by Felix Quigley

July 9, 2008

The notorious pro US Imperialist called Marko Attila Hoare,  who had a close connection with the Slaughter branch of the WRP, now defunct, once tried to make fun of Neil Clark due to soemthing that Michael Palin said about the Serbs. Well Palin is a very good comedian and a bad politician. And Hoare is a very poor specimen in both directions.

Hoare wrote on that occasion:

[start quote here]

To maintain either of these positions requires conflating the moderate Bosnian Muslims led by Izetbegović with the
genuine Islamofascists of al-Qa’ida – a difficult trick to pull off.

[end quote here]

Actually, it is very easy indeed to draw connections between Izetbegovic and Bin Laden. And many people have already done so. It is far from an isolated position. See our article “Bin Laden Again Seen in Bosnia” in which respected journalists from Britain and Germany reported on seeing Bin Laden being very active on the side of Izetbegovic through the 1990s. Not all British journalists were liars. Nearly all but not totally all!

As I said Hoare is not good at politics and his jokes do always backfire badly! Poor guy! Hoare was trying to make some joke at our expense about Monty Python (Palin WAS very funny in that)

But the evidence builds up that what US and British Imperialism was supporting in the Balkans, and specifically in Bosnia-Herzegovina, was an Islamofascist organization and movement, which had deep historical roots in Islam in the Balkans. The following was sent by an avid reader of 4international Nathan Pearlstein:

Here is documented proof that Izetbegovic wanted an Islamist Fundamentalist Religious-Fascist State all along!! Izetbegovic’s newly-elected minister in 1996 in the Bosnian parliament and head of the Islamofascist SDA party in Tuzla, Adnan Jahic, says so in this article he wrote for a Bosnian newspaper in September, 1993 (re-published in 1996)!


It is Hoare and Kamm who both belong in a Monty Python sketch!!


Felix, perhaps you can name your next post:


Izetbegovic, Marko Attila Hoare, Oliver Kamm & Monty Python Re-visited !! “




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