by Felix Quigley

August 13

In investigating the Srebrenica Hoax massacre I did a personal investigation of all the articles which were published by the Irish Newspaper of record, The Irish Times, on the story.

I found that there were several hundreds of major articles (excluding many other references etc…these were major articles) published since about 2 months following the Srebrenica Massacre (Hoax). All of these articles took it as gospel that the story was true. No evidence was ever produced. Just a bare statement of “fact”.

Since Ireland is rather small, since the Irish Times is just ONE outlet, I imagine that in the whole world this Hoax Story of Srebrenica was repeated at least one million times, perhaps many millions of times.

Truly the Media is a major issue which is at the beck and call of Imperialism and of Fascism.

The Media has become a vast problem.

We also did a review of other Hoax stories in order to place Srebrenica in its context a few weeks ago. For example we wrote:

On the El Durra issue¬† ” scenes of Palestinian youth faking being shot, falling in agony, then getting up, all to the applause of many Palestinian onlookers. That is the context in which the supposed El Durra was shot. All a total fake. But not many people even today know it was a fake. The Media does not tell them. The original image lives on.

See original

Byzantine Blog has done a great job in exposing this lying Media, all of them, in studying these photos

We have already covered two of the photos from Reuters they cover


These following two pictures also from the wonderful Byzantine Blog should in fact be required study for every youth who attends every school or college today. The story that they tell about our lying Media can only but amaze! Continue reading