree by an American University.

it is the same question which is running through the whole of European politics.

I ask the same question here on 4international all the time, how can people who call themselves socialists or left support Hamas?

I am referring here to the article by caroline Glick

Should be read by all, along with the vital Glazov article


Caroline Glick herself is doing a grave disservice to learning and the truth by labelling her enemies in this case as socialist. She uses the term “Left” or “The Left”, others in this and other situations are using terms like “Leftists” which is not quite so big a lie. Glick comes right out with it and says this is “The Left”


But this is not the left at all.


For a start in the main these are university types. They are usually, from my experience, people who have only one main interest in life, and that is climbing up the greasy pole of academia. They usually subscribe to the notion “Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”!


I do not know how to describe that except to say that it is a feature of a corrupt and corrupting capitalist society.


They are part of the capitalist system. A peculiar part but a part nevertheless! Perhaps another explanation is that the capitalist system is turning in on itself, cause the insoluble crisis. Yeats had a thought about this in talking about the Irish Civil War he used the metaphor of the sow eating its own farrow.


I cannot see how their hatred of American history and American traditions of free speech, for example, have anything to do with the American working class


The opposite! The American working class needs to preserve those great traditions, such as the tradition of free speech.


The working class does not have a culture. The working class has to preserve the best of bourgeois culture and build on that.


The real crime of people like Chomsky is that they are separate from the American working class, are rooted inside the corrupt and bourgeois university elite, and seek to separate the American working class from the Great American Revolution and its huge gains for humanity.


To nail this hypothesis: Many of these organizations and individuals are funded by George Soros, or are connected in some way with the funding of George Soros, which fact is becoming clearer every single day which passes.


George Soros is an Israel hater, is a promoter of Palestinian Arab and corrupting Fascism.


But a representative of the American working class? That is absurd!


How is George Soros anything but a distinct part of the corrupt and corrupting world capitalist system of credit, and the misuse of that system of credit, to the extent of taking down whole countries, with terrible consequences in lost jobs of workers, poverty, repression, ensuing dictatorship. There is an unbroken link from the youth George Soros being part of stripping the bodies of Holocaust Jews and stripping the lives of the poor in the present, all in the name of playing the capitalist finance game, something which is lauded in every banker’s circle in the world. That is their game. Soros is nothing more than part of that game. All of these individuals that Glazov mentions are located inside that economic and political Soros type environment as well.


I do indeed wholeheartedly welcome the exposure made of all of these individuals and groups. But representatives of the American working class, as promoters of workers power and socialism or communism, hardly!


Not only do I welcome the exposure of these individuals and groups as anti-Semites and as promoters of the Fascist  position that America is a Fascist country, thus riding over the basic rights and gains made by the Great American Revolution, including the gains of the Great American Revolution of Tom Paine as well.


My movement would seek to expose these very dangerous political characters like Chomsky as well, or more, than what Glazov does.


Glazov does not see it and cannot see it: these “Leftists” are children of his own bourgeois circles and that explains a lot!