by Felix Quigley

December 9, 2008

Civil War inside Israel is well on the way being planned and enacted by an absolutely reactionary and anti-Jewish ruling class centred around Olmert, Livni and Barak, with reactionary Stalinists of the Communist Party in the world of journalism and academia thrown into the mix.

Those who think that it is possible to avoid this war and who advise like Jerry Gordon on Israpundit that a false unity can be created among the Jews of Israel are sadly mistaken.

Gordon is an out and out reactionary who is lodged in the top echelons of Israpundit thanks to Belman who till his dying days will think Bush was good for Israel!!!

As far as I understand (he stated it) Gordon was involved in his day job working for US Imtelligence. Gordon has supported the attack by Saakashvili on South Ossetia in which the Jewish Quarter in the Capital was totally demolished. On Israpundit this vile anti Jewish action was also supported by Belman and Yamit82 among others. Even the founder of Israpundit Joseph Alexander Norland supported this dreadful event and action by the US supported Saakashvili.

Now Gordon is weighing in on the issue of the criminal assault on good decent Jews in Peace House in Hebron and his advice is basically do nothing, just try to patch things up between the Jews of Israel.

But that is impossible! It has to be accepted that a goodly proportion of Jews are now out and out reactionaries, counter revolutionaries in the extreme against the Jewish people. THAT is the beginning of doing something useful for the Jews.

The attack on the Jews of Hebron is the same as that carried out in 1929 by Hajj Amin el Husseini, thus the only difference is that this time the attack was not carried out by Mohammedan Fascists as they entered the scene of history behind the German Nazis of Adolf Hitler, but by the modern Jewish rulers of Israel itself.

In fact the attack on Peace House in Hebron is most significant. It can be seen as a link, joining the past disastrous attack on the Jewish communities in Gaza, making Gaza Judenfrei… with the FUTURE and coming removal of all of the hundreds of thousands of Jews from Judea and Samaria. Thus laying the basis for the future Palestinian state which US Imperialism under Bush and Rice have been promoting might and main and which will now be intensified by Obama and Ms Power. Power to Obama how are you!

For Gordon to mumble into his hot whiskies now about making peace between Jews of Israel is the utmost trash, straight out of the trash can of all peaceniks.

No it is far better for Jews everywhere to understand reality. And one aspect of reality is to understand that just as Steven Wise did in the 30s so will the present Jewish leaders lead Jews into the new Holocaust.

(You might google Gil White and Wise here)

Something about the 200 years of exile and unending persecution has made Jews like Gordon think “Hey we are all in the Jewish club. All in the Jewish clan. So in the end we will all pull together and somehow save ourselves.”

Gordon is a total fool. While he preaches Gandhi the ruling class is moving ahead very fast in Israel.

1. The ruling class of Olmert, Livni and Barak have already decided their ally is the Islamofascist Arab Palestinian movement, origins in the Nazis, tormentors of their people

2. They have taken over the special Jew hating Stasi of Sharon and have been perfecting them in order for the final push to place Abbas in power in a Jihadist state

So Gordon calling for “Peace among the Jews” is the most utter bilge!

Another form of this special “Jewish” bilge comes from no less than Emanuel A Winston, who I have lots of time for usually.

I made this comment on Israpundit recently which sums it up I think:

[start quote here]

Winston writes above referring to this same attack on the Jews of Peace House in Hebron:

“Jews should not lift their hands against these cursed people who attack Jews if nothing more than to save themselves from contamination.

Pray to HaShem for retribution with whatever form of punishment He chooses.

The Evil that has collected under the umbrella of Olmert’s Kadima Party shocks all Jews. Let the Rabbis assemble and call for mass protests, prayer and G-d’s Retribution to deal with His enemies.”

I wrote then on Israpundit, comment 35 ( In response to the above bilge by Winston I make a couple of safe predictions.

1. Do not expect a repeat on Barak as what struck Sharon down. I feel he has a healthy glow about him and has many years of counter Judaism left in him yet. This man hates the Jews and he just hates Israel.

2. The brutal Israeli ruling class will just love to hear from Winston because Winston is taking the road of Gandhi no less. (Not lifting their hands etc)

3. Winston will wait one hell of a long time if he is going to await the “Rabbis” assemble and call for that strange trio of

mass protests

prayer!!!! I could not believe this and thought am I back in bloody catholic Ireland!!!

and retribution from the big man above to do the job for the Jews of Israel..

No I am afraid that awaiting that will not do the trick this time folks no more than it did in the period from 1933 to 1945 or it did back in the “disengagement” from Gaza.

Something a little more concrete is going to be needed folks at Israpundit. Is that really the best you can collectively come up with???

And that is what I said to the dolts on Israpundit with chief dolt Belman leading the chorus.

No I am absolutely certain that the Rabbis cannot lead the Jews in this period. Winston is in fact a lost soul. He is totally powerless in the face of Fascism, and by Fascism I mean the followers of Mohammed and the followers of Bush and now Obama. I also mean Blair and Sarkozy.

Just as these Fascist rulers of the world did everything really evil to destroy Yugoslavia, to place an Islamofascist Holocaust operator Izetbegovic and associate of Husseini in power in Bosnia, to tear Kosovo away from Serbia, to stage fake massacres etc, so now these Fascists, real Fascists, are organizing the Second Holocaust. The necessary step in this is to split Israel through a land line from Gaza to West Bank, set up a Jihadist state behind Palestinian Jihadists, swamp the area with millions of Arabs whether “refugees” or not, then strike with Iran Hizbullah Fatah and Hamas against Israel.

Meanwhile the Israeli rulers will use their police to help join in witht he killing just as Jews did in the Death Camps.

Gordon, Belman, Norland and all those on Israpundit are powerless totally. It would be better that they all admitted this, and admited this in public in front of the Jewish people.

Let them say “We are totally politically Bankrupt. We have no answers. We do not know what to do next. We are lost”.